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Since its founding in 1964, Nike has been one of the most popular brands when it comes to stylish yet functional athletic wear. Worn by athletes and musicians alike, their products always look just as good on the court they do on the streets. And, like Adidas, they have carved a name for themselves in revolutionizing the fashion world. Despite all of the flashier models that are currently on the market, the brand's LunarConverge running shoe has become one of their more popular models. Its simple design allows a comfortable wear while out for errands or during a light jog. Though it's not as durable as many of Nike's other models, it still makes for a perfect everyday shoe.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-A very affordable price tag

-A wide range of color options

-Breathable and comfortable wear

-Pairs well with many casual looks

-Fits true to size


-Lacks durability

-Poorly designed outsole

-Not intended for heavy-duty athletics

Key Features
Reviewers enjoy the idea of this shoe’s outsole design. The LunarConverge’s sole features a rubber compound on the heel and forefoot sections for surface control and to maintain durability. Hot-knife cuts on the external platform ensure greater flexibility and form a suction-cup like construction. While it looks unique and innovative, many reviewers find this design annoying and slightly debilitating. This particular tread pattern causes a popping noise with each step, and small rocks are known to get stuck in its crevices. Those that can tolerate these inconveniences will still find a wide variety of uses for this shoe; for those that cannot, it would be wise to look for another option.
As suggested by its name, the LunarConverge features a Lunarlon dual-density midsole. While this material is 30 percent lighter than standard midsole foam, it’s also significantly denser and more resistant to degradation over time. This also makes it the perfect selection for an everyday casual shoe that consumers will use continuously. An insole, with curved segments to better support the arch, is also placed into the foot chamber for added cushioning. Buyers have the option of removing this feature or swapping it out for their own custom insole.
The LunarConverge’s upper is constructed of an open-hole mesh, with a synthetic overlay forming Nike’s signature logo on either side of the shoe. This material provides optimal comfort as well as free-flowing air ventilation for temperature and moisture control. Its no-sew coverage and soft fabric lining allow the wearer a comfortable, seamless feel that eliminates any irritations that would be caused by stitching. Finally, lace-up enclosure and padded tongue and color provide the wearer with a secure and customizable fit.
With men’s sizes averaging in at 9oz and women’s rounding out at 8oz., the LunarConverge weighs slightly less than the typical casual running shoe. Buyers appreciate this, however, as it provides them with a simple and unrestrictive piece of footwear that they can easily throw on for everyday errands or use during simple running and workout sessions. It does indicate, however, that it lacks any substantial protective features and should, therefore, be used with this in mind.
The open hole mesh that constructs the LunarConverge’s upper is perfect for those in need of a breathable running shoe. Not only does this feature provide optimal temperature control, ensuring that hotspots are eliminated, but it also dries sweat rapidly. The end result is a cooler and significantly drier run, as well as a reduced chance of foot odor and possible infections. This exact feature also makes this an ideal shoe for the summertime.
Arguably the greatest selling point of the LunarConverge is the level of comfort it provides the wearer. Its lightweight and durable Lunarlon midsole provide a greater level of cushioning than EVA foam or Phylon. The included insert is designed with the foot’s naturally-curved shape in mind, providing raised areas for better arch support. The upper’s open mesh material allows for completely unrestricted breathability as it seamless coverage and fabric lining offer the wearer a soft and stitch-free feel. Across the board, reviewers find this to be one of the most comfortable and casual shoes they’ve ever owned.
Popular activewear brands such as Nike have consistently revolutionized fashion both on the athletic court and on the streets. Though flashier running shoes typically get more attention, the LunarConverge’s minimalist design make this model the perfect addition to a number of different casual looks. Not only are they simple enough to blend in with a person’s work uniform, but they can also allow an eye-catching outfit to completely shine on its own. Buyers especially love the amount of color selections that this model comes it. Whether they want to keep it basic in black or go for something more vibrant such as a bright blue or turquoise, this shoe has the perfect option for everyone.
Though there is very little online information available about how durable the LunarConverge is, it can be assumed that this feature is considerably lacking in certain parts. The rubber outsole does have some sturdiness, as its primary job is to safeguard the rest of the foot. Its Lunarlon midsole has shown to be significantly more durable than standard EVA foam, allowing it to retain its shape and avoid sagging over time. Its open-hole mesh upper, on the other hand, is known to wear down after a fair amount of usage. Proper care, and knowing when not to break these out, will ensure that these shoes last longer.
Because it was designed to be a casual shoe, not intended for any harsh workouts, the LunarConverge can offer little to no protection. The rubber compound constructing its outsole does an adequate job at protecting the rest of the shoe from possible damage. Aside from providing soft yet durable cushioning, the Lunarlon midsole and foam insole actively reduce the amount of pain consumers feel throughout the day, even for those with chronic conditions. Though it’s quite obvious that the open-hole mesh upper cannot protect the foot from road hazards or the elements, its breathability still limits the risk of infections caused by excessive sweating. Those who need additional safeguarding can easily find another option within Nike’s catalog.
The LunarConverge proves to be about as responsive as one would expect from a casual running shoe. Though oddly designed, its outsole still manages to provide fair traction on even everyday surfaces. Its lightweight yet resilient Lunarlon midsole keeps the foot cushioned throughout the day while still being able to retain its shape for longer than standard EVA foam. And its open-hole mesh upper provides quick and efficient temperature and moisture control, allowing for a cooler and drier wear that allows the runner to keep moving comfortably.
Nearly all of the LunarConverge’s supportive features are located in its sole. Despite its peculiar design, the rubber outsole still provides a strong yet flexible base for the rest of the shoe and contributes to its lightweight feel. The Lunarlon midsole provides incredibly high levels of durable support, cushioning the foot while successfully retaining its shape for longer. Even the insole is shaped to better support the foot’s natural curves and arches. Though the shoe’s mesh upper does not give any support on its own, images do suggest that the heel portion of the upper is a bit more rigid. This part could act as a type of heel counter, keeping the foot better locked in place and helping the shoe maintain its original shape. Padding around the collar and tongue provide ankle support and further ensure that the foot is kept in place.
Though little specifics can be found about the types of terrains that the LunarConverge is best suited for, its unique tread pattern indicates that it’s intended for smooth surfaced such as sidewalks and paved road. Most consumers need a shoe that will work just as well on a day full of errands as it would during a workout or light jog. Instead of a normal gripping pattern, the suction-cup design clinks to the surface below. Due to its mesh upper and poorly designed outsole, it’s fairly safe to say that this model is not designed for trails. Gravel roads are also not an option, as the stones can easily become stuck in its tread pattern.
Compared to most other Nike models, and to most high-end running shoes, the LunarConverge is incredibly well priced at just $75. This does, of course, leave some consumers questioning the quality of this shoe and what its intended purposes are. All-in-all, this model is marketed as a lifestyle shoe: meant for everyday tasks such as errands and for light jogging and workout sessions. As long as buyers take proper care of this shoe and don’t use it for more rugged activities, it will surely become an incredible bargain.
The LunarConverge does not provide the same tread pattern as a typical running shoe, instead of gripping lugs or ridged detailing, hot-knife cuts are placed throughout the center of the outsole. This forms a suction-cup construction that clings to everyday surfaces and provides the runner with greater flexibility. Though some enjoy this unique design, many reviewers strongly dislike it. Each step off the ground results in a loud popping noise that some consumers find extremely annoying. In addition, debris and gravel have been known to get caught within the outsole’s crevices, defeating the purpose of its initial design.
Yet another major selling point of the LunarConverge is its highly flexible wear, and all of its features work together to ensure this for the runner. Though the rubber compound that makes up its outsole already has enough flexibility on its own, hot-knife cuts are formed in its center to ensure the most natural range of motion possible. The lightweight Lunarlon midsole follows suit, providing more pliability than standard foam materials and bouncing back into shape at a faster pace. Finally, the shoe’s open-hole mesh upper is completely unrestrictive, allowing the foot to move naturally as the runner goes about their daily tasks.

