Merrell Choprock

The Merrell Choprock is a great two-in-one shoe for people who enjoy hikes on trails close to water. This shoe will provide excellent performance on various terrains, as well as good traction on slick and loose surfaces. The resilient rubber will protect your feet from impact, and the Hydramorph water evacuation ports will make drying out this shoe a breeze. However, if you’re looking for a shoe that can do all this, and look fashionable as well – you’re not going to be completely satisfied with the Choprock.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-drying
  • Versatile
  • Vibram Megagrip outsole
  • Water-friendly materials
  • Hydramorph technology
  • Great traction
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Protective toe cap and cushioned midsole
  • Durable materials
  • Good heel stability
  • Suitable for trail and water
  • Cons
    • Not a very stylish design
    • Lacks support for overpronators and supinators
    • Key Features
      The outsole of Merrell Choprock shoe is comprised of the famous Vibram Megagrip rubber that is resilient and made to provide consistently good traction on wet and dry surfaces alike. There is a clear difference between Choprock and some other Merrell shoes in the same category, such as the Tideriser – the Choprock has opted for using a traditionally trail shoe rubber, while the Tideriser utilized the Vibram Wavegrip, which is more suitable for water activities. This isn’t to say that the Choprock’s outsole doesn’t offer great traction – it does; however, if the outsole is anything to go by, this choice of compounds makes the Choprock a trail-to-water shoe, while the Tideriser is more of a boat-to-trail shoe. The interesting tread pattern of the outsole features 5mm lugs and deep flex grooves under the heel, which encourage a fast heel-to-toe transition. The outsole is segmented into rearfoot, midfoot and forefoot area with the use of flex grooves – making a tread pattern that makes the stride as natural as possible.

      The midsole of the Merrell Choprock trail and water shoe is comprised of compression-molded EVA foam compound that is durable and cushiony, providing essential stability and a lot of comfort. This midsole features Hydramorph technology, which makes the shoe suitable for various water sports. Hydramorph technology utilizes midsole channels for water drainage and increased airflow. These water evacuation ports are present in the midfoot and forefoot area of the midsole, while the heel remains thick and cushioned, without any holes in the midsole foam. On top of the CMEVA foam is a Kinetic Fit BASE removable insole made out of contoured EVA and covered with a water-friendly top cover. The back of the heel area of the midsole is completely covered by the outsole Vibram Megagrip rubber, which prolongs the lifespan of the midsole by protecting it from untimely wear and tear.

      The robust, yet lightweight upper of the Merrell Choprock is made from water-friendly synthetic materials as well as breathable mesh and webbing instead of traditional and (usually) thick synthetic midfoot overlays. The entire configuration of the upper is made specifically to provide a great water experience while maintaining the resilience needed to tackle trails. The prominent and durable integrated rubber toe bumper cover the entire toe area completely, making the shoe very trail-friendly, and the heel area features the Hyperlock molded TPU counter that increases the stability of the shoe. The bungee lacing system is made to make tightening the shoe laces easy and efficient and makes the whole upper feel pretty secure overall.

      The weight of the pair of Merrell Choprocks comes up to 762 grams or 1lb and 11oz, meaning that one shoe weighs 381g or 13.4oz. While this is a 1.4oz increase from the brand’s Tideriser boat shoe, the Choprock is still considered to be a lightweight trail shoe. This increase in weight isn’t all for nothing, though, given that the outsole of the shoe is indistinguishable from a regular, robust trail shoe, and the abundant use of rubber in the toe cap makes the shoe much more trail-friendly and durable than the Tide rise.

      One of the best traits of these trail and water shoes is the fact that they drain very well and offer excellent breathability. The draining ability of the Choprock has been described by one satisfied runner as ‘crazy quick’. The breathability of the shoe allows it to be suitable for contact with water; in fact, this is the kind of shoe that you can just forget about and wait for it to dry on its own while you’re walking on dry terrain. If you’re in need of a warmer or more protective trail shoe, you can always opt to wear waterproof socks, which could make the Choprock a suitable shoe to run in the rain in.

