New Balance 1400v5

The New Balance 1400v5 is a lightweight neutral competition running shoe. It's constructed for races. It has a durable and responsive blown rubber outsole with horizontal flex grooves in the forefoot for natural movement. Its breathable engineered air mesh is forefoot-focused for extra flexibility and ventilation. Its seamless overlays use a no-sew application that provides a smooth and comfortable fit, reducing the risk of irritation. The upper is made of a sturdy synthetic material in the heel, toe and overlays, and a smooth textile interior. The lightweight and supportive REVlite foam adds flexible and responsive cushioning. The 10mm drop helps keep the foot moving forward. It also uses a Traditional Sockliner for extra cushioning that does not compromise responsiveness or flexibility, as well as a Standard Lacing System that evenly applies pressure for a comfortable and secure fit. If you are looking for a street, light trail or racing shoe, read on to see if the New Balance 1400v5 is the shoe for you.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive and fast
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Great traction
  • Durable outsole
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Cons
    • Runs slightly small, no wide sizes
    • Few color options, bright colors
    • Mixed reviews on upper's durability
    • Large drop
    • Key Features
      The outsole is made of blown rubber, which provides durability, responsiveness, and traction. It has treads around the perimeter of the shoe, except the inside forefoot, which provides good grip on hard surfaces. There are small triangular lugs in the outside heel and midfoot, inside midfoot, and the center of the midfoot that help grip different surface types such as roads, gravel and light trails. The forefoot also has horizontal flex grooves that allow the foot to move naturally.
      The midsole has REVlite foam for the bottom layer and a Traditional Sockliner for the top layer. The REVlite foam is lightweight and flexible, and adds support and cushioning, absorbs shock, and helps return energy. The Traditional Sockliner is another layer of cushioning that does not compromise flexibility or responsiveness. The heel to toe drop is 10mm, which means extra cushioning in the heel and helps bounce the foot forward to pick up speed during races or even daily runs.
      The upper is mostly made of breathable engineered mesh. The construction is focused on the forefoot, with larger ventilation holes in that part of the shoe. The mesh is flexible and durable. Seamless synthetic overlays in the midfoot, as well as synthetic material over the toes and heel counter, add stability, structure, and durability, while the lack of sewing reduces the risk of blisters and irritation. The interior lining is soft, smooth textile. There is also a toe cap for forefoot protection and a Standard Lacing System that applies pressure evenly, keeping the foot secure and comfortable. The mesh tongue is padded for comfort, and the heel and collar are lightly padded for additional support and comfort.
      This shoe is lightweight. The men's shoe has a weight of 7.9 oz (223 g) and the women's shoe weighs 6.1 oz (174 g). The blown rubber is lighter than most shoes because of how thin it is: the heel height is low and the forefoot height is very low. The midsole has a lightweight REVlite foam and a traditional sock liner with an average weight. The upper is also relatively light, using engineered mesh for most of the shoe, with some synthetic material in the overlays and heel counter, textile interior lining, and a small amount of padding for comfort.
      The New Balance 1400v5 has great breathability, allowing the foot to stay cool and dry even on longer runs. The engineered mesh has lots of holes for ventilation, with larger holes in the forefoot for extra flexibility and to prevent the foot from overheating. The overlays do not use sewing and the interior lining is smooth, which helps prevent blisters and hot spots by not rubbing or blocking air flow. The thinness of the overlays in the midfoot and heel also improves breathability because they do not block air flow. There is also mesh on the tongue and heel for even more breathability.
      Testers found the 1400v5 to be a comfortable shoe for the most part. The length is about a half size small, so testers suggested sizing up. The fit is slightly narrow and this shoe does not offer wide size options, so it is not a good option for people with wide feet. Although it has a low stack height, the amount of cushioning is very comfortable, especially for people who do not like a lot of cushioning in their shoes. The heel cushioning is moderate and the forefoot cushioning is firm because of the high drop and low stack height. Reviewers really liked the comfortable and lightly supportive fit of the shoe around the arch. The mesh keeps the foot cool and dry, and the interior lining is soft. There is also padding in the tongue, heel, and collar for an even more comfortable fit. The low weight makes it comfortable to wear for longer periods of time while maintaining energy.
      This shoe has a stylish look. It has bright, vibrant colors with stripes going through the logo on either side of the midfoot and large perforation holes in the forefoot. Men have the choice of Dark Denim with Electric Blue & Lime Glo, Lime Glo with Vivid Cactus & Black, or Black with Flame. Women can choose between Dark Denim with Bright Cherry & Lime Glo, Vivid Jade with Deep Jade & Black, and Maldives Blue with White. Most reviewers liked the way the shoe looked, but some would have preferred softer or neutral colors.
      The New Balance 1400v5 has some durable components and some that may not be quite as durable. The blown rubber outsole is very durable, with testers commenting that it is more durable than the previous edition. The midsole's REVlite layer and standard sock liner have good durability. The upper's synthetic components have good durability. Most people did not have problems with the mesh, but a few people noticed wearing down after around 50 miles, likely due to the large perforation holes, despite the durability of the engineered mesh.
      The 1400v5 protects against slipping, sliding, shock, bruising, blisters and overheating. The outsole's grip prevents slipping, and the outsole and midsole prevent bruising of the bottom of the foot. The midsole's REVlite absorbs shock to protect knees, feet, and legs. The upper has mesh to protect against overheating, a smooth interior and no-sew construction to protect against blisters and irritation, and a toe cap to protect against forefoot bruising. The heel counter, laces, and overlays secure the foot to prevent sliding inside the shoe. As a neutral shoe, it does not slow or protects against over-pronation.
      This shoe is responsive and fast, according to reviewers. The low stack height allows better ground feel and more control. The horizontal flex grooves in the outsole's forefoot allow the foot to move naturally and pick up speed. The midsole has REVlite foam to bounce the foot back into the air, and the sock liner does not take away from flexibility or responsiveness. The upper is stable enough to prevent slipping but flexible enough to allow for a natural gait. Testers rated the energy return between average and good when compared to other running shoes.
      The New Balance 1400v5 is lightly supportive, with an especially nice fit around the arch. The midsole provides two layers of support under the foot: the REVlite foam and the sockliner. The arch support is neutral and there is extra padding under the heel due to the high drop. The upper also provides support, with padding in the heel, tongue and collar, as well as a secure fit around the heel and midfoot.
      The 1400v5 is great on roads, tracks, and even trails. It has been used on dirt tracks, paved roads, concrete, light gravel and light trails. It can also go up and down hills. It is not designed for muddy or slippery terrain, although some testers did successfully use it as a cross country shoe.
      The initial price of this shoe was average for running shoes. Current pricing is between 20% off to 12% higher than the original price. Reviewers' opinions of the price depended on their experience with the shoe. If they thought it was comfortable, breathable or fast, they thought it was a good or fair price. But the reviewers who had issues with durability in the upper complained about how expensive it was. As an average-priced shoe, it has some cushioning and support, and light stability features. More expensive shoes are usually more cushioned and/or more stable, while minimalist shoes are generally less expensive because they have less cushioning and no stability.
      The New Balance 1400v5 has great traction. The tread areas on the outsole grip roads well, while the small triangular lugs allow the wearer to go on light trails. The traction helps stabilize the wearer after each step and before taking off to avoid slipping. It also allows users to ascend and descend when going on trails, as long as they are not too technical or too slippery.
      The 1400v5 has good flexibility. It has horizontal flex grooves in the outsole that allow the forefoot to bend during toe-offs. The midsole also bends with the foot as it lands, transitions and takes off again, with the REVlite having some flexibility and the sock liner having slightly less flexibility but still allowing natural movement. The upper is mostly mesh with construction focused on the forefoot to let the toes to splay comfortably. The heel counter, midfoot overlays, and laces keep the foot in place but still allow movement, especially in the forefoot.
      This shoe has pretty good stability for a neutral shoe. The outsole's pattern stabilizes landings and takeoffs well. The midsole has good arch support to stabilize neutral runners but does not have a medial post or something similar to slow over-pronation. The upper has a heel counter and midfoot overlays to guide the foot to prevent sliding and improve form. Also helping stability is the low to very low stack height, as the foot has more control when it is closer to the ground. Taking away from stability is the high stack height, which tends to bounce the foot forward even when going downhill or doing something that requires control over speed.
      The heel height is 25mm and the forefoot height is 15mm, for a drop of 10mm. Although the drop is listed as 10mm, some testers measured a drop of up to 12.1mm due to variations in manufacturing. This higher drop pushes the foot forward, but it also means less stability compared to lower drops. However, the lower stack height provides slightly more control and better ground feel because the foot is closer to the ground.
      Key Features
      • Blown rubber outsole for durability and responsiveness

