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There are several reasons why you might want to add a custom or improved insole to your pair of runners. Perhaps you might have flat feet, and need to lift the arches a bit. Or, maybe you have higher arches, requiring a bit more support to prevent an injury. Another good reason would be to get that extra bit of support for plantar fasciitis or pronation control. Whatever the reason, there are many brands out there which offer products that serve multiple purposes, just like some of those we touched on above.

Well, we got our hands on a fairly new product from Soul Insole, called the Shoe Bubble. Though they come in a small package, what these have to offer is pretty impressive, well, if you get impressed by things like shoe insoles. While many of the brands out there are trying to outdo each other in a similar type of product, SOUL turned the corner and came up with something a bit different, and perhaps a bit more versatile.

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Our Conclusion
If you aren't in need of full length protection, or are simply looking for something different that gets the job done right, this option from SOUL Insole really is a solid pick.

Although the overall design seems rather simple these small additions provide great support, right where it is actually needed. These are absolutely worth serious consideration.
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Pros & Cons
Versatile design allows easy swapping into different footwear
Provides support just where you need it, not interfering much with the heel or forefoot of your shoe
Reasonably priced
Constructed of durable, easy to clean material
Not a full length replacement, if that is what you are looking for
Key Features
Since comfort is the goal when it comes to choosing replacement insoles, we'll start there. We looked pretty thoroughly and couldn't find any complaints with regards to any comfort issues. So that's a good sign. These are fairly new, so the customer reviews out there are limited still, though complaints are usually the first to go up.

They are not full length, so they don't take away any space from the interior of your shoe's forefoot, something that can often cause the feet to feel cramped in there. There also isn't any heel section to worry about leaving any gaps in, which could become a cause for irritation and blistering. They seem to stay in place, due to the sticky side that adheres pretty well to the shoe's sole, so sliding around while you're running or doing whatever isn't really much of a problem either. It seems that as long as you install them correctly and have them positioned well, you shouldn't have any major comfort concerns.
If you happen to be on the hunt for the ideal insole to meet your needs, then support is definitely something that should be at the top of your list of what the right choice should provide.

These are great for flat feet, of course, but they're also pretty good at giving solid support to those who have higher arches as well. And if you need something to help with pronation control, then these will do the job with that too. They also help with issues like plantar fasciitis and other problems which require a bit extra to keep the feet safe from further injury or pain.

The design process that was put into these ensures that they actually work along with your shoe, to basically supplement for more support, but not to the point where the muscles in your feet become overall reliant on the insoles themselves.
Breathability is actually something that many people don't think about with replacement insoles. Adding something to your footwear could take away from the airflow that particular shoes might ordinarily allow. However, as these do not run the full length of the shoe, and are actually fairly small in mass, they don't have too much effect on this aspect, unless in brutally hot weather.

Due to the design and specific amount of the footwear that they actually take up, you probably won't notice much difference with this. So for that reason, these get a pass for breathability.
Although this isn't a full length model, there is some stability benefit that you'll get from these. The way they fit into the shoe allows the pressure to be evenly dispersed from side to side, allowing an improved stabilizing affect.

There is definitely some improved balance that comes with these added to whatever type of footwear you find yourself needing them in.
As you don't really want to add much resistance, especially if you'll be running with these in, flexibility is a point worth considering. As mentioned before, they do not run full length, so the flexibility isn't affected the same way a full length replacement might affect it.

The material that the Shoe Bubble is constructed of is durable, yet quite flexible. The fact that they only fit under the midfoot area, the forefoot movement isn't bothered too much. We didn't really see any real restriction with them in.
Ease of Use
There is no trimming or struggling to get these to perfectly fit different types of footwear. You want need to worry about cutting around the forefoot and toes to get these things just right for the inside of you running shoes, all while hoping you aren't taking too much off.

The Shoe Bubble simply sticks to the sole and stays put. If you want to keep using your factory insoles, all you have to do is lift it up and stick the Shoe Bubble right underneath.

Check out this video to see just how easy it really is:
Ground Feel
Because they do not cover the heel or forefoot, ground contact is not really affected, other than what you would feel at midfoot. But, if you need custom orthodics, that is probably alright.

In all, they shouldn't cause any concern over any major change in ground control or overall feel, once you get used to having them in.
Shock Absorption
They are referred to as an arch booster by the brand, so we weren't looking for shock absorption. There is some though, as they do add to the layer underneath the midfoot.

You won't have any of that under the forefoot or the heel however, but that's okay. The design of these shouldn't lead anyone to expect that for any other areas of the shoe than where they are applied.
The material they have used in the construction seems pretty durable. Given the fact that the is no heel pressure or force being put on these under the toes, they stand to last a bit longer then others.

Besides being sturdy, they are also very easy to clean, returning back to their original state as well. This means that the sticky backing on the bottom of the insole returns to its original stickiness once cleaned.

So whenever you take them out to use in another shoe, simply wash them off in the sink and they will stick again, just like they did when you took them out of the package.
The weight difference that you will add with these is minimal at most. Once they are in, chances are, you most likely won't notice any difference in weight.
Key Features
- Compact multi-use design

- Will not overcrowd the heel or toe box of your running shoes

- Provides ideal support for fallen arches, high arches, plantar fasciitis and over-pronation

- Able to be used along with existing factory insoles, by simply being placed underneath

- Washable, reusable adhesive backing on the bottom ensures that the insole stays right where it is supposed to, in the position you placed it in.

- Midfoot coverage means that you will not lose any forward ground feel or forefoot motion.

- The flexible construction allows easy use and conformity with many different shoe types.
The Bottom Line
Soul Insole is still fairly young, but the approach the brand has taken with their product continues to gain more and more attention. Though a pretty simple looking design, the function, so far, tells you everything you need to know about the product they have put out to date.

Instead of jumping on the train and continuing to produce the full length orthodics that we see everyone else doing, to be fair, many with great improvements, SOUL went in a slightly different direction. They have focused on the part of the foot that their insole is really intended to help.

To some the product up, you don't need to worry about potential crowding of the toe box, due to lost surface space from a replacement which runs the length of the shoe. There's no risk of an imperfect fit in the heel, which can create some serious discomfort after just a short distance. No need to trim the edges for the perfect fit. And, you'll be able to quickly and easily change from shoe to shoe.

So it seems that less is more in this case, and the more simplistic but well thought out design triumphs.
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By Brian Price
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