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Adidas Pureboost Go Review Facts

The latest iteration of the Boost family, the Adidas Pureboost Go is a comfortable, cushioned shoe that offers amazing responsiveness and a modern, versatile look. The BOOST midsole is performance-oriented and will provide a smooth ride with minimal foot fatigue, and the flexible knit upper is breathable and adheres to the foot effortlessly. The price of this neutral running shoe is reasonable, and if you’re looking for the next reliable shoe to run around through the city in, there really isn’t much reason to not choose this one.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 30mm BOOST midsole offers great cushion and impact protection
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely responsive
  • Versatile and stylish
  • Moderately flexible
  • Grid-like outsole offers good traction
  • Very comfortable
  • Thin knit upper offers great breathability
  • Wider forefoot sole platform increases stability
  • Low-top shoe isn’t suitable for runners who need extra arch support
  • Laces create a bit of pressure on top of the foot due to the thin tongue
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  • This is the best lifestyle sneaker I have ever used. These are also so versatile and comfortable. The boost technology is out of scifi. The comfort is unreal. I am able to work in these all day with no pain. The sole is slimmer and the toes are a bit narrower to the originals. They have a barefoot feel.
  • These have such a larger footprint than the DPR model. They are so comfortable and have been great to run in. My half marathon went off without a hitch The lacing is great and locks the foot in nice and they material is so airy and sock like. They are really well priced as well.
  • These have that midsole that I am in love with. The upper is airy and so soft and forming. They allow lots of wiggles in the toe space. These shoes are so cushy and dreamy. Great job Adidas.
  • This is a great shoe and versatile but I feel it is more geared toward lifestyle than urban. They breathe some because of the light material on the uppers, could be better. They are low and feel a little like they could pop off sometimes. Went a half size up as well. After all that, they are a pretty great shoe.
  • These are off in the sizing department. Not like any other Boost I have bought I do not think the ankle is made for running support either. The shoe looks good and feels ok though.
  • The support is very minimal but they look great. They fit nice and the toe box is really wide and roomy. I was shocked at the stability for such a light and unsupportive shoe. I am able to take corners well.
  • These are so light and fluffy. I love the comfort in them and love going for long walks or jogs in them I am able to wear them out as well. Great fashion and feel.
  • Be careful, they are not good on wet pavement They are really comfortable otherwise and fit like they are supposed to for me.
  • The shoe is light and the material is thin yet durable. They have the perfect little boost sole that I love and all over quality is great.
  • I love the light feel and the wonderful running cushioning they offer. I think I got the closest thing to running on a cloud that is offered They feel so good and my feet sit in them securely.
  • These are an upgrade to my last boost ad they do NOT disappoint. They are some of the best. I love Adidas and these are no different. Great job! They really help my back issues as well.
  • I like the primeknit better for the uppers but the shoe is most comfortable. It does look great. They are a bit wider, which is really nice.
  • They run a bit small but nothing crazy. The toebox sits low and pushes a bit but it doesn’t create any hot spots or pain, it is just awkward.
  • Super, duper comfortable shoes. They look super nice and can be worn for the gy or out and about, they are really versatile.
  • I love the design and the comfort is still what to expect from the Boost. It fits perfect and has to be the best shoe I own The rice isn't bad either.
  • These ft me like they are supposed to and they comfort is unreal. The style look great and I am really impressed overall with the sleek design Great shoe Adidas, keep it up!
  • I bought these for aesthetic s and found myself falling in love with thm. They are so comfortable and secure. I am able to go to the gym ad chill in them. These were made for me for sure.
  • I love these for my casual shoes. I like to travel in them and take them out for walks. They are so comfortable and keep me feeling good.
  • These look great and feel double great. I cannot say anything negative about this shoe. Buy it, I recommend it..
  • I have weak ankles and knees and these never give me any issues. The Boost is the best for this and they look great.
  • Super impressed with my first osst model Adidas. They look great and are full of comfort. I prefer these over my NMD.
  • Cushioning is there and the fit is spot on. They are affordable and you get a great durable shoe.
  • These shoes suit me to a T. They are soft and light. The comfort is there and keeps me supported while using them all day I am not a fan of Adidas and will be buying more of the Boost.
  • These are too snug on the toes and they rub bad. The have a really awful downward pressure.
  • The ST model was great, these are not. They had no padding in the top and the laces rubbed me raw. I sent them back. Not really well thought out design I think.
  • These are not wide like they said. The toes are all cramped up and hurt. These force your feet to roll in as well. They were not made to run in at all. Pure aesthetic shoe.
  • They ripped after a couple sues. I was really upset. They are starting to cheapen their product and its annoying.
  • The top of the shoe is so thin and it makes it uncomfortable to tie. I am not happy with the comforta at all. These were not designed with comfort in mind just looks.
  • The material is too thin for anything and they have zero support.
  • The material is too thin for anything and they have zero support.
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The outsole of the Adidas Pureboost Go looks uniform and efficient. It’s made out of a rubber compound that is shaped like a web, with rectangular indents and round lugs positioned densely next to one another in a grid-like manner. This outsole build serves a double purpose of protecting the midsole from wear and tear and abrasion and providing grip and traction to this sleek running shoe. On the heel, there’s a brand logo imprinted, and the rearfoot area is separated from the rest of the outsole with the only horizontal groove on the entire outsole. It’s possible that the brand wanted to ease up the heel-to-toe transition and increase the shoe’s flexibility with this rearfoot groove, seeing how prominent heel-strikers could go through an adjustment period when first running in the Pureboost Go.


