Asics NitroFuze 2

The Asics NitroFuze 2 is a responsive, well-cushioned, and stylish training shoe. It is a running shoe specifically geared for road runs on the shorter side, but reviewers have happily reported that because the shoe is so versatile, it worked great for playing other sports as well. The NitroFuze 2 is a good shoe for anyone with neutral foot pronation. Besides its versatility, it is known for the excellent traction, its responsiveness, and the fact that it is inexpensive and still good quality. The NitroFuze 2 has very few cons—the upper is not durable, and the shoe isn’t especially comfortable while running. Overall, it’s a great shoe for not only training road runs but also whatever else you happen to be doing.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Very responsive 
  • Outsole has good traction 
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Price is quite low
  • Supportive and stable
  • Cons
    • Not very comfortable during runs
    • Upper is not durable
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the NitroFuze 2 is made of a rubber material that is very durable and grippy. It is meant to give you excellent traction for road runs and more. The NitroFuze 2 is lauded for being very versatile—it’s a good choice for any physical activity you are doing, whether this is a training run or a pickup game of basketball—and a big part of the reason why is because the outsole has such good traction. Plus, Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR®) provides durability, especially in high-wear areas. It resists abrasion and helps the outsole of this shoe to last a long time. The outsole package of this shoe has everything you could ask for in an outsole: durability, traction, and support.
      Asics recently came out with a brand-new midsole cushioning technology that’s called the fuzeGel midsole. This technology is utilized in the NitroFuze 2. It is created from Gel property and foam, it is very lightweight and comfortable, and it creates not only good support but also excellent responsiveness. It absorbs shock well, gives you a good energy return, and more or less does everything you could ever want your midsole to do. Not only does the midsole feature fuzeGel technology, but it is also made of EVA foam for even more cushioning. There is a removable EVA sock liner that molds to the shape of your foot and are designed to provide comfort and remove odor.
      The upper is an open mesh coverage with a traditional lacing system, meant to be both comfortable and breathable. It’s modern, streamlined, and guaranteed to provide a comfortable fit. The upper also features a California slip lasting, intended for stability and comfort. Shoe “lasting” refers to the shoemaking process that determines the final shape of a shoe and secures it in place in order to let the outsole be permanently attached. California lasting is the most common shoe construction for casual and athletic shoes, of which the NitroFuze is both. A non-stretch “sock” material is used to “close” the upper, and after the upper is heated and put on, it is cooled back down to make the sock material fit tightly. The California lasting gives the shoe stability. The only potential issues with the upper are that mesh uppers are not always very durable and that the upper is not especially comfortable while you are running.
      The weight of the Asics NitroFuze 2 is 8.4 oz. This is a little lighter than the majority of comparable shoes—a fact that many reviewers and testers of the NitroFuze 2 appreciated. The light weight of the shoe combined with the excellent traction that produces speed means that you’ll feel as if you are running faster than ever when you slip on the NitroFuze 2. The upper is lightweight, and so are the midsole and the outsole; in the NitroFuze 2, you will never feel weighed down.
      The upper of the shoe is very breathable—not only is it mesh, but it is an open mesh, creating a good airflow all around your foot. This mesh is comfortable while letting your foot breathe. The mesh perforates in the fabric, growing the shoe’s breathability and forming an even better environment for your foot. The upper is not very durable, however, so this breathability may not last forever if the upper should tear. A removable EVA sock liner also helps with breathability and is designed to eliminate odor and bacteria. With the NitroFuze 2, you can hit the road even in those hot summer months.
      Many reviewers reported that the NitroFuze 2 was not at all comfortable during runs. However, Asics did try their best to counteract this—fuzeGel cushioning technology in the midsole, made from Gel property and foam, is meant to cushion your foot all through the run. The California lasting is meant for comfort too, and the sock liner that molds to your foot ought to be comfortable. Despite all these great features, though, the NitroFuze did not really succeed in the comfort category: when your foot is moving, the shoe is uncomfortable.
      The style aspect of the NitroFuze 2 is clean, aesthetically pleasing, and appreciated by many reviewers. It is a shoe that will work for other activities besides just running because of the nice style. As far as color options go, the men’s shoe is offered in Hawaiian surf/indigo blue/energy green; black/carbon/white; and carbon/glacier gray/white. The women’s shoe is offered in carbon/white/flash coral and Persian jewel/glacier gray/pink glow. So whether you prefer brighter colors or something more neutral to go with whatever other running gear you put on, you can find a colorway option that’s good for you. The NitroFuze 2 is sporty, contemporary, and all-around stylish.
