Adidas Ultra Boost Mid

Adidas is known for a number of high-quality athleticwear lines that feature the latest advanced technology. Yet few are more well-received than the Ultra Boost line. Each of its running shoes features a Stretchweb and Continental rubber outsole for stronger traction, and a Primeknit upper for sock-like comfort. But it's the Boost midsole technology that not only gives the line its name but also provides the highest level of cushioning and energy return that the brand can offer. The Ultra Boost Mid includes all of these features as well as one that truly stands out within this line. Instead of a traditional collar and tongue, it has a stretchy mid-cut collar to block out dirt and debris. The easier insertion and greater levels of comfort are also appreciated by many reviewers.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Extremely comfortable


-Breathable wear

-Highly responsive

-Eye-catching color options


-Expensive price for minimal features

-Does not fit true to size

Key Features
As with other models in this line, two of Adidas’ best-performing technologies go into creating the Ultra Boost Mid’s outsole. The brand’s Stretchweb technology maps out every single section of the foot in order to permit the most natural gait possible. When combined with a durable Continental rubber, this feature successfully manages to provide the runner with strong and reliable traction. Shaped almost like a waffle iron, its low profile lugs ensure a firm grip on both wet and dry surfaces while still being ideal for use in everyday situations. Extra stability is provided by a torsion system located in the midfoot region, preventing the arches from over-flexing and allowing a much smoother heel-to-toe transition.
As the name of the shoe suggests, it features the brand’s incredible responsive Boost midsole. Though it may look a lot like styrofoam, this technology is actually comprised of thousands of TPU beads that are molded together and then tested to withstand various running conditions. The result, Adidas claims, is the highest amount of energy return on the market as well as three times the temperature resistance of widely-used EVA foam. This feature’s advanced levels of shock-absorption and energy transfer make the Ultra Boost Mid just as ideal for those who play basketball as it does for those who need a long-lasting and comfortable everyday running shoe.
Adidas’ trademarked Primeknit material is a staple for many of the brand’s more casual shoes, so it’s no real surprise that it’s been put to use for this model as well. Soft and stretchy, it wraps around the foot to provide the runner with a supportive, sock-like fit that completely adapts to their every movement. Though its mid-cut collar easily stretches and hugs firmly around the ankle, this shoe still comes equipped with a traditional lacing system for a more secure and customizable fit. Overlays along the bottom, and within the lacing system, provide some much-needed structure. Finally, a Fitcounter molded heel counter is set in place to keep the foot looked in while still permitting natural movement.
Online listings and reviews don’t seem to give out the average weight of the Ultra Boost Mid. According to the Adidas website, however, a men’s size 8 weighs just over 11 ounces. Though this seems a bit hefty, reviewers across all platforms are quick to point out how lightweight this model feels. It’s fitting enough for everyday, casual wear and also proves to be an incredible option for those who play basketball.
Other than its sock-like comfort, one of the best advantages of Adidas’ Primeknit material is its high level of breathability. So it’s no surprise that the Ultra Boost Mid offers a great deal of airflow to those who wear it. Reviewers have noted how cool and dry their feet felt even after a full day of walking or an intense game of basketball. Making this even better is the fact that this material, as well as the stretchy collar, is still able to keep all types of debris out of the foot chamber.
All models within the Ultra Boost line are known for their extremely comfortable wear, and this mid-top model is no different. Aside from being soft and supportive, its Boost midsole is also highly responsive. It completely absorbs the impact of each landing, reducing the risk of chronic pain, and transfers it into an added bounce. Its breathable Primeknit upper wraps around the foot like a sock and completely adapts to its every movement as it permits unrestricted airflow into the foot chamber without letting in any dirt or debris. Reviewers love knowing that they can wear this shoe out all day and still feel perfectly at ease as soon as they take it off. The only downside, according to some consumers, is that it may not fit true-to-size for everyone. Several reviews suggest going half a size up when making a purchase.
Reviewers are pleased to see that the Ultra Boost Mid carries on the line’s simple yet stylish look that can easily compliment a number of casual outfits. Instead of a traditional collar and tongue, it features a mid-cut stretchy collar that permits easier insertion and greater ankle support. Two pull tabs, in a contrasting color from the rest of the shoe, are fixed onto the instep and heel. Along with protection and durability, synthetic overlays also provide some additional flair in the form of Adidas’ signature striped design. Though traditional black and white colorways are available, buyers also have some more eye-catching options to choose from. These include a dark red, a pale green, and even a bright blue.
The Ultra Boost Mid’s level of durability will depend entirely on how the runner chooses to wear it. Both its outsole and midsole are specially engineered to withstand excessive use throughout rough surfaces, slippery conditions, and high temperatures. Its Primeknit upper material, on the other hand, has been known to wear down and tear very easily on other models. Though overlays do provide some additional structure and sturdiness, proper care of these shoes and knowing when not to use them are essential to making sure they last longer.
