New Balance 1400 v6

The New Balance 1400 series is back with the durable, fast-paced v6. It features the same REVlite foam midsole as its predecessors, and the small lugs on the blown rubber outsole provide outstanding grip. The greatest changes are made to the v6’s upper which now features a FantomFit support cage for added security in the midfoot and the mesh engineered no-sew upper is much more breathable. If you haven’t encountered any of the 1400 series racing shoes, the NB 1400 v6 is truly a great place to start.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Durable blown rubber outsole
  • Engineered no-sew mesh
  • Internal FantomFit support cage in the upper
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Revlite midsole foam provides a moderately responsive smooth ride
  • Very comfortable
  • Great traction
  • Good price point
  • Cons
    • Not available in wider widths
    • Key Features
      The New Balance 1400 v6 outsole is made out of blown rubber, which is a material that is light, soft, thick and durable all at the same time. There are small gripping lugs all over the outsole that provide great traction on both dry and wet roads and flat trails. The outsole is responsive and has added cushioning – something that all hard road runners will greatly appreciate. The patterned lugs on the outsole are positioned so as to prevent the wear and tear on the outer edges, which is usually the first area that becomes worn out.
      New Balance is not a brand that would fix what is not broken, and that applies to the midsole of the NB 1400 v6. The compound used for the midsole is the trusty RevLite EVA foam, and with a good reason: it’s smooth, responsive, durable and provides great comfort. Similarly to the v5, there is a plastic shank in the middle of the sole that runs all the way through to the forefoot, and it gives a snappy feel to the shoe as well as some torsional rigidity. The 1400 v6 midsole is single-density, contributing to the smoothness of the whole gait cycle.

      Compared to the previous models from the 1400 series, the v6 upper is improved in two aspects: comfort and breathability. The mesh upper is engineered so that it has no stitched overlays. Apart from the increased stability, this has also contributed to a lighter weight and increased breathability. Another innovation with the upper is the FantomFit internal support cage. It’s positioned right in between the outer and inner mesh layers so that the black web of the support cage can be seen from the outside. This cage adds to the overall support without the bulky upper overlays and will prevent your foot from slipping forward. Another update to the upper is the tongue. The NB 1400 v5 had an issue with the tongue either bunching or slipping to one side, making it really uncomfortable to run in the shoe after a while. With the v6, this problem is now solved, and the tongue is made with added precision so it doesn’t bunch or slide. Additionally, the tongue isn’t padded, which gives the whole shoe a more roomier feel, without actually changing anything size-wise.
      At 204 grams or 7.2oz for a half pair of men’s US size 9, this neutral shoe is lightweight, which only further accentuates its durability and cushioning. For the kind of quality build that the NB 1400 v6 has, it would be natural to expect a few more ounces to the weight, and it wouldn’t be an issue. But for a shoe to be as supportive and durable without being bulky (and thus heavier), that’s quite an accomplishment.
      All the overhauls that the upper of this lightweight shoe has undergone wouldn’t make that much sense if it weren’t for the increased breathability. The no-sew mesh engineered upper and the unpadded tongue have made this shoe very breathable. With the increased breathability, the chances of your feet getting overheated and sweaty and ending up in blisters have now come pretty close to zero. The only downside to the mesh engineered upper is that the New Balance 1400 v6 isn’t a cold weather shoe.

      The jury is unanimous when it comes to the 1400 v6’s comfort: it’s absolutely great, especially on short-to-medium distances. The foam single-density midsole and the upper's supportive cage will make your run as natural and enjoyable as possible. The midsole shank enables a quick transition rate from midfoot to forefoot and the cushioning is excellent. This is the type of shoe in which you won’t actually think about comfort because it won’t be an issue – the 1400 v6 will enable you to focus on running and working out. The shoe fits true to size, which is a relief for those who like online shopping but hate returning shoes. The only thing to note about this shoe is that it isn’t intended for marathon runs – while it will take you through the finish line, it won’t provide you with the comfort that type of race demands. Think 5k or 10k races instead of marathons.
      The support cage in the upper allows it to be no-sew without losing the support the stitched overlays would provide, and this contributes to a sleek, modern, almost elegant look. The shoe design is something that most runners would enjoy, with just the right amount of vibrant color gradients and an aerodynamic look of the upper. It comes in 7 different color combinations that range from minimalist black uppers with color accents to bold, fiery colors that can’t go unnoticed. The fit of the New Balance 1400 v6 is true to size.
      The single-density RevLite EVA foam midsole is pretty durable and will easily last for up to 300 miles. It won’t flatten from the get-go and it has significant firmness to it, which will prevent it from wearing off quickly. However, when the sole does start to flatten, the process will first be noticeable in the heel area, which is probably due to the plastic shank in the midfoot and forefoot area of this shoe. You can expect the first signs of wear to show after 100 miles for the sole, and the upper is even more durable: some runners have reported that even after 200 miles, there is no fraying or ripping on the upper.
      The EVA foam midsole of the NB 1400 v6 offers a run that will protect your joints from the track or concrete road, while still allowing you to feel the surface. The breathable mesh upper will prevent your feet from overheating, but it won’t protect them from the cold or impact – not that impact protection is needed for road runs. The firm internal FantomFit support cage will prevent your foot from slipping forward or twisting outward laterally, which will diminish the possibility of a sprained ankle.
      The New Balance 1400 v6 features the REVlite foam midsole, which is great in balancing good cushioning with just the right amount of responsiveness. This shoe doesn’t have an unparalleled energy-return, but it will provide a springy ride. The responsiveness is noticeably higher in the heel and the midfoot, and when you transfer the weight to the forefoot of the v6, you’ll be ‘encouraged’ by the plastic shank to pop your toes off the road. This translates to the shoe being best for fast-paced running and speed work, rather than jogging or slower strutting, for which we feel a more responsive shoe would be optimal, regarding the pressure that kind of running has on the joints and knees. In short, the responsiveness of this running shoe is such that it provides a smooth and efficient run.

