Hoka One One Arahi 2

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Hoka One One Arahi 2 Review Facts

The Arahi 2 is the second edition of Hoka’s responsive stability trainer. Well-cushioned like the rest of the Hoka lineup, the Arahi features a unique geometry to promote a smooth ride and a specially designed midsole construction to provide wearers with an appropriate amount of stability. The second version of the stability shoe features the same outsole and midsole design with significant changes made to the upper. The Arahi 2 builds upon a solid first release without changes to components that didn’t need fixing. Why fix something if it works just fine? Overpronators looking for a good quality cushioned road shoe should consider the Arahi 2 for training purposes. Those running on well-groomed trails might find the Hoka brand shoe equally comfortable for off-road running purposes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive ride feel
  • Very stable and supportive
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Improved breathability
  • Some found the fit too roomy
  • Durability issues 
  • Expensive 
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  • For most buyers, Hoka One One Arahi 2s have made a positive impact on their activity.
  • A large percentage of reviewers claim these shoes have helped them feel relief from common pains.
  • Arahi 2s have provided relief from plantar fasciitis for many buyers.
  • Several people mention that their usual struggle with heel pain was not an issue with these shoes.
  • The design of these shoes has worked well for people with high arches as well as some with fallen arches.
  • Many buyers say these provide good stability.
  • With correct sizing, custom orthotics will work in these shoes.
  • Several buyers bought these shoes at the recommendation of their podiatrist.
  • Both avid walkers and runners praise these shoes.
  • The tongue has enough padding to be comfortable.
  • One reviewer noted, that with a wide size, he was able to comfortable wear these shoes with a foot brace. The fit was secure and stabilizing.
  • The upper is breathable but has a snug fit that holds the feet in place.
  • For some people Arahi 2s have worked well for marathon training and other long distance running.
  • Several positive reviews come from middle-aged and older runners and walkers.
  • The coloring on the outsole is different from some other Hoka models which is noted positively in reviews.
  • The main complaints about Arahi 2s is about the changes made from the original model.
  • A large number of negative reviewers claim there is less cushion and an overall narrower build than the first Arahi model.
  • These shoes run narrow so finding the correct width has been difficult for some buyers.
  • In the experience of some reviewers, sizing isn't standard across all Hoka shoes so ordering the best size took several tries.
  • If you are looking for a running shoe with bounce, these are not the shoes for you. The cushion is adequate but not as springy as some other running shoes.
  • Several reviewers noted that the arch of the insole felt too far back in the shoe.
  • A small percentage of buyers were uncomfortable with the drop of these shoes. Compared to their other running shoes, they felt their heels were too low in these.
  • One type of wear reported was of the overall stability. It took only a few months for the structure of the shoe to start feeling less stable.
  • Another issue raised by a reviewer is on quick wear of the inner lining. It was noticeable after minimal miles were put on the shoes.
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The outsole of the Arahi 2 is made of rubber. A fairly standard design provides an adequate amount of traction useful for most running situations. The outsole design remains unchanged since the original version of the shoe.

Some users did point out that they experienced issues with durability, especially with the shoe's sole component. A few noticed the outsole coming apart, peeling off the bottom of the shoe, or thinning out.


The Arahi 2's midsole is made of thick EVA foam cushioning. Again, this part of the shoe is exactly the same as the original version. The generously cushioned midsole makes the Arahi a great choice for long distance training. The chunky midsole might take some getting used to but for regular Hoka wearers, it shouldn't be a problem.

The shoe features a clever Meta-Rocker design, which helps provide a smooth ride. In addition, the rocker-feel of the shoe helps provide a little bit of an energy boost. Movement from heel to toe feels natural and energetic. For stability, the shoe features a J-Frame midsole.

Reviewers liked the comfortable cushioning calling it responsive and capable of providing good ground feedback. However, a few reviewers found the cushioning a little less snappy than before. The midfoot features a good amount of arch support, although some found the fit around the midfoot area a bit too tight.


The Arahi's upper design has been changed significantly in the second version. The newly designed upper aims to improve air circulation to ensure a more breathable shoe. The upper is mesh and the inside of the shoe features a standard Ortholite sock liner.

Reviewers liked the lightweight, airy feel of the upper. Most agreed that it was a serious improvement compared to the original Arahi. Reviewers also pointed out the roomier design, which provided a better fit than before. Hoka One One brand shoes tend to favor a wide fit over a narrow one, so narrower footed runners may find the Arahi a little too roomy. The roomier fit felt a bit unstable for some reviewers while others noted the midfoot was too snug for their liking.


The Hoka One One Arahi 2 is slightly heavier than the original shoe but reviewers felt this increase was barely noticeable. For its category, the Arahi is impressively lightweight, which users really liked.

Even with such a generously cushioned midsole and stable design reviewers didn't find the shoe clunky whatsoever. The women's version weighs about 7.7 ounces and the men's weighs about 9.2 ounces. Overall, this is quite lightweight for a maximally cushioned stability shoe.


With a whole new mesh upper design, the Arahi 2 is a huge improvement over its predecessor. The new mesh upper is lightweight and airy and offers much better breathability than the original Arahi. Reviewers liked the new upper design calling it nice and roomy compared to the original shoe. A few reviewers did feel as if the fit was too roomy and impacted stability, but it should be noted that Hoka brand shoes do tend to have a wider fit.

