Salomon Sonic Pro 2

Salomon is known for their trail running shoes, but they’re expanding their market by introducing road running shoes. The Sonic Pro 2 is one of these new shoes. It’s a neutral running shoe formulated for speed- it is lightweight and rides firm and responsive, with a reliable rebound that efficiently transfers your energy back to you. Because of this, and because of its minimal cushioning, most runners consider these shoes best for speed drills, shorter runs, and races, but not for long training distances where you typically want plusher cushioning. To top it all off, this shoe isn’t just speedy — it’s stylish, too. Available in a variety of bright colors, it’s sure to brighten your day just as it quickens your run.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Responsive
  • Fast
  • Stable
  • Excellent Traction
  • Cons
    • Narrow fitting
    • Not suited to long distance
    • Key Features
      One of the things that makes Salomon such a popular brand is their High Abrasion Contragrip technology, which provides reliable traction on both dry and wet surfaces. The outsole of the Sonic Pro 2 is no exception — outfitted with the tried-and-true Contragrip technology, the bottoms of these shoes give you incredible grip on the trickiest of surfaces. In addition to the excellent traction it provides, the outsole is also extremely durable. Because it’s made of dual density rubber (thicker rubber in high-wear areas, such as the heel), the outsole resists wear and tear, making these shoes that will endure. Along with its gripping capabilities, the outsole has 3D flex, which are are two stretch panels on the medial and lateral sides of the forefoot. These help take pressure off the metatarsals and forefoot when your foot expands as you run, providing optimal flexibility and freedom of movement.
      An amazing outsole means nothing if not paired with an equally amazing midsole. In the Sonic Pro 2, Salomon matches the high quality of the outsole with their lightweight and high-rebound EnergyCell+ EVA, which, according to their website, is a “compound that provides exceptional energy return while also delivering substantial cushioning and durability.” In addition to this, the midsole has a cushioning compound called Opal inserted into it, which gives you a soft and comfortable underfoot without compromising on rebound. So yes, the Sonic Pro 2’s outsole is amazing — and the midsole is just as good.
      Many runners are so focused on the support, cushioning, responsiveness, etc. of midsoles and outsoles that they often forget to think about uppers. But the truth is that the material, shape, and structure of the upper all play a vital role in a shoe’s overall comfort and performance. The Sonic Pro 2’s upper is seamless, created from a fine mesh that allows for premium breathability and airflow. The material is slightly stretchy, allowing for natural movement of the foot, as well as an enhanced, specialized fit. Sensifit technology in the upper cradles the foot, making this shoe basically customized, while the Endofit system on the interior of the upper hugs the foot in all the right places for optimal feedback. Finally, the upper is topped off with a traditional lacing system for ease and reliability.
      When you want to go fast, you need your gear to be light. Finding lightweight clothing is easy, especially if you are running in a warm climate. Just throw on shorts and a tank top and you’re ready to hit the road with minimal weight added. Shoes, however, pose a far bigger challenge. Based on your cushioning and support needs, a shoe can add a significant amount of weight. Thankfully, however, there are shoes like the Sonic Pro 2 that are both lightweight and supportive. A men’s size 9 weighs 8.4 oz; a women’s size 9 weighs 6.4 oz. While this is not the lightest shoe on the market, it is amazingly light for the amount of stability and durability it offers.
      No one wants sweaty feet. In fact, running with damp feet is really up there on the top most-uncomfortable-running-experiences list, which is why it’s so important to own a pair of kicks that allow for optimum airflow. The seamless, fine-mesh upper of the Sonic Pro 2 lets the hot air out and the cool breeze in. As an added bonus, the material dries quickly after it’s gotten wet, making this a great pair of shoes for either a hot and sunny or cold and rainy run.
      The focus of the Sonic Pro 2 is responsiveness and speed. To that end, it’s a very lightly cushioned shoe. The overall feel of the shoe is stiff and firm, with cushioning that is designed for speed and efficiency. While the cushioning is minimal, what is present is of the highest quality. The shoe utilizes Vibe Technology, which is a combination of EnergyCell+ and Opal, creating a system that works to reduce the vibrations caused by running on the road, thus protecting you from potential injuries. Another element of comfort in any shoe is the sizing, so it’s important to know that the Sonic Pro 2 is a slim-fitting shoe that tends to run a bit small. In order to get the best fit, it’s recommended to go up a half size from your normal shoe size. Even then, keep in mind that this is a narrow shoe and is best for those with slimmer feet.

