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Boonie Hat Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Boonie Hats Reviewed in 2020
Unlike general hats or ball caps, boonie hats have some very important, practical, and functional features including protection from UV ray, sunlight, sands and even from light raindrop and moisture. Aside from their functionality, they come in varying styles, colors, even patterns so you can still k...
10 Best Winter Coats for Extreme Cold Buying Guide
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10 Best Winter Coats for Extreme Cold
In every season, people always have certain minor personal battles to face. During spring, you may be required to make a choice on when you would see it fit to switch from wearing pants to skirts because of the state of the atmosphere around you. During summer the task is usually directed towards fin...
An in-depth review of the best contact solutions in 2018 Buying Guide
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10 Best Contact Solutions Reviewed & Rated for Quality
While these products are designed to perform virtually the same function, they are different in a number of ways. However, many buyers and users are not aware of these differences. Some people buy because of brand loyalty while several others pick a brand because it is easily available. Regardless, m...
An in-depth review of the best weight lifting gloves in 2018. Buying Guide
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Best Weight Lifting Gloves Reviewed & Rated for Quality
Lifting gloves provide protection for your skin and joints. They provide a better workout experience and they keep your wrists supported and reduce injury.  When you are looking for your perfect pair, your personal comfort level is important to take into account.  You will never use a product to work...
An in-depth review of the best cooling vests in 2018 Buying Guide
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Best Cooling Vests Reviewed & Rated for Quality
The summer heat can be a runner’s greatest enemy, especially when you already live in a warmer climate. It can be a crucial to protect yourself against the chance of overheating. Many of us may remember to throw on sunscreen, but many runners don’t think about using a cooling vest. The last thing you...
an in-depth review of the best phone screen protectors of 2018. Buying Guide
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Best iPhone and Android Screen Protectors Reviewed
For most runners, their accessories are the most important to help them track their progress and ensure improved runs. The most important of them is their cell phones that are today equipped with apps and accessories to make any routine easier. Therefore it is vital to consider measures that would pr...
our list of the 10 best winter cycling gear fully reivewed Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Winter Cycling Gear Fully Reviewed
Dedicated cyclists don’t necessarily stop just because the temperature drops a little bit. Actually, a lot of them don’t stop in subzero weather and even harsher conditions. Whether you’re a diehard cyclist who does it to stay in shape and for the love of the sport, or you’re someone who likes to com...
a list of the 10 best bike lights fully reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Bike Lights Fully Reviewed
Changing up your commute by biking to work has countless benefits for you, and the environment. Getting outside and exercising before and after work is great for your physical and mental health, and can improve your performance in the office as well as reduce your carbon footprint. However, poorly li...
our list of the 10 best hand warmers Buying Guide
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10 Best Hand Warmers Tested & Reviewed
Cold weather is one of the most difficult to overcome obstacles for runners. Dressing in layers so that you can remain mobile and sweat free without overheating is a challenging give and take process. Even if you have the right gloves and socks it still may not be enough. If you are looking for a mea...
the 10 best first aid kids reviewed and compared Buying Guide
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10 Best First Aid Kits for Home and Cars Tested And Reviewed
There are many things we can control when it comes to our health, such as our meal plans and scheduled workouts. However, we can’t control emergency situations. But we can plan ahead to prepare us if we are faced with one.  No matter how strong we think we are, even the most elite athletes get injure...
Best pepper sprays for runners Buying Guide
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10 Best Pepper Sprays For Self Defense Compared
Pepper sprays for runners may seem like more of a precaution rather than a necessity, but like the old cliché goes: “better to be safe than sorry.” You never know what could happen when you're out on a run during the morning or the evening. Some dogs can escape their leashes or their homes without th...
A list of the Best Tools for Foot Arch Support Buying Guide
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Best Tools for Foot Arch Support Reviewed
If you're on the hunt for the best tools for arch support, then you've come to the right place! Here you'll find the best options available for arch support in 2018 along with their Pros & Cons and what to look for before making your purchase. If you're one of the many people that need arch suppor...
The top picks for running gear at night Buying Guide
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10 Best Night Running Gear Reviewed
There are plenty of reasons to prefer running at night. Many runners have lives outside of running and sometimes it's just more convenient. Some like to use running as a physical and emotional cool down before heading to bed. Running at night is also a lot more physically cooler, making it great for ...
Our list of the best bike helmets for triathlons Buying Guide
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10 Best Triathlon Bike Helmets Tested & Reviewed
Through the decades there has been a push to make helmets have as much protection as possible for all bike enthusiasts.  The MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) has come a long way in innovation by using the slip plane concept.  It has a double layer protective barrier and was designed ...
Best reflective gear for running at night Buying Guide
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10 Best Pieces of Reflective Running Gear Reviewed in 2020
Both those early and late night runs can be some of the most tranquil experiences out there, but unfortunately, they also present a significant risk. During these dark hours vision is especially limited, putting you at risk if you aren’t easily visible. As runners ourselves, we understand that man...
The best sunscreen for use while running Buying Guide
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Best Sunscreen For Runners Compared in 2020
As the scorching summer months set in, runners need to consider a number of precautions. While many of these relate to hydration, taking care of your skin is equally important. Sunburn can happen in as little as 10 minutes in high exposure to a UV index of 10 or higher. In a worst case scenario, you ...
In depth review of the Suunto Core
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Suunto Core
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Tuomas Vohlonen invented and patented the production method for the ground-breaking liquid-filled compass, ensuring better readings and increased accuracy of measurement for all outdoor athletes. From that moment in 1936 when Suunto was just coming into being to today, this company has grown to manuf...
LED Lenser SEO3 is an excellent running headlamp.
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LED Lenser SEO3 Fully Reviewed for Quality
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The LED Lenser SEO3 is a device that functions as a headlamp. Its application is best suited for jobs that require one to be hands-free. Campers, hikers, construction workers, and runners will find this headlamp to be incredibly useful and versatile. This headlamp features an array of light settings ...
The Yaktrax Run has a good track record of adding grip to your shoes.
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Yaktrax Run
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The Yaktrax Run is a unique traction piece of equipment that is designed to provide runners with the confidence to tackle slippery, winter conditions. Yaktrax run makes it possible for runners to maintain their training even through the treacherous winter months. Runners love that this product allows...
Salomon Low Trail Gaiters are great for helping you run better.
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Salomon Low Trail Gaiters Fully Reviewed for Quality
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Salomon is a trusted name in adventure sports and running adventures. They have created a protective, comfortable product in their low trail gaiters that are designed to keep runners protected from debris that can interfere with their best performance. The unique material used in these gaiters allows...
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