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In a world where big brand names like Sony and JBL rule the headphone marketplace, it is often hard for the little guys to make a name for themselves. JLab is a relatively new company as far as the audio market is concerned having been founded in 2005. They are an American company, however, with roots in Tucson and a headquarters in Carlsbad, so if nothing else, here we have a quality company with American-made products on our hands.

When they JLabs hit the market, their main focus was on providing consumers with affordable in-ear headphones but since their founding, they have moved on to provide both premium in- and over- ear headphones as well as wireless options and speakers.

Today we are going to be taking a close look at one of their Bluetooth in-ear offerings – the JLabs JBuds Pro. These are budget-priced headphone option that provides users with unprecedented comfort for such a low, affodable price tag. Though they won’t be blowing any minds with technological advances the likes of Apple with their Air Pods, this is still a viable headphone option for people who prefer the simple things in life like good sound quality, a comfortable fit and ambient noise reduction. Let’s continue on and see just what else the JBuds Pro have to offer.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Comfortable for extended wear

-Handy clip will help keep the headphones in place during activities

-Great sound quality for the price

-Durable construction



-Audio sometimes fades in and out

-Microphone may not be of the highest quality

-Some users have had difficulties with the Bluetooth connection

Key Features
Though JLab isn’t marketing these as a sports-specific headphone, we found that they performed quite well during certain physical activities. Gym workouts were made more bare able with this great sound pumping through our headphones. We found that the heaviness of the microphone and volume controls, however, made running with these a little uncomfortable as it bounces and can be distracting. Because the battery life is only six hours, the JBuds Pro isn’t necessarily a great option to use during your workday but they would make a great companion to take along with you for your commute.
Basic Features
The JLab JBuds feature an in-line microphone as well as audio controls on the wire of the headphones. This means that you will not need to pull out your smartphone in the middle of your commute or during your gym workout to answer your calls, to change songs or to adjust the volume of your audio. It’s all about convenience! Some current users did mention that the microphone quality isn’t that great, but what can you expect for a $20 pair of headphones? If you don’t plan on using these exclusively for work calls, we think that the quality of the microphone is sufficient enough. Another issue some people ran into was the location of the microphone on the wire will cause it to rub up against your collar, causing a small bit of interference. This can definitely be an annoying issue so we figured it was worth noting in our review.
Advanced Features
As we already mentioned, the JLab JBuds Pro is not considered a sports headphone but they do have features that make them a very viable option for using during your workouts. They have a water resistance rating of IP55. This simply means that they will provide users with protection from dust as well as a water jet type of spray. What does this mean for users who will surely not be wearing the headphones in the shower where they will encounter water jets? Simple! You can wear these in the rain or during your sweaty workouts without any issues at all. The sweat, rain or water won’t damage your headphones. This is a pretty great feature to have in such a cheap product.
Sound Quality
Though the JLab company may not have the following and reputation that other big name headphone manufacturer’s do, we have to admit that even we were a little surprised with how great the sound quality is from these budget-priced headphones. They utilize 10 mm sound drivers that help to provide users with deep booming bass and a full range of audio experience. Though these are not noise-canceling headphones, the way they were designed does help to block out any ambient background noises so that users are able to be fully immersed in their music, especially when out in public commuting.

There are three different sound styles to choose from based on your personal preferences – Signature, Balanced or Bass Boost. We liked this feature as customizing the sound we want from our headphones is a unique option that most higher-priced headphones don’t even offer.
The JBuds Pro utilize Bluetooth 5 in order to get connected to your favorite devices. While we didn’t have any problems getting our headphones to connect and stay connected, some other users mentioned that they had to combat some audio dropping or fading out. Of course, this is less than ideal for a headphone that requires Bluetooth to be able to use them.

