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New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo Review Facts

New Balance boasts, and many agree, that the Fresh Foam Vongo is their best lightweight stability trainer to date. This shoe is part of New Balance’s stability line up that includes the 940v3, Vazee Prism vs, and the 1260 v2, and it is the first shoe in their Fresh Foam division. This is a perfect shoe for the runner who is looking for a high quality, daily runner, from a trusted American-made brand. This shoe can provide the unique combination of added stability and comfort without adding extra weight. It still can give the runner a very flexible and responsive ride, but you will still get the protection of a solid shoe.

New Balance is known to use real data from runners in order to make adjustments and additions to their shoes to create the best running experience possible.  It utilizes the “varus wedge” midsole which means that the inside of the shoe is slightly higher than the outside. This is designed specifically designed in order to correct overpronation and help reduce joint pain. This shoe offers New Balance’s signature plush yet firm cushioning that doesn’t sacrifice a high level of responsiveness on runs. The shoe is snug, yet breathable, earning this model high marks in the comfort department.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Perfect for long-distance runs
  • Great combination of comfort, support and stability
  • Available in wide width
  • Unique design for overpronators
  • Air Mesh upper is extra breathable
  • Not lightweight enough for speed and tempo workouts
  • Pricey
  • Some runners reported the Fresh Foam Vongo quickly broke down
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  • I am a nurse and have not found a better shoe for my sifts. They are comfortable and am able to do everything in them without fatigue or pain. I have to say these are my most comfortable and favorite shoe to date and I highly recommend them.
  • I like doing tempo runs in these. They are light and supportive and comfortable to boot. They have a great firm landing and are stable without being too much. I run a lot during the week and these really hold up.
  • I switched from a zero drop design and I am in heaven. These are so easy to work out in and are light on my feet. They have improved my running time and have stellar support.
  • These shoes have revived me at 63 and I am running again. They are carrying me through all types of half marathons and 10k’s. I am so happy with the support and comfort thee offer my old bones.
  • I read some interesting reviews on the these shoes High midsoles and a low drop heel make for a great mid strike shoe they are really cushy and have helped my overpronation. I am heavy set and quite tall and these work without flattening. I had some knee pain at first as I was getting used to the drop. It went a ways and I have never felt better. I am struggling with the tongue a bit. Doesn't seem to stay in place that well.
  • These shoes have great toe space and work way better than my too narrow ASICS. They are light and cushy and leave me feeling really stable on my runs. They have a great reflective blue in them too for the night time.
  • These shoes are beasts! I use them or all my activities and my bootcamp workouts. They have taken away my usual knee fatigue and joint pain as well as given me some extra support for my new hiking. They have a great arch support and toe room. The versatility is what keeps me coming back for more. I can use these as everyday shoes and they provide the equal comfort I need for light walking and errands. I recommend these to anyone looking for a do-it-all shoe.
  • These actually had too much stability for my style running. They are a great shoe though. They are comfortable and light and provide a lot of support. They aren't that airy so they are good for the winter.
  • These are really flexible and mild for my running style. I do not have any joint or knee pain any more after wearing these. They are super durable and carry me through my day great. I love my NB.
  • I did a spontaneous run on vacation and needed a pair of shoes. I ran to the store and bought these. Way more than I was expecting. They are fantastic. They are super light and flexible and have tons of cushion. These corrected my fasciitis and I ended up buying 2 more pair wen I got home. These have a great energy return to them and I cannot get enough
  • Supportive and comfortable with no break in time The size is great I did get a wide not a larger size and WOW, so nic. They are snug on my heels and yet roomy in the toes, so great. The lacing fts snug and holds the shoe in place without loosening up. The soles are thick, which is a change or me and I like it.. They have good arch support and they do not cause any pain. I am super impressed with the way NB is taking their shoes.
  • These have a light stability toothem but the toes are so roomy and the heel fis great. They have helped me with my pronating and they are very light and comfortable.
  • This shoe is great for speed and has epic support, exactly what I need in a shoe. These are roomy in the toes and fit to size. I am basing this off my Nike size and these are right there. They have a solid instep, which really feels great on my arches. They have foam and a 4mm drop and it feels great. These are great for overpronation. You can tell NB put some time into these.
  • I am big and I over pronate, these shoes take all that in and help the process. I think the toe box is a bit narrow. These shoes do have some good support.
  • I am enjoying this model. It has a lot of extra support and has protected me where other shoes have failed. They seem really durable an have no abnormal wearing.
  • Not happy with the colors. But, these shoes are freaking comfy! These work well with my fasciitis and feel great on my flat wide feet. I have bought a couple pair of this model because I love them.
  • My heel slips in these a bit but they are really comfortable otherwise. They seem to have a low drop. They are a bit aggressive on my flat feet.
  • For these being so light, they are surprisingly stable. I use them for work and the gym and they feel great. I am hooked on NB Vongo.
  • Fresh Foam are dope and super comfortable. I have several pair of this model and I never want to change. They are thick and yet really light. They support my power walking and keep me feeling light all day. They work for my CF and Zumba and I never have any fatigue or pain. Great shoe.
  • I have flat pronating feet and it is hard to find a great shoe that supports and fits right. Now that I have found the Vongo, I have exercised the demons! These babies make my feet purr. They are supportive and help me really go the distance and father than I normally would in all my training and running. I used to get cramps and numbness, not with these bad boys. My feet feel amazing. I got a half size bigger and it is perfect.
  • Awesome shoe and gets a lot of compliments. THey have tons of cushioning and support. I like these shoes a lot.
  • I can feel the ground under my feet and I like that. They have a lot of support and have proven to work great with running and training.
  • I hate heavy shoes but need a thick cushioned, supportive shoe because of my pronating, these are it! These are the best shoe I have ever worn. Thanks NB!
  • Compliment catchers. I have had them for a year and they are still great kicks. They have been supportive and feel great when I run. They love the gym and smoothies after. We hang out, besties for my feet.
  • They are arch support monsters. They are freaking light and fluffy, like a cloud or a pillow. I got a half a size up and they work just as good as my Brooks. They are better actually because they do not get holes in the toes. I am in love!
  • I had to send these back. They were comfortable. However, they rolled too much. You can actually see the shoe sitting, it has a tilt to it. It caused to much pain.
  • When I put these on I almost felt pigeon toed. My feet were tilted out. I overpronate and these made it way worse. I used my orthotics and they made no difference.
  • We loved this shoe! However, after the third pair busting out in the toes, I decided it was enough and we are moving on. I love the comfort, I do not like that they fall apart so fast in the same dang spot!
  • I put 20 miles in and they are done. The soles are garbage. The tread was gone under the toes.
  • The seams on the toes run and created blisters. Really, very uncomfortable.
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The majority of the outsole is made of blown rubber. Blown rubber is a lighter and cushier rubber compound because it is mixed with air during its production. In addition to the blown rubber, New Balance also included a deep cut along the heel to the midfoot of the outsole. This cut is designed to add flexibility and improve responsiveness. Many stability shoes do not offer a high level of flexibility, but because of the deep cut included in the outsole, this shoe can provide stability without sacrificing flexibility.