      The majority of runners agreed upon the fact that the Merrell Choprock shoe is comfortable to wear, starting from the outsole to the upper. The Vibram Megagrip outsole gives the shoe some toughness, which translates into a slightly firmer ride, while the CMEVA foam midsole provides cushioning and comfort throughout the entirety of the run. An additional layer of cushioning comes from the Kinetic Fit BASE removable EVA insole, which is plush and soft, minimizing the effects of the impact forces that can lead to foot pain at the end of the run. The mesh and synthetics upper is supple and won’t cause any blistering, as the lacing system won’t cause uncomfortable pressure points. The tongue and the upper are made out of one piece of material, meaning that the tongue won’t slip to the side and cause discomfort every now and then when it moves. The tongue and the heel feature a wide pull tab for easy on/off. All in all, this is a comfy shoe suitable for short and medium-length runs.

      Unlike some other Merrell boat shoes, the Choprock can’t double as a lifestyle shoe. From the look and feel of the shoe, it’s instantly clear that this is a heavy-duty, niche shoe, made for sports lovers who don’t care that much about wearing them as a fashion statement. While there are some subdued colorways, most colorways feature a dual-tone design, with a black base color and accent details. The laces, webbing and the outsole rubber are all splashed in vibrant colors such as neo greens and blues. The Merrell sign is positioned at the side of the heel overlay, and there is the brand’s logo on top of the tongue as well. Other than that, the shoe remains simple, practical, and without any ambition to be beautiful.

      Merrel Choprock is a shoe made to endure quite a lot, and the materials used in its construction are up to the task. The Vibram Megagrip is a very resilient rubber that will resist abrasions and slow down the flattening of the midsole. It also provides extra durability to the EVA foam by protecting the heel and the toe part of the midsole. The upper is made from one-piece mesh that is covered in synthetic webbing and TPU overlays which make it durable by preventing tearing and loosening of the material. You can log some serious miles in these shoes before starting to look for another pair, and you can be sure that the quality of the construction won’t disappoint, no matter how many times you take the Choprock from water to trail to water again.

      One of the most protective parts of the Merrell Choprock is its massive toe bumper made from durable rubber. This bumper covers almost the entirety of the vamp and offers great protection from stray flying stones and pebbles, as well as underwater rocks you fail to see on time. The cushioning provided by the CMEVA foam midsole provides enough underfoot protection for most runners, and the lightweight nature of the shoe, combined with its cushioning, will leave your feet rested even after a trying hike on rugged terrain. The upper and the insole are both water-friendly, and while they certainly won’t protect you from the rain, they will be extremely efficient at getting the water out and keeping the inside of the shoe box as dry as possible, protecting your feet from bacterial and fungal infections.

      The Merrell Choprock isn’t a trail racing shoe; it’s primarily meant for trail hikes and various water escapades that don’t require much responsiveness. However, the tread pattern of the outsole, along with the firmness provided by the choice of outsole materials, do provide some bounce to the stride, as well as a smooth and energized heel-to-toe transition. However, if you need a trail shoe that will allow you to develop some serious speed, you might have to invest in two differently-built shoes.

      Somewhat unsurprisingly, the Merrell Choprock is a neutral trail hiking shoe made for people who don’t require additional arch support, primarily those with high, medium-high and normal arches. The molded foam insole is removable, leaving you with the option of choosing a customized orthotic insole that will provide additional arch support. However, the insole that comes with the shoe is water-friendly, meaning that it’s full of holes that work in unison with the midsole’s Hydramorph water-evacuating port, so in order for your customized insole to be as efficient as the original, keep in mind that it would also have to be perforated and water-friendly.

