Asics Gel Craze TR 4

The latest in a line of efficient cross-training shoes, the Asics Gel Craze TR 4 has become a go-to piece of footwear for many types of workouts. From CrossFit and weight-lifting to aerobics and basic gym sessions, every part of this model ensures a secure and supportive wear that carries the runner through a number of intense movements. The AHAR material fixed to its outsole provides durability and incredible traction for longer lasting security. Its FluidRide midsole combines two of Asics' best technologies to give the wearer a great deal of responsive cushioning. And its upper is constructed of open mesh and synthetic materials for equal parts stability and breathability. Despite all of these upsides, there are still several areas where this shoe could improve greatly. Reviewers have pointed out that this model doesn't have enough cushioning for long distance runs, and that it fits much smaller than average.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons

-Breathable comfort

-Incredibly versatile wear

-Lightweight yet supportive

-Very strong traction

-Affordable price tag


-Does not fit true to size

-Insufficient cushioning

-Lacks durability

Key Features
Asics High Abrasion Rubber, or AHAR, is one of the brand's most prolific technologies. It's placed on high-impact areas of the Gel Craze TR 4's outsole to increase its level of durability and protection against rough surfaces. It also adds greatly to the level of traction that it provides the runner. Flex grooves are also carved across the forefoot and heel, as well as down the length of the foot, to encourage a more natural gait cycle and allow the runner more overall freedom of movement.
The Gel Craze TR 4's midsole unit features three of the brand's signature cushioning technologies. Its FluidRide technology is actually a twin-layer structure that includes Solyte and SpEVA materials. Solyte provides lightweight cushioning and shock-absorption, while SpEVA enhances energy return to give the runner an added bounce with each step. Ever-present Rearfoot Gel technology is sent into the back of this unit for even greater shock absorption during the landing phase of the gait cycle. Those who cross-train or take up weight-lifting say that they feel completely supported during their workouts. Despite all of this, several reviewers say that it's still insufficient for everyday use.
Open mesh serves as the primary material for the Gel Craze TR 4's upper, aided by synthetic overlays on the toes and around the lacing system. The midfoot section is supported by a stitched-on saddle, which wraps around the heel and features the last two holes of the lacing system to increase stability. A fabric cage makes up two of the loops that form the lacing system and is fixed underneath the open mesh, as seen through the material's numerous air holes. Aside from increasing structure, it also ensures a more secure wear by permitting the runner to tighten and loosen their fit as it best suits them.
Though it's not exactly fit for racing or other speed-based competitions, the Gel Craze TR 4 still weighs significantly less than the typical running shoe. Men's sizes average out at just below 10 oz, while women's round out at 7.6 oz. Reviews across most online platforms seem to indicate that this exact feature is what allows this model to be so incredibly versatile. Weight-trainers, CrossFit enthusiasts, and even casual runners are known to have benefited greatly from its lightweight yet supportive wear, as it doesn't impede on any of their movements.
The greatest upside to the Gel Craze TR 4's open mesh upper is its high level of breathability. Its multiple air holes are clearly visible, with much of them being covered only by synthetic overlays and the midfoot saddle. This enables the forefoot, where hotspots typically form, to receive the highest amount of ventilation. Frequent gym-goers are especially pleased with this quality, as it enables them to feel cooler and dryer as they workout. It also reduces the likelihood of foot odor and potential infections that would be caused by excessive sweating.
Many consumers find the Gel Craze TR 4 to be very easy to wear and move around in, making it an ideal choice for different types of workouts. Most find its underfoot cushioning to be very comfortable, at least initially. And its open mesh and synthetic upper provides a great deal of ventilation, keeping the wearer cool and dry as they're at the gym. After some time, however, a large number of reviewers have stated that the cushioning unit is not sufficient enough for everyday wear or a long distance run. Furthermore, most buyers have expressed some frustration that this model fits much smaller than average, recommending that others go up at least half a size.
Though it may not always feel comfortable, many reviewers do enjoy the look of the Gel Craze TR 4's close-fitting design. Its sporty yet minimalistic style fits in well at any athletic center or casual environment. Both men and women have also praised its color options, as they allow this shoe to pair up perfectly with a number of different looks. Most of these colorways consist of black or grey with an eye-catching accent color such as purple, red, or mint green. A few shades of blue are also available for both sizing ranges.
According to several online reviews, one of the Gel Craze TR 4's biggest downsides is its considerable lack of durability. After wearing this model only a few times, a large number of buyers have noticed this shoe starting to come apart in different areas. For some, the cushioning unit would flatten out and become less effective. For others, the stitching came undone or the sole unit started to separate or even rip off completely.
The Gel Craze TR 4 can efficiently protect against the most common indoor training hazards. Its durable AHAR outsole is textured to increase its level of traction, allowing the wearer greater security as they move through high-intensity workouts. The midsole unit provides shock absorption and energy transfer, which reduces the level of pain and fatigue in the foot and joints. Its close-fitting upper and stitched-on saddle keep the foot in place as the open mesh material eliminates hotspots to reduce odor and infections caused by excessive sweating.
