10 Best Triathlon Bike Helmets Tested & Reviewed


There are three important aspects that go into selecting a bike helmet–Safety, Aerodynamics and Comfort (the most important being safety).  Through the decades there has been a push to make helmets have as much protection as possible for all bike enthusiasts.  The MIPS or Multi-directional Impact Protection System has come a long way in innovation by using the slip plane concept.  It has a double layer protective barrier and was designed to prevent injury and concussion of the brain upon impact during an accident.

Last Updated: January 8, 2018
By Giselle Killebrew:

This page has been updated with recently released models as well as more efficient and improved helmet options that are currently available.

Giro Aerohead MIPS
  • Giro Aerohead MIPS
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Polycarbonate Shell
  • Price: See Here
Giro Air Attack
  • Giro Air Attack
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Wind tunnel-aided design
  • Price: See Here
Gray TT Aero
  • Gray TT Aero
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • DuraShell in-mold construction
  • Price: See Here

Trimming times is essential to those triathletes that want the time gains in speed when on the bike, and the aerodynamics that are implemented into the helmet have come along way in the science and technology. During the mid 1980’s, the aerodynamics inside the helmet were becoming somewhat improved but were still only available to few athletes.  It was only in the early 2000’s that both safety and air flow speed were finally inputted into the helmet, with a combination of an expanded polystyrene core. Wearing an aerodynamic helmet is proven to increase speed by up to 10-15 watts, in comparison to a traditional bike helmet. This additional feature is well worth the money if you are looking to shed your time.


10 Best Triathlon Bike Helmets


1. Giro Aerohead MIPS

The Aerohead MIPS Bike Helmet is one of the leading bike helmets on the market created by GIRO. It offers the leading protections from accidents and injuries using MIPS technology. It has a higher wind speed and ventilation for optimum performance. It is the leading helmet used by numerous triathletes as well as time trialists. The helmet keeps your head cool in the most competitive endurance runs. It has a polycarbonate shell, an impeccable wrap around eye shield and offers a strong magnetic anchor attachment for and lens flip up for an easy transition flow from swim to bike.
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Sitting over a smidge over 2 pounds, this polycarbonate made helmet is one of the best ventilated and safest helmet on the market. Sizing is a snap with Giro’s Super Fit Engineering that ensures the proper fit for all.

The visor on this helmet is one of the best on the market, offering long range visuals for long distance cyclists and give you those unobstructed views for safe riding.

Above average pricing for serious buyers
  • Best All Around Helmet on the Market
  • Polycarbonate Shell 
  • Lightweight
  • Increased Ventilation System Wide Long Range Visors
  • Flip up Visor for Simple Transition Great Selection of Styles
  • More Colors Possibly?

2. Gray Synergy TT Aero

Gray’s Synergy Sport Aerodome Helmet weighs the least out of all of the helmets that were reviewed at a mere 345 grams, but don’t let the weight fool you. This helmet gives you maximum performance for triathlon rides as well as for the Velodrome. It has an internal and adjustable channel system for air velocity and a complete Sure Fit adjustable system to ensure proper fit in one helmet for all sizes. There are flexible ear side panels guaranteed not to crack and speaking of guarantee. Gray offers a lifetime crash warranty.
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This helmet is preferred by most triathletes and is considered one of the most aerodynamic helmets on the market. With a four vent internal channeling and a very light and streamlined design it virtually shaves off seconds in a race or trial.

The lifetime warranty not only covers unexpected crashes, it also is fully warranted against any damage or defect that was the fault of the manufacture, its material or workmanship.

Moderate pricing with a warranty included.
  • Extremely lightweight and slim lined
  • One sizes fits all with adjustable dials
  • Flexible material to prevent cracking
  • Extra padding included with all new helmet purchases Comfortable against neck fatigue  
  • Lifetime Crash Warranty
  • Low Drag
  • Fits 95% of cyclists - not all
  • Limited style options - Comes in only two colors 

3. ​Lazer Tardiz Aero TT

The Tardiz Aero TT Helmet made by Tardiz, a company who has been in business since 1919, is specially made for the athlete that enjoys the extra touches in a helmet. It has a special Aquavent and a top surface port for additional ventilation and to pour water onto your head in which the water is evenly delivered to the entire surface of the head. This cooling process provides efficiency in both your rides and your time trials. A Dual Layer surrounding the helmet gives you maximum speed airflow along with the Rollsys Retention System, adjustable head basket for movement and it’s sleek design delivers a magnetic buckle for an easy transition time. There is also an optional lens attachment and sunglass earpads as an extra bonus.
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Size and fit is imperative, especially for long arduous rides during competition. Lazer’s has an answer for that with their Rollsys technology. This technology lets the rider adjust the helmet symmetrically, which allows pressure points to be eased inside the helmet.

