Nathan Strobelight

For most runners visibility is a second to none priority both during the day and especially at night time. It’s easy to see why high powered LED strobe lights have become a favorite among runners. The Nathan Strobelight, in particular, stands out. With it’s ergonomic, lightweight and durable design it checks off all the boxes a runner would want in a strobe light. At an affordable price point, runners will be pleased they can get all of this without breaking the budget. As part of Nathan’s Run Longer series, this strobe keeps it simple with two modes, strobe and always one. This clip-on also water resistance and tackles a variety of uses with simplicity and ease.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Long battery life
  • Extremely bright
  • Cons
    • Not hand holdable
    • Omnidirectional
    • Key Features
      The clip design makes the primary use of the light by way of attachment to your clothing, jacket, pockets, belt bag or hat. With two strobe modes, you can use the light to see what’s in front of you with the always-on mode and with the strobe setting alert oncoming cars of your presence. The clip three toothed clip is directly behind the light making it difficult to hold in your hand while still having the light shine in front of you. If you’re looking for a light that you can direct in your hand, you’ll want to consider a different product. The Nathan Strobelight works best when it can attach to something and be left to shine. Also, many users also reported that the 3 LED’s with 8+ max lumens is exceptionally bright, and provided a more than adequate amount of visibility.
      Weighing only 0.9 ounces, you can attach this light to your jacket, and you won’t even notice it. Several runners found that the back of the clip what smooth enough that it wouldn’t irritate bare skin. In fact, the entire light has a matte finish with smooth round edges, so there’s no way to scrape yourself once it’s attached.
      With a compact form factor and approximate dimensions of 3/4" high, 2.5" tall and 3/4" wide Nathan has done a great job keeping this light ergonomic. It can easily fit in the palm of your hand, and most users reported they forgot about the light once it was clipped to their jacket or belt. The replaceable batteries are two coin style 3V Lithium 2032 which helps it keep a slim form factor.
      Durability is another place that this strobe shines. Several runners reported dropping the device, and it didn’t retain so much as a scratch. Although it’s made of plastic, the exceptional build quality ensures that connection points don’t split open even after being dropped. On top of that, the entire light is water resistant so that you can take this light for runs in rain, snow or sleet without issue. Users also reported that Nathan’s claims of a 110+ strobe hour battery life were accurate.
      There are no accessories with this clip on strobe. However, this item is a part of Nathan’s Run Longer series. The series also features a strobe that attaches to the heel of your shoe which works well in conjunction with the clip on. It also pairs well with the Nathan Hipster running belt, giving you an easy attachment point both in front and in back of you.
      With five different neon colors, runners will find no shortage of stylish color combinations for their runs. The clip and power button are accented in a different color giving the clip light a nice touch. The body of the light is also a matte finish, and the plastic is semi see through. The five neon colors you can to choose from are aqua, ruby, tangerine, lime, and red.
      The price is very competitive compared to other lights in this category. Most runners will find it within their budget to purchase several strobes to light themselves from all angles. The long battery life and low replacement battery cost will also ensure this item won’t break the bank over its lifespan.
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Nathan LED Clip Strobelight performs its job well under a variety of conditions. With a strong spring and three distinct teeth on the clip, you can be sure it won’t slip off once it’s attached. If you do manage to dislodge it from you’re clothing the build quality will hold up to ground impact as well as rain and sweat. Runner’s will be pleased with this package and can pick up several lights to gain visibility on their runs in all directions without breaking the bank. Not to mention the five distinct color options to keep your outfit matching and stylish.
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      By Nick Brisson
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