ASICS Gel Quantum 360

Since 1949, ASICS has understood that athletes have a variety of needs and therefore require a variety of shoes to suit their personal taste as well as their personal style of running.  Their scientists at the Institute of Sport Science have studied the human body in motion and have developed the ASICS Gel Quantum 360 for everyday use. This shoe contains several types features which use newer technologies and more advanced types of materials, all designed to work with your feet and enhance your running experience. While each is discussed in detail below, we will give you an overview here. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the information.

First, this shoe is all about cushioning and comfort with 360 degrees of Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL cushioning. Second, the ASICS AHAR® technology provides the shoe with supreme durability. Third, the Trusstic System® enhances support. Then, the Solyte® midsole, which weighs less than the traditional EVA or SpEVA®, makes this shoe even more lightweight. In addition, the shoe's Heel Clutching System is designed to give you the absolute best fit in the back of the shoe, while the FluidFit™ technology allows for maximum fit in the upper. And finally, there is a removable ComforDry™ X-40 sockliner, that not only elevates comfort but reduces the growth of microbes in your shoe. Some of these components you can see from the outside and some you cannot.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Trusstic System® for support 
  • 360º of Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL cushioning system
  • AHAR® rubber outsole delivers supreme durability 
  • Lightweight Solyte® midsole
  • Heel Clutching System™ for best fit
  • Cons
    • Some runners report this shoe is a little heavy. 
    • Narrow upper in the midfoot section, making it slightly uncomfortable for those with a wider foot. 
    • A higher-priced running shoe
    • Key Features
      The ASICS Gel Quantum 360 features an AHAR® rubber outsole for supreme durability. AHAR® technology is a tough runner compound used in the high wear areas of the shoe. This is Asics's rubber compound which adds excellent abrasion resistance where it is the most needed and helps cut down on excessive wear. It is important to note here that each runner’s shoe wears differently depending on their style of run. Signs of wear on the inner sole are far less common than the outer sole. Innerwear often indicates that the foot is landing in a pronated state rather than supinated - meaning it is tilting outward.

      Excessive wear under the base of the big toe may indicate that the foot is twisting during toe-off. Sometimes, having too much support under the inner arch can cause the foot to land toward the outside and result in excessive lateral wear. Also, one leg is often longer than the other, resulting in increased wear on the dominant side. The ASICS AHAR® system appears to be excelling in cutting down the wear in most, if not all, of these situations. This quite possibly could be the best outer sole material ASICS scientists have designed.

      Solyte® technology makes up the midsole of the ASICS Gel Quantum 360. Designed by ASICS at the Institute of Sports Science, it is lighter than standard EVA and SpEVA®. However, the Solyte® midsole technology is lighter weight but without losing all the other properties. Some of the benefits of using this technology include more cushioning, more durability, better responsiveness, and, of course, lighter weight. These new cushioning technologies combine the necessary amounts of bounce and durability, while still remaining lighter overall weight for those longer runs. It’s responsive nature provides a supremely cushioned ride and makes it highly durable.

      ASICS shoes often use soft, form-fitting and breathable materials in the upper. This is necessary because the upper part of the shoe is designed to firmly hold your foot in place inside the shoe. The ASICS Gel Quantum 360, specifically, features light, breathable textile and synthetic film upper materials. The seamless FluidFit™ upper design consists of their multi-directional mesh material and stretchable reinforcements will adapt properly to the wearer’s foot, providing a much more customized fit. These types of materials keep your feet cool and in position. They also help to keep your feet dry in wet weather.

      Some may find the upper narrow in the midfoot, making it slightly uncomfortable for those with a wider foot. Widths are indicated as follows: Men: narrow - B; standard - D; wide - 2E; extra wide - 4E. Women: narrow - 2A; standard - B; wide - D; Extra Wide - 2E. With ASICS, women sometimes will purchase a men's shoe in order to achieve a wider fit, and men will order a women's shoe to achieve a more narrow fit. The wide variety of styles and colors allows you to do this without feeling self-conscious. Visible stretching or bulging on the outsides of the forefoot are good indicators that additional width may be needed.
      The Trusstic System® is designed to reduce the sole's weight while maintaining the overall integrity of the shoes. This technology is found in the midfoot. It links the rearfoot to the forefoot and prepares the foot for propulsion. In addition to the Trusstic System® technology, the midsole is made up of lightweight Solyte® material. This is a lightweight midsole compound when compared to the standard EVA and SpEVA. Product measurements were taken using a women's size 8, with an overall weight of 11oz. Please keep in mind that weight will likely vary some, depending on the shoe size. Some runners report feeling this shoe was a bit on the heavier side for an everyday trainer.
      The ASICS Gel Quantum 360 offers a soft breathable fabric lining for a great in-shoe feel. In addition, the ComforDry® sockliner supplies underfoot comfort, exceptional breathability, and antimicrobial technology. ComforDry® is a unique dual-layer cushioning system. It combines the support of base foam with the slow recovery of lazy foam.
      The crowning glory of this shoe is the maximum cushioning and comfort. First, the padded tongue and collar make it easy to put these on and take them off but also prevents the shoelaces from continuously rubbing on the instep of the foot. This shoe offers 360º of the forefoot and rearfoot GEL technology works well to effectively disperse shock throughout the foot and sets the foot up for a silky smooth transition from heel-strike to toe-off. The Rearfoot GEL Cushioning system is a silicone-based cushioning system which provides less shock during the heel-strike phase.