Time is very imperative in a Triathlon and struggling with you helmet buckle can cost you precious time in both trials and competition. The Aero TT helmet has a magic buckle with a magnetic mechanism that will instantly snap together and stay put throughout your ride.

Moderate to Pricey depending on color
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Rollsys Retention System
  • Seven Additional Add on to Helmet (Sold Separately)
  • Eight Colors to choose from
  • Available in Three Sizes
  • Special Padding for Odor
  • Magnetic Clasps and a Magic Buckle for Super Easy Transition Water Hole on
  • top for Quick Cooldown
  • Earpiece can be uncomfortable 

4. Giro Vanquish

The Giro Vanquish is an Aero helmet designed to replace Giro’s Air Attack. It’s improved Aerodynamic design and RocLoc Air fit system makes this helmet a new and improved version of its’s predecessor. The Vanquish is a high-performing and comfortable helmet that is sure to help you improve both your time and speed.
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Giro specifically wanted to improve both their ventilation and over all aesthetic design with this helmet—and they achieved it. While its’ wind ventilation system is not comparable to helmets like the Synth, or other TT helmet, it is much improved from the Air attack and better than other Aero helmets.

Weighing in at 305 grams without the shield, and 355 grams with it, this helmet is both lightweight and comfortable. Its’ best feature is the magnetic (and removable) eye shield. This shield uses a Zeiss lens that is perfectly and comfortably positioned for each rider—a rare feature found in visor-style helmets. The Aerodynamic concept used on the Vanquish has been shown to lead to improved speed and time

Cost is on the high end of the spectrum but it is well worth the investment.
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Magnet Vivid Eye Shield by Zeiss
  • Wind Tunnel Ventilation 
  • RocLoc Air MIPS
  • Sleek Design
  • Ventilation system is still not up to par when compared to TT helmets (hot). 

5. Rudy Project Wing 57

The Rudy Project Wing 57 is a new and improved version of the previous Ruby Project Wingspan helmet. Its' sleek design, comfort, and breathability is a perfect match for riders looking for a helmet they can use for an extended period of time.
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This road and wind tested helmet was developed with the help of Aero expertise, John Cob. Its Aerodynamic design combined with its flow through air vents provides you with a high performing and comfortable helmet

Weighing in at 390 grams (with the visor attached) this helmet is lightweight and perfect for triathlons and races. It's also comes equipped with a removeable tail cover and visor, to better suit whichever option you prefer.

Cost or Value
Pricey but Worth its--so make sure it fits your specific needs.
  • Removable Tail Cover
  • Removable Visor
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Exceptional Breathability
  • High Price
  • Difficult to Transition (removal of visor and tail) 

6. Louis Garneau P-09

The sleek and comfortable design provided by the Lois Garneau P-09 TT Helmet is what makes this helmet stand out the most. This high quality and expertly crafted helmet comes in four different colors and has become known for its high-performance features. The texturized golf ball technology incorporated at the front of the helmet creates the optimum speed for riders to pick up extra wind speed and improves airflow
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Weighing in at 350 grams, this helmet is lightweight, comfortable, and efficient. It is also known as the easiest helmet to put on and take off, thanks to its retractable ear feature.

TheLous Garneau p-09 also comes equipped with their patented stabilizing Spiderlock Pro TT system. This stabilizing system provides you with optimal stabilization and neck support during your rides. It also come equipped with a removeable lens and a ventilation system that is guaranteed to keep you cool and maintain continuous airflow while riding.

Cost and Value
Pricey, but well worth the cost.
  • Lightweight
  • 4 Vent Air Circulation
  • Retract ear for quick transiton
  • Spiderlock Pro II for Head and Neck Comfort
  • Highly Aerodynamic
  • Pro lock adjustment straps
  • removable visor
  • difficult visor attachment 

7. Giro Advantage 2

If you are a fan of the Tour De France and the Olympics and are looking for a great helmet to give you both the speed and times of these top notch athletes, look no further. The Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet is wind tested, has been worn by more riders and is proven to have the levels of quality, ventilation and comfort that a only a true performer desires.
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The Giro’s patented RocLoc 5 fit system fits keeps the helmet in place and firm. It comes in three sizes and has an inner mold construction that conforms with the different ratios of each head.

This helmet has some pretty cool ventilation channels that start in the front of the helmet and surround almost the entire top, giving you the chance to wear it in both the hottest of summers and the coolest temperatures in the fall and winter.

