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Puma Sizing Chart: Do They Run Big or Small?

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Puma Sizing Chart: Do They Run Big or Small? Puma Sizing Chart: Do They Run Big or Small? www.runnerclick.com

Although they are not new to making and selling shoes, they are new to the world of running shoes. Puma has entered the scene with a big bang with their new products.

After signing Olympic great Molly Seidel as one of their sponsored athletes, Puma gets some serious attention. If you are looking to purchase Puma running shoes, you probably find yourself wondering, “Do they fit true to size? Do they run small?”

As you have come to expect of us at RunnerClick, when you have questions, we have answers. 

What Kinds of Puma Shoes are There?

Puma makes everything from casual wear to basketball shoes, golf shoes, and slide-on sandals. And, of course, we would be remiss if we failed to mention their new venture into running shoes. When the decision was made to try to break into the world of running, the German company knew they wanted to go big. 

The Puma Velocity running shoe launch was a game-changer for the company. In the first quarter of having the shoes available, Puma saw a 250% increase in running shoe sales. 

Puma Sizing

When figuring out what size Pumas to buy, people often compare the shoes to other name brands.

For example, if you look at Puma shoe sizing compared to Adidas, you will find that Pumas runs smaller. Adidas is one of the few brands with a reputation for running true to size. 

Comparing your Pumas to Nike shoes would be a closer match as both of those brands tend to run small.

Do Puma Sneakers Run Small?

Why yes… yes, they do. You should consider sizing up at least half a size, maybe even a full size larger.

Many runners find that sizing up helps their feet be comfortable since feet tend to swell as you wear the shoes over the day.

Puma Shoes Sizing Charts

When choosing a size, you may find a sizing chart to come in handy. With a chart like the one below, you can compare sizes in Europe to the United States.

You can also learn the length of the shoe in centimeters if you are wondering if the shoe will fit long enough for you. 

The women’s sizing chart is slightly different than the one for men. Luckily, we also found a sizing guide for youth. 

Women’s Shoes


Men’s Shoes


Little Kid’s Shoes

10.56.625 in27.59.527.527.527.5
116.75 in2810282828
127.125 in2911292929
137.5 in3112313131
17.75 in3213323232
1.58 in32.513.532.532.532.5
28.125 in331333333
2.58.25 in341.5343434
38.5 in34.5234.534.534.5
3.58.625 in352.5353535

Junior Shoes

48.75 in35.5335.535.535.5
4.59 in363.5363636
59.125 in374373737
5.59.25 in37.54.537.537.537.5
69.5 in385383838
6.59.625 in38.55.538.538.538.5
79.75 in396393939

The Best Puma Running Shoes?

Thinking about entering the world of Puma running shoes? There are a bunch of great options out there. 

Topping the list are:

  1. Axelion Spark: This shoe is high on versatility and function. It is designed for everything from running to cross-training, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. 
  2. Ultraride: This is an ultralight model with a flashback feel regarding style. 
  3. Pacer Next Cage: Built with a minimalist upper, this shoe has a soft and cushioned insole. 

Puma Suede

The Puma suede shoes are a classic design that people love because they can either dress them up or down. When thinking about Puma suede sizing, you can count on the shoe being true to size regarding length.

However, they are typically on the narrow side

Since the Puma suede is typically more casual than an actual athletic shoe, they are considered comfortably versatile. 

Puma Golf Shoes

Avid golfers can attest that Puma makes a quality golf shoe. Wondering if Puma golf shoes run big or small?

Like the suede shoes, they are typically accurate in length but on the narrow side. The wide Puma golf shoe may fit more like a normal or regular shoe in other brands. 

Although Puma golf shoes are made to last and comfortable golf in, you may want to try a pair before purchasing to ensure a good fit. 

Give ‘Em a Whirl

Next time you are looking for some quality shoes and apparel, you should consider giving Puma a look.

With the vast array of offerings they have in their repertoire of products, there is certain to be something for everyone. 

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