Brooks Mach 19

The Brooks Mach 19 gives cross-country athletes a slight edge with its super lightweight upper and key spike placement to leave your competitors in the dust.

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Pros & Cons
Pebax® Rnew spike plate is insanely durable and built for speed
Compression-molded EVA foam midsole for a comfortable ride from start to finish
asymmetric mesh upper for a snug and secure fit
Very breathable
Microfiber internal support system keeps feet cool and dry
Incredibly lightweight
The slim outsole doesn’t protect feet from sharp rocks
Key Features
Key Features

At first glance, the Mach 19 looks like an upper that is fastened to the spike plate, but it still possesses a great midsole. The slim compression-molded EVA foam midsole material in this shoe may be slim, but it does a great job at lending a little extra support where you need it most. When you slip your feet into this cross country shoe, you won’t notice the midsole materials immediately.

However, as you pick up the pace, this unique midsole foam kicks into gear to offer targeted impact absorption and comfort that mitigates impact absorption and is kind to your joints.

If you are expecting a plush ride, you will likely be disappointed with the performance of the midsole of this shoe. It’s a design that is made for speed, so Brook’s included just enough midsole cushioning to protect your knees and feet without weighing you down too much.

What runners love most about this compression-molded EVA foam is that it is just as supportive at the beginning of the race as it is at the end.


The outsole of the Mach 19 is where this shoe really shines. It is built with a Pebax® Rnew spike plate that offers high-end stability without a lot of extra bulk. This outsole may look thin and even a little flimsy, but it is built like a tank.

It provides runners with excellent flexibility and movement that feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all. The aggressive lugs and spikes on the outsole of this shoe are placed in key areas to help you maintain traction without a lot of extra weight.

One of the downsides to the minimalist design of this outsole is that runners will feel even bump and rock met on the trail. It doesn’t provide runners with any type of underfoot protection, which can feel a little uncomfortable on uneven terrains. However, keeping the outsole of this shoe minimalist means that there is less weight to hold you back.

Once you really start to pick up the pace, the outsole of this shoe provides a smooth ride that allows you to potentially find yourself in the first place!


The upper may look simple, but there is a lot going on inside of this shoe. The outside is composed of Brook’s proprietary 3D Fit Print overlays to help lock your feet in place. The materials used for the upper of this shoe are designed to lift hot air up and away in front of your feet to keep them cool and dry when you turn up the heat.

One of the very first things that I noticed about this shoe is that it boasts an asymmetric mesh upper that is made to contour to the natural shape of your foot.

This mesh material isn’t stretchy and the stiff materials help to keep your feet locked in place when running on uneven ground. When you lack up these shoes, the upper wraps around your foot like a cradle that keeps it firmly in place from start to finish.

It’s also important to note that it also has microfiber internal support that helps to wick away sweat to keep your feet nice and dry. When training for speed and distance, your feet are bound to get sweaty. When they get sweaty, they are more likely to shift around inside of the shoe.

By utilizing a microfiber internal support system, this shoe helps to wick away sweat so your feet always stay nice and dry which really helps with your shoe’s overall lockdown.


Cross-country competitors need something a little more aggressive when running through grassy terrain. The spikes built into the Mach 19 provide you with ample traction even on slick grass while the form-fitting upper keeps your stride speedy and bright.

When competing, cross country runners need to maintain a superior grip on the ground with an upper that is made to move. This lightweight and form-fitting upper almost feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all!

The unique construction of the spike plate with the design of the upper will give you a slight edge over your competitors. The slim design is one of the most agile running shoes out there on the market, while the aggressive lugs stick to the ground like Spiderman.

All of the features of this cross-country running shoe blend together into something that is lightning fast yet supportive in all the right places.

Whether you are running on dirt, grass, or the track - this outsole is designed to maintain superior control and grip until you cross that finish line.


For cross country competitions, a perfect fit is essential. When you are booking it to first place, the very last thing on your mind shoe be adjusting your running shoes. Overall, the fit of the Brooks Mach 19 checks all of the boxes to what runners need when competing.

The upper is composed of a tight-knit mesh with an asymmetric build that contours to the shape of your foot. This upper is designed like a saddle for your feet and the lacing system works to lift up the sides of the shoe to cinch around your foot like a glove.

Many runners found that this shoe not only runs true to size, but it fits like a dream. Since this cross-country running shoe is built slightly differently than your average pair of daily trainers, it’s important that you really take the time to determine the right size for your feet.

Even if you have worn Brook’s running shoes in the past, be sure to take good measurements of your foot and compare them to Brook’s sizing chart. Historically speaking, these running shoes can sometimes run a bit small, so you may need to opt for a half size larger than your average daily trainer.

If you can, it’s never a bad idea to head down to your local shoe store to give these shoes a test run before you make your purchase.


The Mach 19 isn’t the most affordable cross-country running shoe out there on the market, but it still comes in at a fairly affordable price point. You can certainly find spiked running shoes for a lower price point, but they lack the durability and overall performance of the Mach 19.

The performance features in this shoe may be simple, but they really shine out there on the track of the trails. It’s super lightweight and built for high speeds.

In fact, it is notated as one of the highest performing cross country shoes out there on the market, making it a shoe that is well worth the investment if your goal is to finish first!
Comparisons to Previous Versions
The changes made to the Mach 19 make it a more aggressive and durable racing shoe. While the Mach 18 performed quite well on cross-country terrains, it was a little lacking in overall durability. At a glance, the Mach 19 is a much more aggressive race-day shoe when compared to previous iterations in the Mach series.

One of the biggest changes made to this shoe is the construction of the spike plate. Previous versions hosted an outsole and spike plate that was very flexible and agile but fell short in speed and durability.

This updated spike plate in the Mach 19 is more durable and slightly stiffer. When applied to the track or the trails, this more aggressive midsole translates into higher speeds and durability that will last season after season.

The upper of this shoe has also been reworked to be much more breathable and provides a more customized fit. Previous versions utilized a good deal of synthetic overlays that boosted lockdown but had the tendency to run a little hot.

For Mach 19, Brooks ditched the hot synthetic overlays and instead replaced when with a cradle lacing system to help keep feet locked in place while staying cool and dry.
If you are looking for a slight edge come race-day, the Brooks Mach 19 is worth checking out. Overall, this shoe lands at the top of quite a few lists as one of the best cross-country training shoes out there on the market. So, what makes this shoe so special when compared to the dozens of similar spiked racing shoes?

The lightweight build of this Brooks shoe with key performance features really makes it stand out from the crowd. Weighing in at just 4.5 ounces, this shoe is lightweight, nimble, and provides targeted traction where you need it the most.

Additionally, this improvised design is much more durable than previous versions in the Mach series, and the slightly rigid outsole gives you a boost of speed without sacrificing traction and control.

If you want to finish first in your next race, the Brooks Mach 19 is worth checking out!
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