Nike Air Pegasus 30

The Nike Air Pegasus is a shoe that has a long and storied history. The Air Pegasus is known for being a more traditionally styled running shoe, with an ample amount of cushioning, while also being well priced. The Air Pegasus 30 is the 30th edition of the annually released Nike Air Pegasus. 30 years is a staggering number, and the Air Pegasus has undergone significant changes throughout its existence. At its core though, the Air Pegasus has always been a solid, affordable and well-cushioned shoe, and its thirtieth iteration is definitely not an exception.

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Pros & Cons
  • Great cushioning
  • Ideal for long distance runs
  • Classic running shoe styling, integrated with newer technology
  • Cons
    • A bit on the heavier side compared to other popular models
    • Less suited when speed is necessary
    • Lacks responsiveness
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the shoe is essentially the very bottom of the shoe, which makes contact with the ground. As such, this is an important component of any shoe, as it determines the durability and the traction of a shoe. The outsole of the Pegasus 30 is made of carbon rubber. This carbon rubber mixture creates a very well tractioned shoe, allowing for a good grip on most surfaces. Another benefit of the outsole is the pad on the heel which helps stabilize the foot and discourage heel striking. Finally, the carbon rubber outsole is also quite durable, and fairly resistant to common wear and tear. The outsole of the Pegasus 30 is not the most technologically advanced when compared to other Nike trainers, but still offers solid quality features.
      The component that is located in between the outsole and the inner sole is known as the midsole. The midsole is often seen as one of the most important parts of a shoe, as it provides energy return and is also responsible for absorbing shock. The midsole of these Pegasus 30s is made of EVA foam, which is soft, but cushioning foam, similar to memory foam in some respects. The midsole of the Pegasus 30s is probably not as responsive as some more minimalist or modern styled shoes, but it is still fairly responsive. In terms of cushioning, the Pegasus 30 is well equipped, as the midsole contains a good amount of the EVA foam. The midsole of the Pegasus has always been a solid aspect, and the Pegasus 30 maintains this tradition.
      The upper is the area of the shoe that wraps around the entire upper part of the foot. The upper’s job is to provide stability and protection, while also allowing for good flexibility. The upper of the Pegasus 30s is different from that of the previous Pegasus 29s. Rather than a single piece that is entirely woven, the upper of the Pegasus 30 is composed of multiple pieces, which serves several purposes. One purpose is to help deliver a more secure fit while also not being too heavy. This also helps the Pegasus 30 retain some sold flexibility. Many had reported that the upper of this version of the Pegasus fit better than any other piece had. The upper of the Pegasus 30 is an overall solid piece with decent technology, and definitely an upgrade from the old Pegasus 29 upper.
      A running shoe's weight is an important determining factor in its effectiveness and use. A heavier running shoe will allow for more cushion, while a lighter shoe tends to offer a better and more efficient stride. The Air Pegasus 30s are a fairly heavy shoe by most standards. Clocking in at around 11 oz, the Pegasus 30s lean on the heavier side. In exchange, however, they offer a bit more stability, and a good amount of cushion as well. The weight of these shoes is probably not a major point of contention, and seem to fall right in line with the type of shoes they are.
      Every runner should want a breathable shoe, for a myriad of reasons. If a shoe is not breathable, a shoe will be cramped and sweaty on the inside. This can even cause blisters in extreme cases. The Pegasus 30s are a breathable shoe for the most part. They probably aren’t as well ventilated as some of the other Nike models, but the shoe is decently breathable. This is due to the multi-paneled upper as mentioned earlier. Overall, there shouldn't be any major issues with the ventilation of the Pegasus 30s.
      No runner should have to wear uncomfortable shoes. Everyone has had the misfortune of wearing shoes that don’t fit well at some point, and the idea of running mile upon mile in them is certainly not appealing. Luckily, the Pegasus 30s are a comfortable shoe. One factor that contributes to this is the midsole cushioning, which is a hallmark of the Pegasus line. The multi-panel upper also contributes to the comfort of the shoe, creating a secure but not overly tight feeling. Overall, the Pegasus 30 is a very comfortable shoe.
      Nike is no slouch when it comes to the style department. The Nike Pegasus 30 features a clean look, with solid colors highlighting it. The shoe comes in light and dark colors, meaning there is likely a color for everyone. Overall, the look of the Pegasus is very clean and accessible, making it usable for more than just running. The Pegasus is definitely an underrated option when it comes to a stylish everyday or athletic use shoe.
