Asics FuzeX Lyte

Asics is a worldwide powerhouse in the running shoes market, known for their versatile and quality clothing and shoes. Asics is consistently one of the most popular choices for running trainers due to their wide variety and good options. The Asics FuzeX Lyte is an older model of Asics and is advertised as being a lightweight shoe with good durability. The key difference offered by the FuzeX Lyte is its use of Fuzegel technology, which is designed to provide cushioning for the entire foot. Apart from this, the FuzeX Lyte does not bring anything particularly new to the table.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Very affordable price
  • Well constructed upper
  • Well cushioned midsole
  • Very stylish color options
  • Cons
    • Complaints about durability
    • The shoe is a bit heavy to be labeled “lightweight”
    • The sole wears out too quickly
    • Not usable on rough terrains.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of a shoe is basically made up of the bottom, specifically on the outside of the shoe. The outsole is a very significant aspect of any shoe because it is the part that constantly strikes the ground while running, meaning a durable and well-tractioned material is preferred here. The outsole of the FuzeX Lyte is made of Asics standard AHAR, or Asics High Abrasion Rubber.

      This material, like its name implies, is designed to increase the durability of a shoe by resisting common impacts and abrasions. Another benefit of AHAR is its traction on road surfaces. Despite the use of this rubber, however, many have stated that the sole still wears out a bit too quickly, which is definitely something to keep in mind. Overall, the outsole of the FuzeX Lyte is very average, not bringing anything particularly game-changing to the table.
      The midsole of a shoe can be found between the inner sole and the outsole. The midsole has the job of providing energy return, and of protecting and cushioning the foot on impact, making it a very important part of the shoe. The FuzeX Lyte has a midsole composed of its unique Fuzegel material.

      The goal of this material is to provide cushioning while also remaining lightweight. It certainly does provide good cushioning, but it can definitely be argued that it does not keep the FuzeX at a lighter weight. The FuzeX’s midsole also is designed to provide cushioning for both rear and forefoot shocks, to keep the foot well protected all around. Overall, the midsole is a very solid aspect of the FuzeX Lyte.
      The upper refers to the part of a shoe that wraps around the top of the foot and also secures the foot in place. A well constructed upper will protect the foot, allow for good flexibility, and also allow good circulation of air throughout the shoe. The FuzeX Lyte contains a seamless upper, mixed with a mesh build. This design these days is extremely common, as it allows for both flexibility and breathability. As such, the FuzeX does well in both these regards thanks to the upper. The seamless design also gives the upper a clean look overall. As a whole, the upper is a good component of the FuzeX Lyte.
      Weight, although it might not appear to, plays an important role in how well a shoe functions when it comes to running. Heavier shoes tend to offer a bit more cushion, but less of a natural range of motion and efficiency, while lighter shoes tend to offer a more natural range of motion, but a bit less protection from injuries.