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      Thanks to its slim fit, the Salomon Sonic Pro 2 has a sleek, low profile. Men’s sizes for this shoe are available in neon yellowish green with charcoal gray accents, or gray with green accents; women’s are available in purple with pink accents and in teal with dark blue accents. While definitely running shoes, these are kicks you could feel comfortable throwing on with any casual outfit. They are the perfect pair of shoes to wear when you’re not quite sure when you’ll get your workout in: wear them to the park with your kids and sneak in some speed drills while the kids are busy on the swings. Wear them walking the dog and add in a few hill sprints. Since they’re so sleek and stylish, you’ll look good no matter what you’re doing.
      The bottoms of the Salomon Sonic Pro 2 are outfitted with High Abrasion Contragrip technology. Not only does this give them excellent traction, it also makes them wonderfully durable. Several reviewers noted that after putting more than a hundred miles on these shoes, the outsoles were only showing minimal signs of wear. With an outsole as durable as that, you’ll get your money’s worth and then some.
      Unfortunately, running is not an injury-free sport. There are the obvious potential injuries like spraining your ankle or tripping and breaking your arm, but there are more subtle potential injuries like knee problems and overall joint pain. Many of these aches and pains derived from the simple act of your feet striding hard surfaces again and again. To put it simply, the impact is hard on the body. That’s why it’s important to find a pair of running shoes that will provide premium protection and save you from potential injuries. Salomon’s Sonic Pro 2 shoes have EnergyCell+ midsoles, which give you the soft and protective cushioning you need. These shoes also sport Vibe Technology: EnergyCell+ and Opal cushioning working together to attenuate vibrations, thereby reducing a possibly harmful load to the body while simultaneously giving you a responsive ride.
      In order to run fast, you need shoes that help you, not hinder you. With numerous high-end and advanced technological features, the Salomon Sonic Pro 2 helps you run your fastest by giving you premium responsiveness. These shoes sport EnergyCell+ midsoles, soft cushioning that delivers optimal energy return. They also boast Vibe Technology: EnergyCell+ and Opal cushioning working together to attenuate vibrations, thereby reducing possibly harmful load to the body while simultaneously giving you a responsive ride.
      The EnergyCell+ midsole provides soft yet firm cushioning to best support your foot. Inserted into the midsole is additional Opal cushioning, which delivers even more support, by giving you a comfortable, responsive underfoot ride. The firm Contragrip outsole and the Endofit sock-liner also work to deliver all the support you need.
      Salomon is known for their trail running shoes, but they are branching out with their recent introduction of several different road running shoes. The Sonic Pro 2 is one of these, and as such is specifically designed for running on hard surfaces like asphalt and cement. However, the shoe is made with most of the same technology that’s present in Salomon’s trail runners, making it a very versatile shoe. With a pair of Sonic Pro 2s on your feet, you can run down your paved street and hit the dirt trails without worrying about how your shoes are going to hold up.
      The Salomon Sonic Pro 2 is a high-end shoe with a variety of advanced technological features. Because of this, it is on the higher end of the price spectrum. But the optimum durability provided by the Contragrip outsoles and the incredibly responsive cushioning of the EnergyCell+ midsoles, along with its many other benefits, make it well worth the price.
      One of the things that makes Salomon such a popular brand is their High Abrasion Contragrip technology, which provides reliable traction on both dry and wet surfaces. The outsole of the Sonic Pro 2 is no exception — outfitted with the steadfast and reliable Contragrip technology, the bottoms of these shoes ensure that you’ll keep your footing even when the road is slick.

      The Sonic Pro 2 is a moderately flexible shoe. The fine mesh upper, made of elastic material that forms to your foot, moves with the natural flex and flow of your foot. However, the shoe’s focus is on speed and responsiveness, so the midsole and outsole are more stiff and firm, providing premium energy return.
      Just one of the many things that make Salomon shoes particularly special is their Endofit technology, and the Sonic Pro 2 is no exception. Endofit is an elastic cuff that secures the foot in place so comfortably and snugly the shoe fits quite well before you even tighten up your laces. Speaking of laces, they’re something Salomon has switched up with this shoe. Most of their other shoes sport the Quicklace system, but the Sonic Pro 2 has a simple, traditional lacing system that is lightweight and easy to tie. So why is this secure, glove-like fit such a big deal? Because it means that none of your energy is ever wasted — all your strength and power goes into propulsion, letting you run your very fastest.

      When it comes to heel-to-toe drop, there are almost as many opinions as there are runners. Some want a nearly flat shoe. Others want a very tall heel. And still, others just want something right in between. Ultimately, there’s no “best” drop. It’s all about what is best for you and your stride. The Salomon Sonic Pro 2 has a 10.8 mm drop, which is on the higher end. This high drop, along with Salomon’s Geometric Decoupling, helps the foot smoothly transition from touchdown to propulsion. Nobody but you can decide what the right drop is for your foot. But do your research, stretch your feet, and give the Sonic Pro 2 a try.
      Key Features
      - High Abrasion Contragrip technology
      - EnergyCell+
      - Geometric Decoupling
      - Endofit and Sensifit
      - Vibe technology
      - Opal cushioning
      Bottom Line
      The Salomon Sonic Pro 2 is a neutral running shoe with minimal cushioning and a high drop. There are a great number of fancy-sounding features in this shoe, but the bottom line is that it was created for speed. Lightweight and snug, this is a shoe that securely wraps your foot so that you lose no energy as you run. The EnergyCell+ midsole and Contragrip outsole, the Endofit sock-liner and Vibe technology all work together to create a highly responsive, incredibly fast shoe. So tuck your feet in, lace up, and the road. Maybe your next PR is just around the corner.
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