Though it may not appear so at first, the Ultra Boost Mid actually does provide the runner with a decent amount of protection. The traction provided by the Stretchweb and Continental rubber outsole ensures safe and secure movement across wet and dry surfaces and safeguards the rest of the shoe against rough concrete and cement. Its Boost midsole’s highly responsive nature ensures long-lasting cushioning and shock absorption, greatly reducing any risk of chronic pain or fatigue. Though its Primeknit upper cannot safeguard against wet conditions or road hazards, its mid-top design and breathable nature work together to prevent foot odor, blisters, and irritations. And its synthetic overlays form a barrier all along the base of the upper to shield against minor splashes and bumps within the road.
Those in need of a highly responsive running shoe should look no further than Adidas’ Ultra Boost line. Aside from providing all-day comfort and a flexible wear, the line’s Boost midsole technology gives runners a level of energy return that surpasses most materials on the market. Those who run long distances or play basketball are very appreciative of the added spring they get with each step and jump. The stretchweb outsole enhances this feature even further by aiding in shock absorption, greatly reducing any pain or fatigue that the runner will feel by the end of the day.
The Stretchweb and Continental rubber outsole, along with the stabilizing torsion system, provides a flexible yet supportive base for the rest of the Ultra Boost Mid. The responsive cushioning of its Boost midsole ensures all-day support for both long-distance runs and a full day of walking. Even the design of its upper prioritizes this quality, as the Primeknit material gives a sock-like fit that wraps securely around the midfoot. The stretchy mid-cut collar keeps the ankles stabilized as a Fitcounter at the back does the same for the runner’s heel.
When looking at the Ultra Boost Mid, it’s quite obvious that this shoe was meant for everyday environments. Its Stretchweb and Continental rubber outsole permit a smooth and easy run on most types of road surfaces, whether they are wet or dry. And reviewers have pointed out that it also performs quite well when used on grass, dirt, and fallen leaves. Though its soul unit could easily function on lighter trails, its Primeknit upper does not make it a very good option for most outdoor sports.
One of the Ultra Boost Mid’s biggest drawbacks is its incredibly expensive price tag of $200. Though this is already a very steep cost for a running shoe, which typically goes for around $120, the fact that this model has no additional protective or stability features makes it even more alarming. And those who aren’t careful with how or where they use this shoe while quickly find themselves wasting the money they spent. Similar models from other brands can easily be found for much less. However, those who are still interested in purchasing this model can find reduced costs on Amazon or eBay.
Reviewers have noted that the tread pattern featured on all Ultra Boost models seems to be inspired by car tires. As a result, they all provide a level of traction that’s much stronger than that offered by most casual running shoes. Those who wear the Ultra Boost mid can comfortably and securely run across most types of road surfaces, grass, and fallen leaves in both wet and dry conditions. Some consumers have indicated that this model can also hold its own on light trails, although it’s recommended that it not be used often for this kind of activity.
Another standout feature of the Ultra Boost line is its incredible flexibility. Though all of this shoe’s features are enhanced to be pliable, it all starts with its Stretchweb outsole. As it maps out the entirety of the foot, it moves with the runner to allow a completely natural and unrestricted gait cycle. The cushiony and responsive Boost midsole does the same, all while being heavily resistant to any kind of wear and tear. Of course, even with the use of overlays, the Primeknit upper allows the greatest amount of natural movement. Its socklike fit wraps around the midfoot area and adapts entirely to the runner’s every movement.
While it’s not exactly meant for those with any form of pronation, the Ultra Boost Mid still provides the runner with a very stable wear. The outsole’s Stretchweb technology maps out each section of the foot to enable more flexibility and greater control over each movement. A torsion system is also fixed into the midfoot region to prevent the arches from over-flexing and enables a smoother heel-to-toe transition. The responsive nature of its Boost midsole not only ensures greater comfort but also offers greater support and enhancement for the runner’s stride. The Primeknit upper is given some much-needed structure in the form of synthetic overlays and a Fitcounter molded heel counter. The stretchy mid-cut collar and traditional lacing system further ensure that the foot is kept in place all day.
Just like all other models within this line, the Ultra Boost Mid’s heel-to-toe drop height is 10mm. This is an average measurement for most running shoes, as it provides runners with the added heel cushioning that they typically look for without impeding too much on the natural gait cycle. Also, with a heel height of 29mm and a toe height of 19mm, it’s easy to see why this shoe’s level of cushioning is so substantial.
Key Features
-Flexible Stretchweb outsole
-Continental rubber for enhanced traction
-Highly-responsive Boost midsole
-Breathable Primeknit upper
-Mid-cut collar for easier insertion
-Lacing system for a more secure fit
-Expensive price tag of $200
Bottom Line
Some could argue that the Adidas Ultra Boost Mid is almost the perfect running shoe. Its Stretchweb and Continental rubber outsole provides superior traction while still permitting flexible movement. Its Boost midsole cushions the foot all day as it offers high levels of responsiveness. And its Primeknit upper wraps the foot in supportive comfort while giving unrestricted breathability. The inclusion of a mid-cut collar further enhances its wear with easier insertion and protection against irritating debris. Its only major downside is its hefty $200 price tag. Though deals can easily be found on certain websites, this shoe's lack of distinctive features makes its high cost that much more confusing to many buyers.
Where to Buy
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