Asics 33-FA

The Asics 33-FA is a unique and innovate shoe inspired by the human foot. The shoe features soft cushioning, flexible materials all in a comfortable package. Running in the  Asics 33-FA feels natural. The shoe is constructed using FluidAxis technology and other similar quality material. What we're left with is a shoe that's aesthetically pleasing and durable. The color options are vast, providing the option to wear the shoe out casually.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • The upper is very breathable
  • Responsive ample midsole cushioning
  • ComforDry Sockliner has anti-microbial properties and wicks moisture effectively
  • The outsole is composed of FluidAxis technology helping to provide a natural ride
  • Cons
    • Numerous sizing and fit issues
    • Not a lightweight shoe
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Asics 33-FA is constructed using FluidAxis technology and AHAR+ rubber. The full-contact outsole also features flex points which enhance flexion and help to provide a more natural ride. The outsole is also made of Fluid Foam which provides an added layer of cushioning.

      The AHAR+ rubber featured in the outsole covers nearly the whole sole of the shoe. It's intended to increase the shoe's longevity. The heel area of the Asics 33-FA features an x-shaped area composed of black foam. This design helps to enhance responsiveness.
      The Asics 33-FA features a dual layer midsole construction. Inside the midsole, there are two layers of foam cushioning. The top layer is composed of soft foam while the bottom layer is a more rigid EVA foam.

      The full-length Aplifoam material is paired with Solyte cushioning to provide ample cushioning. The midsole also features an interior ComforDry Sockliner.

      The liner material has anti-microbial properties and helps to reduce the stench often produced by lingering sweat. The liner material also provides an added layer of cushioning and helps to wick away moisture from sweaty feet.

      The interior is seamless which reduces the potential for blister formation. The heel of the shoe is not angled like it is in other models. The 4mm drop provides a close to the ground running experience and promotes a more natural footstrike.
      The upper of the Asics 33-FA is very breathable. It features a light seamless mesh construction. In addition, faux-suede overlays strap in the midfoot and heel.

      There is also a toe bumper that offers protection for the wearer. The overlay material is thin and provides a good amount of flexion. The foot fits securely in the 33-FA with no resulting uncomfortable pressure points. The wide toe box provides another facet of comfort for the wearer.

      The shoe's weight ranges from 213g to 261g. The durable outsole covers a hefty portion of the sole which adds significantly to the overall weight of the shoe. Keep in mind that the tougher outsole construction means more durability.

      The Asics 33-FA is not super lightweight but the high-quality materials provide excellent ventilation. The mesh upper fits securely around the foot while ensuring the wearer is comfortable and dry.

      The ComforDry Sockliner also provides an extra layer of cushioning while wicking away moisture and helping to create a healthy, cool environment inside the shoe.

      The Asics 33-FA is constructed using high-quality materials. The ComforDry Sockliner provides a layer of cushioning and helps to provide a healthy, dry, interior environment. The shoe's design was inspired by the human foot so the shoe's fit was of the utmost importance for Asics.

      The lacing system ensures the shoe is securely attached to the foot but also offers the ability to adjust the fit. The FluidAxis outsole technology provides good flexibility. The toe box is wide enough to allow room to breathe.

      The Asics 33-FA is aesthetically pleasing. Both the construction and design were inspired by the human foot. The shoe is offered in several different color options all of which are fashionable.

      The Asics 33-FA's outsole is constructed using AHAR+ rubber which provides durability and traction. The FluidAxis technology enhances the shoe's flexibility. An increase in flexibility results in a more natural movement and reduces the wear and tear on the shoe.

      The AHAR+ rubber on the outsole is placed in areas susceptible to wear. In addition, the mesh upper features high-quality materials that are meant to last.

      The Asics 33-FA offers a decent amount of protection for the wearer. The upper is made of durable mesh and includes tough faux-suede panels. The forefoot bumper protects the wearer's toes from obstacles. The outsole is made of AHAR+ rubber and provides a good amount of traction underfoot and protection from debris.

      The midsole of the Asics 33-FA ensures a natural and responsive ride. The Solyte cushioning provides a great deal of energy-return. In addition, the x-shaped heel cut-out in the underside of the heel area enhances the shoe's ability to provide rebound.

      The Asics 33-FA's flexible outsole provides a great deal of support. Runners will feel balanced and stable when moving forward. The grippy outsole material provides traction and the midsole cushioning provides a supportive platform and attenuates shock effectively.

      The Asics 33-FA can be used on a variety of surfaces but its mainly intended as a road shoe. The shoe grips pavement easily and protects the wearer from impact with the ground.

      The upper is strong enough to handle a variety of conditions and won't tear even if you plan on running fast and far.

      The price of the Asics 33-FA ranges significantly depending on the retailer. The shoe is affordable and provides a natural, comfortable ride. The shoe is also very durable.

      The Asics 33-FA provides enough traction to handle the roads in wet or dry conditions. The AHAR+ rubber is placed in high use areas to help increase the longevity of the shoe.
      The Asics 33-FA is a very flexible shoe. The shoe's ability to flex naturally with the wearer's foot enhances comfort. The mesh upper is stretchy enough to accommodate some foot swelling. The outsole's AHAR+ rubber and FluidAxis grooves provide even more flexibility for the wearer.

      The Asics 33-FA provides a good amount of stability. The outsole easily grips surfaces underfoot keeping runners stable when moving forward. The upper fits snugly and ensures the runner does not waver when on the move.

      The Asics 33-FA features a 4mm heel to toe drop. The lower drop allows for a more natural feel. It's a comparatively low drop height compared to other similar models.

      Key Features
      • AHAR+ rubber outsole provides excellent traction
      • Solyte midsole cushioning
      • ComforDry sock liner wicks away moisture and provides an added layer of cushioning
      • Upper is seamless and thus reduces the chance for blister formation
      • Natural33 Last provides secure and comfortable fit
      Bottom Line
      The Asics 33-FA is a quality shoe that's both comfortable and responsive. The shoe is made to provide a natural running experience.

      The shoe is a great choice for road runners looking for a reliable daily trainer. The soft midsole cushioning will please a variety of runners. Some reviewers found the fit of the shoe was off, so make sure to try these on before you buy!

      Where to Buy
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