Under Armour Wireless Headphones by JBL

When you run, are you pounding your steps out to an up-tempo dance tune or are you grinding out your last few miles to a hardcore heavy metal mix? Whatever your choice in music, if you’re not listening on the Under Armour Wireless Headphones by JBL, you’re not getting the full benefit of the beat. When a sports company like Under Armour partners with a legend in the audio industry such as JBL, the outcome is premium headphone designed by athletes, FOR athletes.

These headphones are designed to stay in place and feature sweatproof construction so your especially hard workouts and runs won’t ruin the inner structure. The wire-free, Bluetooth connectivity for both iOS and Android will provide a distraction-free exercise where you can focus on your movements and goals and not the wire getting caught on the machines or catching on your thumbs as you move.

This combination of musical experience and strong need is such a novel concept but also a perfect partnership. Everything you want in a wireless headphone is now available in this headphones.

Keep reading our in-depth Under Armour Wireless Headphones review to find out if it is worth the investment.


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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Internal and external strain reliefs
  • Sweatproof construction
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • JBL Pure Bass performance
  • Variety of eartips and fit adaptors
  • Cons
    • Not fully waterproof¬†
    • 8 hour battery life
    • Key Features
      These headphones by JBL can be used anywhere you would like to listen to music or enjoy a hands-free phone call. With the built-in microphone, you can wear these headphones on the train, or while riding your bike. These headphones will bring your running experience to a whole new level with the JBL Pure Bass performance, and you'll be keeping tempo with your favorite song without any effort.

      If you would rather workout in the gym, Under Armour has kept you in mind as well. The sweatproof construction of the earphones is designed for hardcore workouts, whether indoors or out. You can also control volume, calls, and song tracks directly from the 3-button microphone base.
      Basic Features
      The ergonomic ear tips on these headphones are specifically designed for athletes. In anticipation of constant and, at times, explosive movement, they developed a TwistLock technology to guarantee they never hurt or fall out, distracting you from your goals. A 3-button microphone bay also controls music tracks, volume, and calls.

      It is a slim, in-line construction that blends smoothly with the wire connecting the two earbuds. The Under Armour headphones have you covered for 8 hours on a full charge. Use these around town as well as during your workout or long run. You'll forget you're even wearing them.

      JBL technology is present throughout the entire design. With premium 5.8mm Dynamic drivers, these tiny earbuds pack a big punch. The Pure Bass performance combines with the drivers for a loud, bass-heavy performance to keep your blood moving and your feet pounding.
      Advanced Features
      They are constructed from both rugged and premium materials the Wireless Headphones by JBL are designed with a certain amount of wear and tear in mind. They added both internal and external strain reliefs to provide ultimate durability. Running and working out can be hard on headphones. They know this and put their designers to work with that in mind. The earphones are coated with an advanced nano-coating to keep the sweat out of the internal workings of the device, significantly reducing malfunction and product damage.

      Keeping the Under Armour Headphones, cable-free was imperative. They added Bluetooth connectivity to both iOS and Android devices to reduce distractions from stray wires catching on random items, causing a halt to a workout for re-positioning of an earbud or to plug back into the device. They added controls directly onto the earphone wire for tracks, volume and incoming calls, enabling the runner to continue with their workout with no hesitation or digging for their phone to change a song or answer a call.

      Sound Quality
      In a brilliant partnership, Under Armour has paired with JBL to create the Under Armour Wireless Headphones by JBL. It was a highly intelligent and strategic move as JBL has been in business for over 70 years and has worked out the science of audio innovation. They are known for their inventions in the field, and the Under Armour headphones are a piece of that legacy.