The JLabs JBuds Pro provide the standard 30 feet of wireless range as most similar products on the market do. We found it interested that such a budget-priced headphone offering would have voice controls, making Siri and Google Assistant accessible to users. This is a unique addition to the connectivity offered here and we absolutely loved this feature.
The JBuds Pro are a decently comfortable pair of earbuds. Although many people find earbuds to be uncomfortable in their ears, JLab does there best to counteract this by providing 3 different sized ear tips and used their JLab Cush Fin technology to make sure they fit securely in the ear canals. The only downfall to the comfort of these buds is the remote/microphone can sometimes be heavy, pulling the buds out or bouncing against your neck during activities that require more movement like running.
The JBuds Pro is an in-ear headphone style. The buds are connected together via a thin wire. On this wire is where you will find the access to audio controls and also where the microphone is housed. These headphones are available in six different color options: blue/grey, pink/grey, purple/black, teal/black, white and black. We loved that there were different options to choose from in terms of color. There aren’t a lot of headphones on the market that let you choose your favorite color so this was a definite plus for us. The JBuds Pro also has a handy clip on the wire that can be used to attach to your clothing for a more secure feeling fit.
Surprisingly enough, these budget-priced headphones offer a fair bit of durability. They are well-constructed and we didn’t have any issues at in terms of the headphones conking out on us prematurely. One reviewer even mentioned that they accidentally sent their headphones through the washer and they were still functioning afterward. Though we wouldn’t suggest anyone tries that at home, it does say something about the overall durability of the product. Some reviewers had problems with the rubber material on the control panel peeling off but we didn’t see that as an issue during our test runs. As a bonus, JLab does offer a two-year limited warranty so you will be covered if an issue does arise within two years of purchasing the JBuds Pro. They also provide new users with a 30-day money back guarantee so if you aren’t entirely loving the headphones after those first 30 days with them, you can return them to the company. We have to appreciate JLabs for this offering, not every company provides guarantees or warranties so kudos to JLabs for that.
Ease of Use
Because these headphones don’t provide users with any real groundbreaking technological advances, newcomers to the JBuds Pro should find them incredibly easy to set up, connect and use. The Bluetooth 5 technology makes pairing these with your devices very simple and the inline remote makes operating the headphone as easy as can be.
Priced with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of just $20.00, you really cannot go wrong with the JLab JBuds Pro headphones. Of course, if you’re a hardcore audiophile you should know right away to skip over these as they most certainly will not provide you with the quality that you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for a cheap pair of headphones that can get you through your gym routine or your long commutes to work, you can’t go wrong with the JBuds Pro, especially for just $20!
Power Source
The JLabs JBuds Pro offers users around six hours of battery life. This is actually a shorter lifespan than most similar products we have reviewed on our site. Though six hours of battery is probably plenty enough for most people, some may feel encumbered by this short lifespan so that is definitely something to take into account as you make your decision. The headphones are equipped with a rechargeable battery that charges via the included micro USB cord. It takes around 1.5 hours to charge to a full battery but if you find yourself short on time, a quick ten-minute charge should reward you with about an hour of extra battery life.
Key Features
-Inline remote and microphone for ease of use
-Three different sound profiles to choose from to match your personal preferences
-JLab Cush Fin technology for a more customized and secure fit
-IP55 rating to provide protection from dust, water and sweat
-Connects with both Siri and Google Assistant
-30 feet wireless range
-3 different gel tips to choose from to customize your comfort
-6 hours of battery
-2-year warranty
Bottom Line
“You get what you pay for” is an old adage that refers to the fact that usually the less you are willing to spend on an item, the less quality you can expect. But this really doesn’t seem to be the case with the JLab JBuds Pro. Don’t be put off by the low price tag. You can easily spend double or triple the price of these headphones for ones of poorer quality with fewer features. The one thing that put us off was the complaints of the audio fading in and out for some users. While, as we mentioned, we did not have issues with this at all (nor did most of the reviews we researched), it is something to keep in mind while you make your decision. This could be where the two-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee comes in handy. If you are willing to put yourself out there to try this affordable product and aren’t happy with it, you can always return it for a refund.

Sure, JLab may not have the most dedicated following, especially when we are comparing them to brands that have been around forever like Sony or JBL, but that shouldn’t discount their credibility. We recommend these headphones to anyone who is in the market for something to wear during their commutes or to drown out the sounds of the office or even for use during your workouts. Looking at the sound quality, the JBuds Pro certainly won’t perform to audiophile standards so you folks can mosey on over to something a little more sophisticated. But for the average consumer, these will work just fine.
Where to Buy
By Abbie Copeland
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