Brooks Dyad 10

This tenth version of the Brooks Dyad is a flexible, breathable, and supportive sneaker. The shoes’ predecessor did not receive excellent reviews due to the fit and amount of support offered. They are designed for the runner or walker who needs a little more extra support in a neutral platform. The roomier fit allows for custom orthotics to be inserted, which makes them even more supportive for those who need it. With a newly designed upper including engineered mesh, the sneaker proves to be more comfortable and breathable. The sneaker also features a midfoot saddle underneath the mesh which delivers additional support. Flexibility has also been increased in this shoe thanks to the Omni Flex grooves in the outsole and the Omega Flex grooves in the midsole. The dual stability arch pods that were in the previous version are also in the Dyad 10, which help to stabilize your gait. Overall, the Dyad 10’s are a great update to the previous version.

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Pros & Cons
  • Wider toe box than previous versions
  • Segmented heel crash pad for smooth heel to toe transitions
  • Highly cushioned BioMoGo DNA midsole provides comfort and support
  • Dual stability arch support pods for a more efficient gait
  • Great for neutral runners and those with flatter feet
  • Comes in normal and wide widths
  • Cons
    • Some users stated that the laces were too short
    • The tongue of the sneaker may appear too narrow, meaning your socks can shoe through
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Brooks Dyad 10 is unique in that it is made up of two different materials. At the front of the sneaker, in the forefoot area, you will find traditional blown rubber. This material provides cushion and protection because it is both soft and durable. Another reason this part of the sneaker uses blown rubber is because it is relatively responsive and therefore delivers a springy toe-off. At the rear of the sneaker, you will find HPR Plus material. HPR (High-Performance Rubber), is more resistant to abrasion and is very durable. This material is at the back of the sneaker in order to make the shoe more durable and reliable because the heel can take a beating while running. At the midfoot area, you will see two ovals which are Dual-Stability Arch Pods. These pods are engineered to help promote neutral pronation and give you a more efficient gait through their bilateral support. This feature makes these sneakers a great option for people with a neutral gait or who tend toward under pronation/supination. Another feature of the outsole is the Omni Flex Grooves present in the forefoot. These grooves allow for more natural foot movement and flexibility. The heel of the shoe features a segmented crash pad which helps to absorb impact and allows for a smoother heel to toe transition.
      Brooks is big on making comfortable and cushioned running shoes and the Dyad 10 is no exception. The midsole of this sneaker features the company’s DNA BioMoGo cushioning which is a gel-based foam that adapts to the shape of your foot. This allows for more response and delivers excellent underfoot cushioning. As in many of Brooks’ sneakers, the DNA BioMoGo material used is more environmentally friendly and is engineered using fewer source materials. The sneaker also features Omega Grooves in the midsole which works in conjunction with the outsole’s Omni Grooves to provide more naturally flexible movement. The insole of the shoe is made up of S-257 Cushsole material which allows for more flexibility and adds more cushioning. The Dyad 10 also has a removable Ultimate Sockliner which has moisture-wicking abilities.
      Unlike the Dyad 9, this sneaker’s predecessor, Brooks has updated the upper from a mesh to an engineered mesh material in the forefoot. This makes the shoe more breathable, lightweight, and durable. Not only does the engineered mesh enhance these qualities, but it also makes the shoe more comfortable. People with flat or more voluminous feet will find this version of the Dyad to be more improved with a spacious fit. The upper accommodates orthotics well because of the more flexible and roomy fit. This shoe also features a soft breathable fabric lining for a great in-shoe feel. Rather than using traditional synthetic overlays, Brooks equipped the Dyad 10 with a midfoot saddle beneath the mesh upper to keep the foot in place for a secure and comfortable fit.
      This version of the Brooks Dyad weighs slightly less than its predecessor. The men's sneaker weighs in at 10.5 ounces while the women’s weighs 8.4. In either case, they will feel lightweight on your feet.
      The upper of the Dyad 10 has been updated to include an engineered mesh at the forefoot, which is naturally more breathable than typical mesh material. This mesh will help your feet to stay cool and comfortable by allowing optimal air flow. The removable sock liner also allows for great breathability because it has moisture-wicking capabilities and will aid in keeping your feet dry.
      This update has been said to be an improvement in comfort thanks to the engineered mesh material in the upper and the wider toe box. The past couple of versions of the Dyad were said to be too narrow so Brooks listened to consumers and made the shoe more comfortable by widening the platform and toebox. The engineered mesh also offers a more adaptable fit thanks to its more flexible nature. The fact that the shoe is roomy enough to accommodate orthotics is another great feature. The arch support is excellent for those with flat feet or even neutral feet. The plush cushioning of the BioMoGo midsole and cushioned heel collar add even more comfort to this sneaker.
      The silhouette of the Dyad 10 is a little more streamlined than the previous version. The engineered mesh adapts well to your foot and looks less bulky than its predecessor. The colors offered are more muted than many other running shoes out there but are still attractive. The highly cushioned midsole does give off the running sneaker vibe so it is not necessarily a great sneaker for casual day to night usage. The Dyad 10 has an understated look which will appeal to a large number of consumers.
