Asics Gel Fortify

Any runner could use the Asics Gel Fortify, but this model primarily benefits those who are considered to be an overpronator. For those who aren’t necessarily familiar with runner lingo; an overpronator is someone who walks and/or runs on the inside of their feet. The Fortify is specially designed to accommodate overpronators by protecting the inner shoe and offering exceptional support and cushioning. With the Fortify sneakers, Asics focuses on support and comfort. By offering top of the line cushioning, Asics provides runners with a shoe that can support any foot volume.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • The Maximum Support Last accommodates thicker feet
  • X-40 ComforDry sock liner absorbs moisture for a dry fit
  • Upper is made of a Biomorphic material that stretches so that the foot is comfortable
  • Dynamic Duo technology in the midsole enhances comfort and stability
  • Cons
    • Heavy
    • Wide sole
    • No longer available on the Asics website
    • Not suitable for rough surfaces.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Asics GEL Fortify is built for the runner who wants to consistently add miles to their running sneakers. The AHAR rubber compound consumes the forefoot and offers advanced durability and comfort. This abrasion resistant material can essentially prevent the forefoot from being worn down easily when running often. The DuraSponge material in the outsole enhances durability and could be considered arguably one of the most comfortable parts of the sneaker. The outsole also contains the Guidance Line groove that enhances the gait efficiency and adds to the overall traction of the shoe. This feature can also help the runner with traction in rough terrain.
      Just like most of Asics’ recent models, the Fortify contains exclusive technology that keeps the shoe light and comfortable. Asics’ dual-density DuoMax system placed in the midsole is specifically designed to enhance the stability and support of the Fortify sneakers. The DuoMax system reduces the weight of the sneaker while providing better support. There is GEL cushioning in the forefoot and the rear foot that is fully capable of absorbing shock from the surfaces that the runner is jogging on. The FluidRide material also contributes to this surplus of cushioning with an outstanding mixture of bounce back and durability.
      Irritation and buckling can become a burden to the runner and ultimately ruin their experience en route to their fitness goals. The Biomorphic Fit material from Asics is meant to prevent buckling and the irritation that could potentially arise from running. The Biomorphic material has a stretch texture that is placed throughout the upper for a comfortable fit. You can adjust the fit of the Fortify sneaker using the laces in front of the padded tongue. The upper also features a Heel Clutching System that provides excellent heel support in addition to a secure fit in that area. Furthermore, the upper contains a Maximum Support Last that has a wide platform for feet with a larger volume compared to the norm.