As the name of the shoe suggests, the Pureboost Go features the brand’s BOOST midsole, a revolutionary technology that provides the runners with amazing responsiveness. The midsole looks and feels similar to the ones used with the previous models, but the key difference here is the significantly wider forefoot midsole area, which really comes in handy when trying to evade pedestrians and turn corners on busy city sidewalks. There are no plastic shafts or any other support technology, the entire midsole is comprised of the responsive single-density foam made of amalgamated TPU pellets.


The entire upper of the Adidas Pureboost Go is made of the brand’s Primeknit material, although it’s worth mentioning that the material is thinner this time around, compared to the Ultra Boost Primeknit. The stitch reinforcements in the midfoot upper act as overlays and provide additional (but not significant) support to the foot, as well as a snug fit. This breathable upper is encircled with the ARAMIS data mapping technology – the net-like material on the heel and the inner lateral side of the foot. While the ARAMIS gives this shoe a techy modern look, it’s there to position the foot and provide additional structure to the upper, as well as prevent the heel from accidentally slipping out of the shoe. The lacing system is traditional and the tongue is made from the same thin knit material as the upper, without any additional padding.


With the weight of 10.4oz for men’s shoe and 8.9oz for the women’s, the Pureboost Go is a lightweight shoe. Although it’s not the lightest of them all, it’s safe to say that the weight of the shoe won’t pose an issue to you at any given time. Compared to the Ultra Boost, the Pureboost surprisingly ends up being 0.5oz lighter, which wouldn’t be anything to ponder about if it weren’t for the ‘Ultra’ in the shoe’s name. Be that how it may, you’ll be in for a lightweight ride no matter which shoe of the two you end up choosing.


The thin, knit upper of the Adidas Pureboost Go offers amazing breathability and airflow throughout the entire surface of the upper. Not only is it breathable, but it’s built in a way that makes you feel like the shoe moves, flexes and breathes with you, stretching and contracting back to wrap around your foot during each and every move. In this shoe, your feet will never get anywhere near the point of overheating, you won’t sweat or experience sweat-induced blisters. However, the natural downside of this kind of upper is that it isn’t an ideal choice for a winter running shoe, although it can be worn on a dry winter day with some thicker socks.


As with a lot of Adidas running shoes that feature this kind of midsole, the Pureboost Go is a very comfortable shoe to wear, even on longer runs and walks. The stretchy upper won’t have any issue with accommodating wider feet, and neither will the wider midsole platform. Despite the snug fit of the upper, a lot of runners are satisfied with the roomy toe box. The only objection to the comfort of this running shoe is that the shoelaces can put some pressure on the top of the foot – a direct consequence of the thin, non-padded tongue. The fit runs a little large, so you may want to go a half-size down, which could help you with not lacing the shoe as tight as you would if it was a bit bigger than what you need.


The modern look of the Adidas Pureboost Go is a result of an intelligent and unobtrusive sleek design, aimed at creating a running shoe that can be worn daily with casual outfits. The minimalist look is growing more and more popular in the world of running shoes, and for a good reason: versatility. With our schedules growing more and more busy by the year, a pair of running shoes that you can also wear to work has become a necessity item in our rotation, and the Pureboost Go delivers. The only thing that could make this shoe less appealing to the minimalist enthusiasts is the fact that the thin fabric showcases the outline of the toes, which can be visually unappealing, but doesn’t happen with everyone – make sure you try this shoe on before purchasing it.


The verdict isn’t out yet regarding the durability of this shoe as a whole; however, we can say that the materials it’s made of are of high quality and seem pretty durable. The BOOST midsole won’t become hard and lose the cushioning any time soon, and the knit upper seems sturdy enough, unless it comes in contact with some technical terrain, in which case there is a possibility it could tear.


