JLab Fit 2.0

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JLab Fit 2.0 Review Facts

The JLab Fit 2.0 sports earbuds are perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle. Whether participating in long distance running, races, cross-training, or daily gym workouts these headphones will be perfect for you. They are sweat and water resistant which is nice because you will not have to worry about them getting damaged by sweat, as you will be wearing them when you are working out, additionally, you will not have to worry about your headphones if you are out in the middle of a long run and it starts to rain, you can rest easy knowing that your earbuds will be safe. Customers like the sound quality that they receive from them, even when listening to music at dangerously high volumes the sound does not seem to distort too bad and that is much appreciated. There are three different sound options that you can choose from when listening so you can find something that is going to sound the best for the music that you prefer listening to. Customers have had problems with premature wear and tear when it comes to these headphones and have been disappointed that they had to replace them so soon, sometimes within months, after purchasing them. They do have a very low and affordable price tag so it is to be expected that they will not last as long as some of the other, more pricey, ones that are on the market. Overall, though, customers seem to love these headphones.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sweatproof
  • Secure fit
  • Plethora of accessories
  • Affordable price tag
  • Two cord lengths
  • Seven ear pieces
  • Wired
  • No volume buttons
  • Premature wear and tear
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  • Half of buyers are satisfied with the quality based on the price and functionality.
  • These are easy to use.
  • Some buyers say that the memory wire provides a good fit.
  • It's noted that these can stay in place while wearing a hat.
  • There are plenty of cover size options included.
  • These can be paired with Apple watches.
  • These provide clear phone call quality.
  • There are some improvements from the original JLab Fit.
  • Compared to some other ear hook style earbuds, these provide a more comfortable fit.
  • There are very few issues reported about the quality of waterproofing.
  • When you move in and out of bluetooth range, these earbuds will automatically reconnect.
  • These work well for people who need smaller earbuds to have a comfortable fit.
  • Positive reviews come from people who have used these for running, workouts, travel, and work.
  • There are mixed reviews on how well these stay in place during heavy activity.
  • The sound quality is average.
  • The wires can tangle easily.
  • There is no carrying case included.
  • It can take some time and effort to get the right fit of the memory wire.
  • The controls weigh down one side.
  • Excessive sweat can cause the earbuds to slip out.
  • There are some reports of bluetooth connectivity issues.
  • The bluetooth range is average.
  • Some buyers report long-term durability issues.
  • There are some quality control claims of missing parts and problems with functions straight out of the box.
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The JLab Fit 2.0 sweatproof and water resistant headphones work great for physical activities, such as running, gym workouts, and cross-training. Of course, you are not limited to these activities when you are wearing them; however, many customers wear them for a wide variety of activities, including traveling, business, and everyday use. Those that are wearing these in the gym or on the run will love the fact that they have a nice and secure fit so you do not have to worry about them falling off of you mid-workout or run and the sweatproof design makes them perfect so you do not have to worry about water damage from your sweat. It is not just sweating that they are protected against though, you also can rest easy if you are out and about and get stuck in some rain, these headphones are not going to be bothered by a little water and customers love that about them.
Basic Features

Basic Features

The JLab Fit 2.0 wired headphones have a couple basic features that customers have come to appreciate when they are wearing them. There is an integrated microphone attached to them to allow you to take phone calls when you need to. There are even controls located on them that allow you to pick up and hang up the phone as needed so there is no need to even touch your phone. The same switches on the headphones that allow you to answer your phone calls also include integrated function switches so you have the ability the change and skip the songs you are listening to as you wish, without pulling your phone out of your pocket. It makes it really convenient if you are in the middle of a long run and your phone rings or you want to skip the current song that is playing.
Advanced Features

Advanced Features

The JLab Fit 2.0 earbuds are not a very fancy pair of headphones and as such, they do not come with a whole lot of advanced features that you might expect from some other, higher end headphones on the market. That being said, there are a few features that they offer the user that you may not expect from a pair of workout headphones. You can use this product with the free RockMyRun app that is located on the iTunes and Google Play stores which will allow you to listen to playlists that are specifically targeted to runners to help boost your morale and performance while you are running.

JLab also features their own free app that can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices. The app is free to use and it consists of JLab's audio Burn-in tool. This is a proprietary tool that allows you to tune your headphone to make sure you get the best sound quality that you can from them. Other than this tool, the app is more of a place you can go to purchase other JLab products.
Sound Quality

Sound Quality

The JLab Fit 2.0 sports earbuds feature a decent sound quality. They do not have the best sound on the market today, but that does not mean that is terrible. Most customers are happy with the sound quality that they receive from them, especially when considering the affordable price they paid. You can choose from three different sound preferences so you can find something that is going to sound the best for the music you listen to. You can choose between signature, balanced, and bass boost modes, and the best part is that you do not even need to download the app to change these settings.

