Adidas Sprintstar

The Adidas Sprintstar is a lightweight neutral track racing shoe. Ideal for races between 60m and 400m, it combines speed, power, and precision for technical sprinting. It has six replaceable 1/4" spikes around the perimeter of the forefoot that provide excellent grip. The reinforced mesh maximizes heat exchange and the synthetic overlays keep the foot securely in place during sprints. The Sprintstar also has SPRINTWEB, a lightweight, breathable mesh that goes over the forefoot for stability during specific motions. The soft collar reduces pressure on both the ankle and the Achilles tendon, keeping the foot comfortable during sprints or technical maneuvers. The Pebax plate that holds the spikes improves durability and returns and transfers energy in the outsole. If you are a track and field runner looking for a new power or precision shoe, read on to see if the Adidas Sprintstar is the right shoe for you.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Good durability
  • Comfortable fit with a soft collar
  • Replaceable spikes have excellent grip
  • Good for beginners to experienced racers
  • Cons
    • Spikes may be dull
    • Sizes run slightly small
    • Narrow heel and forefoot
    • Colors can be different from the description
    • Key Features
      The outsole is made of synthetic rubber. The shoe comes with twelve 1/4" spikes and the forefoot uses six of them around the perimeter. The spikes have excellent bite and have great grip on hard dirt for track races. The Pebax plate returns energy, smooths transitions, and improves the durability of the outsole. Other than the spikes, the outsole has small triangular treads all over the shoe that do a great job of gripping roads. The forefoot treads are indented and the midfoot and heel treads protrude from the shoe. The midfoot pattern follows the bones in the bottom of the foot. The outsole is thin, lightweight, and flexible, designed to pick up speed.
      The midsole is a thin layer of full-length EVA foam. It does not feature extra cushioning so that the shoe remains as light as possible. The EVA foam provides just a little bit of cushioning, energy return, protection, and shock absorption for running on tracks, but does not protect well on trails or roads with cracks, debris, or objects. Its light weight and flexibility make it ideal for races.
      The upper is made of mesh and synthetic material. The reinforced mesh maximizes heat exchange. The mesh on the tongue helps improve breathability so the foot stays cool. The SPRINTWEB forefoot mesh is lightweight and breathable and keeps the foot in place during specific motions to improve speed and form. The synthetic overlays keep the foot secure during sprints. The soft collar helps lower pressure on the ankle and the Achilles. The laces help provide a snug fit and the loop on the tongue makes it easier to adjust the tongue so that it does not get stuck folded over and cause discomfort. The heel counter stabilizes the back of the foot to prevent sliding or rolling during races.
      The men's size 9 shoe weighs 6.1 oz. The women's size 7 shoe weighs 4.7 oz. All of the shoe's components are as lightweight as possible in order to maximize speed for sprinting and racing. The outsole is thin and the synthetic rubber material is lightweight. The small spikes are very light and do not add much weight to the shoe. The midsole is a thin piece of standard EVA foam and does not feature extra layers or a removable sockliner, also to keep the weight as low as possible. The upper has different kinds of mesh that are lightweight to varying degrees. The SPRINTWEB mesh on the forefoot is very lightweight, while the reinforced mesh is slightly heavier but still weighs very little. The synthetic material is thin so that it does not weigh down the foot during sprints.
      The Sprintstar has decent breathability, although it is not as breathable as some shoes because it was only designed for short distances of up to 400 meters. The reinforced mesh is a breathable way to transfer heat so that the wearer can pick up speed. The mesh on the tongue has good breathability to keep the foot cool and dry during fast races. The SPRINTWEB mesh is also very breathable so that the foot does not overheat. The synthetic overlays that hold the foot in place do not take away from the breathability, as they do not have stitches that could cause blisters and hot spots.
      The Adidas Sprintstar has a comfortable fit and a soft collar. The width is medium, with a narrow fit in the heel and forefoot. The toe box is low compared to other shoes but still allows the wearer to pick up speed comfortably. Several testers recommended ordering a half size to a full size up, while a couple people thought it was slightly too long for its size and recommended ordering a half size smaller than usual. The responsiveness and low weight also make the shoe more comfortable to wear. The midsole's thin layer of foam helps cushion landings. The laces provide a comfortably snug fit, the tongue loop prevents discomfort from folding or sliding, and the breathability keeps the foot cool, dry, and irritation-free. The mesh, heel counter and overlays provide a secure fit. The soft padding around the collar helps take pressure off the Achilles tendon and ankle, and the tongue is also padded for comfort.
      This shoe has a thin sole unit and curves upward in the forefoot where the six small spikes are located. There is an Adidas logo on either side of the midfoot as well as the back of the heel. The men's shoe comes in two colors: Mystery Blue/Satellite/Easy Green and Solar Red/White/Infrared. The women's shoe comes in four colors: White/Black/Shock Pink, White/White/Shock Pink, Black/Glow Orange/Ocean, and White/White/Green. Most testers liked the look of the shoe, but a few noted that the colors may be slightly different from what it looks like in the description photo.
      The Sprintstar has good durability. The outsole is thin but the treads and spikes can last for many races and the Pebax plate that the spikes are attached to is very durable. A couple testers noted that the spikes might be dull, but most people thought they were fine, and the shoe comes with an extra set of spikes that can replace the first set when they wear out. The midsole foam has good durability and does not wear down or fall out. The upper's mesh and overlays can also last for many races.
