Nike Zoom Flyknit Streak

The Nike Zoom Flyknit Streak is a running shoe that carries an innovative and exceptional design for both marathon and racing purposes. It’s modern and top of the market technology involves a lightweight touch for enhancing speed and achieving faster strikes from the ground. The lightweight design also promotes a high level of breathability, preventing hot spots at the surface of the foot during runs. Let’s have a look at the specifications and what all this remarkable shoe has to offer for runners of all levels.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • There are three words that describe the Streak  - light, quick and comfortable
  • Excellent support is provided by Flywire cables that lock you into the shoe
  • Ample movability and snug is provided to the toes by the wider than usual toe box
  • A variety of colorful options are available on the market to choose from for both males and females
  • Cons
    • In comparison to the flyknit racers, the sole is not quite as comfortable, but comes second
    • The cuff fabric of the shoe has a slightly higher build to it on the ankle, which may cause rubbing against the ankle and possible skin irritation
    • The price of the shoe is relatively on the higher end of Nike running shoes
    • Around the upper part of the shoe, the fabric is delicate, making it prone to tear       
    • Key Features
      The outsole on the Zoom Flyknit Streak has an all-inclusive unique style. It is supported by a solid rubber bottom in a pattern that is described as “honeycomb” in style. This structure allows the shoe to absorb shock and adapt to a number of terrains. Whether you are a roadside runner, trail runner or treadmill runner, the outsole of the shoe will not be a disappointment due to its durability in design. The exterior of the outsole is rubber while the middle portion is inwardly hollow, which allows the foot to move faster in the shoe and improve overall performance on the run.
      The midsole of the Streak comes with nothing but comfort which makes it an ideal shoe for long distance marathon and race running. Foam cushioning is what makes up the midsole of the shoe. This structure of the shoe works in picking up responsiveness during the run as it provides protection and aids in high-level comfort. The Zoom Air, which is a structural support found in the Nike Zoom series can be found along the heel of the shoe for maximal support to fight against unexpected or harsh terrain levels.
      The upper of this Nike shoe follows the typical high standards which are found in the Flyknit series. There is fabric overlay at the top of the shoe which has two noticeable benefits: breathability and a snug fit, similar to a sock, which is true for most of the Nike flyknit shoes in the series. The fabric overlay is thin, adding little to no extra weight to the shoe. The upper is what makes the shoe rock, primarily because of the color combinations that are featured in this model, adding a pop of color and style to your run.
      Who doesn’t love to feel as if they’re running on a bed of clouds? This shoe will never be a disappointment to you if you prefer lightweight shoes. The outsole, midsole and upper combined are made of lightweight rubbers and fabrics that work to promote a stable and sturdy shoe. You won’t ever go wrong with this shoe as far as weight is concerned.
      The breathability in the Nike Zoom Flyknit Streak, similarly to other Flyknit shoes is superb. The “sock-like” feel adds to this beauty. The toe box in this shoe is quite breathable by the design of the shoe’s upper fabric structure. Additionally, the area surrounding the flywire is surrounded by a mesh detailing, allowing airflow. The lightweight component of this shoe adds to its breathability capacity, which makes this shoe stand out amongst its neighboring competitors.
      There is absolutely no reason to second think this shoe when it comes to the level of comfort. The Streak is hands down incomparable in its level of comfort due to its lightweight structure. Running at ease is this shoes first priority. From the foam to the wiring, the structural support in this shoe provides adaptive comfort, which makes running feel effortless. There is no way you can go wrong with the comfort that this shoe has to provide on your day-to-day runs.
      The comfort that the Nike Zoom Flyknit Streak provides is evident by its style. The “sock-like” lightweight appearance of this shoe gives it a pleasing and promising look. The Streak comes in various color combinations that range from neutrals to the colorful end of the spectrum. The unique engineered technology that makes up the shoe makes it a modern stylish one. You would never go wrong wearing the Streak for your next run no matter what attire you rock.
      Together the outsole, midsole and upper of the Zoom Flyknit Streak provide a reasonable amount of durability to the shoe for the purpose it serves. While the rubber sole provides shock absorption, the foam cushioning is excellent for comfort. The base of the shoe proves to be a solid one. What needs a bit more work is the flyknit portion of the shoe as it is claimed to be “delicate” and prone to tearing if not carefully taken care of. If you’re one to strictly focus on internal support and durability and not so much on appearance, then this shoe is one you can rely on.
      The protection of the Streak stands at a straight average when compared to other running shoes. The Flyknit material, Flywire cables and sole of the shoe work together to provide protection to the feet, working together to stabilizing your run. It wouldn’t be right to say that these are the best in terms of protectiveness of Nike’s, because there are other Nike running models out there with better leverage towards protection that rank higher than the Flyknit series.