      The weight of the men’s version of the Fortify is at a heavy thirteen ounces, and the women’s version weighs in at about eleven ounces. Today’s running shoes are built on the concept of lightweight material for a more natural, efficient running experience. While the Asics GEL Fortify has the ability to help overpronators, it comes at the price of wearing a pair of running shoes that are heavier than today’s norm.
      The Asics GEL Fortify has a great deal of breathability, primarily within the Biomorphic material in the upper and the moisture-absorbing sock liner. The X-40 ComforDry sock liner will absorb any wetness; whether from rain, snow, or sweat. It is close to a guarantee that you will be able to run several miles and take your shoes off to a nice pair of dry socks. With such great ventilation, the breathability in this shoe should be considered top quality.
      Comfort is a must for the Asics GEL Fortify because they were designed to help those who are severe overpronators. The Biomorphic technology in the upper helps the foot stretch comfortably, along with the padded tongue behind the laces. Since the majority of the outsole is equipped with different types of cushioning, it is implied that the foot will be extremely comfortable after running with a shoe that has a maximum amount of cushioning. The DuraSponge technology contributes to the superior cushioning and durability of the GEL Fortify as well.
      The style for the Asics GEL Fortify is pretty runner-casual. The sole takes up about 1/3 of the shoe’s mass. This is due to the great amount of cushioning placed within the sneaker. The Asics logo is clearly branded on the sides, and you are able to easily visualize the heel counter and the stretch Biomorphic material throughout the upper. The GEL Fortify looks average, but will undoubtedly deliver for the overpronator. Since Asics no longer has the Fortify available on their website, it is difficult to determine an accurate amount of color selections for this shoe.
      The durability of the outsole is impressive, but if you’re focusing on the Fortify shoe in its’ entirety, it’s durability sits at a subpar rating. The outsole will last the longest out of any other materials incorporated with the Fortify sneakers because of the AHAR abrasion rubber. The abrasion rubber assures the runner that the sole won’t give in early due to frequent use. The material used in the upper is so thick that one shouldn’t be concerned if their shoe will obtain holes in them after a long period of time.
      Protection is an important role in the Asics GEL Fortify. The main objective of the GEL Fortify is to protect the runner from the rigors of overpronation. The lightweight DuroMax padding decreases the heavy feeling that shoes like the Fortify would have, and stabilizes the foot inside the running shoe. The tongue is padded in this shoe to provide extra comfort and protect the front of the runner’s ankle from the adjustable lacing in the front.
      As long as the FluidRide technology is in an Asics sneaker, it is expected to have a high level of responsiveness. The FluidRide material in the Asics GEL Fortify delivers a great amount of bounce back despite the soft padding inside the sole. The general “responsive” running shoe isn’t known to be very soft, but the cushioning in this shoe works in favor of responsiveness because it absorbs the shock from the surface the individual is running on; taking away a great amount of stress from the runner’s joints.
      The Guidance Trusstic System located in the midsole provides great support throughout the Fortify sneakers. People with flat feet would excel in the Asics Gel Fortify because they have an incredible sense of motion control. The material used in the Fortify will be able to help overpronators and runner’s with flat feet, so no matter what roadblock you might have, the Fortify is ready for it. Buyers with shin and knee problems have used the Asics GEL Fortify and have benefitted tremendously after a few weeks of use. The midsole is made with the Impact Guidance System (I.G.S), which provides a smooth heel-to-toe transition.
      The durability of this sneaker’s outsole can imply that runners can utilize the Asics Fortify in some of the toughest terrains imaginable. The recommended terrain for the Fortify sneakers is a smooth road surface. The tread on the outsole looks as though it could take on a rough surface, so while it isn't recommended to use these sneakers on anything but a smooth surface, a select amount of runners may be able to succeed in areas such as the woods or snowy mountains. So while the Asics GEL Fortify has enough outsole protection to withstand tougher terrain, it works best on the pavement, soft gravel, and a track surface.
      The initial price of the Asics Fortify was barely higher than average, but if you were to buy them in current time, you are likely to find a good deal since there are more recent models that have been released since the Fortify, and on top of that, this shoe has been discontinued from the Asics brand. An ideal marketing tactic for Asics would be to highlight the fact that these shoes are made of good quality material and priced at an affordable rate. Despite being discontinued, the Asics GEL fortify sneakers are bound to be sold new and used on third-party websites for a bargain.
      The traction in the Fortify should be enough to run through messy areas without the worry of slipping and falling. The Guidance Line will help grip into the ground so that you won’t slip on smooth surfaces. The tread on this sneaker looks like it can take on some tough terrain, so it might be worth it to check out a dirt patch or snow mountain and see how they hold up!
      The flexibility for the Fortify is a little above average. The shoe has a lot of support features yet feels soft and agile rather than completely stiff. The Guidance Line and the GEL cushioning in the rear foot and forefoot prove to prepare the runner’s feet for the natural running motion with cushioning in areas of the foot that make the most contact with the ground. Some users have complained that the Fortify isn’t as flexible as they expected, so there is some speculation regarding the true stiffness of this sneaker.
      The best example of stability in the GEL Fortify is the exoskeletal heel counter used in the upper. The visible exoskeletal heel will help overpronators and anyone else who has running issues relevant to the heel. Overall, the upper is made to reduce buckling and prevent irritation, and with these technologies from Asics, this part of the Fortify is well on its way. Another great feature that builds on the stability of the Fortify sneakers is the FluidRide midsole. Just like the DuroMax technology, the FluidRide material in the midsole helps stabilize the foot while providing a lightweight feel and a bounce back that helps with the shoe’s responsiveness.
      The heel-to-toe drop of the Asics GEL Fortify is measured at 10 millimeters. This drop is average for an Asics sneaker. This measurement is the right amount of space needed from the ground so that the runner could have some flexibility and be able to naturally run using all of the surface areas on their feet. Instead of using the inside of their feet to run (like most overpronators), the drop in this shoe helps spread the pressure to the entire foot rather than just near the arches.
      Key Features of the Asics Gel Fortify
      • Biomorphic material within the upper

      • FluidRide technology provides excellent bounce back and durability

      • Forefoot and rearfoot have Gel cushioning which absorbs shock

      • Guidance Trusstic System enhances gait efficiency

      • The dynamic DuoMax system helps the shoe feel light while supplying cushioning
      Bottom Line
      The extreme overpronator would benefit tremendously from the Asics GEL Fortify. It has the right amount of breathability, support, cushion, and a reasonable price range that would welcome the most frugal of buyers. For the experienced runner, the Fortify might not be their first choice. This doubt puts unto the potential buyers comes from the heavy feeling one gets when wearing the Asics GEL Fortify. In order to design a running sneaker that can accommodate the overpronator, Asics needed to trade weight for extra cushioning so that the runner can be assured that their problem won’t affect their running style. However, this shoe has enough comfort to help most foot issues, so the target market is a lot more spread out than it seems.

      Overall, if you are someone who tends to run or walk using the inside of your foot, these shoes are best for you. They offer high-quality Asics technology, a low price, and plenty of foot protection. Heavier runners can use these sneakers with pleasure if they want to put on a high amount of miles without being hindered by the after-effects of running such as shin splints.
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      By Jerry Nogueras
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