Brooks Addiction GTS 15

The Brooks Addiction GTS 15 is a great daily stability trainer that wraps your feet in 360 degrees of plush comfort with simple accents to keep your gait cycle nice and even.

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Pros & Cons
BioMoGo DNA cushioning adapts to your gait cycle
Guide Rails naturally guide the foot into a neutral stride
Ample room in the interior to add custom orthotics
Very durable full-length rubber outsole is great for heavier runners
Ideal for daily running
Engineered mesh upper keeps feet cool and dry
Great for long-distance runners
Heavy- weighs in at over 12 ounces
Slightly expensive
Not ideal for speed or agility work
Outsole is stiff
Key Features
Key Features

The midsole of the Brooks Addiction GTS 15 utilizes their proprietary BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning. This unique foam compound is not only plush and adds a good deal of energy return to your ride, but it also adapts to your specific stride.

Every runner is different, and whether you are a neutral runner or you overpronate, you place more weight on certain points of your foot when compared to other runners.

This unique midsole compound compresses where you place the bulk of your weight to offer extra stability and control where you need it most. Essentially, this midsole material adapts to your very specific gait cycle.

For overpronators, the midsole of this design provides runners with Guide Rails to help keep their stride even When you overpronate or underpronate, it means that you place more weight on the inside or outside of your foot which can lead to strain on your knees and joints.

The Guide Rail system places stiff TPU panels on the sides of your foot to naturally push your foot into an even gait cycle. With added interior padding, it’s unlikely that you will feel the hard plastic materials on the sides of your foot.


The full rubber outsole is made to hold up for hundreds of miles, but it slightly hinders the shoe’s overall flexibility. This design boasts a shallow arrow-point design in the rubber that helps to naturally propel your forward for nice and easy toe-offs and landings.

The outsole has a few peekaboo panels of exposed EVA foam on the outside of the arches and on the heel counter to slightly boost agility, but the outsole of this shoe still feels a little too stiff for some.

Heavier runners, or runners with pronation issues, are historically hard on the outsoles of their shoes. If you fall into this category, you may notice that you burn through the rubber on your running shoes like the wheels of an F1 driver.

The heavy-duty outsole of the Addiction GTS 15 may feel a bit heavy and clunky, but it holds up incredibly well for hundreds of miles when used on a daily basis.


The upper of this Brooks running shoe is made to move. It is composed of a 3D Fit Print that contours to the unique shape of your foot. It is also made from engineered mesh that lifts hot air up and away from your foot to keep them cool and dry.

One of the things that runners love most about this design is that it provides plenty of interior space that adapts to your unique shape of the foot. Even as your feet begin to swell at the end of a long run, the stretchy materials of the upper expand so it fits just as good at the end of your run as it did at the beginning.

Ample room inside of the shoe also means there will be enough room to place your own orthotics for added stability for your unique running style. The heel collar of this design is composed of plush foam that wraps your feet in 360 degrees of plush padding, but it never feels too tight or restrictive.

Overall, the unique style of this upper walks that fine line between high-end stability and movement.


So, who benefits most from the Brooks Addiction GTS 15? This shoe is designed for runners that have a heavy gait cycle, or runners that overpronate or underpronate. If you find that your knees and joints are screaming at the end of your runs, it may be contributed to your gait cycle.

When your gait cycle is uneven, it places a good deal of stress on your joints. Adding orthotics to your running shoes can help, but investing in a good stability trainer can take your runs to the next level.

The high-end BioMogo DNA cushioning helps to support your feet and joints when running on hard surfaces, and the Guide Rails build into the midsole naturally guide your foot into an even stride. This shoe is also designed for runners that are hard on their shoes!

The full-length rubber outsole may feel heavy and stiff but is designed to take quite a beating. If you have a heavy gait cycle, the durable rubber outsole will hold up quite well for hundreds of miles of daily use.

It’s important to note that the modest stability features in this shoe also make it a great fit for neutral runners that love a lot of extra cushioning. With a 36 mm stack height and 12 mm drop, this is one highly cushioned shoe that feels like you are running on a cloud.


When compared to other stability trainers out there on the market, Brooks running shoes often run about a half size smaller. Even if you have worn Brooks running shoes in the past, I suggest consulting their sizing chart before making your purchase. Be sure to take good measurements of your feet and compare those numbers to their sizing chart.

If you are still unsure about what size is right for you, it’s never a bad idea to head down to your local shoe store to give them a brief test run. Local shoe stores often have Fit Experts that can determine if this shoe is right for your foot size as well as your running style.

While the fit is a bit tricky with this shoe, once you find that right size for your foot this shoe really sings. It boasts a wide toe box that allows your toes to naturally splay inside of the shoe and a nice and roomy interior that will not cause hot spots or rub your foot raw, even on those first initial runs together.

The extra room in the interior was specifically designed to provide more than enough room to add your own orthotics for added stability and comfort.


The price of this running shoe isn’t exactly budget-friendly, but it isn’t the most expensive running shoe out there on the market. Stability shoes have a reputation of being quite pricey, especially when brands throw everything but the kitchen sink into their highly stable shoes.

The Brooks Addiction GTS 15 keeps things nice and simple with modest Guide Rails and a ton of cushioning with a steep stack height and ample 12 mm drop. This shoe opts for smart design over advanced stability features, and thus keeps the price tag relatively low.
Comparisons to Previous Versions
Many of the performance features found in the Addiction GTS 15 and previous iterations of this shoe remain largely unchanged. Previous designs still boast that classic BioMoGo DNA foam cushioning that adapts to your gait cycle, smart Guide Rails, and a full-length rubber outsole for added durability and energy return.

The most notable change made to the Addiction GTS 15 lies in the construction of the upper. This redesigned upper not only looks more sleek and modern but also provides more movement and more plush padding. The heel counter of the Addition GTS 15 provides runners with ample padding to prevent rubbing and chafing without affecting the overall fit of the shoe.

It’s also lighter, but not by much. The Addiction GTS 14 weighed in at 12.6 ounces, while the newest addition weighs in at 12.5 ounces. It’s a move in the right direction, but it still makes this shoe quite heavy overall.
If you are in the market for a great stability shoe that provides ample cushioning and energy return, the Brooks Addiction GTS 15 is a great choice. It boasts a fairly simple design that utilizes a high 36 mm stack height and 12 mm drop to provide runners with more than enough cushioning to protect their joints.

Plus, it provides Brook’s proprietary Guide Rail system that naturally guides your foot into a nice and even gait cycle that is kind to your joints.

Overall, this shoe is great for runners that have a heavy gait cycle, or suffer from pronation issues. Weighing in at 12.5 ounces makes this shoe quite heavy, and the stiff materials in the outsole and midsole aren’t quite built for speed.

If you prefer nice and easy tempo runs or even running long distances, this shoe is a great choice. If you like to engage in speedy agility work, the stiff nature of this shoe may prove to slow you down a bit.
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