      JBL has installed their premium 5.8mm Dynamic drivers into these tiny earphones, successfully creating a big sound out of a very compact device. They paired the dynamic speaker drivers with the JBL Pure Bass to highlight the music that health-minded people tend to enjoy. The bass is pronounced and the sound is crisp and clear.
      These headphones are cable-free for a zero-distraction experience, whether running or working out. There is no need for a wire connecting to your smartphone or MP3 player. With Bluetooth connectivity to iOS and Android, these earphones are compatible with cell phones, tablets or any device with those operating systems.
      A unique, ergonomic ear tip designed specifically for athletes is the main feature in these headphones. The TwistLock technology ensures the earphones don't fall out, even during the most strenuous workouts. Put the ear tip into the ear canal and twist slightly. If the fit is not exactly perfect, this model also has 3 sizes of ear tips and 5 additional sizes of fit adapters to ensure an optimal fit.
      The appearance of the Under Armour Wireless Headphones is understated yet sleek. With a solid black wire and black earbuds and black in-line mic, this unit is designed to go unnoticed. Each earphone features the Under Armour logo in red, a ring of red where the ear extension attaches, and red accents on the 3-button in-line mic, but otherwise maintain the sleek, all-black dress code.
      These headphones by JBL are designed with activity in mind. Constructed from both rugged and premium materials, this model is designed by athletes, for athletes. JBL incorporated a sweatproof nano-coating over the inner workings to keep the sweat out and reduce product damage and malfunction.

      By making them cable-free, a huge source of damage has been completely removed. With no cable, there nothing to catch on passing foliage or machines in the gym. No phones or MP3 players are going flying, and no earbuds are being ripped out of runners' ears.
      Ease of Use
      Given that these headphones are designed specifically for athletes, they knew that the main focus was on the workout and personal goals, so they kept them very simple to use. Connect the earphones through the regular Bluetooth syncing process and voila! You're connected. You can select your music app and play your high-energy playlist directly from your phone.

      If you happen to receive a call while you're on the road, mid-PR just hit a button on the in-line control pad, and you can be breathing heavy into your best friend's ear. Another tap of the button will disconnect your call or skip the slow jam that made its way into your playlist. You are in control without the extra hassle of pulling your device from the hidden pocket or wherever you are keeping it these days.
      Power Source
      The Under Armour Wireless Headphones have a standard plug-in jack to direct charge the earphones. A full charge will provide 8 hours of battery life for any activity you've chosen for the day.
      With such a wide range in price for any headphones you find, the Under Armour Wireless Headphones is situated in approximately the middle of the pack. However, based on 70 years of experience with audio innovation and a commitment to quality sound, just having JBL on board should demand a higher price. Pair that with the athletic prowess of Under Armour and we should be looking at a premium price tag for these headphones.

      But we're not. They have kept the price reasonable and provided more bang for your buck than you'll find in the majority of competitors.
      Key Features
      - Ergonomic eartip designed specifically for athletes
      - Bluetooth connectivity to iOS and Android devices
      - In-line, 3-button mic for track control, volume control and calls
      - Designed by athletes, for athletes
      - Sweatproof construction
      - Premium Dynamic drivers and JBL Pure Bass performance
      Bottom Line
      With the Under Armour name, you expect to see an athletically-driven product. When you pair that with JBL, a leader in audio technology for over 70 years, you don't know what to expect. In this case, it was the perfect combination. With athletes in mind, they took a proven technology and gave us exactly what we've been looking for: great sound, fewer wires, more control, and ease of use, All in two small earbuds with a connecting wire.

      The TwistLock Technology is ideal for a long run or a heavy workout, keeping the earbuds locked into the ear canal, reducing distraction, and never hurting your ears. They even provide additional sizes of ear tips and fit adapters to be sure they fit you perfectly. Along those same lines, they didn't skimp on the materials. They used rugged as well as premium materials. They coated the inner workings with an advanced nano coating because they know that the main activity this product will be used for will produce sweat, which would ordinarily shorten the lifespan of said product. But that didn't phase them. They embraced the challenge and created the Under Armour Wireless Headphones by JBL.

      The designers removed the connecting wire and added Bluetooth connectivity. They even broadened their customer base by including both iOS and Android devices. They said the smallest of controls to the wire for calls, track changes, and volume. All of this and they included the JBL audio technology with the Dynamic drivers and JBL Pure Bass performance. If you were looking for headphones for your workout, you just found them.
      Where to Buy
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