Asics DynaFlyte

Asics has been making high-quality running shoes for over 60 years. Typically durable, comfortable, and offers great protection, Asics reputation precedes it in many cases, and the DynaFlyte is one of them. While their Gel series is their most well-known and one of the best running shoe series on the market the DynaFlyte--which is designed to be a lightweight shoe that still offers effective cushioning—is a neutral shoe that has responsive cushioning and made for daily running.

With a consistent, lightweight platform that delivers full-length cushioning to the runner’s foot, the DynaFlyte’s responsive nature is appropriate for both races and daily running. Its soft, springy platform delivers comfortable landings and take-offs, while its upper unit’s flexible fabrics wrap around the foot to provide security after lace-up. The seamless interior gives the runner a sock-like feel and delivers excellent ventilation, while its antimicrobial sock liner keeps the foot safe and secure from debris and hazardous materials. Its comfortable midsole unit is made from organic fibers that provide a good deal of energy return, helping propel the runner forward with each step. The high-quality rubber compound—the standard used in most Asics shoes--of its outsole is resistant to wear and tear and provides a fair amount of traction. For Asics fans looking for their next everyday shoe, the Asics DynaFlyte could end up being their next favorite trainer.

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Pros & Cons
  • Well-cushioned midsole
  • Responsive ride that can be felt with each step
  • All-around durability, from the upper to the outsole
  • Unique design that visually stands out
  • Cons
    • Slightly pricey
    • Not as light as some would want
    • Not as breathable as it seems
    • The bold style might not be for everyone.
    • Key Features
      Asics knows what they do well, and one thing they do better than most is providing a highly durable outsole. With this in mind, Asics didn’t mess with near perfection, outfitting the DynaFlyte with their patented Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber technology, which is both durable and highly protective of the underfoot. The forefoot of the outsole features two flex grooves that help with the flexibility of the shoe, which is a must in any lightweight runner.

      The mini square pods that cover the forefoot of the outsole helps with grip and traction on the road. While not part of the gel series, there is a gel packet in the heel of the outsole that gives the runner a little extra cushioning. The outsole also features an outside crash rail that is part of the shoe’s FlyteFoam technology. This technology provides the runner with a soft landing and protects the foot during foot strike. As Asics’ slogan for the DynaFlyte states, “it makes you feel like you’re not even touching the ground.”
      The midsole is where Asics performed a radical design overhaul. Their FlyteFoam technology is one of the lightest midsole foams they’ve ever had in a line of their shoes, and Asics says that it is 55% lighter than the standard EVA foam found in most running shoes.

      Thanks to malleable fibers, the FlyteFoam bends and conforms when the foot presses on it, then springs back to its original shape as the runner moves toward toe off. As a result, the DynaFlyte has a highly responsive and cushioned midsole that will appeal to many runners.
      In addition, the Asics DynaFlyte’s midsole also features the Impact Guidance System, which enhances the runner’s ability to transition through the gait cycle with greater ease and comfort. Asics set out to design a lightweight shoe with a strong cushioning system, and that all starts in the midsole. As such, Asics certainly succeeds with their FlyteFoam technology.
      A seamless upper that has an original wavy shape that runners aren’t going to find with many running shoes. The upper is woven with a unique design that it meant to be flexible and durable. It wraps nicely around your foot but isn’t suffocating and has plenty of give to it. Its seamless design helps prevent irritation, chafing, and blisters.

      The comfort dry sock liner adds to the protection and comfort of the shoe. The ComforDry Sock Liner has been sprayed with an anti-bacterial coating that keeps your foot clean and protected. The lacing system is standard, although it does feature an extra hole at the top for a tighter fit. These shoes can be worn without socks, as the seamless upper is comfortable against the skin and protects the top of the foot.
      The shoe weighs 9.3 ounces/264 grams. Asics touts these shoes as lightweight, but really the DynaFlyte is only slightly below the average of most running shoes. This isn’t a knock on the shoe, because it’s still lightweight and it still offers good cushioning and protection to go along with the weight.
      The wavy design of the upper gives the impression that it’s a breathable trainer, and that impression is correct. This isn’t your standard shoe where you’re going to see the knot holes in the upper. Instead, the design acts almost like a camouflage as the waves blend seamlessly into the upper. Asics even markets the fact that the shoe features “discreet eyelets” as part of the upper.

      The upper neither constricts or suffocates the foot. The DynaFlyte’s sock liner also adds to the breathability as it soaks up any sweat, keeping the foot nice and dry. A few runners have said that the shoe can be a bit warm, which may be one reason why Asics suggests running without socks.
      If you’re going to tout the cushion of a shoe, it should deliver on comfort, and the Asics DynaFlyte does just that. The upper, midsole, and outsole all work together to give the foot a comfortable ride for many miles. The upper fits comfortably around the top of the foot and can be tightened via the laces or kept a little loose. But where the shoe really shines, comfort wise is in its t midsole.

