Adidas Edge Lux 2

The Adidas Edge Lux 2 was specifically designed using motion capture technology in order to create the shoe for the unique shape and needs of women’s feet.  What runners can expect is a stylish shoe that is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. The original Edge Lux was so well received by women runners that Adidas didn’t change much.  They did add some extra cushioning and increased the durability. Adidas also made some changes to the upper to make it more breathable and lighter. This is a moderately priced shoe that comes in many colors and styles. This is a shoe for the casual runner or for those looking for a reliable gym companion. The cushioning is not adequate enough to take the runner on long runs, and the traction is not suitable for off-road adventures.  However, the Edge Lux 2 is a great casual companion to run errands in or perform light workouts. Runners can expect to find a cushioned and comfortable fit in the Bounce technology used in the midsole.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Stylish
  • Specifically designed for women
  • Added cushioning
  • Breathable upper

    • Narrow through the toe box
    • Not suitable for men
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this shoe features a durable rubber that runs the length of the entire shoe. This rubber provides a good amount of protection underfoot. The rubber is thickest in the highest tread areas which adds to the overall durability of the Edge Lux 2. For a shoe that isn't designed to tackle intense runs or workouts, runners were impressed with how long the shoe lasted without needing to be replaced. The unique diamond shape provides traction on the pavement, track, or treadmill. Runners reported feeling secure with the amount of grip from the outsole, even when they were running on slippery surfaces.
      The midsole of the Edge Lux 2 is Adidas’s patented Bounce midsole material. This midsole foam provides superior cushioning and feedback as well as providing excellent shock absorption which, protects the joints from potential injury. The midsole of this shoe also features a removable insole which provides additional cushioning, wicks sweat away from the foot and reduces odor and bacteria inside the shoe. Runners commented that although the midsole doesn't provide additional stability support, the shoe easily fits an orthopedic insole.
      Runners noticed two qualities about this upper right away. The first is the superior ventilation. The shoe is designed with a mesh material, but it looks and feels woven. This translates to a soft, comfortable fit that reduces the risk of blisters or hot spots. The other quality of the upper that is instantly noticeable is the unique “saddle” design. These saddles ride along the side of the shoe and connect to the laces to provide an individualized fit to each runner. The Edge Lux 2 features a padded tongue and collar for added support and comfort. Finally, Adidas added a pull tab at the heel so that the users can easily slip the shoe on.
      One of the updates to the Edge Lux 2 is the addition of a more breathable upper material. The original Edge Lux was very well received by runners, but the key point of contention was the upper. Runners wanted the upper to be lighter and more breathable, so Adidas made the necessary changes to the newer model. The new material is highly ventilated and runners loved how breathable the shoe is. The upper material looks like a knitted material but it is actually a mesh that wicks away moisture and allows air to flow freely into the shoe.
      This is one of the more lightweight shoes on the market today. It comes in at 7.6 ounces which can be attributed to the lightweight, breathable upper and the Bounce midsole. The updates to this newer model brought the overall weight of the shoe down considerably. The newer midsole provides the runner a cushioned feeling, but it does not weight the shoe down with a dense foam. Another lightweight feature of the shoe is the outsole. It is made from a rubber, but it is relatively thin and this saves ounces in the overall design of the shoe.
      Many reviewers stated that the shoe was very comfortable. Many described it as having a sock-like feel. Runners noted the lightweight breathable upper as well as the added cushioning on the tongue and the collar of the shoe. The saddle design along the side is also attached to the laces and this makes for a unique, customizable fit. Runners liked this because it didn’t feel restrictive and provided a comfortable, adjustable fit. Additionally, the patented Bounce midsole provided excellent cushioning without adding any weight to the shoe. Runners commented that because of its high level of comfort, the Edge Lux 2, is a great all day wear shoe for individuals who are on their feet for long periods at a time.

