Brooks Dyad 11

The Brooks Dyad 11 is a running shoe that has the heart of a neutral trainer with the bones of a great stability shoe.

It has a simplistic design that cradles your foot in place, and plenty of room to add your own orthotics for flat-footed runners.

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Pros & Cons
Robust PU heel counter for increased lockdown
Great distribution of weight feels light
Seamless upper contours to the shape of your foot
Provides excellent stability in the medial and lateral side of the foot
10 mm drop is great for heel strikers
Great for nice and easy tempo runs
Very durable outsole
Midsole cushioning feels a little too stiff
The outsole is not very flexible
Not ideal for long-distance running
Key Features
Key Features

Unfortunately, the midsole fell a little flat for most runners. If you love a light and cushioned midsole that really inspires you to hit the pavement, this midsole design is a little underwhelming.

It is composed of Brooks proprietary BioMoGo DNA foam cushioning that adapts to your unique weight distribution to provide targeted support, but the use of this advanced midsole doesn’t quite hit its stride.

While BioMoGo DNA cushioning is great, it’s not well utilized in this design. Overall, this midsole feels a little too stiff due to the thinner midsole cushioning and very stiff outsole.

First impressions of this shoe were typically were a little underwhelming, and it didn’t provide runners with that classic bounce that Brooks is known for in their stability trainers.

While the midsole cushioning falls a little flat, this shoe makes up for it in its additional support. This shoe boasts dual arch Pods that land under the medial and lateral arch that provide unique stability and control without the use of rockers or guide rails. They act as a guidance system without all of the extra weight.

It also provides runners with more than enough room inside to add your customized orthotics. If you wish that this shoe had just a little more cushioning, you can always add a more cushioned orthotic to this shoe.


In true Brooks fashion, the outsole of the Dyad 11 is insanely durable. It boasts high abrasion rubber that is made to withstand hundreds of miles while showing very few signs of overall wear and tear.

While it’s durable, it suffers a bit in flexibility. It has flex grooves built into the rubber on the forefoot, but many runners felt that these flex grooves didn’t quite rise to meet the challenge.

The rubber may feel a bit stiff and heavy, but there is plenty to love about the design of this outsole. The heel counter boasts a segmented crash pad that is split down the middle that works to keep your gait cycle nice and even.

With a 10 mm drop and higher cushioning in the heel counter, the outsole of this shoe is great for heavy heel strikers that suffer from knee or joint pain when running on hard and unforgiving surfaces.

It’s also important to note that the lugs on this design are modest but heavy-duty enough to tackle simple trails.

Ideally, the outsole of this shoe works best when running on the treadmill or sidewalks around the neighborhood. This style of rubber also grips slick sidewalks incredibly well.


In previous designs of the Dyad, the upper was a little problematic. The Dyad 11, however, has effectively fixed all of the problems in the upper to provide a super comfortable and smooth ride.

This upper has been redesigned to limit seamlines, and this seamless upper will not rub up against the top of your feet as you run.

It boasts nice and breezy vent holes that work to lift hot air up and away from your feet to keep them cool and dry.

The most notable feature of this redesigned upper lies in the construction of the heel counter. Most TPU or PU heel counters stop short at the edge of your Achilles, while the Dyad 11 runs all the way to the front of your laces.

This high-end heel counter helps to add a bit of stability to your heels (which is perfect for heavier runners) and it boosts the overall lockdown of this shoe to keep it firmly in place as you run.


The Dyad series isn’t one of Brooks’s most popular running shoes because it is geared to a very specific audience. This unique running shoe is specifically designed for neutral runners that have flat feet and that need a little extra stability and control in their trainers.

Overall, I would recommend this running shoe for those that need a little extra support in their arches, as well as a stiffer shoe that can handle heavier weight.

It’s a great starting point for newbie runners that could benefit from a stiffer shoe that helps to even out your gait cycle, or for those that simply need a great walking shoe (or for those that stand on their feet all day at work).

The insanely supportive heel counter and 10 mm drop also make it the perfect option for heavier runners.

More advanced runners may find that the midsole cushioning falls flat when racking up the miles, or for days where you want to pick up the pace. More experienced runners may benefit more from shoes such as the Adrenaline or the Ghost.


Another great feature of the Brooks Dyad 11 is that it boasts a very accommodating fit. Runners have found that this shoe runs true to size, so if you are a size 10 in other Brooks training shoes, the same can be said for the Dyad 11.

If you have never tried Brooks running shoes before, be sure to take ample measurements of your feet and compare them to the Brooks sizing chart.

I think this shoe really shines in its accommodating fit. The toe box is built slightly wider than many other running shoes, which gives your toes plenty of room to naturally splay inside of the shoe. When your toes can spread out, it gives you much more stability and control throughout your gait cycle.

The interior of this shoe also provides plenty of room to add your own orthotics, which is one of Dyad’s biggest selling features.

It’s a shoe that is made for flat-footed runners, and it can sometimes be a little bit difficult to find a shoe that provides enough interior space to add your own orthotics.

This model gives you plenty of room to add a very thick and supportive orthotic without changing the overall fit of this running shoe.


The price of the Brooks Dyad 11 runs par for the course. It’s not the most expensive running shoe out there on the market, but it isn’t exactly budget-friendly. It hits that sweet spot between high-end performance and a reasonable price point.

As some of the bigger brands premiere modern running shoes with modern designs and technology, the price tag has crept up right along with the advancement in design.

What I love most about the Dyad 11 is that it boasts the same advanced features as some of the other similar styles out there on the market, but kept the price point the same.
Comparisons to Previous Versions
There haven’t been a lot of changes between the Dyad 10 and the Dyad 11. At face value, it looks as if they changed very little in the rollout of their newest design.

The Dyad 11 still boasts the exact same rubber outsole with dual arch pods, and the two utilize the same style of BioMoGo DNA foam cushioning.

However, there have been some pretty big changes made to the design of the upper. The Dyad 10 has an upper that was chock full of uncomfortable seam lines, especially on the top of the foot. These seam lines had a tendency to rub into the top of your foot and cause uncomfortable blisters, even after breaking them in.

Brooks has fixed all of those issues in the upper with the Dyad 11 and crafted a completely seamless upper that feels lightweight and comfortable, and it won’t cause any rubbing or chafing on the top of your feet.
Are you a runner that falls into the very specific category that the Dyad 11 was designed? If you need a lot of extra arch support, or you have a hard time finding running shoes that accommodate thick and bulky inserts, the Dyad 11 is a great choice.

Due to the stiff nature of the outsole and insanely supportive heel counter, it is also a great choice for heavier runners that need a little extra stability as well.

While it has the heart of a neutral running shoe that keeps your stride nice and even, the bones of this shoe were designed for runners that need a little extra stability.

At first glance, it looks like your run-of-the-mill daily trainer. However, taking a deeper dive into the advanced features of this shoe reveals that there is a lot more going on inside than meets the eye.

The dual arch pods provide excellent arch support for flat feet, and the long heel counter works to keep your ankles nice and protected. Plus, the rooming interior provides more than enough room to add your favorite insert.
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