Adidas Nite Jogger

Adidas corners the market on sneakers that are made to wear in the dark with the introduction of the Nite Jogger. Despite their name, they are not necessarily engineered to deliver a top-notch running performance but that does not take away from their high-quality design. In regular lighting, the silhouette pays homage to retro 1990s running shoes with their diminishing heel-to-toe design and chunky midsole. Sporting a thick layer of Adidas’ soft Boost foam in the midsole, these shoes will help you experience a highly-cushioned underfoot experience. In low lighting, these shoes come to life thanks to a large amount of reflective 3M placed throughout the sneaker. The Nite Jogger is definitely a unique and fun-looking lifestyle sneaker.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Stylish retro-inspired silhouette and design
  • One-of-a-kind reflective capabilities
  • Supreme cushioning offered through the Boost midsole
  • Firm heel clip for added support
  • Unique colorway designed for night-time use
  • Cons
    • A fairly hefty price tag for a casual sneaker
    • Not as comfortable as other sneakers featuring Adidas’ Boost foam midsole
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this lifestyle sneaker is definitely unique in its aesthetic. The majority of the outsole features a translucent off-white rubber that almost looks like it would be glow-in-the-dark but isn’t. There is a waffle-like pattern on most of it with a flex groove toward the heel. The heel portion of the outsole is smoother than the rest and boasts the word ‘adidas’ and even has the words “the speed of nite” embossed in morse code. The rest of the outsole is also made of rubber but in different colors. The lateral side features a black design while the medial side toward the heel features the same pattern but in bright orange. The medial side of the toe boasts a lightning-strike-like pattern in bright blue. There are no lugs protruding from the outsole but it is relatively grippy.
      This sneaker features a thick black boost midsole that delivers excellent cushioning and response. Boost foam is made up of pellets that are compressed and molded into shape, resulting in a foam midsole that absorbs the shock of impact and then releases it back out of the shoe for a springy step. The Boost foam runs the entire length of the sneaker, giving it a cushioned and soft feel underfoot. Unlike most of Adidas’ sneakers that feature Boost technology, this foam is black, to match the nighttime aesthetic.
      As you can surmise from the name of the sneaker, this shoe is designed to be worn in dark environments. The upper is mainly made up of a black lightweight ripstop nylon material that is comfortable and breathable. The silhouette of this shoe is not a bootie-like construction, rather a vintage-looking style with nods to past sneaker eras. The forefoot features a mesh material that allows for lots of airflow. Although most of the sneaker is black, there are hits of bright orange in certain places: one on the lateral forefoot area and two on either side of the heel. Because these sneakers are designed to be worn at night, there is a large number of reflective 3M found throughout the shoe. The orange hits are made of this 3M nylon material and there is a very large patch of 3M reflective material on the heel counter. The flat black laces also feature 3M material which is interwoven throughout to allow for excellent visibility at night. The vintage silhouette also includes a soft suede around the toe and at the top of the tongue, giving the sneaker an even larger retro-appeal. Another feature of the sneaker that gives a nod to past sneaker designs is the exposed foam at the top of the tongue. Adidas’ iconic three-stripe logo can be found on both the lateral and medial sides of the shoe but they have a “misplaced” appearance meaning the stripes do not line up with the stitching, giving them a unique look. At the rear of the sneaker, you will find a firm black heel clip which delivers extra support and stability.
      Because these sneakers are designed to be casual lifestyle sneakers and not necessarily performance shoes, their weight isn’t as important. With that said, they are a relatively lightweight shoe but it has been said that they are slightly heavier than other Adidas models featuring a BOOST midsole.
      Both the ripstop nylon and mesh materials used to engineer this sneaker are lightweight and breathable. The toe box boasts a large area of mesh that allows air to flow into and out of the foot chamber easily. Although there is suede surrounding the toe box, this does not detract from the sneaker’s overall breathability. One user commented that there is so much airflow that these sneakers might be better suited for warmer months and climates.
      Adidas has manufactured many sneakers featuring their technologically-advanced Boost foam in the midsole for a reason: it is supremely comfortable. The soft, squishy, and responsive foam delivers a pillow-like comfort underneath your feet. However, it has been said by one reviewer that these Boost-donning sneakers are not as squishy feeling as other Adidas shoes featuring this foam. This may be due to the firm heel clip which takes away from some of the soft response in the heel. The upper is made of a ripstop nylon material with mesh at the forefoot. These two materials will adapt to your foot shape but are not as flexible as an engineered mesh. The toe box allows for a lot of room so if you have wide feet, that may be a good thing. They are said to run true to size but going down a half size may take away some of that toe-room if you have narrower feet. One reviewer said that these sneakers are not as comfortable as others in the Adidas line but look great on foot.
      One thing is for sure about the Adidas Nite Jogger: they are very unique in their style. These sneakers are specifically designed for low-light environments and will shine brightest at night. With a large number of 3M hits that are placed all over these sneakers will make them reflect much more than any other sneaker in the dark. In lighter environments, they are still pleasing to the eye. Currently, one of the hottest sneaker trends is having shoes modeled after retro designs and these definitely fit into that category. With their suede accents, exposed foam at the tongue, and sleek silhouette, they definitely look like they are modeled after vintage sneakers.
