Asics Amplica

The Asics Amplica is a durable road running sneaker designed to carry you over miles of road without wearing down. The AmpliFoam midsole will give you a firmly-cushioned response as you feel propelled forward through each mile. The Asics High Abrasion Rubber will help you improve your time as it pushes you forward with its durable design. In addition, the breathable seamless mesh upper delivers a design that will help your feet not only breathe but will give you the option to wear these great-looking sneakers with or without socks. Included in the sneaker is a cushioned EVA insole to add even more comfort and support. When all is said and done, these sneakers boast enough features to make them great training road running sneakers at an extremely affordable price tag. Although they may not offer the most advanced running options and they may look a little monochromatic, they are an excellent option for someone looking for a dependable running shoe. They may not be the most technologically advanced sneakers, but they will definitely deliver a great running experience for the average neutral runner. 

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight breathable seamless mesh upper
  • Full-length AmpliFoam midsole delivers cushion and response 
  • AHAR outsole offers durability and response
  • Synthetic overlays offer a better more supportive fit
  • Affordable for almost any budget
  • Available in a number of colorways
  • Cons
    • Many consumers say these sneakers run narrow
    • Some say the synthetic overlays separate easily 
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Asics Amplica offers some great protection, response, and durability. Asics uses their AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) to cover the contact points of the heel and forefoot areas. This highly durable rubber is extremely resistant to abrasion so it will help these shoes stay in decent shape and the midsole will be protected from fast deterioration. This AHAR rubber can be found on the outsole of the shoe in the black sections. These areas of the outsole, along with the midfoot area, all have textured low-profile pads that will aid in gaining traction and response. At the forefoot of the sneaker, you will find several flex grooves between these pads that are designed to help the sneaker bend with your foot and deliver a smooth transition from touch-down to toe-off.
      Making up the full-length of this shoe’s midsole is Asics’ technologically advanced material called AmpliFoam. This lightweight and cushiony foam material is engineered to provide an exceptional natural-running platform. It is unique because it is both soft and resilient. Unlike other shoe’s firmer foam midsoles, AmpliFoam is soft yet supportive enough to deliver a responsive ride and will help to propel you forward with each step. Not only is the AmpliFoam there to keep your foot comfortable, but Asics also threw in a lightweight EVA sockliner to deliver even more comfort and underfoot support. All in all, this midsole is extremely supportive and flexible for neutral foot-types.
      The Asics Amplica boasts a lightweight and comfortable upper. The seamless design is made up of engineered mesh with synthetic supportive overlays. This lightweight material delivers a breathable and irritation-free feel while the midfoot synthetic overlays lock the shoe tightly to your foot and keep you secure inside your sneakers. The inside of the sneaker features a soft and breathable fabric lining, which will enable you to wear these shoes with or without socks comfortably. The shoe also boasts a padded tongue and collar to help keep the top and heel of your foot comfortable and protected from hot spots. Semi-flat laces run through the synthetic overlaid eyelets and lock into the sneaker with the help of a lace anchor at the middle of the tongue.
      Because these sneakers are engineered using mainly lightweight materials, they are pretty light on the feet. The men's weigh in around 10 ounces while the women’s is around 6.8 ounces.
      The seamless engineered mesh that makes up the majority of this sneaker’s upper is very breathable in nature, even with the synthetic overlays going over the midfoot and front of the shoe. The soft fabric lining not only delivers a comfortable in-shoe experience, but it is also a breathable material. These two fabrics making up the upper allow for excellent airflow into and out of the foot chamber. This is an excellent feature in a road-running training sneaker because you may be in these sneakers for a great amount of time and you do not want your feet to get too sweaty since this may result in blistering.
      Many consumers who have worn the Asics Amplica have marveled at their comfort level. The AmpliFoam midsole and soft inner lining of the shoes' upper deliver great levels of soft and supportive comfort. This lining enables wearers the option to choose whether or not to wear socks with the sneakers comfortably without worrying about hot spots or blisters. The seamless mesh upper will help the sneaker wrap around your foot comfortably without too much constriction. Along with these comfort features, Asics also installed a cushioned EVA sock liner for even more cushioned comfort. However, it should be noted that a number of users said the sneaker felt narrow and this particular model is not available in wide width.
      The design of the Asics Amplica is pretty subtle and uncluttered in comparison to many other running shoes on the market. Most of the seamless upper and synthetic overlays are monochromatic and there are no real bright pops of color which, of course, is not necessarily a bad thing although a couple colorways are a little brighter. Both of the men’s and women’s models do come in an array of colorways so it’s not like you just have black or white to choose from. The sleek and subtle design of this sneaker will allow you to wear them with almost anything easily. They are low-profile and look great on the feet.
