La Sportiva TX3

The La Sportiva TX3 approach shoes are an amazing mix of a trail runner and a hiking boot. You get the best of both worlds when it comes to these great shoes. You do not have to worry about your shoes taking a beating when going on long hikes or runs in the woods, as these are going to last you a whole lot longer than your traditional trail running shoe. The stability is fantastic too, customers state that with these shoes you get great underfoot protection and superior stability, similar to what is offered from hiking boots. The beauty is that these shoes have a roomy toe box for comfort, but they also have amazing, solid toe protection, just in case you are one of the many runners who tend to hit every rock, branch, or root on the trail. Customers praise the outsole and the grippy rubber on the bottoms of the La Sportiva TX3's, stating that they do not have to worry about their feet slipping out from underneath them when they are walking or running on wet surfaces. The soft rubber is going to hold on to just about any surface so you can rest easy and focus on the world around you. The one downfall to having such an amazing outsole is that they are going to wear down faster than the rest of the shoe. You should keep in mind that they have such good traction due to the soft rubber on the bottom, so it is going to wear down rather quickly. Customers commented, however, that it is a good trade-off to have a shoe that is so grippy.

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Pros & Cons
  • Great underfoot protection
  • Awesome stability
  • Solid toe protection 
  • Super comfortable
  • Great grip for fantastic traction on wet and dry surfaces
  • Roomy toe box for added comfort
  • The fit is true to size
  • Relatively lightweight for a hiking shoe
  • Cons
    • Outsole will wear down faster than the rest of the shoe
    • The laces are shorter than some people prefer, making it harder to double knot
    • Key Features
      The outsoles of these shoes are probably the best feature about them. Customers are in love with the amazing grip they provide them, and the full bottom protection. They are made to keep you safe when running on trails or hiking in the woods. The outsole is made out of an amazingly sticky Vibram Mega-Grip rubber which is made to give you a stellar grip whether you are running on wet or dry surfaces. The shoes feature a lug pattern that is made out of round lugs at the front of the shoe for a flat climbing zone and the heel of the shoe has gumdrop-shaped lugs. The outsole tends to wear out faster than the rest of the shoe due to the soft grippy rubber on the bottom, but they will still last you quite a while. Reviewers have stated that they have worn these shoes for hundreds of miles on a plethora of terrains and conditions and they just love them. The outsole of these shoes is part of the reason people have fallen in love with them.
      The midsole of these shoes will feel fairly firm at first when you put them on compared to other trail running shoes. Keep in mind, though, that if you are going to be wearing these for hiking or backpacking you are going to welcome the firmness and stability they offer. The midsole is made out of MEMIex EVA foam which is a full-length midsole that offers moderate cushioning. If you are one that prefers a shoe that has a thick, plush midsole then these shoes are probably not for you; however, if you want a nice reliable shoe that is going to be firm, stable, and supportive then you will love the La Sportiva TX3 approach shoes.
      The upper of the La Sportiva TX3 is made out of a polyester mesh material that wraps the midsole in the medial zone which helps to increase stability while on the rocky terrain of some paths. The upper also wraps around your foot to give you a more comfortable shoe with a superior fit. These shoes have a rigid and super protective toe box that works almost like a hiking shoe, protecting you from injury if you accidentally kick rocks while on the go.
      The La Sportiva TX3 approach shoes are lightweight when compared to other shoes that fall into the same category. If you are looking for something super lightweight for every day long runs then these are probably not the best option, but they are perfect for running on trails and wearing them on hikes. They will not weigh you down like some of the other shoes on the market and customers love that about these. The shoe's weight, on average, 1 pound 4 ounces, which is not that bad for what they offer you.
      Because these shoes are made out of a polyester mesh material, they do not offer a whole lot of ventilation and can make your feet feel rather hot at times. Customers state that if it is cooler outside then it is barely noticeable; however if the temperatures reach more than about 85 degrees your feet will get hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it is said that these shoes do not allow for water drainage or dry quick so they are probably not optimal to wear on a hot day or in wet weather.
      The La Sportiva TX3 does not have a whole lot of cushioning in the midsole and is a bit firm, so it is not going to be as comfortable as most running shoes, but keep in mind that these are meant to be used on trails and hikes, so you are going to want something more firm. That being said, these shoes are rather comfortable. Customers have stated that they wore these on numerous long hikes while carrying gear and these shoes kept them comfortable throughout the day. The toe box is super roomy and the upper wraps snugly around your feet to give you added comfort.
      Customers seem to like the look and style of the La Sportiva TX3 approach shoes. Many reviewers have stated that they are cute and that they have gotten compliments on them while wearing them. Both the men's and women's shoes come in different colors. Men can choose between blue and papaya or spicy orange and the women's pair comes in emerald and mint. Customers have commented, however, that they wished they had more color options to choose from.