      The Forefoot GEL Cushioning system is a similar technology in the front of the Gel Quantum and reduces the stress placed on the foot during toe-off. The ComforDry® system, mentioned above, combines underfoot comfort with exceptional breathability. It also contains anti-microbial properties for a cooler, drier, healthier foot environment. These sock liners are removable, making them easy to clean and to customize. Along with the GEL® cushioning system and the ComforDry® system, the Solyte® midsole material is also designed to enhance cushioning for a comfortable ride.
      They have a pretty good selection of colors available, including women's Plum/Lightning/Pink Glow, Flash Coral/Pink Glow/Flash Yellow, Cotton Candy/Orchid/Pink Glow, and White/Lightning Snow. There are also twelve men's colors available, including Black/Onyx/Flash Yellow, Orange/Black/Onyx, White/Black/Green Gecko, and True Red/Black/White.
      The responsive nature of the Solyte® material allows for a highly cushioned run, but also makes it exceptionally durable. This material, combined with the AHAR® rubber outsole, results in supreme durability. And supreme durability means being able to run longer in the same pair of shoes.
      The ASICS GEL Quantum 360 has a lace-up closure for protection. It also features the removable ComforDry™ X-40 sockliner with antimicrobial properties for a drier, healthier environment, protecting your foot from unwanted smells and fungi.
      The Trusstic System® is discrete and runs the full length of the shoe. Not only does it offers support but also the possibility of high responsiveness with each stride. In addition, the GEL midsole allows for smooth ground contact during your run without being too “springy”.
      Asics' Heel Clutching System is essentially an exoskeletal structure that provides a more custom fit and offers improved support. These have a heel counter, which is a plastic structure built into the interior of the shoe that wraps around the heel and holds it securely in position while running. As this component is often a heavier part of a shoe, ASICS’ staff at their Sport Science Institute worked hard to create a unit which can offer that superior stability and support, while at the same time keeping the weight down as much as they possibly can. The Heel Clutching System combined with the full-length Truistic System® results in maximum support as well as a highly-responsive ride with each stride.
      While this shoe has great cushioning grip qualities for a range of surfaces, the ASICS GEL Quantum 360 is primarily designed for road conditions. However, it does not matter whether these conditions are wet or dry, you still receive the maximum amount of durability and cushioned support.
      ASICS is a multi-national cooperation that produces footwear for a multitude of different sports, generally staying in the upper levels of the price range. Throughout the years, their footwear has often ranked up there among the top performers on the market.
      The type of pronation is determined by how a runner’s foot basically rolls upon landing. Under-pronation is when the foot tends to roll outward, whereas, over-pronation is when it tends to roll inward. Neutral pronation is when there is really no rolling which occurs. Appropriately matching a shoe with the runner’s running style will do quite a bit to improve comfort, efficiency, and help a lot to reduce the chance of injury. This shoe is designed to stabilize the foot to achieve a more neutral pattern. Matching a shoe’s properties with the runner’s running style will increase comfort, running efficiency, and contribute to decreasing the risk for injury.
      Differential 10mm; Heel/Toe 21mm/11mm
      Key Features
      •Seamless FluidFit™ upper design

      •Heel Clutching System™ for increased support

      •Removable ComforDry™ X-40 sockliner

      •Lightweight Solyte® midsole

      •Durable AHAR® rubber outsole
      Bottom Line
      The ASICS Gel Quantum 360 is a running shoe with a well-balanced blend of cushioning, durability, and stability. With the lighter weight midsole compound than the traditional EVA and SpEVA®, the properties that make this shoe so durable won’t weigh down your feet. And, thanks to GEL cushioning, your body gets to put in less effort per stride, focus on propulsion, and make running less tiring and therefore reducing the chance of injury. The 6 different advanced technologies in this one shoe, combine to provide you with the tools to live up to the ASICS motto of "a healthy soul in a healthy body".
      Where to Buy
      By Nickel Thornberry
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      Where to buy
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