      This is primarily a trail running shoe, means to tackle uneven, rugged terrains of various difficulties: mountains, hills, rocky, muddy or grassy terrain. The only type of terrain that definitely isn’t suitable for the Choprock is the extremely technical steep rocks that require special climbing or approach shoes. Other than on the trail, the Choprock is made to provide efficiency while kayaking, flatwater, river and ocean paddling, as well as just hiking through low water level areas. Almost all customers have commented on the fact that the Choprock exceeded their expectations on the trail and that it can sustain hiking with relatively heavy backpacks for about 20 miles without feeling uncomfortable in the shoe.

      If you need a do-it-all shoe for your trail and water adventures, you’re not going to find one that is significantly better than the Merrell Choprock – on the contrary. With the use of high-quality materials that provide durability, lightweight, quick drying, protection and comfort, the price of the Choprock is more than reasonable. This is the kind of shoe that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve spent your money in vain, but will leave you content for finding a shoe that can be a trusty partner on your adventures.

      The Vibram Megagrip rubber is made to provide great and consistent traction on both wet and dry surfaces, and the construction of the Merrell Choprock shoe only further reiterates the efficiency of the Megagrip. The tread pattern that features 5mm multidirectional lugs grips efficiently on rocks and steep uphill climbs. Additionally, it doesn’t become slippery on muddy terrain, but provides stability there as well, without getting too much mud in between the lugs. These lugs come in very handy when crossing shallow waters, as they will grip to the underwater stones and pebbles, allowing you to maintain your balance throughout the hike.

      While the sole of the Merrel Choprock isn’t made to be especially flexible, the outsole deep flex grooves in the heel, as well as grooves that segment the three parts of the outsole, allow for some much-needed bend in the sole – just enough to allow for a natural gait cycle without any restrictions. The mesh upper and the webbing are very flexible and capable of adhering to the foot and moving along with it, in both dry and wet conditions, which is of exceptional importance, given that a lot of the times, wet material can irritate the foot. All in all, while it isn’t the most flexible shoe in existence, the Choprock performs well and allows just enough flexibility to provide a reliable and comfortable ride.

      Aside from the cushioned heel that protrudes beyond the upper heel area, preventing you from losing balance and falling backward, the main stability feature of the Merrell Choprock are the webbing loops that allow a secure and customized fit that will stabilize the foot and hold it in place. The Hyperlock molded TPU heel counter provides great stability in the rearfoot, especially during uphill hikes, and it also prevents unwanted heel slippage that could be both uncomfortable and dangerous.

      There isn’t any reliable data about the exact heel-to-toe differential of the Merrell Choprock trail and water shoe, but given from the side-view of the shoe and the look of the sole, this is a shoe that features a standard drop of 8-10mm. This type of drop is a result of significant heel cushioning, which will most benefit the heel strikers, but midfoot strikers are likely to enjoy it as well. However, the drop of this shoe isn’t low enough that we could safely recommend it to forefoot strikers – if you’re keen on trying out this type of drop, e sure to ease into it by opting for 4mm and 6mm shoes first, otherwise, it could be a rough transition for the forefoot strikers.

      Key Features
      ● Vibram Megagrip rubber outsole
      ● 5mm multidirectional lugs
      ● CMEVA foam midsole with Kinetic Fit BASE removable insole
      ● Hydramorph technology for water evacuation
      ● Water-friendly synthetic and mesh upper
      ● 381g or 13.4oz for half-pair
      ● Very breathable, quick-drying
      ● Comfortable
      ● Reasonable price point
      ● Durable materials and build
      ● Trail and water sports shoe
      ● Versatile
      ● Protective
      ● Secure upper and stabilizing heel counter

      Bottom Line
      The Merrell Choprock trail and water shoe is one of the most reliable and versatile shoes on the market when it comes to the variety of surfaces and conditions in which it performs well. The lightweight, quick-drying nature of the Choprock will allow you to tackle almost any trail without any fear of experiencing discomfort and slippage. While there are no obvious flaws to the Choprock, there is a feeling that runners who experience pronation issues won’t have such a field day in it, especially in terms of comfort and stability.
      Where to Buy
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