Asics Gel Equation 7

Asics has introduced yet another version of the Gel Equation. This seventh version of the shoe keeps the same familiar style with few updates to please loyalists. The neutral Asics Gel Equation 7 offers generous cushioning and a good deal of underfoot support. The Gel Equation 7 is available in wider widths for all. The shoe's upper is composed of a well-ventilated mesh upper and wraps snugly around the foot. The shoe is geared towards those who tend to run less during a typical week. The Gel Equation 7 works well as a daily trainer and would be perfect for new runners. It's a versatile shoe that can easily transition from a run to a gym setting. This makes it a good option for those just starting out who are less likely to want to spend a lot of money on a shoe.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable cushioning and fit
  • Supportive
  • Versatile¬†
  • Affordable price point
  • Cons
    • Durability concerns
    • Fit issues (recommend going up a half size)
    • Key Features
      The Asics Gel Equation 7's outsole is composed of stiff rubber. The tough rubber material ensures that the shoe's outsole stays in one piece even with regular use. The rubber found in the outsole is AHAR rubber, also known as Asics High Abrasion Resistant rubber. This material also helps with shock attenuation. In the rearfoot of the Gel Equation 7, there's Gel Cushioning which helps to pad the wearer's ride and help tone down the forces of impact.

      Another aspect of the shoe's outsole is the various Flex Grooves. These have been featured in previous versions of the shoe and in the Gel Equation 7, they provide the same flexibility required for a natural feeling toe off motion.
      The neutral cushioned Asics Gel Equation 7 offers a minimal amount of support for biomechanically efficient wearers. The midsole contains Ethylene vinyl acetate for the shoe's cushioning material. The full-length cushioning helps soften impact and enhances the shoe's overall comfortability.

      The midsole also contains the Trusstic System. This feature ensures that the shoe is structurally sound, provides some midfoot arch support for the wearer, all while ensuring there is no added weight.
      The Asics Gel Equation 7's upper is made of mesh material. It's the normal mesh seen in most Asics brand shoes. The mesh ensures proper ventilation for runs in various types of temperatures. The upper offers some flexibility to ensure the wearer is comfortable.

      Overlays found on the upper ensure the wearer is properly secured inside the shoe. In addition, the lacing system allows for adjustment of the upper to get the best fit possible. The shoe also features a roomy toe box, which was appreciated by most wearers. Also placed on the upper are 3M Reflective materials which help runners be seen even when it's dark outside.

      Runners were pleased with the comfort of the shoe but some complained that the upper fit a bit too snugly. It's probably a good idea to try a half size larger to ensure a proper fit.
      The men's version of the Asics Gel Equation 7 weighs about 10.4 ounces and the women's version weighs about 8.6 ounces. The shoe's Trusstic System ensures the shoe is structurally sound without adding on weight. The Gel Equation 7 is not the lightest neutral shoe available but wearers were pleased with the shoe overall and did not feel it was too bulky. A mid-weight shoe is a decent option for runners just starting out.
      The upper of the Asics Gel Equation 7 is covered in breathable mesh. The mesh material ensures the shoe can ventilate properly and keep the wearer's foot cool. Some runners felt the upper was uncomfortably tight and found this negatively impacted the shoe's breathability. Runners who are prone to sweaty feet might need to choose a larger sized shoe to get the best air circulation. If a shoe wraps around the foot too tightly it can warm up quickly and definitely ruin a run. When moisture builds up inside a shoe there's also a greater chance for blisters to form.

      Thankfully, the Gel Equation 7 features a breathable interior sock liner. It effectively keeps the inner environment dry so you don't have to run in a sweat-soaked shoe. It's also removable so you can stick in an orthotic if you so desire.
      Most reviewers found the Asics Gel Equation 7 just as comfortable as its predecessor. The midsole cushioning provides a nice padded platform in addition to offering mild support. The heel's Gel cushioning material also adds an extra amount of comfort and softens the impact of each footfall. The inner sock liner adds a nice extra layer of padding for the wearer but is easily removable in case an orthotic needs to be inserted
      The Asics Gel Equation 7 is a nice looking shoe. The Equation 7 is offered in various attractive colorways. The men's version of the shoe comes in more muted options like red/grey but there's also a flashier black/neon green option. For women, the shoe comes in a trendy pink/orange color or a pink/purple combo. The use of color in the Equation 7 adds some personality to an otherwise bland looking shoe. Some of the color options feature a dark grey mesh, which is perfect for runners who tend to dirty their shoes on a regular basis.
      The Asics Gel Equation 7's outsole is made of AHAR. This tough rubber material covers the sole and protects it from regular use. It's surprising then, that several runners commented on the lack of durability of the Gel Equation 7.

      Runners had issues with the outsole peeling away from the midsole quite early on in their training. The lugs on the bottom of the shoe seem to wear down quite easily. The rubber on the lugs would peel off easily after just a short time.