      The Adidas Edge Lux 2 was designed specifically for a woman, and many runners liked the color and style options available in this shoe. There are many different colors offered. Pink, turquoise, white and black are just a few of the color options. Runners appreciated the look of this shoe for both the gym and as well as with their everyday wear. The shoe features a two-toned design that compliments a wide selection of styles.
      Reviewers were impressed with the durability of the Edge Lux 2. Considering that this shoe is more for casual wear than an intense athletic shoe for aggressive workouts, runners were pleased with how long the shoe lasted. The outsole is made using a full-length durable rubber that prevents any premature wear and tear. Runners also commented that due to the saddle design of the upper, this shoe kept its shape and looked newer for longer. Reviewers also stated that the Bounce midsole quite literally bounced back to its original shape.
      The rubber outsole of this shoe is designed to keep the runner safe from the harmful elements of the road. The rubber is thicker in the areas of the shoe that experience the highest tread. Additionally, the Bounce midsole protects the foot and joints by absorbing the harmful shock which helps prevent injury. The saddle design is made of a durable material that protects the upper of the foot. This helps keep the foot in place even over uneven or unpredictable terrain.
      Runners responded positively to the high level of responsiveness thanks to the springy cushioning of the Bounce midsole. The midsole is cushioned but not too dense in order to allow the shoe to be both comfortable and responsive. Reviewers appreciated the ground feel while wearing the Edge Lux 2. The high level of responsiveness is partially what makes this shoe such a good choice for cross training. In the gym, runners were able to move freely and respond to changes when necessary.
      The key support feature of this shoe can be found in the upper design. The upper features a saddle design along the sides of the shoe. These saddles connect directly to the laces and support the runner by helping to keep the foot in place. Runners found this element to be helpful with pronations support as well. The saddle design assisted the runner who mild overpronation issues.
      This shoe is designed for running on smooth running surfaces such as the road, pavement and treadmill. In addition to this, runners love this shoe for the gym as a cross trainer. Because of the excellent traction, this shoe is also great for speed work on the track. It will not provide enough traction on trails and off-road terrain. Additionally, the thinner outsole is not designed for longer runs either.
      Runners liked how affordable this shoe is. Although it is designed specifically for women and uses some of the newest technologies to ensure the fit is perfect for a woman's foot, the price is still reasonable and comes in under the average cost of road running shoes on the market today. Likewise, since this shoe works well as a cross-training shoe as well as a fashion shoe the value is basically doubled because it is like buying two shoes in one.
      This shoe receives high marks for traction for two main reasons. The first is the rubber material that is used in the outsole which keeps the foot from slipping even on slick surfaces. Runners reported that this shoe worked well even on rainy runs. The second element is the diamond shape of the underfoot. This design provides good grip on road, pavement, treadmill and track surfaces. However, this shoe lacks the aggressive lug system needed for trails and should not be taken off-road.
      Runners rated the Adidas Edge Lux 2 highly for its flexibility. The upper is made using a flexible mesh that is both breathable and lightweight. Runners reported that this material molds to the foot and provides a fit that moves with the foot and doesn’t impede the natural movement of the foot. The Bounce midsole has also been described as flexible too.
      While there are many running shoes on the market specifically designed to address the issue of over- or underpronation, the Adidas Edge Lux 2 is not one of them. This shoe is a neutral running shoe and in this case, works well for most female runners. Though this shoe is designed specifically for the unique shape of a woman’s foot - it lacks any stabilizing features that would qualify it as a stability shoe.
      This shoe has a 10-millimeter drop. This drop shouldn't be a problem for runners who are used to a traditional running shoe. Runners appreciated the cushioning in the Edge Lux 2, especially in the heel provided the extra protection and cushioning. Most runners will not have an issue with a 10mm drop as this is a pretty standard drop for running shoes.
      Key Features
      - Bounce midsole foam provides superior cushioning and shock absorption
      - Saddle design on of the upper connect to the laces to provide a customized fit
      - Diamond shape of the outsole provides solid traction and grip on the road
      - Mesh upper is breathable and keeps the foot cool and dry
      - Added padding to the collar and tongue are comfortable
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas Edge Lux 2 used motion capturing technology to ensure that the fit of the shoe is specifically designed to work with the unique shape of a woman's foot. Many reviewers appreciated how comfortable, durable and flexible the shoe was. Runners also loved the stylish color options that were offered in the design of the Edge Lux 2. The key changes that runners can expect to see in the newer model of the Edge Lux is a redesigned upper. The newer design is lighter in weight and offers more ventilation to the runner. This is a great shoe for light running, cross training, or even as a casual shoe. Runners also responded positively to the price tag of this shoe.
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