Cost or Value
Low to Moderate Pricing depending on Style
  • Deep Channeling for Ventilation
  • RocLoc 5 System
  • Comfort is Good
  • Great Helmet Aesthetics
  • Fast Times against High Wind Speeds
  • Size up (Use the Sizing Guide for Accurate Fit)
  • Colors are limited
  • Ear Flaps are Snug and Not Attached

8. Gray TT Aerodome

If you are on the lookout for a clean flexible aerodynamic helmet, look no further. The Gray Triathlon/Time Aerodome Helmet is the one for you. It is one of the lightest helmets weightwise on the market, sizing up at a slender 345 grams. The internal channeling sits at 4 openings and gives you the quickness and speed with a high impact aeroflow. It’s side panels are highly flexible. The inner molding and lining scream a loud red and has a pretty good firmness to keep the helmet in place. A Lifetime Warranty is also included on crashes and repairs.
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If you're looking for an easy on easy off transition, the Gray TT Aerodome Helmet is a great choice. It has a very simple adjustability system and a chin strap protector that clasps very quickly.

The inner core of the helmet and padding was made for both safety and comfort and for those who need the extra coverage there is an easy insert for additional padding.

Cost or Value
Relatively inexpensive for what you get
  • Lightweight (345 grams)
  • Extreme Internal Ventilation Channeling
  • Flexible Side Panels
  • In Mold Construction with a Durashell
  • Extra Inner Padding Included
  • Does not have attachment for Aero Eye Shield
  • Helmet Tail may cause Too Much Drag for Some

9. Giro Trinity

The Giro Trinity Helmet stands by its affordability and is engineered with a 29 vent cooling mechanism that protects the rider from overheat. The safety technology in the Giro uses a styro mold that free forms to the head. Its is both odor and sweat free. The foam technology provides provides structural integrity and has added reflective safety for the evening rider, plus it comes in eleven solids with both even and contrasting colors.
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The inner core mold to your head is added for decreased injury in accidents which is one of the most important aspect in your helmet.

There is an adjustable ratchet system helmet dial to ensure proper fit along with the twenty two vents to keep you head dry and from excess moisture and cool from the heat. They also provide the maximum speed for those times when time is of the essence.

Affordable for all types of cyclists
  • Internal Styrofoam for head protection
  • Great Air Flow
  • Lightweight
  • Assorted Colors
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Reflective 
  • Some may want to size down
  • Scratches easy
  • Not preffered by those who like extreme amounts of padding inside

10. Giro Air Attack

The Giro Attack Bike Helmet has all the bells and whistle when it comes to safety, performance and airflow. It is lightweight and the aerodynamics is superb and compact. The design was adopted by their first air attack design and has the same features aesthetic features with a few added bonuses. The extreme aerodynamic design has a Roc Loc Air system that slices through the air for added speed. There is a removable eye protector and an easy adjustable chin strap. The Giro Attack is an all around bargain helmet that can be used for Triathlons or everyday bike rides.
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The helmet that you choose should be safe, but comfort is also a must to go along with that, especially when it comes to doing long distance runs. It is lightweight with a mesh interlining and maneuvers easily for a quick attachment in order to keep with time.

This helmet has an excellent aero and drag profile and has a surprising amount of air ventilation to both keep your head cool and give you the headwind needed for speed.

Moderate Price, depends on the color and style.
  • Protective Foam
  • Good Ventilation
  • Added Visor for enhanced optics (Can wear your prescription sunglasses)
  • Wind Tunnel design
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Good for long distance races and short bike rides
  • Not ergonomical for some  
  • Visor could be longer 
  • Magnets to hold visors may not sustain extreme headwinds

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of our article. Now, we will focus on how to choose the  best product and there will be more information about helmets.

The Criteria That We Used For Evaluation Of The Best Triathlon Bike Helmets

After our reviews, it’s time to show you how we picked up the top 10. It wasn’t an easy task but we’ve made up a list with most important factors.


When the cycling is developing more and more, there’s growing need for safety. Cycling may be a nice hobby but it can be also an extreme sport. That’s why people started to upgrade the design of the helmet in order to enlarge safety. As there are many accidents connected with cyclists, governments in many countries decided to put forward the standards and requirements that manufacturers should meet. These standards have different names in different regions of the world.

In United states. Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC) must approve the product, In Europe, it’s CE( Conformité  Européenne ) and in Australia, it’s AN/ NZS.

When it comes to safety, hard and durable material is the key for our protection. Polystyrene is the most common used material. It’s main aim is to absorb the shock and when there’s an accident with big impact, it may even crack. It’s normal and you shouldn’t be shocked- just don’t use it more.