      Let's remember that the shoe is geared towards lower mileage runners, even beginners. Another reason for this quick wear might be due to the fact that many reviewers used the shoe for activities other than running. So many runners enjoyed the comfort of the shoe that they would wear it outside of training. This may be the reason for the poor durability comments.
      The outsole of the Asics Gel Equation 7 is made of AHAR rubber and is meant to protect the shoe from degrading over time. Unfortunately, reviewers found the outsole wore down quickly during training.

      Thankfully, the midsole materials of the Gel Equation 7 do a better job in terms of protection. The heel of the shoe contains Gel Cushioning and absorbs the shock quite well.

      The upper also acts to protect the wearer's foot from getting too hot. The upper also features various overlays which help to enhance the shoe's stability. Finally, the reflective 3M material featured on the upper ensures that runners are safe out on the road when the sun goes down.
      The Trusstic System helps to make the Asics Gel Equation 7 a responsive shoe. This component of the shoe acts similarly to the anatomy of the foot and helps to propel runners forward. In the heel of the shoe, the Gel Cushioning also offers up a bit of rebound for the wearer. The shoe's midsole cushion is equally energy-efficient.

      To be sure, there are many shoes in the neutral category that offer far better responsiveness but the Gel Equation 7 still provides some energy-return, though it's dampened by the stiff outsole.
      As a neutral shoe, the Asics Gel Equation 7 only offers mild support. It's a shoe meant for those who do not overpronate. Still, the shoe does offer some support. The Trusstic System keeps the shoe from twisting too much and ensures the wearer's arch is supported. In addition, the shoe's midsole material offers a supportive platform for the wearer. The upper's overlays also help in terms of support by allowing for easy adjustment of the upper's fit. The rigid outsole also acts to support the wearer.
      The Asics Gel Equation 7 is outfitted with AHAR rubber in its outsole. The stiff outsole keeps runners steady as they move forward. The shoe is not meant to be used off-road, though. The flat lugs perform poorly on uneven, muddy surfaces. The shoe just can't grip that well when it's off-road.
      The price of the Asics Gel Equation 7 has been reduced slightly. It sits at an affordable price point, just under $100. Since it's an older model, it's likely you'll find it heavily discounted. The Gel Equation is a well-padded shoe, mildly supportive shoe. Unfortunately, there are many reports of durability issues. It's an aspect that greatly affects the purchasing decision of runners. For those looking to run high-mileage or use the shoe for other activities than running, the shoe may not offer enough value overall.
      The outsole of the Asics Gel Equation 7 is outfitted with AHAR rubber. The rubber grips well, even when the ground is slick. In the winter, the shoe may benefit from the addition of traction accessories because the flat lugs just can't perform on icy surfaces. The Gel Equation 7 is really just meant for road running. While the shoe can be used for cross-training activities, it's important to realize that the outsole just isn't aggressive enough to handle off-road running.

      The Asics Gel Equation 7's rigid outsole results in a shoe with poor overall flexibility. The AHAR rubber is stiff and poorly affects the pliability of the shoe. The shoe remains stiff, even with the addition of Flex Grooves in its sole.

      The forefoot grooves do help to enhance the feel of the toe-off for wearers and the Trusstic System ensures there is some degree of flexibility. The upper also has some give which helps keep the fit of the shoe comfortable.

      As a neutral trainer, the Asics Gel Equation 7 still manages to offer some stability. The main vehicle for stability is the Trusstic System which ensures the shoe is structurally sound and provides adequate arch support. In addition, the Ethylene vinyl acetate cushioning in the midsole ensures runners are moving atop a stable platform. Overall, neutral runners will find they can get a firm, stable ride in the Gel Equation 7. The full-length midsole cushion made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate also provides a stale base. The Gel Equation 7 also has good arch support in the midfoot area. Runners will feel stable and secure thanks to the snug, adjustable fit of the Equation 7.
      The drop in the Asics Gel Equation 7 is about 10mm. It's a drop that's seen in many Asics brand shoes. Most wearers had nothing negative to say about the shoe's drop. The well-padded Gel Cushion heel raises the wearer a little higher off the ground and likely promotes a heel-strike. Wearers were pleased with the padded heel's shock absorption and found it made the shoe even more comfortable.

      Key Features
    • AHAR rubber featured in the outsole

    • Flex grooves in the outsole

    • Trusstic System in the midsole

    • Gel Cushioning in the heel

    • Full-length ethylene vinyl acetate midsole cushion

    • Breathable mesh upper

    • 3M reflective material in the upper

    • Bottom Line
      The neutral Asics Gel Equation 7 trainer is a mildly supportive, and comfortable shoe. It's perfect for runners just starting out who want a shoe that can get them to their first race start line. Some runners might find the fit a bit too tight but the shoe is offered in wide widths and going up a half size can easily solve that problem. Head to your local running shop to get fitted to make sure you're wearing the right size.

      Keep in mind that the Gel Equation 7 is plagued with durability issues. This is not a good shoe for runners training for marathons or other similar long-distance runs. The shoe just doesn't hold up under high-mileage.

      However, if you're a new runner and want to train for a 5K, the shoe should get you through training without any issues.
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