Nike Air Max Tailwind 8

Nike is a global powerhouse, known for all ranges of athletic products ranging from their shoes to clothing. In terms of running Nike tends to make shoes that are very high quality and stylish as well, though often a bit on the pricier end. The Nike Air Max Tailwind is a series of heavyweight and more cushioned shoes that are designed to be used for endurance training, featuring a unique design on the bottom of the shoe. The Air Max 8 is a decent shoe overall for anyone looking for a more heavy and sturdy shoe for running.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Extra cushioning
  • Mesh upper for breathability
  • Stylish for everyday use
  • Good traction
  • Cons
    • A bit on the heavier end of shoes
    • Not as suited for races or speedier workouts
    • The durability of the shoe is solid but not amazing
    • Lacks responsiveness.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Air Max Tailwind 8 is composed of BRS 1000 carbon rubber. BRS 100 is a type of rubber which has carbon mixed with it. This carbon makes the material much more shock resistant and durable, which shows in the durability of the outsole. In addition to this, the outsole features flex grooves.

      These flex grooves are a common addition to many outsoles because they can help provide flexibility which benefits the stride. Finally, the outsole has some treads on it that help to improve traction. As a whole, the outsole of the Tailwind 8 is pretty solid, providing good traction, flexibility, and durability as well. It doesn’t have the most advanced technology, but it still definitely has a lot to offer.
      Nike utilizes their unique Cushlon foam in the midsole of the Tailwind 8. Cushlon is a mixed substance, composed of Phylon and other rubber additives. Phylon is essentially a variation of EVA foam, packed into pellets and heated, then cooled into a mold. EVA foam is a very common material for midsoles, because of its lightweight nature and ability to retain its shape and return energy.

