Best Black Tea Reviewed & Rated for Quality


The start of the winter season is the best period consumers could explore different types of brands that are available in the market. Any athlete who is roaring for a training session would enjoy your hot beverage better during the early sunset periods and the cooler nights. However, depending on your tastes and preferences, you would find particular types better than other brands. You would soon develop favorites just like all other products that you use on a daily basis. Some of the examples that have been outlined in this review have a natural flavor while other types derive their flavor from their place of origin. Nevertheless, you have to take your time in choosing the best brands if you wish to enjoy all the benefits that come with drinking the beverage at different times of the day.

  • Twining's
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fresh Flavor
  • Price: See Here
Harney & Sons
  • Harney & Sons
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fruity
  • Price: See Here
Lipton Black
  • Lipton Black
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Natural Tea Taste
  • Price: See Here

Thousands of growers all across the world strive to produce  this product as their way of earning a living. Therefore, the growers fight to ensure that they remain consistent with the quality that they grow to maintain and grow their market base. In line with this, every manufacturer who buys the product from the distinctive growers, ensure that the brand that they sell as their end product is unique. The uniqueness of the product sold by different manufacturers is determined by the manner in which the leaves are dried and processed. Leaves that originate from different regions have their distinctive flavors that suit the distinctive needs of assorted consumers.

One thing that you should know as a consumer is that these drinks are totally oxidized to provide them with a rich deep flavor that would warm the heart, which makes them perfect for people of all ages. If you wish for a better experience, then you should always make sure that the bags you use in preparing  are fresh or they are not past the expiry date, and this would boost performance on the track. Like all other products sold in the market, you may end up with a quality product sold at a good price or end up with a product that is of poor quality yet sold at a very high price. If possible, you should ensure that the brand you would buy has a genuine return policy that would allow you to return the product for a refund or replacement in case the product you buy has expired or it arrives in a damaged state. You never know what might happen during the period of transportation to tarnish the state of the product that would arrive at your doorstep.


10 Best Black Teas


1. Twining's

Twining’s is of the finest quality. The brand is expertly blended after a careful selection of the best quality varieties obtained from different places globally. The manufacturers only use leaves that meet the expected standards when producing this product. Moreover, the leaves are carefully hand selected to arrive at the resources that would enable the consumer to have the best moment with every sip of a cup of Twining’s English breakfast drink.
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Fresh Flavor

A lively cup prepared from these bags would help keep you happy any time of the day. It has a fresh taste and it creates a soothing feeling that would leave you yearning for more.

Rich History

This brand was first sold in London during the year 1706 when the inventor, Thomas Twining, sold this fine product from the storefront in London. Presently, Twinings is still selling one of the finest in more than 100 countries all over the world. This is a clear indication of the exceptional quality of the brand and the consistency in the quality sold by the people who manufacture Twining’s.

Cost and Value

Twining’s is one of the most popular brands that are available in the market today. It is richly blended and has a strong taste that would give the buyers the satisfaction that they desire. It is a blend of Kenyan leaves and Assam leaves.

It has a rich history that dates back to 1706 a clear indication of its exceptional quality now that it is still being sold today with the same quality as before

It has a fresh flavor that is very refreshing

A blend of carefully selected varieties gives it the strong unique taste some consumers love in their beverage

It is affordable


Some consumers complain of an inconsistency in the quality

It has a mild flavor that may be irritating to some consumers

2. Harney & Sons

Harney and Sons is a 20-sachet brand that was created in honor of Paris. The unique taste and quality this brand has, guarantees to kickstart a workout session or when a runner requires a relaxing beverage at any time to relax and stimulate their mental progress.
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One of its unique qualities is that it is fruity with both caramel and vanilla flavors. The drink is also characterized with a little bit of lemony Bergamot to add to the overall flavor.

Clear Taste

Compared to some other brands that are currently flooding the market, this brand has a clear taste. It has no bitter taste when consumed. If you have never had a taste of one of the best beverages, this is definitely the brand to buy.