      The design of the New Balance 1400 v6’s outsole is the same as the v5 – neutral and moderately supporting. It’s primarily aimed at runners who have normal, medium-high or higher arches and who don’t supinate. The FantomFit support cage provides great lateral support and a balanced weight transfer through the midsole, which is all extremely useful, seeing how neutral runners tend to wear out their shoes on the outward lateral side of the sole. For mild-to-moderate overpronators and runners who just like the feeling of some extra support, there is always an option for inserting an orthopedic insole.
      This running shoe is ideal for all of the neighborhood, around-the-block runners or those who enjoy a steady run on the track or a treadmill, rather than an adventuristic trail run. You can wear the NB 1400 v6 on the road, pavement, track or light gravel, as well as to the gym – it’s designed to support your feet on any type of hard, flat surface.
      For the quality and the broad spectrum of urban terrains this shoe covers, its price point really is on point (pun intended). There are racing shoes and gym trainers that cost more than the v6, that still won’t perform as well as this one does.
      The small lugs that spread throughout the blown rubber outsole of this running shoe provide fantastic grip to all flat surfaces. In the New balance 1400 v6, your feet won’t slip, even if you’re making a turn on wet pavement. In terms of grip on flat roads, this shoe is on par with the best racing shoes on the market. Seeing how this is a shoe ideal for pavements and tracks, it doesn’t grip well on muddy surfaces or ones that are covered by snow. However, if you need a shoe to provide you with a snappy ride throughout the park – the 1400 v6 is here for you.

      The most flexible part of this racing shoe is the upper. Made out of engineered mesh, with only synthetic overlays and no stitching, it will adhere to the foot and move with it, while providing a very snug fit. While not the softest in the game, the EVA midsole is flexible enough to encourage a speedy heel to toe transition and allow for the natural movement of the toes, which is completely sufficient for this type of shoe.
      The single-density foam is stable by definition and the plastic midsole shank gives torsional rigidity. This, combined with the upper internal cage that provides lateral support and the snug upper that stabilizes the foot, we’re looking at a really stable non-stability running shoe.
      The heel to toe drop of the 1400 v6 is 10mm, with the stack heel height of 25mm and the forefoot height of 15mm. New Balance obviously wanted to make a versatile road running shoe and opted for a drop that inherently suits a lot of people. The forefoot stack height ensures that you will be able to feel the ground while running and the 10mm drop will feel natural to most runners, although it might not be the zero-drop lover’s cup of tea.
      Key Features
      - Blown rubber outsole
      - RevLite EVA foam midsole
      - Extremely comfortable
      - Very breathable
      - Intended for road running and flat surfaces
      - 10mm drop
      - Reasonable price
      - Moderately responsive
      - Neutral support
      Bottom Line
      The New Balance 1400 v6 is the next in line of no-nonsense, all-round racing shoes that have everything that’s expected of them and then some. The shoe caters best to the needs of a road runner that has a ‘training’ rather than a ‘working out’ mentality. What we mean to say is that the 1400 v6 is a performance-oriented shoe, and for you to be thrilled by it, you must be performance-oriented as well. That’s not to say that it doesn’t deliver on slow runs, but racing, speed work, and sprints are where this shoe really shines. There isn’t something that is a straight-up flaw of this shoe – everything about it is intentional. It’s a breathable, durable, comfortable, high-quality, reasonably-priced racing shoe that features a 10mm drop, grippy outsole, and a single-density, firmer midsole that is moderately responsive. In those categories, it didn’t fail in expected performance or in quality. If you happen to prefer softer soles, lower drops, and shoes with more support, that’s not the 1400 v6’s problem.

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      Where to Buy
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