Brooks Hyperion Tempo

The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is a neutral daily training shoe that is built for speed. If you’re training for a race and need a shoe with good durability, a snappy and responsive midsole, and a lightweight frame, this shoe is worth adding to your running rotation.

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Pros & Cons
Great for speed and tempo runs
Nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH midsole is super responsive
Lightweight- weighs is at just over 7 ounces
Stretchy upper is very breathable
Wide and rounded toe box provides zippy toe-offs
Very flexible
Tongue loves to slide around
Thin laces make it difficult to craft a good lockdown
Not ideal for longer distances
Runs narrow
Key Features
Key Features

The midsole of the Brooks Hyperion Tempo utilizes DNA FLASH cushioning. It’s important to note that this style of cushioning doesn’t provide the same level of plush padding or bounce as other DNA midsole options in the Brooks lineup. When you want to go fast, DNA FLASH is the way to go.

What makes this midsole cushioning unique is that it is nitrogen-infused foam. While it sounds quite fancy, I didn’t exactly know what infusing nitrogen into the midsole actually did so I did a little digging.

Basically, infusing nitrogen into the foam amplifies the performance of the material the same way the salt amplifies the taste of food. Brooks DNA foam is soft yet responsive, and when injected with nitrogen it turns the dial up to an 11.

Often, when you want more padding or bounce, shoe manufacturers simply add more foam which adds to the overall weight of the shoe. With a nitrogen-infused midsole, runners get more cushioning and responsiveness without the additional weight and bulk.


To maintain that lightweight and energetic ride, Brooks added durable rubber in key areas of the foot with a good deal of exposed DNA FLASH foam to boost your overall agility. One of the very first things I noticed about this running shoe is that it is incredibly flexible underfoot.

Without a lot of extra weight from the rubber outsole, runners can pick up the pace easily or engage in dynamic agility work such as HIIT or CrossFit while wearing this shoe.

This shoe has durable rubber pads that focus primarily on the toe box and the heel counter. By placing rubber pads in high-impact areas and placing exposed EVA foam along the inside of the foot, it provides an agile feel that keeps you grounded down without hindering your full range of motion.

While this shoe is considered to be much more durable than its counterpart (the Hyperion Elite), it isn’t quite as durable as other trainers in the Brooks lineup.

This shoe is incredibly fast and nimble, but the limited rubber on the outsole will start to show signs of wear and tear even around the 100-mile mark.


The upper of this shoe is composed of stretch woven materials that really contour to the shape of your foot. The seamfree design limits the instances of hot spots and fits your foot like a glove.

The breathable knit upper works to lift hot air up and away from your foot where it quickly dries on the surface, making it a perfect companion for those hot summer runs.

What I also like about the construction of this upper is that it offers modest padding on the heel collar and the tongue. This padding is just enough to keep your feet cradled in 360 degrees of plush comfort, but not too thick and bulky that it will limit your full range of motion.

One of the downsides of this running shoe is that the tongue and lacing system is a little stubborn. Runners found that the tongue on this design just loved to migrate to the side of your foot, and the slick lacing system doesn’t really allow runners to tinker much with the overall fit of the shoe.

With the Tempo, you will just have to accept that the tongue will not want to stay in place no matter how much you play with the fit.


So, who is the Hyperion Tempo designed for, exactly? This neutral daily trainer is the perfect option for runners that want to shave a few seconds off of their PR. It’s a shoe that is flexible, nimble, and begs you to pick up the pace.

Many runners felt that this is a style of shoe that just melts into their feet on their daily runs, and they are so lightweight that you may even forget that they are there! It’s a great choice for neutral runners that don’t need a lot of extra padding or cushioning, and that simply want a fun and energetic ride.

If you are on the hunt for a long-distance running shoe, or you need a few stability features to help with overpronation, this shoe is not ideal.

It’s a vert minimalist running shoe that helps you run faster, and the cushioning in the midsole isn’t as plush or responsive as some of the other options in the Brooks lineup. For runners that prefer distance over speed may benefit more from the Brooks Glycerin series.


While Brooks running shoes offer a wide and accommodating fit, the Hyperion Tempo is a little different. This shoe is built for speed, which means that it runs a tad narrow in the midfoot. This narrow fit is intentional to help boost lockdown and help runners achieve high speeds.

If your fit runs even slightly wide, you may benefit from ordering a half size up. If you have the option, it’s never a bad idea to take these shoes on a test run at your local shoe store before making the investment!

The midfoot may prove to be a little tight for some, but the toe box is nice and roomy. In true Brooks fashion, the rounded toe box on this trainer provides plenty of room that allows your toes to naturally splay inside of the shoe. When your toes can splay, it translates to nice and energetic toe-offs that allow you to pick up the pace as needed.

The molded heel counter also provides excellent lockdown without feeling too stiff. The heel of this shoe cradles your heel in place to provide a bit of extra stability but maintains a good deal of flexibility that increases your full range of motion while still offering a little boost of support.


As a minimalistic running shoe, I wish that the price tag was just slightly lower. While it’s not the most expensive shoe out there on the market (or even within the Brooks lineup), I wish it was just a little less expensive.

The outsole of this design isn’t quite as durable as similarly priced Brooks training shoes, which means you won’t necessarily get the biggest bang for your buck.

However, if shaving off a few seconds off of your PR is your number one goal, you may be more inclined to pay a little bit extra for a lightweight and energetic ride.

Comparison to the Brooks Hyperion Elite
The Hyperion Tempo and the Hyperion Elite were launched around the same time, and the two shoes are very similar in a lot of ways. In a nutshell, the Tempo is designed to be your daily trainer due to its modest cushioning and durable outsole, and the Elite is designed to be your race-day secret weapon.

Overall, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend training in the Elite. This shoe is minimalism at its finest, and that simple design isn’t built for tackling long distances. It has a rubber outsole that is designed only for race days.

If you were to use this shoe for your daily training sessions, you would notice that the thin rubber outsole wears down fairly quickly. Brooks decided to take many of the performance features from the Hyperion Elite and translate them to a more durable and versatile frame with the Hyperion Tempo.

So, which shoe is best for you? I would suggest picking up the Tempo for your daily training sessions. It provides a little more cushioning and support in the upper, and the outsole of the Tempo is lightyears more durable than the Elite.

When it’s time to lace up for a race, popping on the Hyperion Elite offers a first class ticket right to the finish line!
Brooks are great running shoes, but they haven’t crafted very innovative shoes in recent years. They often stick to the things that work and call it a day. The Hyperion Tempo, however, boasts newer shoe innovation that really shines on the road.

The nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH midsole lives up to the name- it’ll help you cross that finish line in a flash! This shoe boasts a super lightweight and agile frame that is not only great for daily training but also translates well when engaging in heart-pumping workouts such as HIIT or CrossFit.

If you are on the hunt for an excellent daily training shoe to help you cross the finish line in a flash, the Brooks Hyperion Tempo is a shoe that is worth checking out. It’s fast, lightweight, and provides a fun and energetic ride that will get you excited to lace up your running shoes!
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