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You will have a hard time finding a more trusted brand than Asics when it comes to running shoes. Asics has a wide range of shoes from the true minimalist to the all-terrain trail shoe.  Asics consistently provides runners with great products, and the Asics Gel Excel 33 is no exception. In the Gel Excel 33, runners will get quality, comfort, and flexibility in a lightweight pseudo-minimalist racing shoe. You will find the perfect combination of new technology and the tried and true quality of the brand you love in this shoe.

The overwhelming majority of reviews for the Gel Excel 33 are positive. Runners appreciate that the Gel Excel 33 was able to provide cushioning without sacrificing flexibility or responsiveness. This shoe is ideal for shorter races and speed work. The Gel Excel 33 is a great shoe for runners putting in fewer than 35 miles a week. This shoe is a great cross-trainer too. The Asics Gel Excel 33 can take you from the track to the elliptical to the cross-training class at the gym in perfect comfort and flexibility.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber)
  • Breathable material 
  • Comfort Dry Sock technology
  • FluidRide technology
  • Heel Clutching System
  • Fun colors and styles available
  • Cons
    • The upper material is thin
    • Not ideal for long runs
    • Key Features
      The outsole on the Asics Gel Excel 33 is made of Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR). This provides exceptional durability. This high-quality carbon rubber gives your foot protection and traction on the pavement and the track. FluidAxis provides deep grooves in the outsole that promote a natural movement and increased flexibility. FluidAxis technology also enables the shoe to be more adaptive and responsive to the runner’s movements.
      Runners found that the Gel Cushioning System in of the midsole absorbs the shock and adjusts depending on the runner. The midsole of the Asics Gel Excel 33 is thin but still provides maximum cushioning. Asics patented FluidRide technology enables the shoe to be both lightweight and be extremely effective at absorbing impact. If you are a runner who struggles with injury and pain, this might be a great shoe for you. Runners reported less back and knee pain while running in the Asics Gel Excel 33.
      When reviewing the Asics Gel Excel 33, Runners found the breathable material of the upper to be comfortable and supportive. The cloth-like material is a more durable mesh that allows your feet to breathe, keeping them cool even on warm runs.

      The Heel Clutch System gives the runner a secure fit that cuts down on unwanted movement. This greatly lowers the risk of blisters! The material is a combination of plastic and foam which keeps the foot secure without sacrificing comfort.
      The Asics Gel Excel 33 is considered a ‘lightweight’ shoe even though the men’s version weighs in at 10.7 ounces and the women’s shoe weighs in at 9 ounces even. Please keep in mind that this average weight (based on the size). Many runners reported that the shoe felt fast and was the perfect fit for speed work. One runner noted, “Initially I liked its light weight”.
      Breathability is an area where the Asics Gel Excel 33 really shines. The upper material is made up of a vented mesh material. This helps keep the foot cool and dry and even gives you the benefit of a more sanitary running experience. The lightness of the material allows for healthy air flow which will cut down on the risk of blisters. One runner even noted, “My feet feel fresh even after very long efforts.” The ComfortDry Sock liner is an excellent addition that manages the moisture level and helps eliminate bacteria from growing in your shoe.
      A standout quality of the Asics shoe brand is their comfort, and this shoe is no different. From the mesh material of the upper to the added cushion of the shoe’s tongue, the Asics Gel Excel is a comfort machine. The Asics Gel Excel 33 comes with removable OrthoLite insoles that maximize comfort. While runners reported that the shoe definitely falls into the minimalist category, the cushioning and comfort of the shoe were highly regarded among customers. Not a single runner was able to identify a specific element of the shoe that they could label, “uncomfortable”!
      Expect the same signature design on the Asics Gel Excel 33 that you can find on all your Asics shoes. While the Asics Gel Excel 33 won’t be the flashiest shoe on the road, you can find the 33’s in a variety of color patterns including a combination of royal, white, and flash orange for men and storm, lighting, and neon purple for the ladies. Many customers commented that they love to wear these shoes out and about to run errands because of their comfort and their stylish exterior.
      The outsole and midsole of the shoe are extremely durable, but the upper downgrades the Asics Gel Excel 33 in the overall durability category. The outsole is made of durable rubber that can hold up to some of the toughest terrains. Adding to the shoe’s durability is the FluidRide technology found in the midsole. This material does not easily break down, allowing this shoe to rack up miles before needing to be replaced. The downfall is in the mesh upper. While the mesh material of the upper is breathable and helps keep your feet cool and dry, it is also less durable than other materials. One of the only cons runners identified about this shoe is that the material of the upper deteriorates more quickly than other running shoes they have purchased in the past.