Cost and Value

For its price, this type can be enjoyed separately or the drink could be consumed with some sugar and milk. It has a strong pleasant flavor.

It is a wonderful medium graded floral essence

It is lightly caffeinated with the quantities ranging from 30-50mg

It is affordable

It has a clear taste

It has a divine aroma that would transform any consumer into an enthusiast


It has loosely packed bags

Sachets are not individually wrapped and sealed to maintain their full flavor

The sachets are not bio-degradable thus making the less friendly to the environment

To some consumers, this brand may be overpriced

Only 20 sachets, which is less than the sachets you would find in other brands

3. Lipton Black

Some of the factors that make the Lipton the best choice, for certain people, is that it has a refreshing aroma, it has a rich taste, and an intense color that would leave you asking for more.
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Natural Taste

The leaves used in manufacturing this type are carefully selected and pressed while they are still fresh to enable the consumer to have the sweet natural taste. If you want the best, then this brand is the package you should buy.

Secure Lockbox

The bags are well packaged in a sturdy and protected lock box. Moreover, they are well wrapped to help them stay fresh and retain their great taste and aroma after they are packaged and dispatched for sale.

Cost and Value

Regardless of the price at which you would buy this type, the fact remains that you would be able to enjoy your drink iced or hot. This brand has been tested and approved as suitable for human consumption. Further, it has reduced quantities of caffeine that would not be harmful to your health.

It has an invigorating aroma, a rich taste, and intense color

It is freshly pressed thus guaranteeing consumers the natural taste

It can be consumed hot or iced

These are 100% Rainforest Alliance certified bags


It is not as pure as advertised


With this delightful pack, any athlete would be able to enjoy more than 150 cups whenever they desire. It has the rich flavor and aroma that individuals expect from their drink every time they take a sip and increase their performance as well.
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Double-walled Aluminum Package

The zipper bag is double walled and well sealed to prevent air from the exterior environment from interfering with the contents of the package. The good packaging helps in retaining the taste and aroma of the drink.

Flexibility in Brewing

The Vahdam brand can be used to brew both iced and hot drinks to provide consumers with the variety they would like in their favorite beverage.

Cost and Value

For its price, this product is directly sourced from the plantations to give it the authenticity and freshness consumers enjoy from this particular brand. Further, for those who are not pleased with the quality of the Vahdam brand they buy, they are guaranteed 100% money back with no questions asked.

If you are not satisfied with this product, you are guaranteed 100% money back with no questions asked.

Darjeeling guarantees consumers a rejuvenating aroma and pure freshness for the greatest experience

One package would enable you to make at least 150 cups

It is well packaged with an aluminum lining that helps retain its freshness and unique aroma


You may acquire a package with no sticker indicating the date of harvesting so that you would know whether the product is still good for consumption or not.

5. Tazo

5. Tazo
If you want something that would give you the kick start for the day before an intense workout session, Tazo should be your very first choice. A cup of this particular brand would have you invigorated in no time just ensure that you buy a packet of this product.
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Unique Blend

This particular brand has been developed from a combination of different specifically picked leaves obtained from different communities across the universe.

Strong Flavor

The mixture of different flavors gives this unique brand a strong and healthy taste. Every year the manufacturers strive to ensure that they come up with more unique options that would meet the tastes and preferences of the consumers while retaining their quality standards.

Cost and Value

With this affordable unique blend, you would not only be able to enjoy every sip of the cup but it allows the consumer to experience a unique reviving taste of the beverage consumed. Every package contains six boxes each containing 20 individually wrapped bags.