There’s no way that the helmet will provide protection if it doesn’t fit.  How to check if the helmet fits you? At first, you need a helmet that is tight enough. We know that many of you don’t like have anything on the head because it’s heavy and there may appear sweating problems. However, wearing the helmet tight enough is essential. This is because, when you wear your helmet too loose, it may easily come off your head. This may especially happen during the bike accident and without the helmet, the risk of serious injury or even death is very high. Of course, it can’t be too tight as your head needs blow flood. Even if it’s worn tight, you should be able to wear it for many hours. The straps should form the V and they should meet just under the ear. You need to see everything so if helmet slips to much over your eyes, try to adjust a little more tightness. Even if you try to twist your helmet, there should be only little movement. The helmet line should be a little above your eyebrows. There are many different designs of the helmets and many different shapes. The best option is to try on many various models and choose the best one.


Many people is really surprised when they get to know that the lighter helmet it is, the more expensive it is. It may sound really ridiculous as first but it’s true. You may wonder why it’s so hard to make lightweight helmet. You may think that’s only a lot of special materials and holes in it. However, even though, there’s really good material, it has tendency to split. This is why manufacturers use hard plastic shell to provide more protection for our heads. Also additional straps are added in order to be able to adjust the tightness.  A weight may be also a big obstacle for those who don’t like big, chunky  helmets because it can really have a big impact on the comfort. Don’t expect your helmet to be very lightweight, as without padding and additional safety features, your ride won’t be safe.

Helmet’s ventilation

Keeping cool is crucial for triathletes as it’s much more comfortable for them to ride without sweat all over the head. It may be a little problem here – if you want more air flow, you get less padding. Less padding means that your ride is less safety. You need to balance those two factors. The ventilation  system isn’t very complicated. There are usually holes in the helmet to provide air flow. However, if you really want to stay cooled down, look also for products with special design. We mean that there should be also special channels inside the helmet and thanks to them, the air can reach the hottest parts of the head. Good ventilation system will let you enjoy riding for many hours even if you have problem with over-sweating.

The Other Criteria

Here are some points that you may take into consideration while searching for the best product.

Size and look

The size is a big problem while choosing the helmets. It’s really hard to find the best size because many people are usually between sizes. You can wear smaller size but you must be aware that it will be very tight. If you feel like your blow flood is decreased, better buy a larger size. When your helmet is too big, it may not give you enough protection and it may come off your head and during the accident, it’s really dangerous. You can wear for example a cap or something and then you put the helmet on and it should be okay. You can easily measure your head- just put the tape measure around your head. It should be the largest part of your head so it’s little above the eyebrows. Next thing is the matter of look or design. How do you want your helmet to look like. We are sure that you know the look is less important than safety and comfort but who would like wear something ugly? No one. Try to find a helmet that above all the basic factors like providing safety, comfort, size has also nice appearance. While reading reviews, we found out that people complain very much about not big enough range of colors. It’s really useful to find helmet with flashy or white colors in order to be visible. Helmet with reflective lines or logo is also extra both for us and for drivers.


On our list, there are helmets that cost around 100 dollars but there are also products that cost around 300. We don’t want to say that the more expensive the helmet is, the better it is- it’s really untrue. However, the high price of some of the products on our list doesn’t come from nowhere. Extra padding, more ventilation and weight are the factors that decide what will be the price of the product. Triathlon is very demanding and we must be clear- accidents happen. Even if you’re very careful, the one second may decide. We think that life is priceless and spending even 300 dollars for the helmet is a decision that is reasonable. What’s more, you will be able to use a helmet not only for triathlon. High quality helmets can stay with you for years and you can wear even during short ride around the city. There are also many sales and even 20% discount is a lot. Don’t waste your money for cheaply made helmets only because they cost less. Your safety is the priority and stick to this rule.

Does it have guarantee and where to look for the product?

You may not even know how important the guarantee can be in case of helmets. The main task of the helmet is to protect your head from damages. What happens if you decide to buy product for 200 dollars and few days after, because of accident, your helmet is useless. You really need to look for helmet’s with good guarantee. Of course, not every manufacturer will give you a new helmet because you had destroyed the previous one, but there are brands that offer this kind of service. What’s more, guarantee is a good thing when your helmet was deliver damaged or with defects.

And what about the way of shopping? In this case, it will be better for you to find the product in the store. It’s rather hard to purchase the helmet without trying it on. The fit is a key to safe and comfortable ride so don’t hesitate and visit the nearest store. At least, you can find an appropriate size and then check if on the Internet it is cheaper.