      There is no way you can go wrong when considering the performance of this shoe. The second your foot strikes the ground, the shock absorption of the shoe activates making your stride rise with double power. The “sock-like” feel to this shoe gives it a natural kick to the level of responsiveness. If you’re into following the natural beat of your feet hitting the ground, in other words, it’s lightweighte8dness in action, then the Streak will do wonders for your run. With every step, you will feel energized, making it a promising shoe by its speedy response for marathons and racing.
      Being a shoe that is known for its lightweight and fast speed, this may not be the best shoe for everyone in terms of providing the greatest support. The foam support and wiring around the shoe are great assets for the moon leaping type of technology this shoe serves. Neither the cushioning nor the sole are over the top in thickness and solid core. Although, the cushioning and sole are the kind to give the extra bounce for speed. Overall, it would only be fair to give this shoe an average rating on support as it is not over the top.
      This pair of shoe is known for its adaptability in the marathon and racing areas, which makes it primarily ideal for road running. Because these shoes do well on flat terrain, they would work on other flat terrains as well, such as flat trails or even the treadmill if you need a break from an outdoor nature run. The Streak is made for your typical long distance running through its “honeycomb” rubber outsole that provides it the durability it needs on flat surfaces to sustain the period of the run. If you’re into 5k’s wear it to your next charity 5k, or if you’re into the longer marathon, this shoe can easily pull off a 50k.
      If you’re all about a lightweight marathon or running shoe with that cloud-like feel and guaranteed comfort, be ready to pay a chunk of money for this shoe. This shoe tends to be on the pricier side for Nike. However, it makes sense since they will fulfill their purpose on the road and come out satisfied after each run. You wouldn’t seem to go wrong with this shoe in regard to its price if you’ve been a fan of Flyknits or are considering one.
      The solid blown rubber honeycomb structure of the sole does nothing but provide bouncy traction to the shoe on the run, enhancing runners performance. The “anatomical” design adds boost, making the structure of the shoe only adding to the effect of your natural stride. The Streak does no better than providing a level of natural and long-lasting sustainable leverage.
      Just like any other shoe in the Flyknit series, the Zoom Flyknit Streak compares itself beautifully. The “sock-like” feel of the Flyknits keep a snug fit on the foot while allowing it to freely move while in the shoe. The stretchy fabric material allows feet to mold to the design, adding extra comfort. Foamy cushioning adds to support the sole of the foot. The toe box in this shoe is comparatively roomy, which is a plus based on personal preference. If you like extra space for toe breathability, then the flexibility that this shoe provides in the toe compartment will do wonders.
      Don’t let the light design of this shoe fool you. In terms of stability, the Zoom Flyknit Streak gives a promising well-rounded stable ride. With a natural protection level, this shoe is ideal for majority foot types, including to address the need to fit your foot if over-pronation is an issue. The square-shaped design is another point that accounts for a bounce back elaborate strides throughout the parameter of the foot. Sturdy and trustable is how the stability of the Streak can be summarized.
      With an eight millimeter offset or drop to this shoe, your feet will neither be overworked or underworked. With this moderate level of drop, your feet will thank you. Improved running posture can be achieved with a moderate level of a drop as seen in the Streak. The balance between the midsole and outsole works together to maximize your running ability, which you will definitely thank on your next run.
      Key Features
      •The Zoom Flyknit Streak is ideal for marathons and races

      •Flyknit wiring at the top of the shoe allows for structural support and hold of the foot while in the shoe

      •The Flyknit wiring promotes breathability for the foot in both the area of the toe compartment and overall upper of the shoe

      •Nike Zoom foam provides structural support for the foot, which is apt for various foot types

      •The Streak, falling into the Flyknit series focuses on a snug feel with its “sock-like” feel and look

      •A variety of color options range from the standard neutrals to colorful additions on the spectrum

      •The lightweight of this shoe is a major plus when it comes to wearing during long periods of time, which limits stress on feet during marathons and races
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Zoom Flyknit Streak is a promising shoe you can’t go wrong with. Its modern design is ideal for adding a stylish finish to your running attire. There are a few things to keep in mind. Be ready to pay on the higher end of the scale range for this pair of Nike’s. Both the comfort and support will surpass your expectations if you prefer to achieve the feel of running on clouds due to its lightweight, which also works to enhance speed. What more could a marathon runner or racer want from their shoes? Enjoy Nike’s top of the end technology in action on your next run and make sure to research other Flyknit options in the pack to choose your desired fit and comfort before purchasing a pair of your own.

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