Mizuno Wave Sonic

The Mizuno Wave Sonic is a racing flat meant to cater to a variety of runner types. It's lightweight, but still, has a durable outsole and a protective midsole. It's a bit different than other racing flats offered by Mizuno. It has a significantly lower heel to toe drop. It's also, surprisingly, a little heavier than some other models offered by the company. It's a good option for runners who want a lighter shoe for racing but who aren't ready to completely sacrifice cushioning and overall protection to achieve a more effortless ride. If you find your regular training shoe a bit too bulky for fast running and you're looking for a shoe that will work for race day, the Mizuno Wave Sonic is a good option.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Plenty of responsive forefoot cushion
  • Tight fit that feels supportive and comfortable
  • Protective midsole cushioning
  • Great energy-return
  • Durable outsole
  • Cons
    • A little heavier than traditional racing flats
    • Energy-return diminishes over time
    • Upper not as resistant as the outsole
    • Key Features
      If you take a look at the bottom of the Mizuno Wave Sonic, you'll notice the tread is organized in a zig-zag pattern. This helps to provide traction and works well with the 'wave' concept of the shoe. Covering most of the outsole is blown rubber. At the back of the shoe, in the heel area, you'll find X10 carbon rubber which is placed there primarily for increased durability. Overall, reviewers felt the outsole provided plenty of traction and was quite durable, especially for a racing flat.
      The Mizuno Wave Sonic has a slightly updated midsole material. The U4ciX midsole cushioning is paired with Mizuno's signature wave design for a responsive, energy-filled ride. This type of midsole material is lighter in weight than what has previously been used by Mizuno. It also helps to provide more impact protection. Reviewers particularly liked that there was plenty of cushioning in the forefoot area which helped to deliver a bouncy feel upon toeing off.
      The Mizuno Wave Sonic has an upper that's made up of Airmesh. This material is both lightweight and seamless to help make the shoe as comfortable as possible. Special DynamotionFit technology is also used in the shoe's construction to ensure a natural fit and ride. Reviewers liked the lightweight feel of the upper and the fact that the material was flexible enough to move along with the foot. Users also reported that the fit felt just right, which is quite important for a racing flat since any kind of slippage at high speeds would result in discomfort. The upper also features a traditional lacing system. Reviewers, though, did point out that the upper is a little bit less durable than the outsole.
      The Mizuno Wave Sonic is a racing flat but it's not the lightest on the market. That doesn't mean it's not effective. It's a great option for those who are not sure about the transition from a full-blown trainer to a minimally cushioned shoe. The Mizuno Wave Sonic provides a bit more cushioning than your average racing flat, a little bit more durability, and thus also a bit more weight. The men's version weighs about 7.6 oz and the women's Wave Sonic weighs in at about 6.5 oz.

      Some reviewers complained about the unexpected heft of the shoe but the majority found the Mizuno Wave Sonic was lightweight and comfortable enough for fast running and racing. If you want a very lightweight racing flat, you'll no doubt be sacrificing durability, support, and protection. The Mizuno Wave Sonic provides some degree of all three but with increased durability, a more supportive construction, and a protective design comes a bit of extra weight.
      The Mizuno Wave Sonic is fairly breathable thanks to its Airmesh upper design. The material is not only lightweight, it's also seamless, and it ventilates quite well. A DynamotionFit upper also means that the shoe fits correctly without putting pressure in unwanted areas.
      While it's not the lightest racing flat available, the Mizuno Wave Sonic definitely delivers in the comfort department. Reviewers loved the fit of the shoe. It's somewhat flexible but rigid enough to lend support to neutral wearers. A firmly cushioned midsole provides impact protection without the sinking softness of some trainers. A slightly heftier designed, compared to other racing flats, rubbed some reviewers the wrong way, but they were in the minority. Most reviewers were happy with the Mizuno Wave Sonic, especially when it came to fit. The tight fit prevented any kind of slippage from occurring inside the shoe. Slippage can produce hot spots which eventually become blisters, and the Mizuno Wave Sonic keeps the foot tightly in place - without pinching or irritation occurs.
      The Mizuno Wave Sonic features a fairly flashy design for both men and women. Racers who prefer a more subdued look may feel the bright colorways available are a bit too flamboyant but they certainly add interest. A bright upper is paired with a contrasting outsole for a colorful, peppy shoe design. Reviewers liked the 'cool design' of the Mizuno Wave Sonic and were happy with the selection of color options available.
      The Mizuno Wave Sonic is quite durable for a racing flat. The outsole is outfitted with both blown rubber and X10 rubber to ensure high impact areas don't wear down easily. The U4icX midsole cushioning is firm enough that it won't start to deflate and collapse over time. Although, some reviewers noted that the bouncy midsole does not continue to return energy in the same way over time. Overall, the shoe is very durable, especially in the heel area (where the X10 compound is found). The outsole is the most durable area. Some other parts of the shoe need work in this department, particularly the upper, but for the most part, it should get most runners through a few races or speedwork sessions in training just fine.
      The Mizuno Wave Sonic offers plenty of protection which is surprising considering its classification as a racing flat. The outsole's zig-zag pattern helps runners secure their footing. The outsole is durable enough that regular use of the shoe should not be a problem. The U4icX midsole cushioning is comfortable and protects from impact. There's enough cushioning in the midsole to suit a variety of runners and racing distances. The lightweight upper breathes effectively which helps protect runners against hot spots, blisters, and uncomfortable heat build up.
      The Mizuno Wave Sonic wouldn't be much of a racing flat if it wasn't responsive. Reviewers liked the responsive nature of the shoe, although some did comment that the shoe didn't feel as fast as they expected. It's a little heavier than some might expect for a racing flat, but it still manages to provide plenty of energy return thanks to its bouncy U4icx midsole. Some reviewers mentioned that the bounce begins to lessen over time, which disappointed a few users.

