Nathan Intensity Race Vest

Weight savings and comfort are important in a distance event, that's why with a women's specific design the Nathan Intensity Women's Vest has been created to make things easier for you. This female-friendly hydration vest comes with a breathable and light perforated back and pockets that provide ideal storage, comfort, stability with no bounce, and hydration. Also, this vest reduces wasted energy because it’s 3-way Propulsion Harness that moves with you.

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Pros & Cons
  • Designed for women
  • Two zippered rear compartments that organize additional items
  • 2L bladder
  • Doesn't bounce while running
  • Reduces wasted energy by moving in harmony with your shoulder and upper-back movements
  • Cons
    • Not easy to adjust while running
    • Key Features
      The Nathan Intensity running vest is made specifically for women and works best for long distance running. This one comes with a Stash pocket over left front and reservoirs for gels, chews and other small items, which allow you to store things you might want to reach while running without having to stop and take the pack off. It has a really good capacity to support considerable hours on the run while still being comfortable and stable with no bounce since it has a Three-way Propulsion Harness that stabilizes and moves with the upper torso and shoulders providing freedom of movement and a comfortable running experience.
      The Nathan Intensity running vest has been fabricated with a breathable material (80% nylon/20% polyester), it has a really convenient wall mesh shoulder straps that keep you dry all the times, especially in the shoulder and back area. This is great, particularly for people that sweat a lot.
      The product is incredibly light, it is even lighter than you would think or expect. It comes in at 14.1 ounces /408.2 g (including Bladder) of weight making it definitely one of the lightest packs on the market. This is ideal for those that think the other products on the market are too heavy. It includes two front pockets so you could store some items you need while running. They are efficiently located right on the straps so that you have easy access to them. It has a clip to hold your keys and a zippered pouch that is big enough to hold a phone, ID or wallet.
      The Nathan Intensity Vest measures 16.5-Inches x 10.5-Inches x .7-Inches. There simply is no other product on the market that has the same durability, quality, and features, with the same lightweight material. If you are looking for a lightweight bag to use on your runs, you are going to fall in love with this one.
      The Nathan Intensity Vest has been made with lightweight materials but it does not mean the bag won't last long, actually, reviewers agreed that they would recommend this vest/pack over and over again, without hesitation because of its expiration date.
      The Nathan Intensity Vest comes with a 2 –liters hydration bladder included in the bag.
      The Nathan Intensity is available in two different eye-catching color variations, and it fits the female form perfectly since it has been designed specifically for women. With a stylish interior and many pockets, the Nathan Intensity hydration vest can perfectly sit on your back without feeling bulky or too heavy. This stylish bag allows for hindrance free performance, gives you more endurance, great comfort, and an ideal hydration supply.
      The Nathan Intensity Race Vest is not the cheapest option in the market, but it's quite affordable compared to other vests this brand has available.
      Key Features
      • This bag is women-specific designed.
      • It has a 3-Way Propulsion Harness that moves that helps you reduce wasted energy.
      • It has a repositioned hydration tube from the top of the pack instead of the side.
      • This bag comes with two zippered rear compartments that organize additional items.
      • Highly breathable wall mesh shoulder straps.
      Bottom Line
      The Nathan Intensity Race Vest for sure does shine over the other similar products that you can find in the market, and it is a really easy product to recommend to those that love racing. Female athletes will love that they can finally try something specifically designed to fit them. Ideal storage space, a stylish look, and perfect functionality make this vest a great option for women.
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      By Josue Diaz
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