It is refreshing with a unique taste

A unique blend of different leaves sourced from diverse communities universally

A single package contains at least 120 individually wrapped bags

Is priced fairly


There is inconsistency in the quality

Consumers are not allowed to return this product even if the brand they buy is past the expiry date

6. Organic Assam

6. Organic Assam
Organic Assam originates from India. It has a strong and sweet flavor and guarantees you a sweet tasting pure drink without any extra additives. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a low-quality product or a cup that would not be as exciting as initially expected.
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Pure Flavor

This particular beverage brand has an exceptional taste with no bitter taste or off flavors. Its delicious taste is what makes individuals relentless to buy more of this.

Smooth Taste

The smooth feel that comes with every sip of the cup makes the consumer feel good and revived. The caffeine contained in this drink would keep you going for the day.

Cost and Value

This product is sold at a very reasonable price and it is of an excellent quality. It has a smooth taste and an enticing aroma that would leave your surrounding with a cheerful fragrance. This brand could be used as a way to captivate friends and family members when they are not in a good mood since it has therapeutic ways of rekindling the liveliness in individuals. Further, you should know that the quality of this product beats the price at which it is sold.

It has an unbeatable quality at its price

It is creamy, smooth and with a delightful aroma

It has an intense flavor

It is reasonably priced


Compared to other affordable brands available in the market the Organic Assam brand is costly

7. Newman's Own

7. Newman's Own
Newman’s Own is a new brand that would leave the consumer in need of more sachets. It not only guarantees quality but satisfaction in pricing due to the quantity of the pack
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Antioxidant Properties

With this brand, you would not only enjoy your cup but the brand's antioxidant properties would help keep you healthy and relaxed even during stressful moments.

Strong Taste

The beverage prepared using this brand has a strong delightful taste. If you desire something strong then, this is the type to buy from the market.

Cost and Value

This is a considerably priced product that you would not only enjoy but every cup that would help uplift your spirit for the day and help relieve you of any kind of stress you may be experiencing at different points in your life. The few people who have used this brand know and appreciate its value.

A single package contains 100 bags

It contains no Gluten

It has an intense flavor

It contains antioxidant properties that are good for your health (help relieve stress)


It is cloudy once brewed something that may be a great disappointment to some consumers

8. Prince of Tea

8. Prince of Tea
This product is derived from pure organic leaves that are obtained from Yunnan. The brand is rich in flavor, quality, and authentic beverage providing the perfect ingredients for an athlete to boost their training and concentration.
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Rich Flavor

This adequately fermented product is enriched with flavor and provides consumers with a soothing aroma. This brand has numerous health benefits that are derived from the antioxidant properties when consumed.

50-80mg of Caffeine

A single cup of this brand contains an estimated 50-80mg of caffeine, which is less likely to harm the consumer when compared to the 100-180mg of caffeine contained in a cup of coffee individuals largely rely on to help keep them awake.

Cost and Value

For just a few dollars, you would have a packet of the brand that would help keep you relaxed even during the most stressful moments in your life. As we all know taking a cup with friends and family members is a sure way of bringing people together to share the occurrences of the day and at least enjoy a good time together perhaps after a long workday. Further, a cup of this beverage in a day would be good for your health.

A cup of this flavor is very relaxing and good for your health

It contains roughly 50-80mg of caffeine a cup, which is less than the quantity of caffeine found in a cup of coffee.

It is derived from pure organic leaves something that guarantees the consumer enhanced quality

The brand is quite Affordable


It has a mild taste unless you use more bags on a cup (three bags would suffice to provide you with that strong taste)

9. Smith Teamaker

9. Smith Teamaker
The Smith Teamaker is produced from a blend of leaves from India and the leaves obtained from Sri Lankan. Its unique scent is derived from bergamot oil that is obtained from Southern Italy.
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Easy Preparation Steps

For the best flavor, all you have to do is boil some clean water then afterward add the bags then leave it to settle for an estimated five minutes period after which you would be able to enjoy your beverage with sugar, milk or honey based on what you like.

Prepares the Best Cup of Tea Ever

Even for those people who may not be passionate about drinking this beverage, this brand will hook you up in no time. In addition, a cup of this drink would help relieve your stress to leave you active for the remaining part of the day.