      These properties, combined with the other rubber additives that make up the Cushlon foam do a great job of providing energy return and remaining durable. Finally, the midsole features Nike Air sole units, which are pockets designed to protect and cushion from hard impacts. The midsole as a whole is fairly solid, with good materials that allow for energy return, durability, and also are not overly heavy.
      The upper of the Tailwind 8 is primarily composed of a mesh design. Mesh is a very popular choice for uppers. This is due to the fact that mesh inherently creates a very breathable design, because of the holes weaved into it. Additionally, mesh allows for flexibility due to its woven design as well. The upper also features Nike’s tried and true Flywire cable technology. These Flywire cables overlay the upper and provide support and stability via the top of the shoe. Additionally, the inside of the shoe features a comfortable liner, which is designed to allow runners to run sockless if they so choose.
      The Air Max Tailwind 8 weighs in at about 13 oz. This is definitely a bit on the heavier end of running shoes, which tend to cluster around the 10 oz mark. Lately, popular shoes have tended to fall on even the lighter end of 10 oz. Weight, though it might not seem it, can be a fairly important aspect of a shoe. Heavier shoes tend to be more cushioned, but less suited for quick running, while lighter shoes allow for more natural stride but offer less protection. Being on the heavier end, the Air Max Tailwind 8 is best suited for training and long distance runs. That said, the shoe is not unreasonably heavy and should be usable for most endeavors with no issues.
      When it comes to breathability, the Air Max Tailwind 8 is fairly solid. The main contributing aspect of the breathability of a shoe is often the upper, and the Air Max Tailwind 8 is no exception. Luckily, the upper is well designed, and its mesh does a good job allowing circulation of air throughout the shoe. This is important in preventing sweaty feet and odor. Overall, there should be no major issues with breathability for the Tailwind 8.
      The Air Max Tailwind 8 is a fairly comfortable and well-cushioned shoe. A major component of this is the midsole, with its phylon material. This pylon helps to cushion and protect to the foot and is fairly comfortable with every stride. Comfort also comes from the upper, which is quite flexible and breathable due to the mesh design but also snug providing a secure fit. Finally, the liner inside the shoe is quite soft and makes even the interior comfortable. Overall, comfort is a fairly strong aspect of the Air Max Tailwind 8.
      Nike is very well known for their style worldwide, and are a very popular choice for everyday use as well as running. The Air Max Tailwind 8 is another stylish design from Nike. The shoe is quite sleek and the unique bottom appearance of the shoe allows it to stand out a bit. The Tailwind 8 is also offered in several colors that are a bit more discreet, allowing them to be used as an everyday shoe. As a whole, this shoe is quite stylish, as is to be expected of Nike.
      The durability of the Tailwind 8 is decent. The outsole material, as previously mentioned, is quite durable and does a solid job of resisting wear and tear. However, apart from that, there is not much else in place to protect the outsole from wear. The midsole is decently durable as well, as Phylon is known for being long lasting due to its ability to retain its shape and springiness. Finally, the upper contributes to the durability of the shoe with its solid construction. As a whole, the durability of the Tailwind 8 is solid, though not amazing.
      When it comes to protection, the Tailwind 8 is decent. Again, the outsole and its material provide protection via its durability and material. The midsole offers protection via its Air cushioning pods, and again through its Phylon material. Finally, the upper and its overlays provide protection well at the top of the shoe. As a whole, good protection is offered by the Air Max Tailwind 8.
      The responsiveness of the Air Max Tailwind 8 is pretty good, but not amazing. Heavier shoes tend to be a bit on the less responsive end, and the Tailwind is no exception. The midsole is fairly solid still, however, with its phylon material. The midsole tends to be the main determining factor in a shoe’s responsiveness, and the phylon used does a fairly good job of providing springiness and energy return. Overall, solid but not amazing responsiveness is provided by the Tailwind 8.
      The Tailwind 8 probably offers support that is a bit better than some of their other popular running trainers. This is mainly due to the Air support pods located in the midsole. These help to cushion every step and are vital in preventing bad sprains and twists. The upper also contributes via the overlays, which support the top of the foot well. Overall, the support of the Tailwind 8 is very solid due to the upper and midsole.
      As most standard running shoes are nowadays, the Tailwind 8 should be suited for most runnable terrains. Their performance will probably be best on road and concrete surfaces however. The Tailwind 8 shouldn’t have any problems with rain either, although the shoes are not waterproof, so the runner needs to be careful.
      Price is a bit of an odd point for the Air Max Tailwind 8. It can be found on sale in many places for a very solid price. However, if the shoe is not found on sale, it is a bit on the pricier end. In either case, the shoe does offer good technology and solid design. Runners will probably want to purchase it when it is on sale though, just to get the best bang for their buck.
      The traction on these shoes is fairly decent, mainly due to the outsole. The carbon rubber material is one part that contributes to this. The rubber treads featured on the outsole also provide additional traction. The shoes will probably have the best grip on road and concrete again, but on grass, dirt, or other materials, the traction should still be very solid.
      The flexibility of the Air Max Tailwind 8 is fairly good. This is obvious when looking at the mesh design of the upper. Mesh uppers are usually more flexible than other types of uppers, and so is this one. What's amazing is that it is both flexible and offers solid protection to the foot. The outsole is another part that contributes to the flexibility with flex grooves that allow good and natural movement with every step. Finally, the midsole material is fairly flexible, again due to its Phylon material.
      The Air Max Tailwind 8 is a pretty stable shoe. The first major component of this is the upper. The upper fits snugly and securely which helps stabilize the foot. This is compounded by the overlays that make the upper even more secure and stable from above. The midsole contributes to stability with its air pods, that do a good job of cushioning and protecting the foot with every stride. The Air Max Tailwind 8 is a fairly stable shoe, thanks to its upper and midsole.
      The drop on the Air Max Tailwind 8 is 10 mm. Since this is a fairly standard drop for this kind of shoes, it shouldn’t be an issue for most wearers.
      Key Features
      •BRS 1000 outsole, with flex grooves

      •Phylon midsole with Air cushion pods

      •Mesh upper

      •Sleek style and color choices

      •Treads for traction
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 is a very solid shoe. It offers a lot in the way of technology, and for its discounted price is quite a good shoe. The midsole, upper, outsole, and overall design of the shoe are all solid and make for a well-rounded trainer overall. The only thing to watch out for is the weight of the shoe, which can be off-putting for some. The Tailwind 8 is perfect for anyone seeking a heavier trainer for long distance running, or for anyone simply seeking a stylish shoe for everyday use.
      Where to Buy
      By Abbie Copeland
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      Where to buy
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