      The outsole is very durable because of the Asics High Abrasion Rubber. As you might guess from the name, this material provides durability in high-wear areas, so you don’t have to worry about the outsole giving way. The only part of the shoe that might not be very durable is the upper, considering that it is made of a mesh material. Despite the potential delicacy of the upper, you can justify your purchase of this shoe because it is so cheap; even if the NitroFuze 2 doesn’t last long, you will have gotten a good value while it does last.
      Asic’s NitroFuze 2 does a great job protecting your foot while you run. The shoe’s fuzeGel cushioning technology absorbs shock excellently well, protecting your joints from injury. This lightweight combination of GEL-infused foam absorbs shock and then bounces right back. Another way the shoe protects your foot is through the overlays that wrap around your ankle and midfoot—they hold your foot securely in place to keep you from slipping and perhaps twisting an ankle.
      The NitroFuze 2 is very responsive, largely because of the fuzeGel cushioning technology located in the midsole. It absorbs the shock in the rear of the foot during your landing and then shifts the energy to the forefoot for a smoother transition. This technology gives you a good energy return and a smooth, seamless transition. The location of the technology in the midsole is strategic: it’s positioned where it can release as much energy as possible. Yet another aspect of this technology that helps with responsiveness is that it is very lightweight.
      The fuzeGel cushioning technology absorbs shock well and keeps you secure. Because of this technology, the shoe has good support. The NitroFuze 2 is made to support neutral pronators or under-pronators. The shoe also has overlays that wrap around both the ankle and the midfoot—these give extra support and a firm, secure fit. The overlays ensure your foot will never slip. The upper is supportive and so is the midsole; overall, the NitroFuze 2 is a very supportive shoe.
      The NitroFuze 2 is meant for road runs. In the outsole, a durable rubber material was strategically placed to provide the maximum amount of grip and traction possible for all of your road running needs. Because the shoe is so versatile and extends its reach to other sports as well, you could also use it on turf, a track, or a gym floor. The traction of the NitroFuze 2, combined with all of its other great points, make it a great cross-training shoe. The only terrain this shoe would not be recommended for is that of a trail; yes, the traction on the outsole is good, but it’s not quite good enough for trails. On any less intense surface, however, the shoe will perform well.
      The price of the NitroFuze 2 was on the low side, to begin with, and now, it appears that many places are running great sales on the shoe—so you can get it for extra cheap. The NitroFuze 2 has so many great pieces of technology (think about the AHAR®, the fuzeGel, and more) that combine to produce traction, support, and protection, so the price is a steal.
      This shoe has good traction for road runs, or anything else you are doing—the NitroFuze 2 is so versatile that you can wear it for practically any athletic activity. Rubber material in the outsole grips the terrain well, helping the outsole provide reliable surface traction. The good traction of this shoe and the fact that the outsole is so “grippy” will increase your speed as you run. The best thing about the NitroFuze 2’s traction is that it will last a long time—AHAR® (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) is located on strategic places on the outsole to resist abrasion and give the outsole extra durability, thus preserving its excellent traction.
      The flexibility of this shoe is adequate at best. The fact that it is so lightweight (just 8.4 oz) helps it to be more flexible; so does the fuzeGel, the midsole technology that is so good it helps the NitroFuze improve in just about every single category. But while the flexibility is passable, it’s nothing to write home about.
      The NitroFuze 2 is quite stable because of the California lasting—the soft material in the upper that is used to finish the shoe and hold everything together. Another important feature that adds stability are the overlays; these wrap around your midfoot and ankle, holding them securely in place and preventing you from slipping. Overall, the NitroFuze 2 is designed for a snug fit, and you will always feel secure while wearing it.
      The heel to toe drop of the Asics NitroFuze 2 is 8 mm. Since a typical range for a running shoe’s drop is 0 to 16 mm, the NitroFuze 2 is just about average in this category. Different runners prefer different drop sizes according to their foot and how they run, but the drop of the NitroFuze 2 is situated nicely in the middle of the scale and should work for anybody.
      Key features
      • fuzeGel cushioning technology in the midsole is very responsive and supportive
      • Rubber outsole is grippy on nearly any surface
      • AHAR® (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) is located in critical spots on the outsole for durability
      • Wrap-around overlays are supportive and stable
      • Open mesh upper features a California lasting and is very breathable
      Bottom line
      The Asics NitroFuze 2 is well-made and works for running, sports, or just hitting the town. The rubber outsole provides excellent traction for almost any surface and is durable thanks to the AHAR® (Asics High Abrasion Rubber). The midsole is made of fuzeGel technology, which is responsive, supportive, and protective in the way it absorbs shock. The only bad things about the shoe are that the upper, while excellently breathable, is not very durable; and some testers have said that the shoe was not very comfortable while running. In general, though, the Asics NitroFuze 2 is a shoe whose good features far outweigh the bad.
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