Nike Air Max Excellerate 4

The Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 road running shoes have been classified by their users as one of the top appealing to look shoes for modern runners. We are sure that also comes from the various high-quality materials that make the Air Max Excellerate 4 very reliable for road runners. The shoes bring comfort, security, and protection to runners that want to get the best performance in races and daily running sessions. The Air Max Excellerate 4 bring has a lightweight feel to it. Along with the Air-Sole cushioning technology, they're perfect for fast runs and have a modern and stylish design. The allover mesh and the upper design let the shoes breathe as you run keeping your feet cool and dry. Was it mentioned that they have a fantastic look? Well, they come in a wide range of colors that will make you look amazing; you can use them during your runs, but also as your standard shoes if you are a person that stands for long periods of time during the day.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable and durable midsole
  • Air Max unit in the heel to keep your foot cool
  • Upper with Flywire technology
  • Breathable
  • Cons
    • Inflexible
    • Not available on the Nike Online Store
    • The lack of a protective coat around the edges of the shoe gives a feeling of leaving the toes unprotected.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Air Max Excellerate 4 is made of durable rubber enhancing its durability and traction. The dynamic outsole pattern provides good support and grip in every step. The Air Max Excellerate 4 manages to distribute the pressure evenly over the length of your foot, balancing your position and providing extra support. Flex grooves in the forefoot help the shoes to embrace the shape and natural flexibility of your feet.
      The Air Max Excellerate 4 midsole makes part of the Nike Air series that incorporate the Air Max technology. This midsole is designed to offer the maximum amount of protection from impacts, during repetitive landings; the Air Max midsole features less material in the midsole and larger-volume airbags providing the maximum cushioning while making them lighter. The midsoles from the Air Max Excellerate 4 can control the impact pressure during the striking phase making every step more comfortable and less demanding to the runner.
      The Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 running shoes come with the Flywire technology in their upper. Strategically placed filaments offer support precisely where it's required. Like cables on a suspension bridge, those Flywire filaments are attached to the outsole holding the foot in the right place. The upper of the Air Max Excellerate 4 isminimalistic which means it's light and breathable. The shoe works to ensure your feet remain cool and free from moisture no matter what weather you encounter. The shoe also offers the ability to customize its fit thanks to the Flywire technology. Additionally, the whole upper - in the mid-foot area - is directly connected to the lacing system.
      The weight of the Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 is greatly dependent on the size picked by the wearer. On average the men's version weighs 337 grams, while the women's version weighs about 289 grams. Compared to similar shoes, the Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 are fairly light and offer up a quick ride.
      Running shoes that provide more effective breathability allow your feet to stay cooler, while also wicking away sweat to ensure moisture doesn't build up. This alone helps a ton with decreasing the chance of blisters. No runner wants to run in sweat-soaked shoes. Excess moisture can aid in the creation of blisters which can greatly reduce the comfortability of a run. Whether it's hot or cold, breathability is important. The Nike Air Max Excellerate has a breathable upper made of mesh which helps to ensure your feet stay dry during a run and don't overheat when it's hot out. The upper also incorporates reinforced areas adding some extra support.
      The outsole made of rubber in the Excellerate 4 as well as the Air Max midsole technology, provide a nice bit of comfort for the wearer. The shoe offers comfort but also ensures the wearer can perform when required. The shoe is designed to deliver a secure fit and minimize the opportunity for hot spots and blisters to form. In addition, the shoe features a wide toe box which helps to boost breathability.

