Nathan Firestorm

The Nathan Firestorm Hydration Vest is perfect for runners or bikers or any athlete who is looking to lug a lot of water around and have it rest against their body with total ease and comfort. This vest is designed with multiple adjustable elements to ensure that the pack rests securely against the body and doesn’t cause any irritation from unwanted movement. Many runners commented that the worst thing a hydration vest or backpack can do is cause chafing during activity and Nathan listened to their athletes and made sure to include details that would eliminate that problem. This vest comes with a plethora of sleek compartments to hold all of your vital race and run day essentials. It is big enough to hold 2 liters of water and all of your necessities, but lights and sleek enough for speed and quick changing movements. Nathan is a serious name when it comes to adventure sports equipment and the Firestorm is a high-quality product that looks great and provides runners with a no-bounce fit that is comfortable and durable.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Included 2L hydration pack
  • Multiple color options
  • No bounce fit
  • Cons
    • Not large enough for overnight trips
    • Not waterproof
    • Key Features
      This vest is great for runners and cyclists, but it is also a great, lightweight pack for any athlete that is out on an athletic, adventurous endeavor. The Firestorm has space for and holds a 2-liter hydration bladder that sits in the back of the vest. A drinking tube can be brought over either shoulder. Runners don’t have to worry about reaching for the tube because it can be attached to the sternum strap using an integrated clip that comes with the vest. Runners and cyclists concerned with hitting PRs or who are in need of achieving certain time goals who don’t have the time to stop and drink find this vest to be a great option. It also has a plethora of compartments to hold all of your essential items, so it is perfect for longer runs or rides.
      Runners were very pleased with the high level of breathability that this product provides. It is made from a ventilated, moisture-wicking material and provides enough open spaces around the body to help regulate the bodies temperature. Runners appreciated that this vest is very lightweight and is designed to make it easy to wear layers underneath it depending on the weather.
      A key complaint that runners had while wearing other hydration packs is that they tend to chaff and bounce which causes not only pain but distraction as well. Reviewers who tried this hydration vest gave it high marks regarding comfort. For starters, they loved the multiple ways to adjust the fit. This vest has a sliding strap along the sternum as well as a webbed waist strap that stretches and moves with the runner but also provides them with a customizable fit. These sizing elements provide a bounce-free fit that eliminates chaffing and discomfort. Additionally, the entire pack is made from high ventilation, moisture wicking material that rapidly pulls sweat away from the body and manages the temperature on the runners back. Even with the full hydration bladder the vest weights a mere 7.4 ounces so it won’t weigh runners down while they are racing.
      This vest comes in a unisex design and is offered in standard small, medium and large sizing. Although the sizing options are not plentiful, Nathan designed this vest with multiple points of adjustment to ensure that runners are able to get the perfect fit for their unique shapes and sizes. The size of the hydration bladder that comes with this vest is 2 Liters and runners found this to be a great size for distance events.
      This product is made with a combination of nylon and polyester materials. Runners found this material combination to stand up well against the elements. Since most reviewers were using this product for adventure races, hikes, or long runs or bike rides, they commented that the pack didn’t rip or tear like some other products they had tried in the past. The pack comes with over five compartments, and runners were pleased to report that all of the compartments, including the area that holds the hydration bladder, didn’t lose their shape or become damaged in any way.
      One of the top-rated elements about this product was the fact that it comes with a 2-liter hydration bladder. While many hydration vests on the market have the space to hold a hydration bladder, many force the runner to purchase the product separately. But with the Nathan Firestorm, runners get the bladder and the vest as a combo deal. In addition to the included hydration bladder, this vest comes with over size compartments to store your necessary race day items including a pocket that has an internal key ring to ensure that your keys won’t get lost during your adventure. It also comes with helmet loops along the back of the vest that easily and securely hold your biking helmet while you aren’t wearing it. Although the strobe light is not included, the vest comes equipped with a clip to attach a strobe light for added protection.
      Runners who purchased this pack really liked the look of the Firestorm. It is small and sleek and fits easily over athletic clothing. It comes in a variety of bright, unisex colors and runners appreciated that Nathan included reflective details along the outside of the vest to keep runners safe in low visibility areas.
      This vest is right in line with the average cost of a running or athletic vest on today’s market. However, there are two details that improve the overall value of this product. The first is that this hydration vest comes equipped with its own hydration bladder. While many vests offer the space to house a hydration bladder, many make athletes purchase this product separately. The other is that this product is very durable and lasts a very long time. Runners were impressed that even after using this vest for intense adventure races, the best still held up well against the elements and maintained a new look and feel.

      Key Features
      - Unisex design
      - Moisture-wicking material throughout
      - Waist straps that are webbed and sliding sternum straps for adjustable comfort
      - Included 2L hydration bladder
      - Bite valve to prevent leaking
      - 6 pockets throughout
      - Internal key ring to keep keys secure
      - Strobe light clip for safety
      - 7.4 ounces
      Bottom Line
      Nathan’s Firestorm 2L hydration vest is the perfect hydration and carrying solution for the active runners, hiker, or cyclists. This design is sleek and lightweight. It offers a unisex design but comes in a variety of adjustable straps to ensure that athletes can create a bounce-free fit regardless of their size or shape. This vest comes equipped with a 2 Liter hydration bladder, and runners loved the bit valve on the drinking tube that keeps the tube from leaking, and it also provides a steady stream of water to the runner who doesn’t want to have to stop to access their hydration systems. This vest comes in a variety of colors, and Nathan even included reflective details along the vest to create a safe running experience for runners in low visibility areas. Runners love the added accessories and details in this vest like the helmet loops on the back to hold your helmet in place when you aren’t wearing it. It also comes with over five compartments, and one includes an internal key ring to ensure that your keys don’t get lost while you are adventuring. Runners, cyclists, and hikers appreciate the small and large details that Nathan included to create this comfortable, versatile hydration vest.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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