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There are very little stability features offered in the LunarConverge, and all of them are included to ensure that the foot stays in place. Despite its questionable design, the rubber compound outsole still provides a strong and flexible base that allows the runner to feel secure while walking on everyday surfaces. Atop its durable and lightweight midsole, which works to reduce impact, the shoe’s cushioned insole is raised in certain areas to provide better support and keep the foot from wobbling inside the shoe. The heel portion of the upper is slightly rigid, acting as a counter to keep the foot locked in place. The shoe’s lacing system, as well as its padded tongue and collar, further ensure a secure fit.
The LunarConverge features the standard heel-to-toe drop of 10mm, with a heel height of 24mm and toe height of 14mm. Most consumers prefer this height, as it provides additional heel cushioning without interrupting the foot’s natural movement. Buyers note that they feel perfectly agile yet supported and balanced while wearing this shoe.
Key Features
- Rubber compound on the heel and forefoot of the outsole
- Hot-knife cuts on the external platform ensure flexibility
- Suction cup design on outsole can become noisy
- Dual-density Lunarlon midsole for lightweight, durable cushioning
- Open-hole mesh upper for breathability
- No-sew coverage ensures a greater level of comfort
- Available in a wide variety of color options
- An affordable price tag of only $75
Bottom Line
The LunarConverge is not meant for heavy-duty sports. It lacks durability and the outsole's design could easily do more harm than good. Still, its simplistic design and comfortable wear make it the perfect casual shoe for all types of consumers. Whether they need something simple for running errands or a shoe for basic workouts, this model can provide something for everyone. And, thanks to its incredible color range, buyers can always find the perfect option for them.
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