Asics GT 3000 5

The Asics GT-3000 5 is a stability road running shoe. It was created to help guide over-pronators into a natural gait with smooth transitions, stabilizing the foot on long-distance runs. It provides nice cushioning while bouncing the foot back into the air. Its upper features stretchable fabric to reduce the risk of blisters and create a comfortable fit, as well as 3M reflective material for visibility in low-light conditions. The Guidance Line flex groove helps improve gait efficiency, the Impact Guidance System stabilizes and guides the foot during landings, and the Guidance Trusstic System stabilizes the midfoot in order to improve the wearer's gait. The Heel Clutching System adds support and comfort to the rearfoot, while the Fluidride 2.0 midsole keeps the weight low while adding cushioning, durability and responsiveness. The Duomax technologies used in the forefoot, midfoot and heel offer lightweight stability and support.

There are also Gel Cushioning Systems to absorb shock and improve transitions as well as a ComforDry Sockliner for moisture management and responsiveness. The Duosole and DuraSponge outsole add flexibility, durability, traction, and cushioning. New for this edition is Gender-Specific Cushioning so that the women's midsole has a lower density in its top layer for maximum compression. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) gave the Asics GT 3000 5 its Seal of Acceptance, so read on to find out why it is such a great distance shoe for over-pronators.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Great stability
  • Nice color choices
  • Good support
  • Responsive and durable cushioning
  • Breathable and comfortable upper
  • Snug fit
  • Cons
    • Narrow fit
    • Runs a half size small
    • Low toe box
    • May cause blisters while breaking in
    • Key Features
      The outsole is composed of different kinds of rubber and stability technologies. It has treads in groups in the heel and forefoot for traction on roads, with grooves for flexibility between them. The lightweight Duosole parts provide flexibility, traction, and durability. The DuraSponge areas use AHAR blown rubber for cushioning and durability in the forefoot. There is also a vertical flex groove called a Guidance Line that extends up to the midsole and is used to smooth transitions and improve gait efficiency. The Guidance Trusstic System adds both stability and durability to the midfoot while also helping over-pronators improve their gait. The Impact Guidance system also stabilizes and encourages the foot to move naturally.
      The midsole uses technologies to cushion landings, absorb shock, stabilize over-pronation, and improve transitions. The Guidance Line from the outsole extends up to the midsole for better transitions. The Fluidride 2.0 technology provides lightweight cushioning, durability and responsiveness. There is also an Extended Dynamic Duomax for lightweight stability and support, with extra support on the platform. The Forefoot Duomax stabilizes the midfoot against over-pronation. There are also Gel Systems in the rearfoot and forefoot that help improve transitions and absorb shock. The ComforDry Sockliner manages moisture, increases breathability, and rebounds the foot back into the air with each step. The women's shoe has a lower-density top layer than the men's shoe for better compression.
      The upper is made of stretchable material, designed to reduce the risk of blisters for a more comfortable fit. It has mesh throughout the shoe that adds a good amount of breathability. There is some light padding for support and comfort in the tongue and heel collar. The lacing system uses discrete eyelets for a snug fit. There is also a Heel Clutching System for support, stability, and comfort, as well as 3M reflective material that helps make the shoe visible when there is less light outside. There is also a toe cap to protect the forefoot from bruising and overlays to add structure and stability to the midfoot area.
      The men's shoe weighs 10.9 oz (309 g) and the women's shoe weighs 9.0 oz (255 g). Although this is heavier than racing or minimalist shoes, it is considered lightweight for a stability shoe. Each component is light by itself, from the rubber in the outsole, cushioning in the midsole, and padding, mesh, and overlays in the upper, but because of all the extra stability features that slow over-pronation and smooth transitions, it ends up weighing more than neutral shoes. It is light enough for long-distance runs but a bit too heavy for sprinting and racing.
      The upper and midsole are both breathable and comfortable. The upper has mesh throughout for ventilation, with overlays in the heel and midfoot that do not compromise breathability. The stitching in the heels and toes did not cause blisters among testers, but the stitching at the base of the lacing system did for some people while they were breaking the shoe in. The midsole also improves breathability with its moisture management properties, and also allows air to flow around the bottom of the foot.
      This shoe is very comfortable most of the time. It is breathable, relatively lightweight, and has good responsiveness, which improves comfort on long distances. The fit is nice and snug, thanks to the stretchable material, the lacing system, and the supportive padding around the foot. However, some testers noted that it runs slightly narrow and the length is about a half size smaller than what most people were used to. A few testers experienced some blistering or irritation at the base of the lacing system, but only during the first couple runs. Some reviewers would have preferred a higher toe box, but it was still comfortable. The soft outsole rubber, Duomax technologies, rearfoot and forefoot Gel Cushioning Systems, and ComforDry sockliner all do a great job of cushioning landings. The ComforDry Sockliner helps keep moisture out of the shoe so that the foot can stay comfortable even on hot days.
      The Asics GT 3000 5 has nice color combinations that reviewers noted do not clash with running clothes. The men's shoe comes in Black/Silver/Emperial and Carbon/Black/Prime Red. The women's shoe comes in Bright Rose/White/Purple and Insignia Blue/Sea/Blue. Mesh covers the shoe, with lots of midfoot overlays in patterns on either side of the shoe. There is 3M reflective material on the heel, toe and outside midfoot areas that help the wearer be seen when it is dark or foggy outside.
      This shoe has great durability. The outsole's Duosole in high-impact areas and DuraSponge in the forefoot has great durability against abrasive roads, and the Guidance Trusstic System increases the durability in the top of the outsole. The midsole is especially durable with its Fluidride 2.0 technology, and the gel cushioning and sockliner are also durable enough to not wear down easily. The upper is made of a stretchable yet durable material in the mesh, overlays and rubber areas.
      The GT 3000 5 has some protective features. The sole unit and toe cap help protect the wearer against bruising. The midsole's Gel Systems in the heel and forefoot absorb shock and the sockliner helps manage moisture. The upper's mesh protects against overheating and the reflective materials help keep the wearer safe when running in the dark. The Heel Clutching support and treads protect the foot from slipping or sliding. The shoe's many stability features protect against over-pronation.
      This shoe has very responsive cushioning that makes it a popular choice for both daily and long-distance running. The outsole has DuraSponge rubber in the forefoot that helps bounce the foot into the air during takeoffs. The outsole and midsole have a Guidance Line to improve gait efficiency and transitions. The Fluidride 2.0 technology also makes transitions smooth. The Gel Systems, ComforDry Sockliner, and drop propel the foot forward.
      The Asics GT 3000 5 has good support according to reviewers. The Extended Dynamic Duomax in the midsole supports the foot and has extra platform support. The upper has padding in the heel collar and tongue that give some support as well as support in the Heel Clutching System and midfoot overlays. There is a high amount of support in the arch area in order to slow over-pronation.
      The GT 3000 5 is great for running on roads, working out at the gym or running on treadmills. Its treads make it an ideal shoe for dirt, gravel, concrete and other hard surfaces. It can be used for a variety of terrains during longer runs as long as they are not too slippery, such as ice, or too technical, such as certain types of trails.
      This shoe was a little above average price when it was first released. It has great stability, support, and responsiveness. These extra features make it more expensive, although most stability shoes cost more than neutral shoes designed for the same type of terrain. Over-pronators like that it is comfortable to wear on long runs, helps improve their gait and stabilizes their feet to help prevent injury. Current pricing is between 15% off to 8% more than the original price, depending on the retailer, size and color.
      The Asics GT 3000 5 has good traction on its intended surfaces: dirt or paved roads and paths, or hard indoor surfaces such as gym floors. The treads provide good grip, preventing slipping as well as providing a stable point to push off from while running or going uphill. This shoe does not get good traction on mud, snow, ice, or technical terrain.
      The GT 3000 5 has a level of flexibility that is great for a stability shoe. The outsole has grooves that help grip the ground and allow a natural gait cycle. The Guidance Line vertical flex groove improves transitions and efficiency. The midsole's Gel Systems and ComforDry Sockliner are flexible enough for smooth transitions but stable enough to help over-pronators. The upper allows the foot to push off and land comfortably while still keeping it locked in.
      Testers found that this shoe has great stability. It has many technologies designed to help slow over-pronation. The Guidance Trusstic System and Impact Guidance System stabilize the outsole from rolling inward. In the midfoot, the Extended Dynamic Duomax stabilizes the heel and the Forefoot Duomax stabilizes the midfoot helps slow late-stage over-pronation. The upper has the Heel Clutching System and overlays to stabilize the rearfoot and midfoot from rolling or sliding.
      The shoe has a 10mm drop. The men's shoe has a heel height of 22mm and a forefoot height of 12mm, while the women's shoe has a heel height of 21mm and a forefoot height of 11mm. This is a mid-range drop, in between the higher drop of 12-13mm that has more heel cushioning and more of a forward push, and the lower drop of 6-8mm with more evenly distributed cushioning and less forward momentum. The 10mm drop also reduces strain on the legs and feet. A lot of testers liked this drop, and being between the two ranges makes it an easy adjustment for people who are used to a slightly higher or lower drop.
      Key Features
      • Guidance Line, a vertical flex groove in the outsole and midsole, improves gait efficiency