      • Breathable engineered air mesh

      • Seamless overlays from a no-sew application provide a comfortable, smooth fit

      • Synthetic and textile upper

      • 10mm drop

      • REVlite Foam adds lightweight, supportive cushioning that is flexible and responsive

      • Horizontal flex grooves in the forefoot allow the foot to move naturally

      • Traditional Sockliner adds additional cushioning

      • Standard Lacing System applies pressure evenly to keep the foot comfortable and secure
      Bottom Line
      The New Balance 1400v5 is a nice neutral shoe for people who like light cushioning and support. It is lightweight and responsive, picking up speed during training or competitions. It's comfortable to wear, especially around the arch, although it can fit slightly narrow, so people with wide feet might want to choose another shoe. The cushioning is medium to firm, which is perfect for people who do not like a super soft feeling underfoot. It has great outsole durability, although a few people had issues with durability in the upper. Its traction allows the wearer to go on different types of terrain rather than just race tracks. It has good breathability and no stitching, which makes for a smooth fit and comfortable ride, even on longer runs up to half-marathons or warmer days. The colors look nice, although they are bright, and the price is reasonable for the included features. It has just the right amount of flexibility and stability, keeping the foot stable when ascending and descending but also allowing the wearer to gain momentum. Overall, it is a good option for someone who does not over-pronate and wants to train on roads, tracks, light trails or even cross country.
      Where to Buy
      By Stephanie Potter
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