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our list of the 10 best mountain bike helmets Buying Guide
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10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Fully Reviewed & Compared
Mountain biking is an exciting but dangerous sport that carries with it a risk for brain injury. Experienced and novice riders alike should invest in a quality mountain bike helmet as regular road bike helmets will not provide the coverage needed for falls on the trail. With advancements in design an...
Best pepper sprays for runners Buying Guide
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10 Best Pepper Sprays For Self Defense Compared
It may be hard to shop for a product that, hopefully, you will never have to use. Carrying pepper spray is about peace of mind and being able to do any activity, not just running, with a sense of security. In an instance that you would have to use pepper spray it will not only keep you safe, but insu...
A list of the Best Tools for Foot Arch Support Buying Guide
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Best Tools for Foot Arch Support Reviewed
Arch support is not only comfortable, but it is important for preventing injuries and providing long term structure for the foot. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. As soon as you feel any soreness in the arch, heel, or forefoot, throwing an arch support into whatever shoes you are wear...
The top picks for running gear at night Buying Guide
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10 Best Night Running Gear Reviewed
If you love to run at night you may already know that you need to gear up properly, but do you know the gear that you will need? There are a lot of good reasons to run in the dark. A run in the early morning to help you build up to the beginning the day. A run late at night to help unwind befo...
Our list of the best bike helmets for triathlons Buying Guide
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10 Best Triathlon Bike Helmets Tested & Reviewed
There are three important aspects that go into selecting a bike helmet--Safety, Aerodynamics and Comfort (the most important being safety).  Through the decades there has been a push to make helmets have as much protection as possible for all bike enthusiasts.  The MIPS or Multi-directional Impact Pr...
Best reflective gear for running at night Buying Guide
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10 Best Reflective Running Gear Products Tested
Searching for Reflective Running Gear? Take a look at the best reflective gear, Pros & Cons and what to be aware of before purchasing online or in a store. When it comes to running, hitting the road early to watch the sunrise or starting late to soak up a peaceful, starry night are some of the...
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