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a comparison and test of the best gel insoles available to runners and active people Buying Guide
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10 Best Gel Inserts | 2024 Buying Guide
Below you will find our list of the top ten Best Gel Insoles Reviewed so you can be sure you are picking from the best of the best! Custom orthotics used to be the only solution for runners experiencing foot pain.   Luckily, this issue has been addressed extensively, so no we hav...
List of the Best Sof Sole Insoles and Inserts Buying Guide
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10 Best Sof Sole Insoles - 2024 Buying Guide
Pain tolerance is can play a role in improving your running performance, but it can also  signal that damage is occurring. Running is high impact sport on your feet and legs, so taking care of these areas is crucial. Sof Sole has been providing runners with high-quality sports accessories s...
List of Best Dr. Scholl's Insoles Buying Guide
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10 Best Dr. Scholl's Insoles - 2024 Buying Guide
There are some household names that have become so common, they just become a go-to. One such name that many of us tend to lean towards when buying a product is Dr. Scholls. Dr. Scholl's is the go-to brand for adding more cushion and support to any shoes, running or recovery. They help alleviate...
The best insoles for runners from Superfeet Buying Guide
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10 Best Superfeet Insoles - 2024 Buying Guide
There’s a reason they refer to running as “pounding the pavement.” Your feet are literally hitting the pavement repetitively in order to propel your body forward. This is where the best Sperfeet insoles come in. Superfeet is one of the most well-known names in insole production. The best Superfeet in...
SOUL Insole Shoe Bubble
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SOUL Insole Shoe Bubble
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There are several reasons why you might want to add a custom or improved insole to your pair of runners. Perhaps you might have flat feet, and need to lift the arches a bit. Or, maybe you have higher arches, requiring a bit more support to prevent an injury. Another good reason would be to get that e...
best insoles for plantar fasciitis tested Buying Guide
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10 Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis - 2024 Buying Guide
The Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis in 2021 are the Superfeet Green. We tested and reviewed many top insoles and found that the Superfeet Green outperformed in multiple categories. what put these insoles in the top spot is the marriage of comfort, protection, performance, durability, and value...
Insoles for runners with flat feet Buying Guide
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Best Insoles For Flat Feet - 2024 Buying Guide
About 30% of the population has flat feet—that’s a pretty big number when you think about! If you are here chance are that, like me, you also have flat feet. If this is you, then it's important you address this issue and ensure you have the proper footwear to prevent pain and symptoms that are often ...
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