      The FlyteFoam midsole is soft but not “mushy” to the point where it feels like there is no firm support. The FlyteFoam carries down to the outsole and continues to provide strong overall comfort that feels good underneath the foot. Some runners have commented that they didn’t even need a few miles to break the shoes in to start, instead of slipping them on and having it feel like they had been running in them for hours, which really speaks to the overall comfort level of the shoe. Any shoe that is designed to be worn without socks inherently suggests that comfort has really been taken into account in their construction.
      Asics offers the DynaFlyte in four different colors via their website, and none of these designs could be considered neutral. All four designs stand out, which some people have complained about, particularly since this doesn’t lend for them to be worn casually. However, runners who don’t mind a slightly louder shoe should mind.

      The Asics DynaFlyte are sleek running shoes that feature a wavy upper design and an altogether great blend. Nothing feels out of place or added on: instead, all of its elements seem perfectly balanced. Although it’d be nice to see more color choices, the ones on offer by Asics will satisfy most runners who like a little kinetic flair in their trainer.
      While Asics is promoting how the DynaFlyte is lightweight and offers great cushioning, its durability shouldn’t be overlooked. As mentioned, Asics is one of the best in the business when it comes to constructing a highly durable shoe. Thanks in large part to their High Abrasion Resistant Rubber, the outsole of the DynaFlyte is going to stand up against the toughest conditions.

      The outsole doesn’t peel or wear down quickly. The upper is flexible and durable so it’s not going to rip or tear. The midsole might not be your standard EVA and made of a light material, but it doesn’t appear that Asics has sacrificed any durability with their FlyteFoam technology. Most runners are able to get 300-350 miles out of these shoes, which is standard and even a bit above average if you are able to get to the 350 mark.
      As with any running shoe that can be worn without socks, protection is a must-- and a great amount of protection is delivered with the DynaFlyte. The High Abrasion Resistant Rubber on the outsole is some of the most protective rubber to be found on any outsole.

      The upper keeps the top of the foot well-protected and the sock liner, complete with its anti-bacterial coating, protects the foot from blisters or fungus. Where the protection really shines through is in the Asics Impact Guidance System. It’s a standard feature on most Asics shoes and what it does is guide the foot through the gait cycle. This guidance prevents any type of rolling or twisting of the foot and ankle.
      With its lightweight design, the DynaFlyte delivers on supreme responsiveness with a great amount of flexibility. There is great flexibility with the shoe, and if a shoe is built for speed, it needs to have great flexibility and a responsive push off. The DynaFlyte delivers on both accounts, with flex grooves on the outsole and midsole of the forefoot that provides the runner with a strong push off. Runners will feel the FlyteFoam spring into action after push-off and as they strike the ground, particularly if you are a heel striker. The upper flexes well during a run, and this makes all the difference on a ride.
      With an 8mm heel to toe drop, the Asics DynaFlyte is designed to support runners with neutral arches. Its midsole is very supportive and is the best for runners with neutral pronation. That means if the runner’s foot rolls outward or doesn’t roll at all between footfall and the toe off, these shoes are designed to enhance this running style. If a runner underpronates, the DynaFlyte may also be acceptable but they might not be quite as comfortable as you would hope.
      These shoes were meant for the road and they perform exceptionally well in this capacity. The outsole provides runners with a strong grip on the road. Made of High Abrasion Resistant Rubber, runners can take these shoes out on light trails and are especially good on the road. These shoes also perform well on the track.
      The Asics Dynaflyte are durable everyday running shoes for runners looking for solid traction and exceptional comfort. Of course, Asics’ reputation proceeds them in this capacity, with the brand’s well-known high-quality levels of comfort that has become synonymous with the company. As such, the DynaFlyte is not an exceptionally low-priced shoe and may surprise some casual runners with the price tag they carry. However, due to the high quality of the shoe and its long-lasting durability, the DynaFlyte could be considered an investment in an everyday running shoe that will last for many, many miles.
      With its High Abrasion Resistant Rubber, the outsole of the DynaFlyte is durable, while the flex grooves in its forefoot make it a highly flexible shoe for superior surface control. Working in conjunction with its midsole, runners will be impressed by the sturdy and reliable amount of traction the DynaFlyte provides on the road, track, and light trail.
      From its flexible upper to the flex grooves in the outsole’s forefoot, the DynaFlyte is a remarkably flexible everyday trainer that never feels too mushy, instead of providing excellent structure without ever feeling stiff.
      With its 8mm drop, the DynaFlyte is a relatively stable running shoe, however it is not specifically a stability shoe. But runners with neutral pronation will find it a sensibly stable running shoe.
      Featuring an 8mm drop, the DynaFlyte is just slightly lower than most standard running shoe drops, which shouldn’t be a factor for runners used to the standard drop. Instead, a runner may find this provides a little extra overall stability.
      Key Features
      •Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber (AHAR) is durable and keeps the foot protected

      •Solyte midsole unit is 55% lighter than standard EVA foam and still provides great cushioning

      •Impact Guidance System keeps the foot protected and enhances the gait cycle

      •ComfoDry sock liner with anti-bacterial coating keeps the foot dry and clean

      •Seamless construction of the upper that provides an irritation-free run
      Bottom Line
      Besides Brooks, Asics might be the best when it comes to designing an incredibly comfortable everyday running shoe. The Asics DynaFlyte is built for speed and comfort and it delivers on both counts. It’s relatively lightweight, very responsive, and extremely durable and well cushioned. With comfort and performance in mind, the Asics DynaFlyte could become your next favorite everyday trainer.
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      By Jeremy Lambert
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