      Some runners particularly liked the fact that the midsole cushioning in the forefoot is quite generous. Forefoot cushioning is often overlooked in many running shoes and in the Mizuno Wave Sonic, there's plenty of bouncy midsole material to promote an efficient toe-off.
      The Mizuno Wave Sonic provides a nice amount of support. The rigid U4icX midsole is supportive and doesn't let the wearer's foot simply sink down into the shoe. Wearers will feel secure in the Mizuno Wave Sonic. The upper also helps to support the wearer by ensuring the fit is tight without being uncomfortable. Reviewers were pleasantly surprised at how supportive the Wave Sonic felt, even though it's classified as a racing flat. Again, this makes it a good option for runners transitioning to a lighter shoe for race day.
      The Mizuno Wave Sonic is meant to primarily be used on roads. The triangular lugs underfoot do provide good traction, say reviewers, but it's not enough to work for trail running. Choose another shoe if you plan to head off-road for your racing needs.

      The Mizuno Wave Sonic is a middle of the pack racing flat but it's priced quite well considering its versatility. The fact that the shoe is a bit more substantially built than others of its kind makes it perfect for the runner who knows they want something lightweight but isn't 100% sure how they plan to use the shoe. It can work for race day but is equally suited for faster training runs of many distances.
      If you turn over the Mizuno Wave Sonic and take a look at its outsole, you'll notice that the sole has multiple triangle-shaped lugs. These are meant to help provide grip on both dry and wet surfaces. Reviewers agreed that the shoe provides enough traction underfoot. It's not meant to be taken for spins on the trail, so don't expect adequate traction if you're tackling a race with technical trails or uneven surfaces.
      Reviewers stated the Mizuno Wave Sonic is somewhat flexible. The DynamotionFit designed upper provides a bit of malleability for a natural fit and moves with the foot to ensure the ride is comfortable. The other components of the Mizuno Wave Sonic provide a bit of flexion. The midsole is rigid enough to provide a supportive platform but there's also enough flexibility that wearers will move effortlessly from heel to toe without feeling that their movement is restricted.
      Not a stability shoe, the Mizuno Wave Sonic still does help to ensure wearers remain stable as they attempt to move quickly. Reviewers actually said that the shoe felt fairly stable, adding that it was more than they expected from a racing flat. For some, this may ruin the feel of such a shoe, but others appreciated the added structural integrity. Most runners really enjoyed how well the shoe fit, saying that the secure DynamotionFit upper prevented any unstable movement of their foot.
      The Mizuno Wave Sonic features a 4mm drop from heel to toe. It's a lower drop than some other racing shoes on the market and reviewers did mention that the lower drop helped them feel connected to the ground. This is a big help when it comes to racing and runners liked that they were able to get fast feedback as they moved, even at higher speeds.
      Key Features
      - Zig-zag outsole tread pattern for traction
      - X10 Carbon Rubber outsole for added durability
      - Blown Rubber covers the rest of the shoe
      - U4icX midsole cushioning is paired with a Wave construction
      - Lightweight, seamless Airmesh upper is super breathable
      - DynamotionFit upper for secure fit
      - Low heel to toe drop provides a greater connection to the earth
      Bottom Line
      The Mizuno Wave Sonic is a decent racing flat that will please a variety of runners. It's not the best option for serious racers since it's a little heavier than other racing shoes on the market but it's still a solid choice for plenty of users. The Mizuno Wave Sonic is a substantial racing flat with a protective midsole cushioning, durable construction, and a low drop to enhance feedback to the runner. It's a great option for those seeking a lightweight shoe for racing who aren't comfortable in traditional racing flats. The Wave Sonic provides a bit more protection than a traditional racing flat with the same great ultra snug fit.
      Where to Buy
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