Asics GEL-Cumulus 17

The GEL-Cumulus comes back in its 17th presentation equipped with advanced technology to suit the users for more endurance and comfort. This model comes in an interesting combination of colors and provides the usual cushioning system to reduce heel impact through gel shock absorption. The Cumulus 17 is a modern reconstruction of the GEL series perfect for neutral runners.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable run for longer periods of time without any feet pain.
  • Attractive color combinations
  • No heel, knee or ankle issues.
  • The anti-bacterial interior design keeps the model from producing unwanted scents.
  • Cons
    • Its tight feature produces possible irritation.
    • The durability of the sole technology isn’t as great as expected
    • The model is not suitable for intense runners.
    • Key Features
      The GEL-Cumulus 17 equips its outsole with FluidRide technology featuring the latest recoil reduction systems and a lightweight approach. Its Trusstic System provides a solid shoe structure while maintaining use of lightweight components for a smoother experience. Rubber compounds are strategically placed in the outsole of the shoe to enhance the duration considerably. This exclusive high-grade system offers superior engineering made to stabilize the outsole during intense exercises while preserving an acceptable level of durability.
      The midsole contains a gel cushion system along both rearfoot and forefoot of the shoe, which reduces the impact from feet striking and diminishes recoil. This same feature helps users to adapt their feet to different surfaces while walking or running. The Impact Guidance System mimics the natural walking form with connected components which support the full foot motion. The Guidance Line provides an upright flex that distributes tension along the Guidance Line for a clean and smooth walk.
      For the upper design, the GEL-Cumulus 17 received acceptance from the APMA because of its unique approach. The upper shoe is composed of lightweight and breathable components that allow feet to keep an adequate temperature. Personalized eyeholes reduce tension caused by shoelaces, providing a better distribution of tension for shoe integrity and keeping greater comfort in the top area. The shoe includes a removable sock-liner for the ultimate level of inner comfort, also offering an extra measure of cushioning.
      Weight is one of the most remarkable features of the GEL-Cumulus 17. This model applies the latest lightweight materials and technologies that reduce ankle stress. The full weight of this model is 9.4 ounces, making it ideally light while still maintaining proper structure and functionalities. The unique weight of this model makes it one of the lighter designs released by ASICS so far.
      The advanced engineering of the GEL-Cumulus 17 consists of thin materials that allow the entry of fresh air to the inner part of the shoe. Unique eyeholes provide to the option of distributing lace pressure in order to increase breathability and comfort. ComforDry technology contributes to reducing humidity, sweat, and odors from the inner shoe, thus it offers a more breathability for the feet as well. This breathable design enhances your durability and comfort, reducing feet heat that might become annoying during hot days.
      The comfort of the shoe is ideal for the neutral runner. Depending on the activity you’re looking to use the GEL-Cumbus 17 for, you might experience different levels of comfort. For slow, consistent walks, the comfort of this model has been highly praised by both experts and regular users. The gel technologies and shock absorption techniques are suitable for casual walkers or for a steady jog. These features, along with its lightweight design, make this model a possible option for runners as well. The distributed gel and cushioning provide an extra layer of comfort as you run, whether you step on your heel or your forefoot first.
      The Cumulus 17 became a discontinued model, thus you won’t find new designs. However, users expressed their appreciation towards the already existing varied combination of colors and styles given to the shoes. The smart mixture of shades and colors provide a wide range of options for those runners who prefer good-looking equipment. The creative lines adhered to the design are used to contrast the selected color to highlight the look of the model. Despite having mostly women designs, there are some unisex combinations and unique prints for men.
      Due to the thin components of the upper shoe, durability will vary depending on the activity you use them for. For the casual runner or walker, the durability of the Cumulus 17 will present no issues. Its rubber-compound technology adds an extra layer of reinforcement to the midsole and the outsole, along with the mesh materials that maintain a solid shoe structure. However, this model isn’t suitable for intense runners or heavier activities such as rock climbing because of the fragility of the mesh design. This shoe is susceptible to deteriorate quickly while performing such activities.
      The inner shoe is considerably comfortable and protected from humidity, sweat, odors, and potential feet fungi thanks to its anti-bacterial technology and an exceptional sock line design. But once again, the lightweight materials used for the shoe structure don’t offer much resistance against intense activities and the mesh will be easily penetrated by any spiky object or surface. The smart breathability system will keep your feet safe from sun overheating, but the thin mesh will most likely leak any liquids or puddles you step on to the inner side.
      This design is properly equipped with flex technology along the forefoot and rearfoot outsole, as well as the ultimate gel technology for cushioning. The midsole is just about the perfect width, so it doesn’t stop the cushioning properties and the shock absorption functionalities from working. Some users have found points of stiffness in the shoe, but it’s a matter of personal taste. However, this model does present certain responsiveness issues due to the tightness of the inner forefoot which causes toe disturbances that lead to improper running form. If it presents this issue, loosening your laces should fix the issue.
      Despite being composed of lightweight thin materials, the shoe offers an ideal structure supported by Trusstic System with an integrated guidance line to increase the reliability of the sole and the shoe structure. Support is steady and solid in general, minor flaws may be noticed if running on the tip of your foot according to certain users. Expert reviews describe the support of this shoe as approvable, based on the multiple technologies it offers to impulse every strike. The ultimate impact regulation functionality contributes to the support of the shoe structure and provides stability throughout the full walking motion.
      Terrains are limited when it comes to this model. The bland resources of the Cumulus 17 will stop you from constantly accessing messy terrains. The capabilities of the model are restricted to solid surfaces such as roads or pavement. They are not recommended for rocky environments, but you can take them for a casual hike or two if you need to, the rubber technology will provide additional traction. Uneven terrains are improper for the cushioning systems, seeing as they need to distribute the pressure equally.
      The price might be an obstacle for some users. The GEL-Cumulus 17 costs $120.00 a pair, which might seem pricey at first look. If you take into consideration the advanced engineering and unique technology applied to offer greater endurance and comfort, the price makes it up to you. This model includes very unique patents, including ASICS´ famous shock absorption gel. However, there have been complaints about the short durability of the shoes, so it might not be worth it for the long run; it is a matter of personal opinion.