Additional features

When we were talking about the look, we mentioned that reflective symbols on the helmet may be very useful. They’re not the only features that we can have – there are much more of it. Have you ever had this feeling of being blinded by the Sun. We know this feeling very well and that’s why we want you to know that there’s solution for it- visor. It is attached to the helmet and it makes much easier for us to see. The visor isn’t usually very heavy so it won’t be much to the weight of the product. There are some models that have special protection for the chin. Manufacturers are aware that people are very demanding and they won’t to look good and feel comfortable with the product- that’s why special hair ports are growing in popularity. If you want to wear a helmet and a ponytail at the same time, it won’t be a problem. Less common feature is lighting in the helmet which can make you even more visible for the others.


The topic of helmets is endless as this piece of biking equipment is very popular not only among professionals but also among amateurs. That’s why we have a list of questions that are very common when it comes to helmets. Read the questions and check if you don’t know the answer. Enjoy!

Q.What is MIPS Technology?

A.MIPS Technology stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System Technology. This is the method of constructing helmets that gives more protection than the previous methods.  How it is done?  If your helmet has MIPS Technology, there’s an additional layer in your helmet. It can reduce rotational forces-a one of two forces that can appear during  bike accidents. The other force is called linear. Whenever you have an accident, there’s usually combination of these two forces. It means that MIPS can give you more protection in particular cases. MIPS is a new technology, invented in Sweden and has been tested for almost 20 years. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional cyclists or you just use bike for relax, it’s really worth to have a helmet with MIPS.

Q.I’ve heard about different types of bike helmets. Can you describe them?

A. Yes, here are the mos popular types of bike helmets:

Recreational helmets are the simplest type of helmet. They are used for recreation as the title implies, or by people who commute to work.

Recreational helmets are an economical choice for recreational, commuter, road and mountain bikers; they’re also popular with skateboarders and inline skaters. They often include visors to shield your eyes from the sun.

Road helmets have more advanced aerodynamics and manufacturers try to make them the lightest they can. Cycling on the road may be dangerous and that’s why this type of helmet provide a wide view and you will be able to pick the car out.

Mountain helmets are perfect for people who ride downhill and they need good ventilation. As the terrain is very demanding and it’s really easy to get hurt, helmet has very hard shell and the straps are very firm.

Q.How should I take care of my helmet?

A.That’s a good question. Here we go with a piece of advice. The first important thing is cleaning. You shouldn’t clean your helmet with very harsh chemicals. Mild soup and water will be the best solution. You need to keep your helmet in dry and cool place. Too much heat is never good idea. The little bubbles may appear on your helmet and you won’t be able to use it again so attic or car trunk aren’t the best places for helmet. The thing that may seem strange is that you shouldn’t lend your helmet. You never know what happened to your helmet when it wasn’t on your head. This is a big thing because if there was a crash, your helmet needs to be replaced. You can’t use your helmet even if it wasn’t destroyed because you don’t know if it still works well.

Q.How will I know that I need a new helmet?

A.You are always obliged to replace your helmet after crash. Even if it looks okay, it may not work so it won’t provide safety. However, if you didn’t have any crash and you don’t know how long can you use it, most manufacturers recommend to replace the helmet after 4 or 5 years of usage. Helmets are rather durable but there will come the time when it will be too old and less safe for you.

Comfort is also key for long rides and neck easement. It has to stay put and not overheat. The chin strap needs to stay secure and not pinch or be uncomfortable.  The earflaps on the aerodynamics helmets need to stay put and be comfortable for the long course races and you have to make sure that you have an overall overheating mechanism built with the helmet whether that be a water spout at the base of the helmet or the overall material to keep your head from the infamous overheat

With that said, we have selected six of the best helmets on the market to date that will cover all of the those questions, plus give you the most bang for your buck.


Selecting the perfect helmet can be difficult purchase to make.  You have to consider safety and whether a MIPS helmet would be a great fit.  Then there is of course, the aerodynamics to consider in order to shave off as much time as possible on both trials and competitively.

Comfort is just as important.  It has to fit your head right without moving too much and the size is imperative because you don’t want a tight fitting helmet. The cooling mechanisms are a must for even the most serious cyclist and you have to be able to put water into the helmet for a fast and rapid cool down.  All of the helmets reviewed have a combination of what athletes and triathletes alike are looking for, now it is just a matter of choosing one and getting out there for fun, competition and a healthier lifestyle.


While our research, we use many different reviews, websites and etc. We look only for true information on reliable pages and here are the sources that we’ve used for this article. Check it out!

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