JLab Epic Sport

The JLab Epic Sport headphones are the newest iteration of JLab’s Epic line. The wireless sports earbuds are also available in a fancier executive version. So, what’s new? The Sport edition features new sound profiles that let users customize EQ settings without needing to download an app. The charging method has been updated for quicker, more convenient powering up. The headphones also feature improved waterproofing. The JLab headphones are a great sport-specific headphone option whether you’re chasing PRs on the road or hitting up the weight room at the gym.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Water resistant and sweat proof
  • Super secure fit
  • Customizable sound and fit
  • Convenient charging method
  • Great sound quality

    • The microphone could be better
    • Key Features
      The JLab headphones were designed for fitness use thanks to their sweat-proof design. They were also constructed to fit securely enough for running. You could even happily wear these for casual use around the home or around town listening to an audiobook or podcast.
      Basic Features
      The Epic Sport headphones feature improved waterproofing compared to the original model. They are sweatproof and have an IP66 rating. They also come packaged with multiple ear tips so users can try out different sizes to discover the perfect fit. The headphones feature a built-in microphone for taking phone calls and although wireless, the Epics have a cable holder with a clip to reign in the wires which connect the two earbuds. A nifty zippered travel case is included for storage, as well. The headphones as a set weigh a total of 16 grams, perfectly lightweight so that you won’t remember you’re even wearing them when working out.
      Advanced Features
      The headphones feature Custom EQ3 sound. This allows users to adjust the sound heard in the earbuds. You can select your preferred EQ profile according to your particular preferences without the need to download an app. Three profiles are available including a Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost option. It’s easy to select a sound profile by merely using buttons on the in-line remote. The remote also allows users to control playback. The headphones feature 8mm drivers for clear, bright sound and utilize Bluetooth 4.2 technology.

      The headphones also have an ear hook memory wire design that helps keep the headphones in place.
      Sound Quality
      The majority of reviewers reported excellent sound quality with the Epic Sport headphones. Thanks to the 8mm drivers included in each earpiece, the sound is loud and balanced. Sound profiles can be selected via the in-line remote. There are three to choose from, and you don’t even need to download an app on your smartphone to do so. The only problem is that there’s no way to tell which profile you’ve selected.

      The headphones aren’t noise-isolating, but the fit is tight and secure enough that outside sound doesn’t drown out music. For the price, reviewers agreed, the sound quality is fantastic.

      One drawback, however, is the quality of the microphone. It’s okay, but not the best. While it can pick up your voice and transmit it clearly to the person you’re talking to, it’s not the clearest headset microphone available.
      The headphones utilize Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX technology. The Bluetooth range, users reported, is good at 30 feet. Users also said that the headphones didn’t drop out and that the connection was stable and reliable.
      Unlike some other headphone models, the JLab ones come with multiple ear tips. The included ear tips make it easy to customize the buds to fit perfectly in your ear. Included in the packaging are four regular gel tips in extra small, small, medium, and large. There are also triple flange tips available in a size medium. For additional security JLab has also included Cush fins. They provide a better in-ear fit by sitting in the outer ear and keeping the earbuds in place. The headphones also feature a Memory Wire ear hook that molds into whatever setting you desire.

      Unlike Apple’s Air Pods, these have a wire connecting the buds. This has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s much harder to lose these wireless headphones. But, the wire may feel annoying to some. There is, however, a cinch component that allows users to adjust the fit of the cable around the neck.

      Most reviewers found the selection of ear tips comfortable for their ears and were happy to have a choice of fittings. Some users did, however, complain that the memory hook didn’t always stay in place, despite its moldable design.

      The headphones are available in white, grey, black, or blue. They have the same design as the previous model with a neckband-style construction. Each earpiece features the JLab logo.
      With an IP66 water rating, these headphones are sweat proof and workout ready. The buds can even be rinsed post-workout to keep them hygienic. A few reviewers noted that the earbuds didn’t feel very durable since they’re mostly made of plastic, but no one stated any glaring quality issues with the Sport headphones.
      Ease of Use
      There’s no app required to adjust sound preferences and the headphones’ in-line remote makes controlling music ultra-simple. Not everyone liked the control layout, however, since it was easy to press buttons accidentally. The headphones come with a handy travel case and are very easy to fit into the ear thanks to the extra packaged accessories. Unlike other wireless headphone options, the JLab ones are not as easy to lose thanks to their secure fit and short neck-band wire. The headphones are also very easy to pair.
      Power Source
      The JLab epic headphones can provide users with an impressive maximum of 12 hours of audio entertainment. Unlike the previous model, the Sport headphones feature a magnetic USB cable and offer convenient no port charging. Reviewer comments back the 12-hour battery life claims and users were quite impressed.
      The headphone’s quality and performance are on par with their price point. They’re also backed by a 1-year warranty, which is a nice bonus. Reviewers seemed to agree that the headphones were priced reasonably.
      Key Features
      - Wireless neck-band design
      - EQ3 audio
      - Sweatproof IP66 rating
      - Adjustable cinch cord
      - Comes with various ear tip sizes and cush fins
      - 12-hour rechargeable battery
      - In-line remote
      - Magnetic USB cable
      - Bluetooth 4.2
      - 30 foot wireless range
      - 8mm drivers
      - Comes with a travel case
      Bottom Line
      The JLab Epic Sport headphones are an excellent choice for active individuals who want a secure, sweat proof pair of headphones. They provide decent sound quality, are water resistant, and offer excellent battery life of up to 12-hours. The well-priced pair of headphones is convenient to charge, and without a traditional port, you don’t need to worry about dust or water getting in. They also come with plenty of fit options and fit better than many wireless earbud options on the market. They’re an all-around great pair of headphones for working out or running.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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      Where to buy
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