      Thanks to the Asics High Abrasion Rubber (or AHAR) on the shoe’s outsole, these sneakers are pretty durable when it comes to putting mileage on them. This rubber not only protects the outsole from wearing down easily, but it also prevents the midsole from wrinkling and sagging prematurely. The upper is made of a seamless mesh with synthetic overlays so not super-durable in terms of materials but should withstand a large number of runs before fatigue. It should be noted that some users said that the synthetic overlays started to separate from the mesh after a while.
      The AHAR rubber on the shoe’s forefoot and heel portions of the outsole will protect the sneaker from premature wear and tear and will help keep your feet from getting injured on the road. This rubber works in conjunction with the semi-firm AmpliFoam to protect your feet and joints from the jarring motions of running. Since these sneakers are designed to carry you over miles of training runs on the road, they are engineered to protect your feet in this particular environment. They don’t have a lot of support or protection in terms of ankle and arch support so if you have feet issues or want to go off-road, you may want to consider a different pair of sneakers.
      The AmpliFoam midsole is the part of this sneaker that will deliver the most response when it comes to road running. This full-length midsole is made of a foam that is designed to deliver comfort and speed in the heel to toe transitions. AmpliFoam will also help to alleviate some of the shock to your joints that running naturally produces. The AHAR rubber on the outsole of this sneaker will also help to propel you forward. These two features combined will help deliver a comfortable and up-tempo run, especially on the road.
      These sneakers offer lightweight support through the seamless mesh upper. The synthetic overlays on the midfoot provide some support by cradling the foot and keeping it snug within the shoe. The arch support delivered in this shoe is best for those with a neutral foot. If you have high arches or flat feet, you may want to look elsewhere. These sneakers are designed to be used on the road for short to longer training runs and offer enough support for this purpose but are not loaded with a lot of technologically advanced supportive features.
      The Asics Amplica sneaker is specifically designed to tackle the road or other hard surfaces. The Asics High Abrasion Rubber is engineered to protect the shoe from the abrasion that naturally occurs when running on surfaces such as asphalt, sidewalks, or even the treadmill. The textured pattern of the rubber pods is best suited for these kinds of surfaces, not so much for trail running. You may be able to use them on well-groomed trails but they are designed mainly for use on the open road.
      One of the great things about this road-running sneaker is the price. Many consumers have commented on how affordable they are. Depending on which colorway you choose and where you buy them, you can get them for anywhere from $40-$70.
      Because the Asics Amplica is not a trail-running sneaker, it does not boast an aggressive lug system for trail running. However, the rubber pods on the outsole are textured and designed to deliver traction in wet or dry conditions. The AHAR placed on the forefoot and heel is grippy and aids in the sneaker’s traction.
      The outsole of the Asics Amplica is equipped with flex grooves in between the rubber pads to help the sneaker better flex and move with your foot. As you touch down and take off, your foot naturally bends and flexes and these shoes will not be a hindrance to your foot’s natural flexing movements. The midsole is made up of AmpliFoam which is supportive, responsive, and flexible. Although it may not be as flexible as some other midsole materials, it does help the sneaker to bend and flex in conjunction with the flexible outsole.
      This sneaker is not technically designed to be a stability running shoe so it does not boast many stability features. The synthetic overlays at the midfoot will help keep your foot relatively stable. The padded heel cup will hug your heel and will help keep your heel snug within the sneaker. Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot of other stability features.
      This sneaker boasts an 8mm drop from heel to toe. This is a fairly neutral drop and is ideal for neutral runners. You will not feel too high off the ground in the Amplica nor will you get a ton of ground feel.
      Key Features
      -High energizing cushioning provided through the full-length AmpliFoam midsole
      -Seamless construction of the mesh upper allows for irritation-free wear
      -Asics High Abrasion Rubber on the outsole makes these sneakers durable and less susceptible to premature wear and tear
      -Additional cushioning and support delivered through the cushioned EVA sock liner
      -Soft, breathable inner lining of the sneaker gives you the ability to wear these sneakers with or without socks comfortably
      -Very breathable mesh upper allows for optimal airflow through the foot chamber
      Bottom Line
      In the end, the Asics Amplica is a decent road running training sneaker ideally suited for the neutral runner. It has a lot of excellent features that make it a good value considering it is a name brand shoe at such an affordable price point. It is lightweight, breathable, responsive, durable, and offers a fair level of support. With that said, it is not the most technically advanced shoe out there meaning it does not boast a lot of technologically advanced options many running shoes on the market do today. These shoes are perfect for either the everyday runner on a budget or someone looking for a low-cost option for a training sneaker. It looks great, performs well for the neutral runner, and is affordable. If these features are enough for you and what you are looking for in a neutral road running sneaker, then these are a great investment for you.
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