The Pureboost Go is a great shoe to have in rotation when you need that extra cushiony protection on a long run. The thick, foamy 30mm midsole will protect your feet from impact and dampen any rocks or irregularities you come across while running, allowing you to fully enjoy the ride.


The midsole and the responsiveness it offers are the key selling points of the Adidas Pureboost Go. The springy midsole will provide great bounciness to your every stride and the energy-return of this shoe is deemed to be top-notch, with a lot of runners agreeing that they felt like the sole of this comfy running shoe offered real responsiveness, rather than just cushion to the impact. This shoe will quickly give back any energy you put into your stride, making the whole ride feel energized and like you’re about to take off at any moment.


This is a running shoe made for people who have normal, medium-high and high arches and don’t require any additional arch support. So definitely a good choice for running shoes with high arch support. The low-top design is aimed at acquiring maximum freedom of movement, and the midsole doesn’t have any additional support to the arch, besides the well-shaped foam. On the upper, the ARAMIS technology does provide some structure to the whole shoe, but its role is primarily to position the heel, rather than provide support for the foot.


The Adidas Pureboost Go is an ideal shoe for a city runner. You can take it on the track, roads, concrete, pavements, and even some light gravel and grass, and the shoe will perform well. The wider forefoot enables you to swiftly change directions, make lateral movements, and skip corners without slipping, which makes this the perfect shoe to wear when running around the neighborhood. The cushioning offered by the BOOST midsole will sustain long runs without an issue and will excel on shorter ones.


Even though the price of this comfy and responsive running shoe goes into the triple-digit territory, we consider it to be a friendly and attainable price, especially for the quality you’re offered in return. If you happen to catch this shoe on sale – even the smallest one, we would venture to say that the price is actually really affordable.


The web-shaped outsole rubber placement guarantees an efficient traction and grip on dry surfaces. The outsole does a great job of being discreet and yet shielding the foam from ground contact, and the webbed lugs and indents in the sole are densely positioned throughout the entire outsole. Most runners are satisfied with traction on wet surfaces as well, with just a small number having minor issues with running on wet roads in this shoe.


The Adidas Pureboost Go is a moderately flexible running shoe when it comes to its sole construction. The absence of horizontal grooves in the outsole and the single-density BOOST foam don’t allow the forefoot of the shoe to be as bendable as with some other shoes, but the majority of runners won’t experience any issues with the toe-off, nevertheless. The upper is really flexible and adheres to the foot in a glove-like manner, having no difficulty shaping itself to the foot during the entire gait cycle.


This neutral running shoe doesn’t have any dedicated stability features, save from the expanded forefoot landing zone which does noticeably increase stability, especially during lateral and sudden foot movements. This doesn’t mean that you can start cutting corners without slowing down – you shouldn’t do that even in a much more stable shoe than this, but the majority of neutral runners were satisfied with the added stability in the forefoot, which allowed them to run at a slightly faster pace than usual.


With a heel height of 31.8mm and a forefoot height of 23.9mm, the drop of the Adidas Pureboost Go measures 7.9mm, which is an ideal drop for many runners. Midfoot strikers will undoubtedly enjoy this running shoe, but the forefoot strikers are bound to feel the heel getting in the way of their natural gait. As for the heel-strikers, this is a good compromise shoe, and with the heel groove on the outsole, their gait cycle will feel even more natural.
Key Features

Key Features

● Grid-like outsole
● BOOST midsole
● Thin Primeknit upper + ARAMIS data mapping technology
● Extremely breathable
● Very comfortable
● Affordable price
● Wider forefoot base platform for added stability
● Road, track and treadmill shoe
● Moderately flexible
● Fantastic responsiveness
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Adidas Pureboost Go has proven to be an all-around shoe that has a lot going for it. Its BOOST midsole delivers a cushioned, comfortable and amazingly responsive ride, and the knit upper provides breathability and a glove-like fit that flexes with the foot. The stylish modern look makes this a versatile running shoe that can be worn on a myriad of different occasions, making this a great option for the city runners, gym goers, as well as people who are just looking for a comfy shoe they can walk in for hours on end. If you have stability or support issues, you won’t be thrilled with the options the Pureboost Go has to offer, but that doesn’t say anything about the shoe itself – there isn’t a shoe that fits all runners. The only objection to the Adidas Pureboost Go is the fact that the outline of the toes is sometimes visible through the upper, and the tongue could have been padded, which would provide ultimate comfort to the runner. Other than that, this is a great neutral running shoe, plain and simple.