The JLab Fit 2.0 headphones use titanium micro-drivers in them that helps provide you with a more crisp and clean sound when you are listening to your music. They did not disappoint and customers appreciate that, even if listening to high, unsafe volumes, the sound does not seem to distort.


The JLab Fit 2.0 earbuds are a pair of wired headphones and as such, they simply connect to your phone through one of the two enclosed cords. You simply connect one end of the AUX cord into the female end of the earbuds and the other end goes into the headphone jack of the device you want to connect to, it is as easy as that. Once connected you can use the integrated remote that is located on earbuds cord to answer your phone calls and disconnect from the call once you are finished. Some customers mentioned that the bases around the enclosed cords are a bit thick and can be difficult to fit into some phones with cases on them.


Customers love and appreciate how comfortable the JLab Fit 2.0 sports earbuds are when they are wearing them. The headphones hook around your ear using JLab's proprietary memory wire that will mold to the shape of your ear to give you the best possible fit and keep them secure so you do not have to worry about them slipping and falling off, even during the toughest of workouts. Some consumers may be concerned about the hoops that go over your ears, but many reviewers commented that they are extremely comfortable and do not feel like a hindrance on their ears.

JLab has worked hard to design these headphones to give you the most comfort possible, whether for fitness or casual wear. There is a 45-degree cord to body angle that naturally fits most peoples ears without any problem. They also come with seven pairs of silicone earpads that are soft and cushioned to make sure there is a size to fit everyone.


Customers seem to like the look of these headphones. There are a few colors that you can choose from when purchasing the JLab Fit 2.0 earbuds so you can pick something that will best suit your style and personality. You can choose between plain black, black and blue, or green and black. Some customers mentioned that they would have liked to have seen more color options in the future, but most were happy with the colors they have available to them.

The headphones have earpieces that fit into your ear and they have a cable that comes out and loops up and over your ear to give you a more secure and comfortable fit. The hardwired part of the headphones terminates into a female end of a 3.5mm connection that you can connect one of the enclosed AUX cords into so you can connect the earbuds to your device.


The JLab Fit 2.0 sports earbuds do not seem to be the most durable headphones, they are not going to last you as long as some other headphones on the market might. The fact that they are sweat and water resistant helps their longevity, as you will not have to worry about water damaging them when you are running or working out and doing a lot of sweating. Some customers commented that after a while one of the earbuds would stop producing any sound which was very disappointing to them. Another complaint that customers have had about these headphones is that where the cord connects into the headphones can become a bit lose and when you are running the cord will jiggle and the sounds will go in and out. It is important to note that these are a very budget friendly pair of headphones and as such a lot of customers do not expect them to last forever. Unfortunately for the JLab Fit 2.0 headphones, they do suffer from some premature wear and tear.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Since the JLab Fit 2.0 earbuds are wired and not a pair of wireless headphones they are super easy to use, barely an inconvenience. At the end of the hardwired portion of this product, you will find a female end of a 3.5mm jack that you will use to plug in one end of one of the enclosed AUX cords into. The other end is simply plugged into the headphone jack of the device you are connecting to you and you are good to go, it is as easy as that.

There is a small remote attached to the wires of the headphones that will allow you to answer and hang up on phone calls and it will allow you to change the sound profile of the music you are listening to. It is relatively easy to use as there is only one button for you to press. Customers are disappointed, however, by the fact that there is no volume button on these headphones so if they want to adjust the volume they will have to do so from the device itself.
Power Source

Power Source

The JLab Fit 2.0 headphones do not have a power source of their own, as they are a pair of wired earbuds and do not need to have their own source of power. They simply connect to your phone through an AUX cable and they are good to go. No need to worry about having your battery charged, these will work just fine without one.


When it comes to purchasing headphones it is important to remember that you are making an investment. If you spend a decent amount of money on a pair of headphones then you would expect them to last you a long time so you do not have to spend that money again for a while. On the contrary, however, if you are not spending a lot up front you may expect them to not last as long as you would like and you will be replacing them fairly often. That being said, the JLab Fit 2.0 sports earbuds are a very affordable and cheap pair of headphones with an MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) of only $30 and the ability to find them cheaper from many online stores. The headphones do not have the best durability so even though they are cheap and customers like them, you will likely have to replace them after only a short time.
Key Features

Key Features

-Comes with two different length cords
-You get seven different sized earpieces for the perfect fit
-Decent sound quality that customers enjoy
-Super easy to use
-Integrated microphone for hands-free calling
-Comfortable and ergonomic design
-Sweat-proof and water resistant
-Snug fit and super comfortable
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The customers really seem to like the JLab Fit 2.0 headphones. They have a decent sound quality that customers appreciate. They are comfortable and give you a nice, snug fit so you do not have to worry about them coming loose or falling out of your ears when you are working out. They do suffer from some premature wear and tear but with such a low price tag most customers do not mind replacing them when needed.