      Rubber compounds and technologies applied to the outsole provide adequate and steady traction while jogging, running and walking. It has a great grip on concrete and even wet environments; you can rely on the outsole for a steady and firm strike every time. However, once the rubber has worn out the shoe isn´t as reliable and is limited to only certain surfaces. You might want to consider this, seeing as it´s a discontinued product and you might have difficulties finding replacements for the rubber compounds. In overall performance, the shoes have a great capability of adapting to terrains with the rubber equipment. It allows users to access special terrains while maintaining a secure pace.
      Flexibility is a strong aspect of this shoe. It´s equipped with flexible technology on the outsole, midsole, forefoot, and rearfoot to provide a clean stretch where it´s needed. The thickness of the midsole isn´t an obstacle to the flexibility of this model, it upholds proper width and height to offer a flexible run. The guidance line technology contributes to the flexibility, giving the outsole a more springy approach when running. The elastic feature of the outsole separates the ribbon as it stretches, providing just the right amount of suppleness with every step.

      Flexibility might be affected by the inclination of the terrain you’re running on, so it’s advised to go for plain and even surfaces when wearing these shoes to obtain the maximum elasticity of the outsole. Inclined or declined terrains will obstruct the vertical flex, but you’ll still be able to go for it.
      This is something you can expect from the GEL-Cumulus 17. Stability feels awesome with these shoes, from the sole to the upper shoe it keeps a firm pose and supports the next step. Sprinting goes smoothly with these shoes, the cushioning gel and flexible sole allow you to maintain a perfect balance while running at full speed. On uneven surfaces, you won’t get a nice flex on the outsole, but you can still appreciate the stability provided by the shoe structure (as long as the terrain isn’t too uneven).
      The heel to toe drop keeps a solid relation, the difference in height between the heels to the forefoot is 10mm for both male models and female models, with the heel height being 23mm and the forefoot height is 13mm. This relation allows the forefoot to have a little more flex with every step, mimicking the natural motion and supporting the feet arch with comfort.
      Key Features
      • Very flexible design made of lightweight materials, supported by outsole technologies for more elasticity.

      • Anti-bacterial inner design that prevents moisture, humidity, and bad smells.

      • Patented gel design that cushions the midsole and reduces heel and toes shock.

      • FluidRide design to secure your heels from recoil and bounce backs.

      • Breathable and very comfortable mesh upper design, with personalized eyeholes to adjust laces strategically.

      • Unique style with multiple color combinations and prints available for men and women.
      Bottom Line
      The GEL-Cumulus is a great shoe overall. It provides everything that you would need to enhance your running, from flexibility and stabilization to a lightweight design and patented shock-absorption technologies. This model is suitable for almost any runner, whether you’re recreational or a competitor. Price seems high, but acceptable if you consider all the features offered by ASICS with this presentation. It keeps your feet safe from fungi and odors thanks to its anti-bacterial sock line, so you can rock them without socks. Keep in mind they are very delicate due to the mesh upper, the durability can fire back if you don’t take care of them properly.
      Where to Buy
      By Brian Price
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      Where to buy
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