The midsole saddle of this shoe is made of a perforated material. This helps add to the breathability of these shoes. The actual midsole of the shoe is made of New Balance's patented Fresh Foam. The Varus Wedge midsole of this model is a great combination of stability and comfort. This material runs the length of the midsole and provides balanced support and cushioning to the runner. The Fresh Foam of the midsole on these shoes is comparable to either the Adidas Boost or the Brook's DNA.


This shoe uses a unique combination of materials to create a comfortable, breathable ride. This shoe received high marks for its innovative upper. The Vongo uses a bootie-like construction that hugs the foot and provides all over support and comfort. To add to this comfort, New Balance added a sock liner to the interior of the shoe. The upper is made of a breathable mesh and the midsole is perforated to support breathability too. This mesh is called Air Mesh and it is specially designed to create the most breathable ride.


Although this shoe is considered a stability shoe, it is surprisingly light. Most stability shoes add at least a few ounces to add the extra stability and cushioning, but not these shoes. They weigh in at only 10.6 ounces which is considerably lower than many of the other models in this category. Even though this shoe weighs almost eleven ounces, it still feels light and flexible and offers a responsive ride. The outsole of the shoe is made of a blown rubber which is lighter than a carbon rubber to keep the weight down and the ride cushioned.


This shoe received high marks for breathability. The upper of the shoe is comprised of a very breathable Air Mesh that ensures maximum breathability without sacrificing support and comfort. Runners love this shoe for their long runs and one reason is that the shoe kept their feet cool and dry, even on long, hot runs.


This shoe earns high marks for comfort. Multiple technologies work together on this shoe to provide the runner with firm, yet supportive cushioning. To begin, the upper is made of a breathable Air Mesh that keeps the foot dry and cool on runs. It also offers an internal sock liner that gives the shoe a glove-like feel. This also cuts down on movement in the shoe during the run which can keep blisters at bay. The Fresh Foam midsole protects the foot by absorbing shock which cuts down on hip and knee pain.