Overall, the Arahi 2 features a better upper construction that's more comfortable, provides better ventilation, and that's even more supportive than before. The roomier fit is perfect for wide footed runners or anyone who has a preference for well-cushioned socks and needs a bit of extra breathing room inside their shoe.


Reviewers loved the well-cushioned EVA foam midsole. The shoe is also lightweight compared to similarly designed stability shoes and the upper allows for room to breathe. Reviewers also appreciated the stable but responsive design of the Arahi 2. Perfect for long distance training runs, the Arahi offers a great mix of comfortable cushioning and support. The Meta-Rocker design also helps provide a comfortable and super smooth ride.

A few reviewers ran into fit issues, however. Some had issues with a 'too snug' midfoot, while others found the upper construction too roomy. It also may take some time to get used to the chunky midsole, but getting used to that plush sole is worth it in the long run.


Despite the chunky midsole design of the Arahi 2, the shoe doesn't look or feel that substantial. The design is similar to the original Arahi and users liked that Hoka didn't veer too far from the original stylings of the first release. The men's shoe is available in teal, black/grey, black/red, and blue. For women, the shoe comes in purple/teal, fuschia/purple, teal/dark teal, dark blue/baby blue, and green. Each colorway includes fresh, bright colored accents that produce a lively inviting design.


Here's where reviewers managed to find a weak spot in the Arahi 2. The outsole wasn't changed from the original design and reviewers did mention durability issues with the shoe's sole. Some complained of the outsole coming apart into pieces, while others had issues with the outsole thinning out too quickly. The complaints came from a select few, but they are still important to point out.

Besides the outsole, reviewers didn't seem to have any issues with other parts of the shoe showing wear early on. Remember that heavier runners or those with certain footstrike patterns will tend to wear out their shoes quicker than others.


The maximally cushioned Arahi 2 offers plenty of protection for wearers. The rubber outsole, J-Frame midsole, and solid upper design provide protection from overpronation. The newly designed mesh upper protects feet from getting too hot and improves breathability significantly. Best of all? The very well-cushioned midsole protects against impact. The EVA foam makes the Arahi 2 suitable for long distance efforts.


The Arahi 2 provides users with a responsive cushioned ride. Reviewers noted that the Arahi didn't just provide a nicely cushioned platform with chunky EVA foam, but also a responsive cushioning to provide excellent ground feedback. A few reviewers did feel that this version of the Arahi was a little less snappy than before. The midsole, however, remains unchanged since the original version of the shoe.


The Hoka One One Arahi 2 provides an incredibly supportive ride thanks to the new, better fitting upper. The majority of reviewers appreciated the new, more accommodating upper design saying that the fit was much more supportive and comfortable. A few reviewers had issues with the fit citing it as too wide. The Hoka Arahi 2, though, is definitely a good choice for wider footed runners, so keep that in mind.

Most reviewers found the second Arahi quite supportive and liked that there was quality midfoot arch support.


The Arahi is intended for road running but the shoe could also easily be taken for a spin on well-groomed trails. The outsole, made of basic rubber, provides good traction (no complaints from reviewers) and the shoe is stable and supportive enough to handle a little bit of instability on uneven terrain.


Hoka One One brand shoes tend to be a little more expensive than comparable shoes from other brands. While not everyone will be comfortable paying a premium for a shoe, the reviewers who tried the Arahi 2 felt they got a good quality shoe in return for the price paid. A few reviewers did run into durability issues, but they were in the minority. Most reviewers were happy with their purchase and loved the improvements made to the Arahi in this second version.


With a basic rubber construction, the Arahi 2's outsole remains unchanged since the original version of the stability shoe. The outsole provides suitable traction for road running and well-packed trails. Reviewers barely even mentioned traction when commenting on the various aspects of the Hoka brand shoe, so it's safe to say that the outsole is grippy enough that it doesn't compromise overall stability and ride feel.


Nothing to see here. The Hoka One One Arahi 2 sits somewhere in the middle in terms of flexibility, leaning a little more towards a stiff overall design, which helps with stability. The Meta-Rocker geometry helps to make up for a stiffer construction. Literally shaped like a rocking chair might be, the shoe helps encourage a smooth heel to toe transition.


The Arahi 2 provides the same amount of stability as the original shoe thanks to the unchanged J-Frame midsole design. Reviewers appreciated the supportive, stable design of the Arahi and felt completely stable when running in the shoe. The wide design of the Hoka brand shoe increases stability and a slightly heavier construction also helps to ground runners.


The lower than average drop height of the Arahi 2 definitely helps encourage ground-feel. Users were impressed with how well they were able to respond to the ground beneath them as they ran. The heel to toe drop of 5mm definitely contributes to this.
Key Features

Key Features

- NEW more breathable upper design
- Mesh upper construction
- Rubber outsole for traction
- Meta-Rocker geometry
- J-Frame midsole for stability
- Responsive EVA midsole cushioning
- Ortholite sockliner
- 5mm drop height
- Midfoot arch support
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Hoka One One Arahi 2 is a responsive stability shoe for overpronators. It keeps the same midsole and outsole as the original but features significant changes to its upper. More breathable than ever, the Arahi 2 also provides an improved fit and a light as air feel. The design is roomier for more breathing space throughout the shoe which makes the 2 a great choice for wide footed runners or those who simply prefer wearing thick knit socks.

The shoe contains a fair bit of responsive EVA cushioning that makes it great for those training for long distances. A stable ride and supportive upper make the Arahi 2 a top choice for overpronators who want protection from impact during long-distance training runs but don't want to sacrifice ground-feel and responsiveness.