      The majority of runners who train in the Asics Gel Excel 33 agree that this shoe is leaning hard toward the minimalist variety. While not a complete minimalist shoe, this is a shoe that is better for the supinator as opposed to the pronator. One runner noted, “If you want a more "minimal/natural" shoe that is still wonderful for long mileage days, then look no further than these.”

      The shoe also does a great job of protecting against heel slippage. Asics uses Heel Clutching technology that keeps the heel securely in place. Additionally, the tongue of the shoe is lightly padded which adds extra comfort and keeps the foot in place.
      These shoes are very responsive. Their lightweight model allows the runner to feel the road, but the added cushioning of the FluidRide technology keep the impact low. The deep flex grooves found in the outsole add great traction which makes the shoe a faster and more responsive fit than some others. Many runners noted that the shoe has a “natural feel”. While it doesn’t have as low a drop as true minimalist shoes, it is still reported to provide excellent responsiveness.
      The Asics Gel Excel 33 is preferred by runners that tend to be supinators as opposed to pronators. Because they are great shoes for runners with mid to high arches, this is not a shoe for someone who will need intense support features. Many runners noted that in these shoes, they stopped feeling hip and knee pain and were able to ward off their shin splints. This shoe even helped them stay away from injuries. It is suggested that this shoe is a better fit for races and speed work then for logging long grueling runs. Runners reported that they did not feel a tremendous amount of support in the mid and forefoot section of the shoe. Overpronators should seek out a more supportive shoe.
      The Asics Gel Excel 33 are best used on roads, light gravel, and pavement. While the deep grooves of the outsole make them a decent choice for the trail, similar to the Asics FuzeX, their best use is on the roads. They lack the proper grips required that would make them an ideal trail shoe. As a nearly minimalist shoe, their best races are shorter, speedy races and they are perfect for speed work on the track as part of your marathon or half marathon training plan. The track is a great place to run with the Asics Gel Excel 33’s, as is the road. Many reviews reported that their favorite runs in the Asics Gel Excel 33's were speed work on a track.
      Asics are known to offer shoes for every budget, and these babies come in right in the middle of the pack. They won’t be as cost effective as the Gel Venture 5, but they are still affordable. You can get these shoes in a range from 100 to 149 dollars. That might sound like a good amount of money, but when you consider that good shoes are the only real piece of equipment you need for the sport of running, you realize that the price is not so bad.

      The traction on this model is top notch. The Asics Gel Excel 33 offers the AHAR technology and FluidAxis in the outsole that provides grip and natural movement. For all you extreme runners, you can even take these shoes for a run on a rainy day because the deep grooves of the outsole allow the runner to stay safe even on wet surfaces.
      Runners have hailed the Asics Gel Excel 33 as very flexible. This can be attributed to the mesh material of the upper and the FluidRide material found in the midsole. Runners noted that they “liked the cushioning and flexibility” offered in this shoe. The added support in the FluidRide technology of the midsole does not cause the shoe to sacrifice flexibility.
      The Asics Gel Excel 33 is best for the runner with a mid to high arch (like these other Asics models) While the ComfortDry Sock liner does hug the foot and help it feel secure in the shoe, overall, runners reported that the stability of this model is lower than other shoes they’ve purchased in the past. The overpronator should seek out a different shoe that can provide more support and stability.
      The heel to toe drop on the Asics Gel Excel 33 is 8.9mm. While a true minimalist shoe has a drop as close to 0 as possible, this shoe has been reported to feel more like a minimalist shoe than a traditional shoe that has a drop closer to 12 mm. If you are looking for a shoe to start you in a minimalist direction, this is a great beginner shoe.
      Key Features
      • The flexible cushioning is good for those that are injury prone
      • AHAR outsole creates a durable, responsive shoe
      • The breathable mesh of the upper keeps feet cool and dry
      • FluidRide material in the midsole is an excellent shock absorber
      • A versatile shoe that is good for speed workouts, races, and even CrossFit
      • Heel clutching system secures the foot and minimizes unwanted movement
      • Best for the high or mid arched runner
      Bottom Line
      Asics is a classic, dependable brand, and they once again prove that they are a top running shoe with the Asics Gel Excel 33. If you are looking for a shoe with a minimalist feel, comfortable cushioning, and the newest technology, this could be your shoe. The vast majority of runners would recommend this shoe to a friend. The Asics Gel Excel 33 could be your new favorite shoe if you are looking for a shoe for the speedwork days of your marathon or half marathon training plan, a shoe for shorter, speedier racing, comfort and breathability are your top demands, or if you need a shoe that provides cushioning but still feels minimal. Reviewers have also commented that this is a great cross-training shoe. Even Crossfitters love the Asics Gel Excel 33. Is this your new favorite shoe?
      Where to Buy
      By Stacey O'Connor
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