The Fresh Foam does a great job of taking the classic, signature look of the New Balance brand and kicking it up a notch. You can get the shoe in a variety of unique color combinations (black with blue and impulse!) as well as the classic New Balance gray or black. Runners reported the shoe did not feel or look at all clunky, and actually commented that they liked the "slimmer" look and feel of the Fresh Foam Vongo. The style of a running shoe isn't the most important factor for all runners, but this shoe is definitely a contender if you like a stylish looking shoe.


In terms of durability, these shoes come in at the low to middle section of the running shoe pack. Some runners reported that they didn't like that the shoes needed to be replaced too quickly. One runner commented that while they did like the shoe while they lasted, they only made it " (~6 months) and runs about 15 miles a week" before they needed to be replaced. In general, this can be attributed to a thinner outer.


This is a great shoe to help you ward off knee and hip pain. The added cushioning combined with the stability in these shoes helped runners reduce the amount of pain they were experiencing on their runs. These shoes also offer a roomy toe box which runners reported helped to cut down on blisters. The Fresh Foam midsole protects the foot by absorbing shock which cuts down on hip and knee pain. It also offers a low cut heel design to eliminate chafing of the Achilles.


The Fresh Foam technology was designed specifically to meet the needs of runners. This lightweight foam increases responsiveness. The unique design of the outsole also increases the responsiveness of the Vongo. A deep cut runs from the heel to the forefoot of this shoe which increases the level of responsiveness that runners experienced while running in these shoes. These shoes have a heel drop of 4 mm which is also a keep feature in helping the runner "feel" the road while running.


The Vongo is part of New Balance's new mild stability Fresh Foam collection. The runner who needed added support and stability found that these were a perfect fit for them. The Vongo is able to provide added support through the smart design of the midsole and outsole. The medial side (the inside) of the shoe is slightly meatier and higher than the lateral (outside) of the shoe. This gives the ultimate support to the runner who is prone to overpronating. Runners reported that this is a great shoe for the long grueling runs of their marathon and even ultramarathon training plans.



While this is an excellent shoe for the road, you can also feel comfortable taking this shoe on mild trails. The Vongo has a collection of lugs of different shapes and sizes on the outsole. This gives the shoe great traction and can take the runner on mild or groomed trails as well as the average street. This is not a shoe that you are going to want to take on tough, off road trails, but if you are looking for a shoe that can take you from the streets to the groomed trails of your neighborhood park, this is a great choice.



Let's face facts. New Balance is on the pricier end fo the running shoe spectrum. Today the average cost of running shoes has increased to 114 dollars. This shoe comes in over the average running shoe price tag; however, many runners reported that the price tag is worth it. The amount of cushioning, stability, and overall quality of the shoe make this shoe a smart investment.


This is a great shoe to go from the road to mild trail. It contains different lug shapes and sizes on the outsole which improves traction. They aren't the shoes you will want to take on slippery and unstable trails, but they are great for the road of your groomed trail run.


This is a shoe that offers quality arch support. Runners reported feeling secure and protected day after day in this shoe. This a perfect shoe for the runner who overpronates. Using an innovative design, the medial side of this shoe is slightly higher than the lateral side. The purpose of this is to force the foot to rolls towards the elevated part of the shoe. This is a perfect way to reduce overpronation. Many runners reported that due to the added stability, they were actually able to reduce hip and knee pain that had been plaguing them.


This is a unique shoe in that it doesn't sacrifice flexibility for added stability and cushioning. Although the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo comes in at almost eleven ounces, runners still reported that the shoe is very stretchy and flexible in all the right spots. They didn't feel constricted at all while running in this shoe.


This shoe offers a 4 mm drop. This gives the shoe a more natural, minimalistic feel. This is a great choice for the runner who likes the flexibility and responsiveness of a minimalistic shoe but is also looking for added comfort and stability of a more traditional running shoe. Even though this shoe has a lower heel drop, you won't sacrifice stability or added cushioning. This is a unique combination.
Key Features

Key Features

- Air Mesh Upper is extremely breathable and comfortable
- Bootie-like construction and internal sockliner for extra support
- Low cut heel design
- Varus wedge design of the midsole alleviates hip and knee pain
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

This is a perfect shoe for a runner who is just getting started or looking to log longer slower miles. The New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo gives the runner a stable ride. without too much addittional weight. It utilizes the lugs and blown rubber of the outsole to add traction. It uses a unique design around the midsole to help protect against over pronations, and the upper is made of a breathable Air Mesh to cut down on heat and discomfort during runs. This is a good alternative to Kayno's if you are looking for a similar shoe with more breathability. All in all, if you are looking for a lightweight stability shoe that can take you on long runs, the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo might be the best choice for you.