Nathan Zephyr Fire 300

Nathan's Zephyr Fire 300 Hand Torch has made some key updates from their previous versions. The Fire 300 updated their product to include a rechargeable battery as well as a red, back torchlight to light the way on the roads and the trails. This is the perfect product for adventure racers who don't want to stop their activity simply because the sun goes down. Runners, hikers, and travelers alike all highly reviewed this product because of its simple, yet perfectly constructed design. This torch allows runners the versatility of using both of their hands while out on their adventures and due to the 24-degree downward projection of the torch head, there is no need to constantly readjust the torch because the light stays constantly shining on the road ahead. The design of this handheld torch features a one size fits all hand strap that adjusts to the shape and size of the runner's hand. This material used is soft and breathable and uses the least material possible to ensure that the torch stays connected to the hand. The actual torch that comes with this product features dual LED bulbs with impressive lighting capabilities. Although the price of this Nathan Zephyr Fire is slightly higher than its previous versions, it also comes with a rechargeable battery and this detail will save money in the long run.

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Pros & Cons
  • LED batteries
  • One adjustable size
  • Quick-wicking material
  • Emergency built in siren
  • Cons
    • More expensive than previous models
    • Very small or very large hand sizes might not fit
    • Key Features
      This product is perfect for the adventure racer or the ultra marathoner. Likewise, runners who enjoy nighttime running, regardless of the distance will also enjoy this product. This product is designed for any athlete who wants or needs full control of their hands while they are running. This is a perfect alternative to the headlamp for runners who don't like the feel or the fit of headtorch. The white LED light that shines toward the road ahead offers 359 Lumens while the red torch that races the runners shines with 8 Lumens. This torch is not only a practical necessity of evening runs, but Nathan also works hard to ensure that their runners are safe with the addition of a built-in safety siren.
      One of the key reasons why runners choose a hand torch over a headlamp is for the fit. Handlamps can cause unwanted sweat build up and irritation, but the hand torch provides limited fabric to keep the hand cool and comfortable. The material used on the Zephyr Fire 300 is a soft, fast wicking material. It is highly breathable in the soft mesh material, but it is also highly breathable in that it only covers a fraction of the hand. Additionally, the material used to create the sling for this hand torch is water resistant, using updated IPX 4 material.
      A key comfort feature to this product is that it uses very little material to do a great job of illuminating the trail and road for runners. Runners who don't like the fit or feel of a headlamp or who struggle to fit them over hats on cold evenings opt for a hand torch because for many; they offer a more comfortable fit. Additionally, the torch itself comes at a 24-degree angle which perfectly shines the light onto the trail or road ahead. This makes it possible for runners to nearly forget that they are wearing the torch at all because there is no need to adjust or grasp the torch in any way.
      This product comes in only one size and this was an issue for some runners. There is little material on the actual device, but what is there is allows runners to adjust to find the perfect fit using adjustable straps along the side and bottom. While these straps adjust to fit the vast majority of all hand shapes and sizes, some runners commented that they were unable to tighten enough to create a small enough area.
      There are two things to consider when thinking about the durability of this product. The first is the actual hand strap that holds the torch in place. This is made from a durable, soft cotton and synthetic blend. This material holds up against the wear and tear of adventure racing is also made using a water proof IPX4 technology. Runners reported that this material was virtually tear-proof and the adjustable straps held their shape and runners reported that they didn't loosen, even after extensive use. The other item to consider in terms of durability is the actual torch itself. One of the key updates from the Fire 200 is that this product now includes a rechargeable battery. This LED light shines 435 Lumes of light onto the road ahead and 8 lumens of red light behind the runner.
      This is a fairly straightforward handheld torch. The two accessories that this product comes with are the torch itself and the safety features included by Nathan. The torch itself is made from a durable plastic and comes with a rechargeable LED lightbulb that shines 435 Lumens of forwarding shining light. It also provides runners a low light 8 lumens of red light that shine back toward the runner. The Li-Ion battery also comes with a rechargeable USB port and charger. For safety, Nathan included a built-in siren that is easy to access and can be heard up to a mile away. This siren is right on the handheld torch and can be reached quickly and efficiently.
      What runners loved the most about this product in terms of its style is that it offers a very minimalist look. The material used to hold the torch in place on the hand covered very little of the hand and relies on a small, triangle shape along the top of the hand. The torch itself only comes in one color which is the same as the color of the material that keeps the torch attached to the hand: black. Both the material on the hand and the torch itself have reflective details to keep the runner safe.
      This torch is slightly higher in price than it's earlier version, but runners found the rechargeable Li-Ion battery to make the price more than worth it. This battery comes with its rechargeable USB port, and while this item is slightly more money than other handheld torches on today's market, runners reported that even after years of use, the product is still going strong. Additionally, this product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if runners were unhappy with any element of the product they could return it for a full refund. There is no risk in purchasing this product.
      Key features
      - 24 degree downward light projection
      - Red LED light gives runners visibility from the back and the front
      - 359 Lumens of white light
      - Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
      - Built-in emergency siren
      - IPX4 water resistant material
      Bottom Line
      Nathan's Zephyry Fire 300 Hand Held Torch is the perfect option for runners who need a reliable light in for their evening runs, but don't like the fit or feel of a headlamp. The construction is designed with a 24-degree downward projection that keeps the light ahead of the runner without the need for any adjustments. Runners reported that the hand material and the angle of the torch were so comfortable that they forgot they were wearing it. The newest iteration of this torch comes with a few key updates including a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, and an additional red LED light that faces the runner. Nathan keeps the safety of their athletes front and center with their addition of the emergency siren that is built into this product. It is easy to reach and can be heard up to a mile away for runners who may need support during their adventures.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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