      • Fluidride 2.0 midsole provides lightweight durability, cushioning and responsiveness

      • Impact Guidance System stabilizes the foot while encouraging natural performance

      • Extended Dynamic Duomax stabilizes and supports the foot with a lower weight and increased support on the platform

      • Duosole Outsole provides flexibility, durability and traction while keeping the weight low

      • Guidance Trusstic System adds durability and stability to the midfoot while improving the gait

      • Gel Technology Systems in both the rearfoot and forefoot absorb shock and improve transitions

      • Heel Clutching System supports the heel while creating a more comfortable fit

      • Forefoot Duomax stabilizes midfoot and late stage over-pronation

      • Gender-Specific Cushioning: women's shoe midsole has a lower-density top layer for improved compression
      Bottom Line
      The Asics GT 3000 5 is a great daily or distance running shoe for over-pronators. It has great stability and support that make the gait more natural and help prevent soreness or injury. It is durable enough to last a few hundred miles without showing signs of wear. It helps improve transitions and gait efficiency. The GT 3000 5 is comfortable for most people with its high amount of cushioning and moisture management properties, especially after breaking it in. It absorbs shock well and protects from bruising. The price is above average, but a great deal for all the different technologies that are in the shoe. It is lightweight, breathable and helps propel the foot forward, allowing the wearer to maintain energy for longer runs. It gets good traction on roads and is also popular as a treadmill or gym shoe. Areas for improvement include a taller toe box, a slightly wider and longer fit, and removing the stitching at the base of the lacing system to prevent irritation. Overall, the GT 3000 5 is a great choice for a cushioned stability shoe.
      Where to Buy
      By Stephanie Potter
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