      The Air Max Excellerate 4 is known to be a really appealing running shoe. They come in a wide range of colors, making them match with your specific style of running gear, and also with your most comfortable and favorite jeans or sweatpants. Regardless of the color you choose, the shoes come with a visible Max Air unit in the heel for iconic cushioning and style.
      The quality components used to build the Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 ensure the shoe very durable yet still lightweight and pliable. The shoes are light so they provide a fast ride. They also offer up enough durability so the shoe can perform even when the wearer is demanding a lot. Some customers have mentioned that the material used to construct the shoe is too thin, soft and/or flexible that makes the shoe “wrinkle” in the front. However, this a problem easily fixed by choosing the right size of shoe.
      For lightweight shoes, the Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 perform good in their performance and the protection they bring to your feet. The Air Max midsole provides the best impact protection. Additionally, the cushioning helps to absorb the shock felt from impact when the foot strikes the ground, protecting the leg's tendons, joints, and muscles. The Max Air cushioning immediately returns to the original shape to protect against further impact from the following steps. As a result, athletes protect their bodies against fatigue and stress. Some customers have stated that the lack of a protective coat around the edges of the shoe, gives a feeling of having their toes unprotected.
      The various technological components used in creating the Nike Air Max Excellerate ensure that the shoe provides a smooth ride on even ground and in various weather conditions. The shoe fits almost like a glove and thus provides excellent support. Rigid support panels can be found in the shoe's midfoot. These panels, in conjunction with the shoe's FlyWire technology, enhance the shoe's responsiveness. The shoe also features a grippy rubber outsole which provides great traction. Remember that the Air Max Excellerate 4 won't provide as much energy return on non-road surfaces
      Paying attention to running mechanics is very important when purchasing a new trainer. Find out if you pronate or not so that you can pinpoint the best shoe for your needs. The Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 is a neutral trainer. This means the shoe is not suitable for overpronators. Despite this, the shoe does offer support for neutral runners seeking a fast ride on even terrain.
      The Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 road shoe works great for runs at the track, on the pavement, and on gravel laden surfaces. Even when these surfaces are wet, the shoe provides enough traction to ensure stability. The shoe also breathes well enough to keep the wearer comfortable and dry no matter the weather.

      Starting at about $80 USD, the Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 has an average price tag of about $140 USD. The shoe has now been replaced with a newer model so it's likely you can find it discounted somewhere, particularly via online retailers. You definitely get value when purchasing the Excellerate 4.
      The outsole of the Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 offers great traction provided you're tackling even surfaces. Thankfully, the shoe performs regardless of whether the surface is slick or dry. The dynamic pattern of the outsole makes sure to distribute the pressure evenly over the length of the shoe, balancing your position, providing extra support and great grip on the terrain.
      The Air Max Excellerate 4 is more inflexible than other shoes in the neutral category due to the Air Max midsole technology that consists of airbags in different parts of the shoe. With this version of the shoe, Nike reduced some of the flexibility in order to create a more protective shoe. They are still one of the lightest shoes in their category. Some users say you need a breaking-in period at first.
      The shoe's upper features Flywire technology which delivers a sock-like fit. The Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 wrapped the foot comfortably and ensures the wearer gets the support they need for fast running. The outsole of the shoe features a dynamic pattern which ensures a smooth ride on even surfaces. In addition, the midsole of the Excellerate 4 provides adaptable cushioning that works with the terrain underfoot. With improved stability comes the ability to run faster without worry.
      The Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 road running shoes are neutral shoes, it means they don't have a great drop. The drop of the shoes is only 4 mm, which makes ideal for faster runs. The shoe has great ground feel while still delivering a comfortable ride.
      Key Features
      •Flywire upper technology

      •Air Max midsole cushioning

      •Great breathability

      •Visible Max Air unit in the heel

      •Rubber outsole with traction patters for durable traction

      •Great style and bold colors
      Bottom line
      The Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 is a lightweight, neutral, road running shoe. They're sure to help you run faster times during your run. This shoe will ensure you feel stable, get good traction, and feel comfortable on the run. The shoe's pleasing look also means you can wear the shoe casually. Situated in the middle of the running shoe price scale, the Excellerate 4 is a good buy. No matter the weather, the Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 ensures your feet stay comfortable. Crappy weather conditions shouldn't stop you from enjoying your run in this shoe. Runners who prefer lighter shoes but also want cushion will probably enjoy the Excellerate 4. The Air Max Excellerate 4 will provide total liberty while running while your feet rest in a very comfortable and stylish running shoe. The sizing is on point so you should be fine getting it in your normal size. If you're unsure, head to your nearest running store in person to get properly fitted.

      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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