      The Adidas Sprintstar offers minimal protection, as it was designed for short distances and for running around tracks rather than over hills or technical terrain. The sole unit is thin so it protects against bruising while running around tracks but does not protect from feeling objects underfoot. The outsole has a Pebax plate above the spikes to protect the foot from feeling the spikes. The midsole absorbs some shock during fast races but was not designed for going downhill or over objects where more shock would be felt. The upper helps hold the heel, midfoot, and forefoot in place during certain maneuvers and protects against sliding, but does not slow over-pronation.
      This shoe has good responsiveness. The treads and spikes provide good ground feel. The Pebax plate helps create smooth transitions and returns some energy back to the wearer. The midsole's standard foam has a small amount of energy return. The upper secures the foot but also allows it to move naturally through the gait cycle, even with its low toe box. The reinforced mesh maximizes heat exchange. The light weight of the shoe also makes the movement faster and easier.
      The Sprintstar offers very little support. The sole unit is thin, with only a small piece of full-length EVA foam to support the underside of the foot. There is very little arch support and the low height of the shoe does not allow for additional insoles to be worn. The upper provides some support around the ankle and Achilles tendon, and the padding in the tongue adds some support to the top of the foot. The SPRINTWEB mesh in the forefoot, overlays in the midfoot, and heel counter adds support around the top of the foot.
      The Adidas Sprintstar was designed for track and field racing and events. It does especially well going around dirt tracks and over hurdles. Sprinters use this shoe during power runs or technical runs. It is good for sprint races between 60 meters to 400 meters.
      This shoe has an affordable price, initially costing about 30% less than the average running shoe when it was released. It is a lightweight, minimalist shoe that does not have extra padding, cushioning or stability features, but it does get nice speed and has spikes for grip while racing. Newer editions are available, so current pricing ranges from 50% off its original price to 43% more than the original price.
      The Sprintstar has great traction on dirt tracks. The replaceable spikes in the forefoot provide excellent grip, allowing the wearer to pick up speed or perform technical maneuvers during track and field events. Testers note that the spikes can be dull at times, but are easy to replace. The treads also get good traction apart from the spikes on the forefoot, with the triangles allowing grip from different angles and the pattern allowing natural movement of the foot.
      The Adidas Sprintstar has great flexibility. The outsole and midsole are thin, which allow them to bend easily as the foot pushes off and does technical sprints. The upper keeps the foot comfortable and stable but still allows natural movement throughout the gait cycle, so that the foot can push off, land, and pick up speed.
      This shoe has a low level of stability, designed for neutral runners who do not over-pronate. The treads and spikes stabilize landings during sprints and maneuvers. The midsole has only a thin layer of foam and does not stabilize the arch. The upper has a heel counter to stabilize the heel, SPRINTWEB mesh in the forefoot to stabilize during specific motions, and synthetic overlays to stabilize the midfoot during sprints. The shoe is stable enough for neutral runners to sprint without getting injured, but does not slow over-pronation.
      The Sprintstar has a low stack height with a 0mm drop. A zero drop allows for natural movement, encourages landing in the midfoot, increases strength in muscles and tendons, and improve running form over time. The thin layer of cushioning is evenly distributed throughout the foot, so it does not favor heel strikers like shoes with a standard 12mm drop. The shoe is not weighed down with extra cushioning and the toes can splay naturally. However, a zero drop can take some time to transition to, and some people have reported slight injuries during the transition process.
      Key Features
      • Synthetic overlays secure the foot in place during sprints

      • Pebax plate in outsole returns energy and improves durability

      • Reinforced mesh maximizes heat exchange

      • SPRINTWEB lightweight, breathable forefoot mesh keeps the foot in place

      • Soft collar reduces ankle and Achilles pressure

      • Designed for sprinters during power or technical runs

      • Good for up to 400 meter sprint races
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas Sprintstar is a good shoe for entry-level to experienced racers and anyone in between. It is lightweight and has excellent grip while going around tracks, sprinting and competing in events. It is comfortable to wear during short distance runs and has decent breathability and flexibility. It provides smooth transitions and good energy return. It does not have as much support or stability as other shoes because it was designed for one type of terrain and to be as lightweight as possible, so it is not the best shoe for over-pronators or people who are prone to injury. It has a great price for a running shoe, although the lower price does come with less cushioning and stability features. The style was well-liked by most reviewers, although some did not like that the colors did not always match what was shown in the photos. The spikes can sometimes be dull but are replaceable. The biggest area for improvement is fixing the narrow fit around the heel and forefoot, and this would help with some of the sizing issues experienced by some testers. Overall, the Sprintstar is a great shoe for track and field runners who want to improve their speed or form, or perform technical sprints.
      Where to Buy
      By Stephanie Potter
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