      Buying shoes at great frequency is something that no runner wants to do. With that in mind, it is important to consider the durability of a shoe when purchasing it. The Pegasus model from Nike has long been known as a durable shoe, and luckily, the Pegasus 30s can follow this model perfectly. The traditional cushioning of EVA foam in the Pegasus' midsole is one source of this durability, while the outsole’s carbon rubber and thickness is another contributing factor. For these reasons, the Pegasus 30 is a very durable shoe that should be great for long distances.
      In regards to protection, the Pegasus 30s are solid. The more traditional stylings which feature more cushioning tend to have more protection, and the Pegasus 30 follows this model. The upper of the Pegasus is a solid construction made of an engineered mesh. This is a design that has been carried over from previous iterations of the Pegasus as well. In tandem with the thickness of the outsole, the Pegasus 30s offer very solid protection from most minor grievances that would affect a runner. Whether it be missteps from uneven terrain or rocks, the Pegasus 30 has got you covered from those niggling little injuries that can sometimes affect a runner.
      Responsiveness refers to the energy return whenever a shoe collides with the ground, or essentially during each step of running. A good return of energy causes a better stride and more efficient running. The Pegasus 30s are not particularly excellent though they are decent. The extra cushioning in shoes tends to dampen response, and this is what occurs with the Pegasus. The midsole is still fairly responsive, however, with the Phylon material it is constructed of. It is just important to point out that the Pegasus is probably a bit less responsive than a lot of popular, less cushioned shoes.
      The Pegasus 30 offers very good support. Considering the cushion, the thickness of the shoe, and the midsole and outsole thickness, it is not hard to see why. It is also a standard of the Pegasus line to offer good support and cushioning. The upper with its mesh does a good job offering support as well, while also not compromising flexibility. Runners who are seeking long distance shoes with good support can look no further than the Pegasus 30s.
      These shoes are most suited for the road or sidewalk, as most running shoes tend to be. That being said, the outsole of the Pegasus 30 is very sturdy and has solid traction as well. The Pegasus 30 can be used on other surfaces decently well, though not to the same effect as on road. Rain should also not be a hindrance, though caution should be exercised.
      Price is always something to consider when purchasing shoes. The price of the Pegasus line has always been a strong point for it. The Pegasus offers great value for the price it is sold at. Though not a top of the line shoe with the latest technology, the value is definitely a key facet of the Pegasus shoes.
      Traction of running shoes refers to the grip on different surfaces. The Pegasus has very solid traction with its carbon rubber outsole. This material it is composed of is engineered to grip surfaces well with its waffle-like design. Also usable in the rain, the overall traction of the Pegasus 30 is very solid.
      Flexibility is key at preventing possible sprains or twists. The Pegasus 30s are a flexible shoe, as most of what Nike makes is very flexible in the current spectrum of shoes. That being said, the Pegasus shoes are not as flexible as models like the Free series. The upper of the Pegasus does not have Flywire technology for example, which features fantastic fit and flexibility. The Pegasus is solid, but not top of the line in terms of flexibility.
      The stability of a running shoe indicates how well the shoe naturally supports a runner’s steps. This is in turn useful for injury prevention. The stability of the Pegasus shoes is very solid, in line with its styling as a more classic cushioned running shoe. The upper pieces’ construction and the outsole are contributing factors in this. The upper is more solid than a regular woven upper due to its composition in pieces, while the outsole’s materials are what make it contribute to the stability. The Pegasus 30s are a solidly stable shoe, which is in line with most versions of the Pegasus.
      The drop on these Air Pegasus shoes is 13mm. The drop essentially refers to the height of the heel. Larger drops tend to be found in more cushioned shoes, which helps to explain why the drop of these shoes is 13mm. A drop of 13 mm is quite big, but corresponds with the style of more cushioned and heavier shoes, and is a good fit for the Air Pegasus 30s.
      Key Features
      •Quality outsole waffle design

      •Phylon midsole

      •Carbon rubber sole

      •Solid pricing

      •Breathable upper
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Nike Air Pegasus 30s are a very solid pair of shoes. While they aren’t cutting edge, they do feature good components and materials in the midsole, outsole and upper. The Air Pegasus 30s are a very cushioned and classically styled running shoe and are ideal for those looking for good long distance shoes. These shoes are quite durable as well, which is another proponent in favor of long-distance use. The price is also another huge selling point, as these shoes are among the cheapest trainers from Nike. Overall, for those who are not seeking the most cutting-edge shoe will find a great deal of value from the Pegasus 30 and should consider them for their next pair of trainers.
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