      The four-colored rubber outsole is pretty durable and will withstand a great amount of regular wear and tear. Boost foam tends to be softer, so the rubber on the outsole will help it to maintain its structural integrity over time. The firm heel clip found at the heel of the sneaker will also allow the Boost to have a longer life because it forms a barrier between your foot and the soft Boost foam and will keep it from sagging prematurely. The sneakers' upper is made of durable ripstop nylon which will withstand both wet and dry conditions for a long time. Suede accents found around the shoe will also help the sneaker to maintain its shape over time.
      The rubber outsole on these sneakers will keep you from getting injured by any underfoot debris and will also protect the midsole from wearing too quickly. The soft Boost foam found in the midsole is engineered to absorb shock upon compression and then release it as energy when pressure is released so you should not feel any undesired pressure on your joints. One unique protective feature found on the Adidas Nite Jogger is the large amount of 3M nylon found throughout the upper. 3M is a highly reflective material and will allow you to be seen at night, protecting you from cars and other things that could cause you injury while you are out in dark environments.
      Although the Nite Jogger is designed to be a lifestyle sneaker as opposed to a performance sneaker, they are pretty responsive thanks to the Boost midsole. The foam pellets that make up the Boost material are compressed and molded to the shape of the midsole and are engineered to compress and then spring back to their original shape, resulting in a springy feel underfoot. The rubber outsole and soft and squishy midsole work together to result in a responsive feel.
      The platform of these shoes is fairly wide so you should feel stable and supported. Although Boost foam is very soft, the support of these particular shoes is a little firmer compared to other Adidas models featuring Boost. This is due to the firm heel clip found at the back of the sneaker. Because your foot is not in direct contact with the foam at the back of the shoe, your heel strike will feel less squishy and have a firmer feel. This may be a welcomed feature to some sneakerheads but others may long for the pillowy comfort of Boost they have come to love. The upper is mildly supportive because there are some suede hits throughout, which give the shoe a firmer feel. However, the ripstop nylon and mesh that makes up most of the sneaker will not give you a ton of support.
      Because the Adidas Nite Jogger is designed to be a casual lifestyle sneaker, it is ideally suited for use in your regular everyday activities. The rubber outsole does not have an aggressive design so wearing them on technical terrains could prove to be difficult. However, if you plan on wearing them out on the town or just for a late-night walk or jog, they should perform just fine.
      The Adidas Nite Jogger hit the shelves in mid-January 2019, making them a brand new sneaker at the time of this review. The price tag of these shoes is pretty steep, especially considering the fact that they are casual sneakers and not really designed for performance. Currently, these shoes can be purchased for $175, which may be a lot of money for some, but if you love sneakers and like to have the latest and greatest, they may be worth it.
      The rubber outsole of these sneakers will deliver just the right amount of traction needed for casual wear. They do not sport protruding lugs, rather, they have different patterns of rubber on varying parts of the sneaker to grip the ground. These are relatively new to the market so there is not a lot of information on how well they grip the ground in wet versus dry conditions.
      These sneakers are not made to be performance trainers so their level of flexibility may not be as important. With that said, the rubber outsole features some grooves to help the sneaker bend and flex as you step and it is not a terribly thick rubber so that will allow the sneaker to flex better as well. The midsole is made up of lightweight Boost foam which is fairly flexible because it is very soft. The upper uses both nylon ripstop materials and mesh so they will move easily with your foot as you walk.
      Because the Adidas Nite Jogger is engineered to be a casual lifestyle sneaker, they are built for a neutral gait and do not deliver a high level of stability. However, the firm heel clip found at the rear of the shoe does provide some stabilization because it does not allow your foot to depress into the Boost foam as much as if it wasn’t there. The wider base made by the midsole and outsole will help you feel stable.
      The midsole is made up of a large amount of soft Boost foam material which is stacked higher at the heel and diminishes towards the toe giving these shoes a larger drop than a more minimalist sneaker. The drop in these shoes is average when it comes to cushioned lifestyle sneakers.
      Key Features
      - Reflective 3M hits all over this sneaker including at the toe, heel, rear, and laces allowing you to be seen in low-light environments.
      - The sneaker features a large level of cushioning thanks to the generous amount of soft Boost foam in the midsole.
      - A firm heel clip at the rear of the shoe adds support and stability.
      - The retro-inspired silhouette and design help these sneakers to hit many of today’s style demands.
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas Nite Jogger is a unique casual lifestyle sneaker with its black and orange retro-inspired design. The Boost midsole delivers cushion and comfort while the 3M reflective hits throughout give it a leg up in low-light environments. These are not designed to be performance sneakers so if you are looking for a running sneaker for running at night, these are not equipped with a large number of running technologies but you could go for a light to moderate jog in them for sure. The price tag is pretty steep but for many sneakerheads, these one-of-a-kind kicks may just be worth adding to their collection.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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