Cost and Value

Although this brand is costly, it is worth buying. Compared to several other brands that are currently available on the market with the same flavor, Smith provides consumers with the best intense flavor. The brand is excellent in every manner. Hence, you need to try out this flavor at one point in your life to find out between this brand and several other brands that are currently available in the market.

It has an intense flavor that would transform any person into an avid addict

It has a therapeutic touch as it helps relieve stress

It has an aromatic, caffeine explosion that provides consumers with a kick-start for the day

Pure flavor with a distinct taste


The brand is quite costly

10. Imperial Black Leaves

10. Imperial Black Leaves
Imperial tea could be regarded as nature’s gift to the world. The loose leaves used in producing this brand is professionally harvested by passionate growers at the fertile foothills of Mount Everest. The rich nutrients found at the foot of the mountain are what gives its unique refreshing flavor.
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Perfectly Enriched

These bags guarantee consumers a good flavor, a mouth-watering aroma and the perfect balance of strength that would keep the consumer going for the day.

Fresh Produce

The supply team ensures that consumers get quality fresh product every time. This is by making certain that storeowners obtain this product directly from the manufacturers with no intermediaries who might interfere with the quality of the product perhaps due to overdue storage period in the hopes of selling their products when the price is right (this is when they would be able to profit from their sales).

Cost and Value

This brand has a delicious taste and an outstanding floral aroma. The leaves the consumer with a sweet aftertaste. You can serve it with a little bit of sugar, honey or milk depending on how you like your cup prepared. Further, in cases whereby consumers may not be satisfied with the quality of this product, they have the freedom of returning the product for a full refund.

100% money back guarantee for consumers who may not be pleased with the quality

It has the perfect balance of flavor, aroma, and strength

It can be served with sugar, honey or milk and retain the unique strong taste of strong beverage

Satisfaction is guaranteed for all consumers who love a drink

It is vacuum packaged to assure consumers of its continued freshness


Highly priced as compared to other brands

On a few occasions, consumers ended up with expired products

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Black Tea


Presently, numerous varieties of brands are available in the market, which makes it difficult for consumers to arrive at the best brand that would work best for them conveniently. Subsequently, the majority of consumers are forced to try out different brands in the hopes of someday arriving at the best or the particular brand they like. Even with this being the case, it is important for the consumer to have a place to start. Before you buy a brand, you should first ask your self the reason why you intend to buy it. What would you expect from the product you would buy? Nevertheless, listed below are some criteria consumers could use in their efforts to buy the most appropriate.

Health Benefits

Any person who would require this beverage for health benefits should ensure that the brand that he or she buys is processed from leaves grown in a shade. The more time the leaves take under a shade during growth, the more chlorophyll the plant leaves accumulates in them. Over time, the number of nutrients in the leaves increase. Leaves grown under the shade produce the highest quality brand product that is very expensive. Regardless of the high cost of such types of brands, the benefits that they have on the body outweigh the somewhat expensive price at which you would buy them. The best drink that would soothe you and improve your health would have a gentle flavor. Moreover, if you get the best option for your health, it would also help you relax and relieve you of the stress you may be experiencing at different times in your life.


Before you go out shopping for a brand, you should decide whether you would prefer the strong or mild flavor. However, if you buy stronger ones with the best quality, you would be saving on the number of sachets you would be required to use in preparing your drink. You would only use a single sachet to prepare a cup, unlike when you buy mild ones that would require you to use 3-4 sachets to get the flavor you desire. In addition, if you love a mild beverage and you buy a stronger brand, you would be able to prepare at least two cups with a single sachet. Therefore, ensure that you know what you want before making a purchase.

Relaxation and stress relief

If you want the best brand beverage that would help keep you relaxed, you should buy a drink that is infused with jasmine essence. The essence of the jasmine flower has been known to induce a calming effect in addition to the calming effect. The sweet smell of the beverage that you buy also plays an important role in relieving stress. The options that would provide the consumer with a relaxing effect exist as the high quality and expensive types as well as the cheap and average types to suit the varied needs of consumers.