There isn’t enough online information that details how responsive the Gel Craze TR 4 is. But this can be determined somewhat by reading product descriptions and reviews. Its FluidRide midsole technology is a dual-layer unit that features Solyte and SpEVA materials. Solyte is a lightweight unit that cushions and provides shock absorption, while SpEVA increases durability and strengths the shoe’s rebound properties. The inclusion of Rearfoot Gel cushioning increases the amount of overall shock absorption provided. Those who wear this model for fitness training or even casual workouts are satisfied with how this unit performs, saying that it makes their time in the gym much easier. On the other hand, many say that it’s still not responsive enough to be worn all day.
Most who purchase the Gel Craze TR 4 do find it to be supportive enough for working out. Its FluidRide midsole technology combines lightweight and cushiony Solyte with durable and responsive SpEVA to keep the foot cushioned for hours on end. The upper’s close-fitting construction keeps the top of the foot secure and supported, while the shoe’s stitched-in saddle and lacing system pay special attention to the midfoot area. However, problems are known to develop as this shoe is worn more regularly. Reviewers have noticed that the cushioning unit will start to sag over time, making it less effective. Others say that it simply isn’t enough for long distance runs, even before it breaks down.
The Gel Craze TR 4 was specifically designed to be a workout shoe, performing best at indoor athletic centers. Reviewers claim to have used these for everything from weight-training and CrossFit to high school physical education classes. However, its utilization of AHAR for the outsole does allow it to be useful for runs on concrete and cement. And its open mesh and synthetic upper makes it a great selection for hot summertime weather. All of this said, its lack of sufficient cushioning does make it poorly equipped for trailing and long distance runs. Furthermore, its upper’s lack of water repellency can’t protect the runner against sudden rain or splashes.
Despite all of the advanced technology that it features, the Gel Craze TR 4 is still set at a very affordable price. On retail websites such as Eastbay, Zappos, and even the Asics' site, this model is available for just $85. Even when compared to similar models sold by the same brand, this cost is noticeably low. And considering the shoe's level of comfort, responsiveness, and versatility, it's no surprise that buyers consider it to be an incredible bargain. Of course, it should be mentioned that some reviewers believe that this low price could be a reflection of its inconsistent durability.
Aside from increasing the durability of its outsole, the brand’s trademarked AHAR material also enhances the Gel Craze TR 4’s level of traction. All of its sections along the forefoot and heel are textured to keep the wearer moving along steadily as they go through a series of intense workouts. Crossfit enthusiasts feel completely secure as they work through their routines, and weightlifters say that they feel firmly connected to the ground below. Though it also provides an incredibly strong grip on all types of road surfaces, there is no information that indicates how well it can perform on wet ground.
Most who wear the Gel Craze TR 4 find it extremely easy to move around in, hence why it’s become a go-to workout shoe. The inclusion of flex grooves along its outsole unit enables the runner to move more freely. The FluidRide technology that makes up its midsole is both lightweight and pliable, thanks to the combination of Solyte and SpEVA. And the use of open mesh and synthetic overlays for the upper provides the runner with a glove-like fit that easily adapts to their different routines. Of course, this quality is only effective when the runner is wearing their correct fit. Because this model fits much smaller than average, many reviewers state that they feel uncomfortable and restricted even after the initial break-in period.
As a workout shoe, the Gel Craze TR 4 is required to have some level of stability in order to keep the foot from accidentally slipping out. The AHAR material featured on key sections of its outsole ensures that the runner's movements will be perfectly secure throughout high-intensity training. Though its upper’s close-fitting silhouette already supports the top of the foot, its lacing system is greatly improved by the addition of synthetic overlays, a fabric cage, and a stitched-on saddle that wraps around the heel. And the shoe’s padded tongue and collar perform the dual task of supporting the ankle and preventing the foot from sliding out.
The Gel Craze TR 4 features a heel-to-toe drop height of 10mm, which is the standard height when it comes to running shoes. Most shoe designers go with this particular height, as it provides the runner with an ample amount of heel cushioning without impeding on the foot's natural movements. This does mean, however, that those who prefer a low or zero drop platform for a greater sense of balance will have to look elsewhere.
Key Features
-Durable AHAR outsole with flex grooves
-FluidRide midsole for responsive cushioning
-Rearfoot Gel technology absorbs shock
-Open mesh and synthetic upper
-Stitched-on midfoot saddle
-Affordable $85 price tag
Bottom Line
Those who cross-train, weight-lift, or partake in any sort of intense fitness regime will definitely get a lot of use out of the Asics Gel Craze TR 4. Its durable outsole provides reliable traction that safely carries the wearer through their routines, while its midsole gives the ideal amount of cushioning to support and protect against impact. And its mesh and synthetic upper keeps the foot nice and cool during workouts and hot weather. This shoe isn’t without its downsides, however, as its level of cushioning is still not enough for everyday wear. And, according to many reviewers, its overall durability could be improved as well. That said, those who are happy with this model are thrilled with the use they get out of it.
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