      The La Sportiva TX3 is an overall durable shoe, however, it is important to note that the rubber on the outsole is going to wear down faster than the rest of the shoe, but that is not abnormal. The bottoms of these shoes are made out of a soft rubber to give you a superior grip and amazing traction, which you need if you are maneuvering trails and climbing rocky terrains. Just because they are going to wear down faster than the rest of the shoe, though, does not mean that they are going to fall apart too quickly. One customer commented that after about 250 or more miles of wearing them there was barely any visible wear and tear.
      These shoes offer immaculate protection. The bottoms of the shoes are tough enough to protect your feet against rocks and branches that you are bound to step on or kick when you are running on trails and hiking. The toe box offers additional protection so you do not hurt your toes if you happen to kick something hard. The La Sportiva TX3 is an all-around protective shoe which you are going to want if you are trail running or hiking. Everything about them is made to keep you safe and protected.
      Because the La Sportiva TX3 approach shoes have a firmer midsole in them they are not going to offer superior responsiveness. That being said, you will not need a lot of that for what you will be using these shoes for. You want a responsive shoe for long-distance running and if you are looking for a faster pace, these shoes are made more for trail running and mountain hiking so you will not need to focus on those things. You will get some energy return because there is some cushioning in there, but not a lot. Customers have had no complaints when it comes to the responsiveness of these shoes when they are used for their intended purpose.
      The La Sportiva TX3 is super supportive and customers rave about this. They are a cross between a trail shoe and a hiking boot. You get all the support of a boot without the additional weight and bulk. La Sportiva uses a flywire system in these shoes that are integrated into the lacing system to give you added support while you are on the go. The STB Control is a high band that runs from the heel of the shoe all the way up to the toe box. This is part of the upper and wraps itself around the midsole to give you a more supportive and comfortable fit. This helps keep your feet locked into place and will prevent you from sliding around inside your shoe.
      These shoes were made to be worn in almost any environment on just about any terrain. The shoes are fantastic and have an amazing outsole that will allow you to wear them pretty much anywhere without having to worry about losing your grip and getting hurt. Customers have worn these for runs on dirt roads, rocky trails, mountain climbing, sandy dirt trails, muddy trails, wet limestone paths, and so many other places. Customers love the plethora of places they can safely wear these shoes.
      The La Sportiva TX3 approach shoes seem like they have a high price tag, but if you take into consideration what they will do for you, customers say that they are absolutely worth it. Keep in mind, you are going to be paying some money up front for these shoes but they are going to last you hundreds of miles and they are going to keep you safe and comfortable while you are wearing them. The MSRP of these shoes comes in at $135 which is about average for shoes that fall into a similar category. Even though it seems like these are a bit pricey customers have commented that they are definitely worth every penny and most have purchased more than one pair.
      The outsole of these shoes is made to keep a grip on almost any surface. The lugs on the bottom of the shoes are circular in the front of the shoe and gumdrop-shaped in the back and made out of a soft sticky rubber that will grab onto a plethora of surfaces and keep you safe from slipping. The sole is made out of a Vibram Megagrip compound which is meant to keep a stellar grip on both wet and dry surfaces, and it definitely lives up to that. The outsole of these shoes was made to provide superior traction for even the most demanding of activities including hiking, trail running, backpacking, and more. You will not have to worry about your traction when you are wearing these shoes.
      The La Sportiva TX3, as an approach shoe, have some flexibility to them. As they are made to allow you to wear them for a variety of activities you will need something with some flex when going from one terrain to another. The soft rubber outsole gives you some flexibility, mostly at the forefront of the shoe, which is essential for any kind of hiking or trail shoe.
      The La Sportiva TX3 is flared at the forefront, making it wider in the toe area, which not only makes these shoes more comfortable but makes them more stable as well. You will get some more stability with the shoe if you tighten the laces to the point where they are more stiff and secure. These are definitely not the most stable shoes on the market, but they will provide you with some stability.
      The drop of a shoe is simply the measurement of the incline of the shoe from heel to toe. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information to be found in the drop of the La Sportiva TX3 shoes.
      Key Features
      -The comfort of a trail running shoe with the protection of a hiking boot
      -Vibram Megagrip outsole for amazing traction on wet or dry surfaces
      -Great for many activities, especially mixed mountain terrains
      -STB Control System for comfort and stability
      -A sturdy and protective toe box so you do not injure yourself if you kick rocks, roots, or stumps
      Bottom Line
      The La Sportiva TX3 is an amazing all-around good shoe. You get the comfort of a trail running shoe but the protection and durability of a hiking boot. Customers love the traction they get from these shoes. They can wear them on almost any surface and not have to worry about slipping. The shoes are stylish and comfortable. If you are looking for an all around good shoe that you can wear almost anywhere then you have come to the right place. The La Sportiva TX3 are the shoes for you!
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      By Jessica Brown
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