Caffeine content

You would come across quite a number of reputable sources that talk about the caffeine present in a drink, a majority of which misinform the consumers. The truth is that all types have more or else the same quantities of caffeine. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that a particular type has more or less caffeine content than another. It should be noted that the quantity of caffeine contained in your beverage would depend on a number of factors that would include the plant from which it was derived from, whether it is roasted or not, the level of maturity for the leaves used, and the steeping time. The other factor that would determine the caffeine content is the number of leaves that would have been used in any preparation process. Just to highlight on a few pointers, roasted ones are often lower in caffeine content, and the mature leaves usually have reduced caffeine.

Ease of preparation

Almost every single brand is usually easy to prepare with very simple steps that even the first time consumers can follow every step of the way. In such a case, the only thing that would differentiate the choice made by different consumers is the taste and aroma that they value in their most favorite drink.


If you were an enthusiast then you would know that almost all black tea brands are affordable compared to other brands that are available in the market. However, consumers should ensure that they buy products that are within their budget. If your budget allows you to buy an expensive packet, well and good; if not, there would be no harm in trying some of the affordable beverages that are available on the market. The affordable brands would taste just as good as the expensive ones.


If you would like to enjoy your beverage and improve your health, you should never settle for less. A quality product would always give you the satisfaction you desire. One way you could ensure that you settle for a quality brand is by reviewing posts online or enquiring with friends and family members concerning what they think is the best type that would provide you with a kick-start for the day. The higher the price of the brand you buy, the better its quality and vice versa.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What would you consider as the best type of black tea?

A:  In any kind of situation, how your drink tastes are very important to consider. However, you should first tussle with the reasons why you would like to take a cup. Will it be to help you relax, for your good health, to improve your energy, to help you focus on the activities of the day, as a way of socializing or would you pair your cup with other food products? Once you know the reasons why you would like to have a cup it becomes easy to decide on the type that would be suitable for you, a friend or family member.

Q: Should I buy black tea just because it is affordable?

A:  It is not advisable for consumers to buy products just because they think that it is affordable and within their budget. Consumers should oversee to the fact that the types of products they buy would actually serve their needs at the end of the day despite the price at which they are sold.

Q: What is best for any consumer, iced or hot?

A: Both hot and iced are good for your health. The only difference is that the two categories are suitable when used on different occasions. For instance, hot beverages are often preferred during the cool and cold times of the day. Iced, on the other hand, is best when consumed during the hot times of the day, especially during summer. You would enjoy a refreshing glass of iced drink during summer more than you would enjoy the same glass during winter. Runners are encouraged to prepare their drink hot or iced depending on the occasion during which it is to be consumed.

Q: What is the best brand to use in preparing iced tea?

A:  Varieties of choices are available on the market for consumers to choose from when planning to prepare an iced drink. Therefore, it may be difficult to arrive at the best one to use. However, if you want the drink that would be the perfect choice to use in preparing iced then you should buy one with a clean flavor, brightly colored, and lastly, one that has a floral aroma. For a refreshing aroma and vibrant color in your iced drink, ensure that you use longleaf type as part of the preparation process when garnishing your iced drink. Moreover, the strong flavor of your iced drink would be guaranteed if you use the brands obtained from a single source.

Q: What are the steps to use in preparing iced beverage drink before running?

A: You would be required to follow four simple steps in preparing your iced drink:

  1. First, you would have to place a bag in a glass
  2. Boil some water in the kettle heater and allow it to cool slightly
  3. Add 6 oz of the cooled water into the glass containing the bag then let it brew for an estimated 3-minute period.
  4. When you complete the steps above, take out the mixture, add 6 oz of ice and stir. You could take the iced drink as it is or you could add sugar or honey depending on what you prefer.


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