      Then High Performance Rubber of the outsole allows for excellent durability in this sneaker. Not only does this rubber protect your feet from underfoot debris, but it also helps to protect the midsole material from wearing down too quickly. The front of the sneaker features an overlay that is designed to protect the front of the shoe and will help to keep your toes from poking through the mesh. From the midfoot to the heel area of the sneaker, the upper is a firmer mesh material and is designed for comfort, support, and durability. There are a lot of consumers that have said these shoes are very durable and take a long time to show wear and tear.
      The Brooks Dyad 10 offers a decent amount of protection and is designed for the neutral runner. The BioMoGo midsole material is engineered to absorb shock so your joints will be protected from the natural jarring motions caused by running. In addition, the full-length Cushsole insole unit delivers more protection from impact and adds even more cushioning. The sneaker features a segmented heel crash pad at the rear of the shoe to help protect your heel from hard heel striking and delivers a smoother heel to toe transition.
      There are a lot of running shoes on the market today that are made to specifically deliver a ton of response. The Dyad 10 is engineered to provide an average level of response but is not the most responsive running sneaker out there. The DNA midsole is designed to absorb shock upon impact and release it as the pressure is released, which automatically creates a certain level of response. The HPR rubber works in conjunction with the midsole to help push your forward. The dual stability pods on the bottom of the sneaker help to stabilize your foot better, which ups the amount of response as well.
      Like its predecessor, the Dyad 10 provides a healthy level of support, especially for runners and walkers who have flat feet. This neutral shoe features dual stability arch pods placed at the midfoot area which are designed to provide a more stable underfoot experience and bilateral support. Because the sneaker provides ample room for custom orthotics, its supportive level can be made even better. Your feet will also be supported through the smooth heel to toe transition allowed by the segmented crash pad and Omega flex grooves. The padded heel collar and firm heel counter will help to keep your heel in place while the saddle at the middle of the foot, placed under the mesh, is designed to support your foot within the sneaker.
      The Dyad 10 is designed for use on solid surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, indoor gym floors, or well-groomed trails. The outsole is not equipped with aggressive lugs and will not grip technical terrain easily. These sneakers are great for walkers and runners who are looking for a comfortable and supportive sneaker for their outdoor adventures.
      High-quality running shoes come with a larger price tag than your average run-of-the-mill sneakers or casual shoes. This sneaker is full of excellent support and comfort features so you get a great product for the price. You can purchase these Brooks for around $130.
      The traction on the Brooks Dyad 10 is pretty average for most road-running sneakers. The HPR outsole delivers a solid grip when it comes to running on the appropriate surfaces and will even perform well if things get a little slicker due to rain. The Dyad 10 won’t deliver a great experience if you plan on taking them off-roading because the tread system is engineered to tackle more solid ground. However, if you use them for their intended terrain, you will be happy with their traction capabilities.
      Brooks upped the flexibility in this version of the Dyad by equipping it with more flexibility features. The engineered mesh in the forefoot is lighter weight, offering slightly more flexibility. The synthetic overlays at the midfoot of the sneaker were removed and put underneath the mesh, which helps the sneaker be a little less stiff. The outsole of the shoe features Omni flex grooves which tag team with the Omega flex grooves found at the midsole to provide an even more flexible experience. This version of the Dyad may be the most flexible version yet.
      The Brooks Dyad 10 offers a decent amount of stability considering it is not marketed as a stability sneaker. The wider platform alone provides a more stable running or walking experience. The midfoot saddle, found underneath the mesh of the upper, helps to keep the foot stable as well. The dual stability arch pods help to normalize your foot stance within the sneaker, which will deliver a more efficient and stabilized gait. The arch pods will help to keep your body in line better as you walk or run. However, it should be noted that the Dyad 10 is a neutral shoe so if you need even more stability, you should look for sneakers with more motion control.
      This version of the Dyad has the same drop as its predecessor: a 10mm drop from heel to toe. This is a pretty normal drop for many typical neutral running shoes. The cushioning of the midsole helps to protect your heel on heel strike, which is normal for beginning to average runners.
      Key Features
      - Newly designed Engineered Mesh upper allows for a more adaptable and comfortable fit
      - Dual stability arch pods help to support your arches and deliver a more stabilized running or walking experience.
      - The roomier toe box and removable sock liner will accommodate custom orthotics easily
      - Segmented heel crash pad will deliver a smooth heel to toe transition
      - Comfortable BioMoGo DNA midsole material provides comfort, support, and shock absorbency
      Bottom Line
      Brooks listened to the consumers’ concerns from the previous couple of Dyad models and implemented them into the Dyad 10. This version of the sneaker is roomier, more supportive, and offers a sleeker design. The shoes’ functionality and comfort are excellent and many consumers have been pleased with their performance. The newly designed engineered mesh upper adds more breathability than previous versions as well as added comfort. The BioMoGo DNA midsole continues to be a favorite among Brooks consumers as well. In the end, most of the reviewers of this shoe agreed that it was best for neutral runners and walkers who were looking for comfort and room within the foot chamber. If that sounds like you, then this sneaker is sure to fit your needs.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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