Salomon Low Trail Gaiters Fully Reviewed for Quality

Salomon is a trusted name in adventure sports and running adventures. They have created a protective, comfortable product in their low trail gaiters that are designed to keep runners protected from debris that can interfere with their best performance. The unique material used in these gaiters allows for a flexible fit that moves with the runner and eliminates any risk of feeling cumbersome or overly stable. Salomon Low Trail Gaiters are reasonably priced, and runners raved about their easy on and off wearability. Runners were pleased with how quickly they could get these gaiters over their shoes, regardless of whether they are hiking boots or sleek running shoes. They are comfortable and breathable but do a great job of keeping out all different trail elements and act as a protective layer between the trail and your ankles. This gaiters come in male and female sizing options and are offered in two different color options. Runners were pleased with the affordable price but did comment that Salomon could have done a better job of ensuring a higher level of durability.

Keep reading our in-depth Salomon Low Trail Gaiters review to find out if it is worth the investment.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Fits easily with all shoes
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Protective
  • Cons
    • Lacks durability
    • Limited color options
    • Key Features
      Gaiters are designed to keep runners safe and protected against a plethora of dangerous and annoying debris that can be found on the trail. These running accessories are not suggested for typical day to day to road running, and instead should be reserved for the more aggressive trail runs and races.

      Salomon says that these gaiters do a great job of protecting the runner from any loose debris from entering the shoes or harming the ankle. Runners found these gaiters useful while tackling less groomed trails where thorns or vines could hurt the exposed ankle. They also found them useful while running on trails with unpacked gravel. Not only do they protect the ankles from loose gravel, but they do a great job of ensuring that no debris can enter the shoe and cause distraction or pain during the run or hike.
      One of the common concerns with finding a functional gaiter for the trails is that many brands struggle to be breathable and simultaneously protective. The Salomon low trail Gaiter can provide runners with a gaiter that is both breathable and highly protective. This gaiter uses an elastic jersey material that stretches and moves with the natural movement of the runner, but it is also tough enough to keep even the smallest debris from entering the shoe.

      The high level of breathability can also be attributed to the lightweight feel of this gaiter. It weighs in at a mere 121 grams.
      One of the elements that runners continuously commented on is the overall comfort of this gaiter. The elastic jersey mesh material stretches with the movement of the runner and can provide a snug, yet flexible fit. They slide easily over the shoe, whether it is a bigger hiking boot or a sleek running shoe. The snugness can be adjusted using a Velcro strap along the top of the gaiter to create the perfect fit for runners.

      Additionally, these gaiters come with additional padding around the ankle bone to keep runners comfortable and provide additional support on more treacherous terrain.
      The Gaiters are offered in three sizes based on the shoe size. These gaiters come with three different sizing options. They can be purchased for shoe sizes 4.5 – 7, 7.5 – 9, or 9.5 -12. The size can also be adjusted using the top Velcro strap to customize the fit for the unique needs of the runner.

      Some runners commented that the strap that loops along the bottom of the shoe could be cumbersome and interfere with traction on the trails, while other runners didn’t seem to have a problem with this design element.
      This gaiter uses an elastic jersey material. While this material is excellent at providing breathability and flexibility to the runner and it does a great job of keeping out a variety of different debris from the entering the shoe, some runners commented that this elastic jersey material too easily wore down. Some said that it quickly ripped and tore while running through ungroomed areas, so runners suggested these gaiters for runs that won’t bring them through the unruly brush.
      The product is a fairly straightforward product, and for that reason, it doesn’t come with a lot of additional accessories. Runners can expect to find a fit that slides over the shoe and can be tightened or loosened using a Velcro strap and can be adjusted across the top of the shoe.
      These gaiters are not known for adding a ton of style to any runner’s look. They have a unique look that is a part sock, part turtleneck for your shoes. It creates an exaggerated high-top sort of look on any pair of shoes.

      Runners generally use gaiters for their function and less so for their stylish attributes. The Salomon Low Trail Gaiters can be purchased in the runner’s choice of black or red.
      This gaiter is very affordable and comes in the right in the center of the pack in terms of average cost for gaiters. However, some runners did comment that the durability is not as high as they would like, which caused them to question the higher price tag. Overall, this is a reasonable price for the quality of this product.
      Key Features
      - Black or red color options
      - Elastic jersey material
      - 121 grams
      - Adjustable Velcro strap for precise sizing
      - Three sizing options
      - Padding around the ankle for added support
      Bottom Line
      Salomon’s low trail gaiters are an excellent accessory for runners who are looking for protection and comfort while on their more aggressive trail runs or races. These gaiters are made from a flexible material that is both breathable and comfortable but also does a great job of deflecting harmful and annoying debris that can be found on the trail. Runners raved about the overall comfort of these gaiters and were very pleased with how easily they came on and off and how secure they stayed during the run.

      The price of Salomon Low Trail Gaiters are more than reasonable, but runners reported that they wished this product would have lasted longer and been less prone to punctures and tears. Overall, runners were pleased with this product and found the fit to be the key feature that made these as useful as they were.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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