      The FuzeX Lyte weighs in at around 10 ounces for a men’s size ten. This weight isn’t particularly heavy for trainers, though it is certainly much more than to be expected for a shoe labeled “lightweight”. There have been many complaints about this, as even the heavier end of lightweight shoes tend to fall under 9 ounces at the minimum. The weight of the FuzeX is definitely not bad, but it is important to understand that it is not truly a lightweight shoe, if that is what one is looking for in particular.
      Breathability refers to the circulation of air throughout a shoe. Breathability is crucial, as a shoe without breathability leads to sweating and cramped feet. Even worse, this can even cause blisters, which definitely is not a fun time for any runner. Asics doesn’t tend to have many issues with breathability due to their abundance of use of the mesh design. The FuzeX Lyte follows in this vein, and the upper does a solid job allowing air in and out of the shoe to prevent stuffiness. Overall, the breathability of the FuzeX Lyte is solid.
      Every runner knows how important comfort should be when looking at any new pair of trainers. It is vital to consider that a shoe will be worn for many miles, so any discomfort will probably not be resolved quickly. As a whole, the FuzeX Lyte is a decently comfortable shoe. The midsole is a major proponent of this, as its Fuzegel material provides good cushioning for all areas of the foot. The upper as well as a vital contributor, as it provides good flexibility while still securing the foot. The FuzeX is probably not the most comfortable shoe out there, but it certainly gets the job done.
      Asics tends to be pretty popular in terms of style, and their shoes often feature vibrant colors for both men and women and sleek designs. The FuzeX Lyte follows this, but goes a bit further with this, offering some very extreme color choices, like hot pink, and bright orange. That said, there are definitely some tame colors as well, meaning there is likely a style for everyone. In terms of an everyday shoe, however, the FuzeX would be hard to pull off due to its vibrancy. Overall, the FuzeX is a solid shoe in terms of style.
      Durability is definitely something to think about when considering any new shoe. Bad durability leads to worn out shoes, which in turn will need to be replaced. Durability is definitely a vector that has been a source of complaint regarding the FuzeX Lyte. Asics trainers tend to land on the more durable side, but there were many reports of the FuzeX’s outsole wearing out early. This could be due to the lack of technology in the outsole, which features only AHAR rubber. AHAR rubber is solid, but most of Asics’ shoes tend to have other components in the outsole designed to resist wear and tear. That said, the shoes still last decently long, perhaps just not as long as is to be expected from a pair of Asics trainers.
      When it comes to protection, the FuzeX does a decent job. The upper is a pretty well-made construction and does a good job securing the top of the shoe with its seamless design. The outsole and midsole also do a fairly good job of insulating and stabilizing the foot. The midsole is a particularly strong factor in this with its Fuzegel material. These factors all work together to make a shoe that protects fairly well in the FuzeX Lyte.
      Responsiveness refers to how well a shoe returns energy with every impact on the ground. Basically, this describes how well the shoe responds to a runner’s strides. Advertised as lightweight shoes, one might expect the FuzeX Lyte to be a bit more responsive than they are. Asics tends to make more cushion oriented shoes as it is, and it is not super surprising that the FuzeX falls into this category. That said, the midsole’s Fuzegel still does do a decent job at providing energy return. The responsiveness of the FuzeX is not bad, but not exceptional either.
      The FuzeX Lyte offers solid support overall. The key factors in this are the upper, with its seamless and mesh design, and the midsole with its cushioning design. The upper provides support with its firm and snug grip, which help stabilize the foot well. The midsole supports the foot via its cushion, particularly in the forefoot and heel which is not common as common in a midsole. In tandem, these traits contribute to the Fuze X ’s support, making it a solid supporting shoe.
      The Asics FuzeX Lyte should be totally usable on most common terrains. Like most similar products out there, these are going to be more effective on the road, but they definitely can be used over some uneven surfaces without major problems, as long as caution is taken. The best results will definitely be found on roads and sidewalks though. You probably won't want to run these through heavy rain, as they are not waterproof at all, nor are they claimed to be.
      price is another extremely important factor when looking at any pair of running shoes. The price for the FuzeX Lyte is definitely a strong point. They are much cheaper than all of the standard trainers on the market. This is to be expected considering they are a bit older and also offer fewer premium features, but the price is still a good value for what you get in return.
      Traction of shoes is essentially the ability of them to grip onto various surfaces, which is useful for efficient and safe running. The traction on the FuzeX Lyte is solid, due to the outsole, which is made of Asics’ blend of abrasion resistant rubber. Traction shouldn’t be a major issue for the FuzeX Lyte, though it isn’t really a strong point either.
      Flexibility is important in preventing any twists and sprains to feet, and in promoting good movement. In the case of the FuzeX Lyte, flexibility is fairly solid, mainly due to the midsole and the upper. The Fuzegel material allows a decent range of movement, which creates good flexibility in turn. The upper and its mesh design also contribute to this, allowing the top half of the foot to move around well while still being secure. Overall, solid flexibility is offered by the FuzeX Lyte.
      A shoe's stability is indicative of how well the shoe supports a runner’s natural steps, which is important for preventing injury. The FuzeX is fairly stable, mainly due to its midsole and upper. The upper does a good job of keeping the foot secure and snug, while the midsole’s cushioning does a good job evening out the shoes’ strides.
      The drop of a shoe refers to the height of its heel from the ground. The FuzeX Lyte features an 8mm drop. This drop is very average for shoes of this type and does not really stand out as a good or bad feature. The drop of these shoes is basically to be expected, and shouldn’t be a major point of contention.
      Key Features
      •Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) outsole

      •Asics Fuzegel midsole material

      •Seamless upper with mesh

      •Great cushioning in forefoot and heel

      •Wide range of color schemes

      •FuzeGel Midsole: Cushioning Technology newest to ASICS, made from the fusion of GEL property and foam creates lightweight adaptable comfort

      •Seamless Construction
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Asics FuzeX Lyte is a decent shoe. Apart from its cushioning in heel and forefoot, and its unique material in the midsole, the shoe doesn’t do too much to set it apart from other trainers. This is also fairly reflected in its price, however, as it is a fairly cheap option. For those who are seeking a lower cost pair of shoes, and are not hung up on having the most advanced models,
      Where to Buy
      By Abbie Copeland
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      Where to buy
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